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Not Happy With Service
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WYTHEVILLE, VIRGINIA -- Two years ago I bought a car at Blue Ridge Nissan in Wytheville, Va. I could have saved a couple hundred dollars elsewhere, but I thought the service was likely to be better where I live. Also, I was promised free tires from Liberty Tire Co. if I had tire rotations when needed. I asked if the service department would tell me when that was since I knew I'd never keep up with it. I was assured that if I brought my car to them for servicing, they'd see to it that the rotations were on schedule. So I did, and I had every single thing done that they recommended, a couple of which were pretty expensive A month ago I needed new tires, but was told by the service personnel at the dealership that I had been refused by Liberty Tire Co--reason given was that my first tire rotation was late. OK, it was a verbal promise that the service people at Blue Ridge Nissan would let me know when the rotations were due so maybe that's my fault. I should have kept up with it myself and not depended on them. Then I was called at home and asked if I wanted a free oil change from Blue Ridge Nissan. I thought "nice perk for customer loyalty" and said, sure and scheduled it with the person who called me. I took the car in and got the oil change but guess what? No freebie. According to the service staff, nobody there knew a THING about it! I paid for the "free" oil change. Well, I've had enough. I hate being lied to. This will be the last car I buy from Blue Ridge Nissan and if you're thinking of buying one there, partly because of the free perks you're promised--I'd think again. My advice is to buy your Nissan wherever it will be the cheapest and forget about "friendly, reliable service."
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azspots on 12/06/2010:
It really isn't the dealership's responsibility to remind the owner when service is due. Your expectations are rather unreasonable.
DaisyKat on 12/14/2010:
Is it the dealership's responsibility to give a free oil change, when someone who works for them calls me and asks me if I want a free oil change, and then schedules the date for it? Was that also an unreasonable expectation on my part?

And if it was unreasonable for the service personnel to remind me when a tire rotation was due, then when I was purchasing the car and asked if they could do so, they should have replied, "No that's unreasonable." Shouldn't they?

I guess they were just interesting in selling me the car though :)--and that's fine because it will be the last one I buy at Blue Ridge Nissan.
jktshff1 on 12/14/2010:
Good post, just shows that it is the customer's responsibility to document promises in order to back up the claims. VH
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