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Will rip you off if they get your Credit info.
Posted by on aka
claim: "Lowest Price Guarantee will be matched less 10%" -- of any other supplier of the same item(s).
Their advertising states that an "LPG" claim would result in quick verification of the competing website by a BM Pharmacy employee, and BM Pharmacy would then email a link which the customer would used to pay the "Lowest Price minus 10%". But Credit Card information had to be provided in-advance to prove the buyer's identity.

That was not my experience: although I filled out all the questionnaires and provided a competitors website info which undercut them significantly, and checked the box for "LPG" ... as soon as BudgetMedicines/BMPharmacy had my credit info, they billed my Visa the full amount of THEIR price.
It got worse, but the above should be sufficient warning for the unwary.

Happily my Visa-provider was suspicious and withheld payment until they could contact me.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 08/21/2010:
And what was the result after your VISA provider contacted you? Did the price get adjusted to LPG level? Was the order canceled? What is the rest of the story?
DonH on 08/21/2010:
I sent BMPharmacy/BudgetMedications 3 different emails specifically asking them to "Honor the Guarantee". I never got a meaningful response, nor any using proper English grammar.
After 6 days of this I bought from the competitor.
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