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No-Cost Maintenance
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WOODCLIFF LAKE, NEW JERSEY -- BMW & I have a dispute as to what no-cost maintenance means. I had my 2008 BMW 335i serviced at BMW Dealer. I called the BMW Dealer on Monday 9/17/12 to request an appointment. The earliest they could service the vehicle was on Wednesday 9/19/12. My Service Advisor informed me that the four (4) years of no-cost maintenance ended at midnight on 9/18/12 (the in service date of the vehicle was 9/19/2008).

However as a result of making the appointment on 9/17/12 he felt the repairs would be covered. However the Warrant Advisor disagreed and I had to pay $50.00 as a deductible for a certified protection repair. BMW had to replace the gearshift assembly because that it was near impossible to remove the key. BMW claims this was a result of the work being performed on 9/19 and not before midnight on 9/18 (note the appointment was made on 9/17). Written by a very disappointed owner of two (2) BMWs. Guess no-cost does not mean no-cost (Has to be a German miscommunication).

BMW Financial Services
By -

BMW's are great cars! BMW Financial Services are horrible people to deal with. Don't use the financial services, they are great when they are taking your money, but they do nothing for you when you really need them. My lease expired in August and so did my state vehicle registration. I extended my lease for 2 months and in that time frame they, BMW Financial Services, the technical owners of the vehicle did not send me my renewal documentation and also refused to send me a power of attorney so that I could register the vehicle.

They said the lease was over so they would not send me the power of attorney and it was my responsibility to register. How I am to do this when I don't technically own the vehicle. Further, I paid off the vehicle, they cashed my check and have the money, because I sent a personal check rather than a registered check, they are holding the title for 15 days, their policy. I call it punishment for not sending a certified check.

I was out of town on an assignment and could not send a certified check so I did what I could. They have since cashed the check and have the money, but they want me to further get a letter from the bank and send them a photocopy of the cashed check by Fedex to prove that they have they money. Can't they check themselves? They cashed the check. Don't they record it in their account? Don't they have an accounts receivables department? All this so that I may be able to get my title a couple of days earlier, maybe. I could do all this and they said that may be they might send it a couple of days earlier, maybe.

I am in a pinch because I got stopped by the police for having an unregistered vehicle and was told that they could ticket and tow me for that offense. I told this to BMW FS and told them of my difficult situation, they did not care. So don't fall to their mercy, because they do not believe in customer service.

BMW 635csi - Only One Tire Available at Ridiculous Price ($417 Each)
By -

WESTWOOD, NEW JERSEY -- I have a 1987 BMW and tried to replace the tires for the 2nd time since my ownership and found that there is only one tire that will fit the European rims that came with the car (several years ago the tires were readily available and ~100 each). Currently, the tires are rare and now cost 417 each! I requested financial assistance from BMW of North America with either replacing the rare rims or offsetting the cost of the tires since they specified only Michelin trx tires for the car when it was produced. Only Coker tire supplies these tires currently. Michelin told me that they have no influence on the price that Coker charges, and no responsibility for the tires.

However, Coker told me that Michelin still makes them? I have sent emails to the President of BMW of NA, customer relations and others in Germany, to no avail. Unfortunately, I will spend the money on an attorney to represent my concerns. This is bad customer relations and was not a sound business decision to specify only one tire manufacturer/tire and leave customers in a lurch who bought this car that cost $48K in 1987! BMW has told me they are not responsible for the tire price and refused to help me.

My only choice now is to take legal action, pay the ridiculous price for tires ($1700- 1900), sell the car, or try to sell the car! Not the customer service I expected from a "luxury " car dealer! In this tough economic time I am not in a position to pay the ridiculous amount above, and I do not think it is reasonable. I am now limited in the usage of the car as it is a danger to my health and safety. This was a design flaw to specify only one tire manufacturer and tire size for a car. Should BMW, Michelin, and/or Coker Tire decide to step up and help me, I will request that this post be removed and/or provide an update.

First Gear Engaging
By -

I bought my BMW G650GS in November of 2008 and by October of 2009 I have put on 3100 miles. I have experienced a periodic 1st gear engagement problem at stop lights several times through out those miles. A few months ago, at a stop light, 1st gear would not engage until the third and very forceful jamming of the gear shift lever down. This was at a very busy intersection and I had cars behind me honking, embarrassing to say the least. This was the worst case scenario of this defect to date.

