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2006 325i Valve cover bolts defective
By -

BMW 2006 325i Valve cover bolts are defective. If you own a 2006 325i and your valve cover is leaking oil and causing your engine compartment to smoke you likely have defective valve cover bolts. In 2006 BMW changed the composition of materials which include a magnesium cover secured by aluminum bolts. Aluminum bolts do not have the proper thermal properties required to withstand the torque, expansion and contraction required to properly secure the valve cover.

Results: The aluminum bolts break and oil leaks onto the engine block causing the engine to smoke and lose pressure; BMW is aware of the defect, BMW fixed it less than a year later by going back to the steel bolts in the 2007 models and greater; Certified BMW mechanics are aware of the problem because it is a common factory DEFECT. Unfortunately this problem commonly occurs just out of warranty. It's not a cheap fix and BMW won't acknowledge the problem.

Personal experience: This is my third and final BMW. BMW does not care about customer loyalty. This is clearly a factory engineering defect. If you are experiencing this problem you should contact BMW of North America, Inc. Corporate Office 300 Chestnut Ridge Rd. Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07675 201-307-4000. Toll free: 1-800-831-1117 (BMW Customer Service Center) Fax: 201-930-8362.

Run Flat Tires: Damaging & Unacceptably Rough Ride!
By -

It is with great disappointment that I write this note. Since purchasing my 335xi with great anticipation of having the greatest driving experience of my life, I have, instead, avoided driving after experiencing the incredible roughness, rim-damaging impact at any pothole of any size (even small deviations from smooth pavement), and increased expense I have associated with the run-flat tires on the sport wheels I was strongly advised to purchase with my vehicle.

When I purchased this vehicle, I was led to believe that the cost of driving, particularly regarding maintenance, was minuscule due to the excellent coverage associated with the initial Ultimate Warranty policy. Why then would you subject drivers to such a harsh riding vehicle that becomes damaged every time there is even a minor bump in the road? When I drive over any deformity from smooth pavement, it feels like I'm on a boat and I've crashed into a rock. These tires offer no protection or cushioning from minor road imperfections. In the city, uneven pavement is a norm!

I have already had to pay for one new rim and new tire even before I accumulated 5,000 miles on the vehicle. Because the walls of these tires are more rigid, they do not absorb shock and if they deform it can be permanent requiring immediate replacement. And two of my other rims are dented, although not to the extent that they required immediate replacement. I have been driving exceedingly carefully, with my eyes glued to the road ahead as if I were expecting a land mine. Still, it is impossible to dodge every road imperfection.

Although I believed I was relatively informed about BMW's, I believed that tires would be the least of my concerns. As it turns out, I am completely uncomfortable driving this vehicle anywhere. For a vehicle that cost nearly $60,000, I was expecting the car by which all prior driving experiences would pale by comparison in their inferiority. I can honestly say that I would prefer driving my 1969 VW Beetle or the Mazda GLC I once owned than the vehicle you have sold me due to the persistent discomfort and hypervigilance I experience knowing that, at any moment, a small pothole will cost me having to pay for a new tire and rim or worse.

Having read through one or two blogs, it is clear that my experience is not unique in this regard. I am writing you to find out what your company is doing to remedy these issues for drivers like me who purchased these expensive vehicles in good faith and were misled by their dealers and your company to outfit these cars with these poorly designed tires which are also responsible for the damage to my rims and what other untold damage to the chassis and other structural elements due to these tires.

Hydro ABS System Shot at 37,000 Miles
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Rating: 2/51

MELLBOURNE, FLORIDA -- I took my 328i into the dealership for a recall issue and also allowed them to change the oil. I drove it home and everything was fine. I put it in the garage and three days later I pull it out to drive it to church and my 328i that was my dream come true car started displaying all these warning lights. I find two things ironic. This happened not 3 days after they took my car in to fix the recall issue and also after my warranty expired.

I called the dealership and told them that my car was displaying 3 warnings so they told me to bring it back in. I took the car back and had to pay over 100.00 just to get it on the diagnostic machine and then they called me and dropped a hydrogen bomb in my lap. They stated that it was the ABS Hydro Unit. My car only has 37,000 miles on it and now needs over 2,300 dollars worth of work.

From doing my online homework this appears to be a common problem with the BMW's and they should recall this item as well. It's strange but the people that work at the dealership - mechanics and customer service all stated that they would not own a BMW. That should say a lot about the quality of these cars. They are supposed to be high end but, I tell you the truth my Hyundai Santa Fe is more efficient. I am so disappointed in how a luxury car dealership treats their customers. You spend a ton to but these cars and the upkeep is more expensive than the actual car itself.

I was offered 10% off the repair but that was a standard coupon so no one went out of their way to help me. I still feel that the dealership is responsible for my car issues especially when the car was under warranty - it was perfect. I brought the car used and it still had a two year warranty. I have only put about 4 thousand miles on the car since I purchased it because I have another vehicle that I use as my primary vehicle. My husband owns a Mercedes and that dealership treats people with the class they deserve. DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THESE CARS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ONE. THEY ARE A MONEY PIT!

