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There needs to be a better way.
By -

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- I have had 3 BMW's and have enjoyed owning and driving them. Let me restate that. I have enjoyed them until the current BMW. I didn't know until well after the fact that my car was severely damaged when it was unloaded in Baltimore. It went through repair and was sold without any disclaimer at to the damage and repair. That's not a problem because the car is beautiful and you can't tell that it has been damaged. The frame was bent and can't be realigned because of the damage, but the driving of the car isn't a problem.

My complaint is the key system for the car. It's a 1995 740IL and my son took the car 680 miles to a LAN party in Missouri prior to the Memorial Day weekend. When he got in the car to start home last Thursday the car wouldn't turn over. He called AAA and they took the car to Reliable BMW in Springfield Missouri. They determined that the key had lost a lobe and it needed a new key. They also said that it needed a new module. It had to be ordered.

Since it was Thursday of a long weekend they said that the parts wouldn't be in till Wednesday of the following week. My son was visiting a guy who had left town as my son was leaving. He was stuck in a strange city 680 miles from home and didn't have a lot of money.

I called my local BMW dealership (Kelly BMW in Columbus OH) and the service manager told me they could start the car and he could drive it home without shutting it off. They could fix the car locally and my son would not have the expense of staying in a strange city for a week more than he wanted to be there. I called the dealership to tell them to start the car and let my son drive it home. They refused because they said it was impossible for that model to be started without the key and module.

Bottom line: I sit here with a bill in my hand for $467.28. That's the charge to replace the key. $45 of that bill is for freight for the key and module. Damned expensive shipping costs for a part that takes 6 days to get delivered. I am upset that a car as modern and as expensive as the BMW 740IL can't have an emergency system so that people could get home when there is a problem with a key. It shouldn't take a week to fix a problem with a key. $467 is an incredibly expensive charge for a defective key.

This is definitely the last BMW I will ever buy. I drive a Toyota Tundra pickup truck that is an incredibly reliable vehicle. I would get in it with no notice and go anywhere in the US or Canada with it and have not the first bit of doubt about making it home. A much more expensive vehicle like the BMW should give an owner the same degree of comfort and security. Mine doesn't. BMW doesn't deserve the reputation that it had earner prior to the last decade.

People vote for vehicles and other products by taking their hard earned money and buying products with it. It's how we let the producers of things know we are unhappy with how they do business. With this in mind I am never going to buy another BMW product. When they let a member of my immediate family down they don't deserve my respect or my business. It is no longer the Ultimate Driving Machine in this family.

BMW/Mini of Sterling Sucks!
By -

STERLING, VIRGINIA -- My brand new Mini was towed to the Sterling dealership for service, left in a "tow only" parking space, and then their service person drove the car into the garage, ruined the clutch and the dealer refused to pay for the damage they caused to my clutch in the amount of $1000! Then the manager raised his voice while talking to me on the phone.

Not to mention, this dealership charges customers (huge scam) to join a club so they get special treatment, such as guaranteed loaner vehicles while your car is serviced. If you are paying for a luxury vehicle to begin with, why do you need to pay extra for the dealer's attention? The dealer in Ohio that sold me my car treats all customers like royalty and doesn't scam them into joining a club for preferential treatment. BMW/Mini of Sterling is scamming customers every chance they get!

Door Seals Have Not Been Received From BMW

ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA -- I have taken my car to New Century BMW dealership located in Alhambra, California several times to have the door seals replaced and each time I am told that they have not received them from the manufacturer. I am tired of being told that this is a factory defect and that everyone is having this problem and that I am on a waiting list for these parts.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: I would like the door seals for my 323BMWci replaced. I have been waiting for them since August of 2001. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

Complain Letter
By -

BMW -- I would like to write a complain to BMW company. The sales representative, service manager and mechanical engineer they were being so immature, reckless, careless, unable to help and feeble. Can someone please write a strong letter for me, so that I can get Compensation from the BMW.

Follow "I had bought the car for three months ago. First the tuck lock having problem. Second I can't start the engine. I need to call someone to boost up my car. Third the gear box having problem. I have to take the car back to the dealer and fix it. So they were waste my money and time. I would like to BMW to pay for it. If the letter won't work I might taking legal action to get my compensation from BMW."

rust after less than 1 year.
By -

FLORIDA -- I purchased a new 1200 R BMW motorcycle less than 1 year ago. The exhaust header and the wheels are already rusting. This makes a bike look old. I am 58 and fastidious regarding the care of my motorcycle. When this happened you can imagine how depressed I got.

I went to the local dealer and he said a rep needs to look at the bike before they can order the new parts. They said it would take at least 3 months before they would be able to fix the problem. I spent 14,000 on the bike less than 1 year ago and cannot believe this happened. Please see what can be done. Let me know.


MICHIGAN -- LAST YEAR I a water pump leak and it was replaced under warranty. Now a hose came off the radiator and lost all the coolant while on the freeway. How can the hose, new and securely clamped, come off? This is a 540 '97. Some cause such as overheating, failure of the thermostat must have caused the thermoplastic on the inlet of the radiator to "melt". Who else has encountered this problem?

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