I took it to BMW of San Diego, Ca. and explained the problem to them and they kept the bike for 4 days to evaluate the problem and charged me $25 to look at what was, to me, a serious safety problem.

After 4 days they said they could not duplicate my problem and there was nothing they could do. I took the bike to BMW of North County (San Diego) and they made at the same conclusion. While talking to another rider in the parking lot, who was a machinist, he explained that the gears of the BMW are made in a way that this problem must be compensated by the rider as a precautionary act. WTF. This is my first BMW and I expected that this kind of flaw would never be imposed on a new rider without some kind of warning or caution.

The perception I have of this is that BMW's engineering management assumes that a BMW rider must be qualified like a pilot to ride their bikes or you'll just learn how. I now am considering what to do; contact a product defect lawyer, sell the bike at a loss and get another brand, filing a lawsuit to demand full payment returned for this defect. What I do know is that this problem could result in injury by just a small thing as a distracted driver behind me moving with the traffic around him. This is not right! It is worse than a suicide clutch on a Harley because you can't predict when it will happen. I have parked the bike and have contacted BMW of America to sort out a solution. CAVEAT EMPTOR or 'BUYER BEWARE' it's not a perfect world.

Rebate Customer Service
By -

I purchased a 2009 BMW R1200GS Motorcycle with a rebate of 1250.00 on Sept. 30 2009. I asked if there were going to be any rebate changes and was told BMW always gives advance notice of any changes. That is total **. When I call BMW to complain that the rebate changed from 1250.00 to 2000.00 in one day. They tell me there is nothing they can do about it.

To this day I have not picked up the bike from the dealer. The dealer has tried to help. BMW does tells me tough luck. Well here is to you BMW. Your customer service sucked on my first bike shame on you. I gave it a try on a second bike because I liked the dealer but I will NEVER do business again with this kind of treatment. You do not produce a product that allows you to treat people like dirt and get away with it. I hope someone reads this and goes to another product where the manufacturer will stand behind the customer. Thanks for nothing.

Car was fun to drive but.............
By -

I just ended a 3-year lease on a 525i. I enjoyed very much driving the car, but dealing with BMW and BMW Financial was terrible. I have owned and/or lease several high line cars, but never have I seen things handled like BMW & BMW Financial handle things.

When I got a flat tire (twice) and battery died (1) I called roadside. They have to tow the car into dealership for these things and inconvenience the customer? The battery has died in my wife's H2 and she calls GM's roadside. They show up in less than 30 minutes and PUT NEW BATTERY IN THE truck and she is on her way again. She did not have to ride to dealership in tow-truck and get a loner. Then when dealership puts in new battery, have drive back and get my car.

Which of above is example of CUSTOMER SERVICE?

Then 8 months before end of lease I contacted BMW Financial to purchase additional miles. I was told my options were; to divide cost of additional miles into number of remaining months or pay 1 time the total. Just add that total amount to next lease payment. Well 2 days later I was hit on my Harley and sustained 9 broken ribs & broken bone in back, severe concussion etc. Which basically took me out of action for almost 2 months.

Things were clear enough to go to office and pay some bills. Well I forgot about adding the additional amount to Dec. 2008 lease payment, so when I realized that a few months later and called BMW Financial again to see if I could still pay them, I was told "no, it's too late now." They had record my initial call, but refused to honor previous arrangements, even though they had details of 1st call in system and I was willing to provide documentation of health. The whole tone of person I spoke with was condescending.

Also BMW has no "Loyalty" incentives for repeat customers like Lexus, MB, Cadillac all do. The original dealership was not very helpful when I went to see about leasing or buying another BMW. So today I drive a 2009 IS350 Lexus and probably never do business with BMW again. BMW may very well have the "Ultimate Driving Machine" but my experiences over last 3 years will prevent me from owning another BMW in the future. Business must be good at BMW?

There needs to be a better way.
By -

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- I have had 3 BMW's and have enjoyed owning and driving them. Let me restate that. I have enjoyed them until the current BMW. I didn't know until well after the fact that my car was severely damaged when it was unloaded in Baltimore. It went through repair and was sold without any disclaimer at to the damage and repair. That's not a problem because the car is beautiful and you can't tell that it has been damaged. The frame was bent and can't be realigned because of the damage, but the driving of the car isn't a problem.

