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Bad Moving Experience - Fraud
Posted by on
DC AREA, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I would like to share a really bad experience too; I move from Washington DC, on December 2006. My moving company Blue-move International Relocation ( was hired to move door to door to Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. This company hired a local mover to get our things from Caracas to the mentioned city; they were in charge not only to deliver everything to our home, but to assemble everything too (that didn’t happen). We start having troubles with the local company (Truparca-EPWS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS, C.A.) because they wanted to charge us for some additional non specific taxes. We have to wait a long time having our move at the port, saying that the authorities where trying to make us pay additional taxes. One day they called us saying that they resolve all the problems and that we have to pay to their account so they can take everything to our city. We were really innocent and we just made the deposit. We were suspicious and we ask for the port bills and the governmental taxes and we discovered that we were charged around 8000$ more than we should.

Blue-move never took charge or resolved anything to this matter, even if we hired them, not the local company.

I just want to let everyone know about the lack of responsibility of Blue-move and just in case somebody is moving to Venezuela, of Truparca - EPWS International Movers.

I was pregnant at the time of the move, so when everything happened I just wanted to finish. I didn’t do anything because I had my baby, plus I’m in Venezuela, but now I’m writing in every web page I see.
Thanks for the opportunity!
Company Response 04/07/2010:
The consumer has not stated the facts accurately and is not providing an accurate account of her concern. It is not my intent to engage in an online debate, but to clarify what really happened in relationship to this move in 2006.

We provided the consumers husband with a door to door quote. After he received the quote, he kept coming back and trying to get a lower cost for his move than our original quote. We informed him that we compared the rates we received from two of our main vendors in Venezuela and they were comparable. He persisted, we told him we would check with other companies and in fact we checked with every known company in Venezuela to see if we could provide a more competitive rate. All were about the same, which we informed him of this. All discussions about price were with her husband and never with his wife, the author of this complaint.

During this time, we received an introduction brochure from another vendor in Venezuela, Truparca-EPWS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS, C.A. We asked for their destination services rate. Their rates were about $1500 less than the other competitors. We informed the customer’s husband of this lower rate and also advised him that we had never worked with this company before and had no relationship with them. We gave him the option to use our preferred agent that we have a relationship with or we could consign it to this other one, Truparca-EPWS INTERNATIONAL MOVERS, C.A, he chose to go with the later. This was clearly his decision not ours and he was well informed that we had never consigned a shipment to this company before.

Once the shipment arrived into port, we were notified by the customer’s husband about some concerns he had about duties and taxes that Truparca was asking him for. We contacted Truparca and they supplied us with the customs documents showing the duties and taxes due. The customers husband still did not agree and keep asking us to clarify, which we did discuss with the general manager of Truparca. He still did not agree with the amount determined by the customs.

Customs in every country ultimately has the final say on the duties or taxes and in some countries these can be high, specifically Venezuela. If duties or taxes are applicable at the destination country, we inform all customers of this at the time we provide the quote. Which we did in this case.

Again, let me be clear that it was the husband choice to use Truparca as the destination agent not ours. None of the funds this consumer is complaining about were ever collected or received by BLUEmove. We did not ignore their concerns, but worked as best we could to get backup documentation and confirm the accuracy of the documents provided to Truparca from the local customs.

As a result of this situation, we do have a policy that if a customer does not want to work with our preferred agent, that we have known track record of success, we simply will chose not to do their move door to door.

If any potential or existing customer would like further clarification or explanation on this, please feel free to ask and we will be happy to discuss in further details with you.

We have completed many successful moves prior and after this move in 2006 to include Ambassadors and company CEOS, we consistently provide a high quality service at competitive rates.

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User Replies:
Principissa on 02/12/2008:
Honestly, the time to complain was right then and there. Pregnant or not, it's no excuse for laziness on your part. I've had two babies and never ever used my pregnancy as an excuse for anything. Especially being ripped off for over 8 grand. This happened two years ago and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done because you no longer live in this country and because certain statutes may have expired by now. If you want to warn people that's excellent, just take out the pregnancy thing because it just makes the whole thing look tacky.
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
Thanks "badmovers" for the info. I am sure someone will find it helpful when considering this moving company. Sorry about your loss of money. I can only imagine how hard it was to move your entire household to another country, and being pregnant wouldn't make it easier (the organizing and then the long flight)--so I can totally see why you let this slide until now. Hope your baby is happy and healthy too!
badmovers on 02/13/2008:
Principissa, you don't know how was my life or anything related to the moving or pregnancy to have any opinion about it. I did a summary just to let the people know about the facts as I mentioned. Also, it is really funny to read a comment about tackiness when you are named principissa!
Thank you Dianec, my baby is great now!
Principissa on 02/13/2008:
Umm, well I gave you my opinion. You have a valid complaint the pregnancy part is tacky. Sorry you didn't like it. Principissa is once again ITALIAN FOR PRINCESS. I've had two kids. I worked full time and went to school while pregnant. Packed and planned a move for an entire house alone while my husband was deployed. By the by, least my handle isn't "badmovers", mine at least has some meaning to it. Buh bye now. :)
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
badmovers, I understand where you are coming from and I thank you for your information but please CHILL!
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
I think "badmovers" says it all in the first two sentences of her reply. She was only giving the facts.

I don't see anything wrong with that nor would I care to guess her medical condition, as it is none of my business. Why she would be presumed to be lazy is beyond me.
mijkij on 09/09/2008:
We too used Blue Move...BAD mistake. Our belongings arrived in Germany but we had to do all the running around getting our belongings through customs, for which we were charged extra by the local movers, who again didn't unpack or reasemble when the delivered. They even lost the hardware for our beds and made it sound like it was my fault. The company at this end were great, they inspected the entire shipment before they unloaded it from the container and remarked on the forms that the packing was poor quality, which explains why every item we had was damaged...even our car!!! Whatver you do, DO NOT use this company. We have complained and are still fighting about the missing hardware, at the moment we have two completely useless beds and have had to buy replacements so we have something to sleep on.
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