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Avoid This Scam!
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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Just goes to show what you can learn with 5 minutes of research.

BlueHippo Funding, LLC has been on a light TV media blitz to sell Gateway computers lately, mostly over cable channels or on late night broadcast TV. The deal seems simple enough. Just call the "800" number, and regardless of credit you are approved for a "new" PC delivered direct to your home. Call within 10 minutes of the advertisement airing, and you can also get a free web camera. A quick trip to their web site shows a similar offer for a Gateway laptop. All that is needed to qualify is a checking account and home telephone number, as well as to make your first payment (TV version), and a down payment of between $99 and $149 (web version). The weekly payments are small enough to attract attention, #35.99 for the PC, and $49.99 for the laptop. The gloss over the true cost by quickly bypassing the fact you will be making payments for 12 months, which means 52 weeks.

I have a head for numbers, and have more than the typical end user knowledge regarding computers. The math indicates the final cost of ownership for the PC is about $2,000. The laptop will run you about $800 more. I decided further checking on just how these very expensive computers are equipped was needed, the stench of a scam burning my nose. I expected to see fully equipped systems, with every option available, extended warranties, and lots of add-ons. What I found were stripped down outdated computers and laptops that don't even offer the basics expected by computer buyers today. They are Gateway computers, but have been stripped of the usual equipment and software offered by Gateway.

You can get a much better computer for about 80% less directly from Gateway. A far better equipped laptop can be had for 75% less. And, you get all the "freebies" BlueHippo claims they include. Right off the bat, the "deal" offered by BlueHippo is anything but a deal. Unfortunately for consumers, this is the least of their problems.

If you miss a payment (by not having sufficient funds in your checking account), you will incur bank fees, and likely a rejected item fee from BlueHippo. More than a couple of these, and kiss goodbye your right to a any bank account for several years. If you get buyers remorse and wish to get out of the deal, forget it. The very fact BlueHippo has your checking account information gives them authorization to get the money by any means from that account. If you close your checking account, you open yourself up to collections activity, including but not limited to reports to the various credit data agencies, a lawsuit and judgment, and garnishment of your wages and attachment of any assets you own.

Claims of immediate delivery are also false, both in the TV version and the web version of the offers. You must make payments for several weeks, which by coincidence equal the retail direct price offered by Gateway for their more modern versions of the equipment (including "freebies"). The specific time frame is not offered by BlueHippo until they get your checking information. Needless to say, I was unwilling to provide this information in order to obtain the information I sought. I found the information of the "several payments" being made requirement before shipping on their web site under their FAQ page.

The information I've presented here was obtained after just 5 minutes of research. I watched the TV ad, checked their web site, called BlueHippo, and checked some of the other consumer report boards. The only thing BlueHippo seems to be truthful about is the hyper-inflated cost of ownership of your purchase.

If you need a computer badly enough to seriously consider this deal, then you can afford a layaway plan at your local retailer. You will have a far lower cost of ownership, get the equipment quicker, get a more up-to-date model with far more "freebies," and your payments end once you receive the item in hand. You will also be able to take advantage of any rebate offers, discounts, etc. offered by the manufacturer and retailer. There are also many legitimate companies out there willing to take the risk on good people who have credit issues who will finance your computer purchase over a few months to a year or two at reasonable rates. Even Rant-A-Center offers better deals than BlueHippo, and you get the computer right away, can trade up any time, etc.

The better the deal seems, the more you need to check it out first.
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virginiasoreback on 04/02/2005:
I believe that I have seen the "disingenuous" ad.
I didn't find it to be something that would be attractive or useful; I'm either too paranoid or too cynical to buy into that obvious "canard."

I was appalled by the absurdity of its message and outraged that it is based on the belief that there is a super-abundance of naive consumers rampant in the land. One of the most egregious ads, I’ve seen, is for a weight loss product in which the stern hawker "cautions" that the product "is much too expensive and much too powerful" for people who wish to loose just a few nuisance pounds; 'balderdash' The hook is "if it's expensive it must be effective; again -'balderdash.'
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Over Price Computers False Information
Posted by on
ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY -- I purchase a computer from Bluehippo. I paid the whole thing off I was to receive free items. Which as of today I never got. I was told that I will get my free items in Feb. But then I was told that it will be in March. Now it is June. I feel as if I'm being rip off.
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User Replies:
TNT8385 on 05/08/2007:
What are these "free items"?
Anonymous on 05/08/2007:
TNT8385, they are usually some software and a cheap printer that Bluehippo pays almost nothing for. Bluehippo is a total scam, they prey on those with bad or no credit. Bluehippo puts a $300.00 computer on the street for over $1,500.00 when the payments are all finished. As a rule they collect more than the actual cost of the computer from the customer before they even ship the computer out. They play a layaway to credit purchase game. Real bottom feeding scum. Bluehippo and CashCall should go into business together as they really know how to rip people off.
Anonymous on 05/08/2007:
I agree 100% with superbowl. It's sad. Blue hippo makes the payday loan places look attractive... In fact you'd be better off getting a payday loan and buying a computer from Wal-Mart then getting sucked in by blue hippo.
tickytack on 05/08/2007:
I have heard Bluehippo is a big scam.

That being said, it's MAY, not June.
Anonymous on 05/08/2007:
It must be June somewhere
Anonymous on 05/08/2007:
I agree with superbowl and I think its June on Mars.
Sparticus on 05/08/2007:
I think the poster was saying that they are saying it won't be until June that he/she gets the free gift(s)....
Anonymous on 05/08/2007:
The below is right off their web site, based on buying a good laptop at $70.00 per week you would pay $3,640.00 for a laptop worth $910.00. Once they get their cost of $910.00 after 13 weeks then they will send your laptop. You would still have 39 more weeks at $70.00 per week! The 39 weeks is pure profit from them. These guys are some real crooks preying on those that can't afford even the $910.00. Bluehippo counts on people not to do the math.

Our Guaranteed Approval Program:
Unlike other financial companies, we don't check your credit and measure you based on some score. Instead, all we ask is that you build a little credit history with us by paying a small, one-time initial payment and 52 weeks of layaway payments. However; once you’ve paid as agreed for just 13 consecutive weeks, we’ll offer to finance* the balance of your purchase price, order your computer and have it shipped directly to your home.
CrazyRedHead on 05/08/2007:
I took one look over there website and said no. They are like any rent to own place, they make almost 3 times more than what the item costs. If you get a savings account and set up stipulation and put something in there every payday, you could save up enough for a new computer within a year or so.
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