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Blue Oval Horror
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On Aug 23rd we rented a white Nissan Sentra (Lic# 6EJR533 - 8000 odometer miles) from Blue Oval (contract CSM2614). The car was checked out with the attendant noting that the gas tank was “empty” and that we should put gas in ASAP. We added 5 gallons expecting 20-30 mpg for 100-150 mile range.
As it turned out the gas gauge was defective and did not register the added 5 gallons. We set the trip counter to zero expecting 100 miles plus. We traveled from Orange County to Hacienda Heights (about 35 miles) for a dinner meeting returning at 8pm to the OC area.
At 8 pm traveling west on the 22 Fwy the car ran out of gas (68.7 miles on the trip counter) – the engine stopping DEAD in the middle of the freeway.
Luckily we were able to coast onto a narrow shoulder just east of the Harbor exit without getting hit by other cars. At 8:08 pm we contacted Blue Oval emergency, told them what happened; we were told we would be called back. At 8:28 we called Blue Oval again and were again told they could NOT find anyone to respond to our emergency and to just wait. We called twice again until 9pm (1 hour later just sitting on the freeway). On the last of these 4 calls we told Blue Oval operator that since they were unable to respond we were going to call AAA (we are NOT members) and solve the gas problem at Blue Oval expense. At 9:10pm we called AAA and at 9:19pm a tow truck (Top Towing) arrived with gas for which we paid $45 (receipt#14167) plus a $5 tip to the driver for expediting the call. At 9:20pm some finally called from Blue Oval (949 973.4030)to see what our “problem” was; we informed them that AAA had just arrived for which we expected Blue Oval to pay for. At about 9:30pm (1 ½ hours later) we were able to recommence our trip.
Aug 24th am we returned the car (miles: out 31379; in 31464 = 85 miles) and retold the story. The local attendant said he could do NOTHING except make notations on our account and that we would have to take the issue up with their corporate office in Anaheim, California. Under protest which we noted on their copy of the return receipt, we paid the bill and got the phone number for the corporate office.
The corporate office (714 855-2555) was called within the hour and we asked directions to their location; the first lady to answer gave the address (374 Lincoln) but did not know the cross street. We called back and reached another lady who did know they were near Harbor and Lincoln. She asked why we wanted the address; we told her our problem and that we wanted to submit the bill from AAA towing service. We were told it would do no good to come to the office and that we should fax the complaint and information to “customer service”. At this point it became just too time consuming to chase $50 and deal any further with Blue Oval and their lack of interest in customer satisfaction. Please note we rent cars in several states 3-4 times per month and have done so for years.
I will go back to any other rental service – ( P.S. – we need another car today BUT NEVER FROM BLUE OVAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Company Response 05/10/2010:
We apologize to the consumer that because of this situation, they have to contact 3 cents to resolve the issue.
As far as the consumer's complaint, We have given him the instruction how to get reimbursement for the gas as a courtesy. Due to the fact that he had issue with the car. However, he was not able to submit the needed document for reimbursement. As of today, we have not received any response from the consumer.
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Anonymous on 08/25/2009:
Never heard of Blue Oval. Did they have the lowest rate?
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Be careful of this company
Posted by on
LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- While the salespeople are very nice, there is not follow through. Looked at 3 SUV's for rent at 2 locations (Long Beach Airport and Orange County). At Long Beach, one car had BALD (as in virtually NO tread) in front that the manager promised would be replaced and the other car needed brake work I was told by the time of my rental. The tires were not replaced despite being unsafe to rent to anyone planning to actually drive the car. At the Orange County location, the SUV I wished to rent had no license plates. The manager indicated he was going to have them put on that night. On the day of the rental, you guessed it, no plates. In addition, they did not have a registration for the car. On further inquiry, they told me the car has Arizona plates and to just have the police or Highway Patrol call them if I were to get pulled over or have an accident. Not a good idea, particularly since their office closes at 9 pm weekdays and is closed on weekends.