My complaint is the key system for the car. It's a 1995 740IL and my son took the car 680 miles to a LAN party in Missouri prior to the Memorial Day weekend. When he got in the car to start home last Thursday the car wouldn't turn over. He called AAA and they took the car to Reliable BMW in Springfield Missouri. They determined that the key had lost a lobe and it needed a new key. They also said that it needed a new module. It had to be ordered.

Since it was Thursday of a long weekend they said that the parts wouldn't be in till Wednesday of the following week. My son was visiting a guy who had left town as my son was leaving. He was stuck in a strange city 680 miles from home and didn't have a lot of money.

I called my local BMW dealership (Kelly BMW in Columbus OH) and the service manager told me they could start the car and he could drive it home without shutting it off. They could fix the car locally and my son would not have the expense of staying in a strange city for a week more than he wanted to be there. I called the dealership to tell them to start the car and let my son drive it home. They refused because they said it was impossible for that model to be started without the key and module.

Bottom line: I sit here with a bill in my hand for $467.28. That's the charge to replace the key. $45 of that bill is for freight for the key and module. Damned expensive shipping costs for a part that takes 6 days to get delivered. I am upset that a car as modern and as expensive as the BMW 740IL can't have an emergency system so that people could get home when there is a problem with a key. It shouldn't take a week to fix a problem with a key. $467 is an incredibly expensive charge for a defective key.

This is definitely the last BMW I will ever buy. I drive a Toyota Tundra pickup truck that is an incredibly reliable vehicle. I would get in it with no notice and go anywhere in the US or Canada with it and have not the first bit of doubt about making it home. A much more expensive vehicle like the BMW should give an owner the same degree of comfort and security. Mine doesn't. BMW doesn't deserve the reputation that it had earner prior to the last decade.

People vote for vehicles and other products by taking their hard earned money and buying products with it. It's how we let the producers of things know we are unhappy with how they do business. With this in mind I am never going to buy another BMW product. When they let a member of my immediate family down they don't deserve my respect or my business. It is no longer the Ultimate Driving Machine in this family.

Bmw 550i SMG - Poor Technology
By -

FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- I have a 2006 550i SMG that I bought in January 2008. I am extremely lucky that I bought the extended maintenance warranty because I have had nothing but problems with the car. The car has been in the workshop over 12+ times now, for things like Hydraulic Failure, Steering Failures, Computer Failures..... I can go on on. I am actually taking the car in on the 5th of July again since my Navigation/Computer system stopped working. What make matters worse is that the car has been in the workshop for the same problem over and over again.

I called BMW North America and spoke to someone 4 times, but apparently their support line really don't do anything and can't do anything. It is sad that a luxury car maker like BMW has such poor service and support. I am ready to sell my car and Buy a Mercedes. I also have a number of other friends who have problems with their BMW's as well and looking to sell and move on.

To all, My suggestion is to stay away from BMW's since their service and customer support is gone downhill and is only getting worse.

Customer Relations mantra: "There's Nothing We Can Do"
By -

WOODCLIFF LAKE, NEW JERSEY -- When I bought my BMW, I called up BMW of North America to transfer any extended warranty records to my name. BMW of NA recorded all my information and assured me that was all I needed to do.
"Are you sure?" I asked, being told by the seller that there was paperwork involved.
"Yes sir, just enjoy your BMW!"

Well, lo and behold, the extended warranty was never transferred and BMW of NA says nothing can be done because it's been more than 30 days since I bought the car.

BMW of NA even pulled call records and verified that "warranty" was listed on the call notes, but they're still "unable to do anything". Seriously, you misguide me and can't own up to your rep's fault? I'm not asking for freebies, but warranty coverage that's been paid for.

This is the last time I, or anyone in my circle of influence, consider a BMW.

Squeaking sound in my car
By -

OCN BUILDING, -- BMW is a premium marque car, that drivers pay for, to get good quality cars to enjoy. I was astonished lately, that my car had this terrible squeaking sound everyday that I drive now. My car is just 11 months old, and such problem should ven exist, as I drove may types of others cars too that does not have such issue.

The best part is, PML, the authorised service center, their staff acknowledge there is such problem, smiled, and tell me simply, that they will use friction tapes around my door seal area to cancel off the rubbing effect that causes the squeak sound!!! They even dare to say, they use 3M tapes only!

If rubber seals can create such problem/issue, why BMW (of such high quality R&D team) was not able to solve the problem in a more professional way, like using better seals like Japanese cars?

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