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Blue Bunny Fat Free Ice Cream
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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Let me just say this is the absolute worst ice cream I have ever eaten. I went in search of a fat free vanilla ice cream after the store brand I had been purchasing is no longer available now. First of all, it is terribly sweet (sickening) with no vanilla flavor to speak of, but the worst part is that it will turn your stomach into a rolling volcano of gas that will last all throughout the evening robbing you of all hopes of sleep. I have never eaten anything that has had this kind of effect on my stomach. I love ice cream and have not had any problems eating any other brands so no, I do not have a problem with lactaid intolerance. I gave the ice cream a second chance a couple weeks later, and it did the same thing, so it is going down the drain along with the money I spent on it. Don't buy this product!! If you do, plan on staying up all night and quite possibly at a motel room by yourself!!! I wouldn't feed this
%#@! to my cat
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Skye on 05/30/2007:
Breyers and Dreyers have delicious, fat free icecream. I always liked Blue Bunny, sorry you had such a bad experience.
Anonymous on 05/30/2007:
Are you sure you didn't have something else that made you ill?
Skye on 05/30/2007:
Great suggestion PWP.
Sarah May on 05/30/2007:
Perhaps you're allergic to a particular ingredient. And OF COURSE you wouldn't feed it to your cat, because your cat is not a garbage disposal and/or a receptacle for anything you find not worthy of your digestive system. Not to mention that *icecream* of all things would do worse work to your cat's stomach than it did to yours.
Anonymous on 05/30/2007:
Fat Free Ice Cream?Is this any good?I would imagine that Fat free means flavor free also.

jktshff1 on 05/30/2007:
In my younger days('60's), I would try anything twice. Bad trip the second time, then I would give it up.
Sarah May: my anatolian shephard is a great vacuum cleaner around the house. He doesn't care about the 5 second rule.
Ain't this a great site!
CautiousConsumer on 05/30/2007:
Try Soy Dreams. It's nondairy, all natural and organic, and INCREDIBLY low in fat and sugar. Very very tasty.
Anonymous on 05/30/2007:
I have to agree with everybody on this one, good advice all.
samuelblueshoes on 06/02/2007:
SOY? HA! HA HA! check out products made from soy loaded with health hazards.what planet are you on?
David Flosi on 12/17/2013:
I accidentally purchased the Blue Bunny sugar free vanilla to use for my protein shakes. The first time I had it, that was my dinner, I was up all night in excruciating pain. The gas was the worst that I have ever experienced. I was not completely sure about what caused it. I tried it again last night with the
same results, although they were a bit worse. I can only imagine that this is what it feels like if one had a gunshot wound to the stomach... I am absolutely certain that it was the ice cream and the half full container is currently sitting in my garbage can outside.

Never again!!
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