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POWHATAN, VIRGINIA -- Blossman gas does have lower price for your propane but wait in till you need service work done. Your gas logs pilot assembly should cost you around $48.75 for a ODS assembly and an non ODS should be around $ 21.03 well Blossman will charge you $ 49.95 for a service call and then add on the part and 1 hr. charge the total will run you $ 190.00 to $ 200.00 and it does not take an hour to change out that assembly. And they do not work on gas furnace they will sub it out. Also if you run out of gas after 5pm if you are a will call they will charge $ 140.00 hr. And if you are on auto they try to get out of coming to you some way. ALSO THEY ARE NOT A LOCAL GAS COMP. THEY ARE FROM MISSISSIPPI. and when you have a problem with something good luck trying to talk to the manager he will not talk to you he will give it to the service supervisor.

THEIR COST FOR PROPANE AROUND $ 1.15 A GALLON. Ck around for gas logs prices they are very high on there gas logs prices. Blossman gas orders there parts for controls inc.
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Starlord on 05/13/2011:
From what you describe, that sounds like business as usual. I would love to pay $1.15/gallon for propane, since we are paying almost $3 in Washington. Did you think that they make the parts they install in your system? Of course not. And a minimum one hour service charge is standard in the industry. If I used propane or natural gas here iern Washinon, I would feel cheated because you sound like you are getting a really good deal. Send me about five gallons of propane for our gas grill, will ya?
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