In summary, no follow through. In addition, maintenance of what shows is often a measure of maintenance of what doesn't show (like the engine, brakes etc) All 3 cars, incidentally, had "low tire pressure" indicators that were lit up. Recommend making certain your life insurance is paid up before renting from Blue Oval, at least these cars at these locations.
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Anonymous on 12/30/2009:
What was their previous business venture, flipping burgers? They obviously don't know how to run a car rental company.
GenuineNerd on 12/30/2009:
With a name like "Blue Oval", I wonder if Ford Motor Company or a Ford dealer owns or has interest in this rental car firm.
dianannsano on 09/10/2010:
OK, this was the only business where I actually teared up when talking to customer service.

I admit, they are cheap, but reliable? No. Trustworthy? No. In the end, their cheap prices are not worth the trouble you go have to go through with all the inconsistency, awful customer service, and lies!

I rented the car for 3 days starting on August 13th. I finally finished "dealing" with them and their mistake on the amount charged today (September 10th). It's still not over yet either. I'm waiting to see if they'll really pull through with the refund they finally promised me 3 weeks ago (will be charged back onto my account)!

Here was the situation:
** My sister and I both rented a car from them (separate reservation numbers and separate pick-up times).

My sister got her car right on time at around 4 pm (around $96). We were to leave at 7:30 pm to Las Vegas with our other family members. When my brother came to pick his up (rsvp time at 6), they DID NOT HAVE a car waiting for him. They didn't even notify him ahead of time that they had no car. What did they do? 2 options:
Option 1: They apologize and we deal with the consequences.
Option 2: They had another branch with a car that was 15-20 minutes away. That branch closed at 6:30 (it was already 6:15 pm at this time). They told us if we made it there, we would get the car, but the employee over there wasn't going to wait for us since he wanted to leave at 6:30 pm EVEN THOUGH IT WAS THERE FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE! This was during rush hour traffic!

In the end, my brother had to find another rental place last minute that 1.) Had midsized cars left 2) Opened on Sunday 3) Weren't closed at the time. Finally at 7:15 (remember, we were supposed to leave at 7:30pm), he found a car for double the price, since there's nothing else he could do and we needed a car.

**We were required to return the car by 5 pm Sunday (the time they close shop). We called in the morning and told them if it was alright if we dropped off the key rather than turn it in by 5 pm (as long as the key was in the drop box by Monday morning opening time). The guy, CARLOS, gave me a verbal confirmation that it would be fine. We verified with him whether we would be charged an extra day or not. He verified that we WOULD NOT BE CHARGED AN EXTRA DAY.

Lo and behold, we were charged that extra day. Why? He forgot to put a note on our order saying he waived the extra day for us. I called and complained and what happened? He asked if I could forgive him and just take the extra day charge because he didn't want to get in trouble with his superior!!! If we knew we were going to be charged that extra day, we would have left earlier so that we would return the car by 5 pm!!! What did this look like in our eyes? That he LIED just so the company could make more profit!!!

This bickering stopped 3 days later when he finally told us that he talked to the accountant and we would get our refund of the extra day (he even left us a voice message). He said it would take 8-10 business days.

14 business days passed, NO REFUND. I called customer service and asked about the status. The status was THERE WAS NO REFUND TO BEGIN WITH!! I explained my situation about Carlos, his verbal confirmation, etc. but the representative still said I was getting the full charge!!! By this time, I had enough and started to tear up. Nothing was done but I wasn't going to give up. I finally told her about my brother's situation and according to her, as "Company courtesy" (yea, right), she would give me the full day refund. She said it would take 3-7 business days. The way she was talking was she basically made it seem as everything was my fault, saying that NO rental car company out there would ever waive something like this.

Right now, I'm currently waiting for the refund. I will be writing to CARLOS' superior and complaining about the inconsistency and how they should have a company meeting on how NOT to make fake promises.

In conclusion, at first, a lot of my friends and family members were excited I found a rental place so cheap, but after watching what I had to go through with them and their bad service, they decided to stay loyal to some place else (I.e. Payless Car, Fox Car Rental, Thrifty, etc.).
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