Power Loss and Loud Noises from the Engine
By -

I purchased a 2009 BMW 238i. I took it to get an oil change on 30 Sept 11. I dropped it off, got a loner, and went to work. Before I dropped it off that morning the car ran great, it had no ticking, no engine lights nor loss of power. I had not heard from BMW so I called them, they said that they had talked to BMW NA and I need to agree to them removing my valve cover, at my expense $700. I said that I only wanted an oil change. He told me they terminated my warranty. My warranty was for 4yr/50,000 miles, it had not expired.

I was very upset and made multiple attempts to call BMW NA and the supervisor told me that they would have to go with what the service center said and there was no one else to talk to. Disappointed, I picked my car up. The check engine light came on and while I was on the highway the car made some loud ticking noises and the car seemed to be experiencing some power loss, in the midst of high traffic. I was in the middle lane when it started and I immediately got over to got off the highway. And as I pulled off the highway the car suddenly shut off (no power), I barely made it off the road. It just shut off! I had to call for a tow.

That weekend the car cranked up and it seemed to be nothing wrong. I took it around the block to see if it was okay. The ticking returned and the car shut off again and I had to coast it off the road onto church grounds and call a tow truck again. And now it will not crank at all. This is my only car and I have to rent a car.

I did some research online and found several recalls, for example: BMW High-Pressure Fuel Pump Voluntary Emissions Recall and Voluntary Emissions and Safety Recalls and tons of complaints about safety and how BMW terminates a lot of people's warranties prior to their expiration date. BMW seems to be putting all of our lives at risk and terminating warranties at will.

Serious Design Flow
By -

All BMW cars have one serious design flow. Alert for people living in a place where you have enough of rain to have 9 inches of water build up on the road and your car will die! ALERT for Florida resident. All BMW cars have (except for SUVs of course) their air intake just 9 inches above the ground, right below the front bumper.

I just got an '08 BMW M3 in 2/2009. Amazing car, fantastic handling. I just drove through my hospital's parking lot in Punta Gorda Florida one rainy day. Now this place has some water build up but the day I became the victim of this design flow and suffering with poor mechanical skills of BMW services, had barely six inches of water on the ground and as passed through it my car just died in the middle of the road.

I was told by BMW services that my engine is flooded and will need to replace it. It cost 33K to fix the engine but it does not end here. In week that I picked up the car, 'your engine is overheated' sign comes up and they picked it up and told me oops, one of the belt was not properly installed. Within a week check engine light comes up and this time it is alternator and in 24 hours that they fix it, now some brake sensor is gone. So your engine can get flooded by driving through 6-8 inches of water and after that they do not know how to fix it.

I talked to one of the service staff and he pointed out to me that Air intake for BMW is just 9" above the ground and they had close to 13 BMW this rainy season in their shop with flooded engine. I did not have a single drop of water in the driver's cabin so it was not flooded!! In other word driving on any rainy day can kill your four-month old car. I asked the service manager to get me in touch with someone higher up, he sent an email no reply from BMW higher up as expected.

Unreliable Car
By -

I make will this quick. Bought 2008 BMW 335i; issues so far:

  1. Both windows did not operate correctly
  2. Transmission issues
  3. Software Issues
  4. Fuel pump failure

Eight months of owning this junk with 8 times in the service shop already. No help from BMW NA; just useless reps who snicker that don't care. This is a poorly flawed vehicle which has not been corrected by BMW. I would not recommend purchasing this product. Complete waste of money.

BMW is no longer listening to their customers
By -

BMW has adopted some strange strategies for some of its best products. Run Flat Tires are a good example... with no spare tire strategy. Another is the crippled iDrive on the 5 series. There are going to be a lot of unhappy customers.

By -

NEW YORK -- Our 2003 BMW 325 convertible is only driven once a week. We treat it like a baby. The driver leather seat was wearing out after 3 months and sitting in the car approximately 12 times. The BMW dealer told us we had to be careful getting in and out of the car because they were only going to fix it once.

At 5,000 miles they re-tinted the driver's seat by the door where you get in. 20 more seatings later, and the seat is once again looking worn. My husband and I back the seat up and basically do acrobatics in order to not touch the leather. We have had a Corvette and a Cadillac with white leather seats and 90,000 miles and the leather was pristine and looked showroom new.

Now this week the trunk will not open, the brakes pulled the car almost off the road and the headlights Xenon $700 lights came on in the sunshine and wouldn't go off. I guess we should have bought a HONDA. Also, on several occasions the convertible top refused to go up. Luckily it was not raining. Maybe next time. We regret every day we leased this car. What can you expect for $42,000?!

Widespread transmission failure in 2000 3-series
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- My 2000 BMW 323i with about 90K miles will no longer drive in reverse. It appears to be a transmission problem that cost about $5000 to fix. This problem is very widespread but BMW refuse to take any responsibility. This is a long list of people with the exact same problem:

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