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Dealership lies to customers and downright dishonest
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This is a follow-up to my complaint against BMW of Austin, TX. Since BMW of Austin, TX, wanted to take all four tires off to turn off my lights, such as an Air Sensory Light for allergies, which I do not suffer from, and a light that showed I replaced my tires from Discount Tires, BMW was out to screw me. I could not see how taking off all four tires would turn the lights off.

I took my car back to Discount Tires, in Austin, and the left bottom stalk on the steering wheel was turned by the mechanic of Discount Tires, and VOILA - LIGHTS TURNED OFF!!!!!!!!!! A simple turn and it took all of 4 minutes. Thank you Discount Tires of Austin, and thank you for your honesty, great workmanship and having real mechanics. BMW is a corrupt company, and I will never, as long as I live buy a cheaply made BMW with dishonest BMW dealerships, who only care about taking your money. The dealerships are corrupt, along with the corporate office.

BMW of Bayside modus operandi
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I drove into BMW of Bayside (now in Great Neck) to have my window looked at because of a grinding sound when closing it. My car has less than 30k miles and was maintained less than 2k miles ago here. A agent looks at my car and claims that I need engine drive belts replaced, a brake flush and a cooling system flush to the tune of $1200!!! I've read other reviews since and this seems to be their M. O. They need to be investigated and BMW owners need to stay away from this place--so sleazy, consider yourselves warned

Bmw 550i SMG - Poor Technology
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FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- I have a 2006 550i SMG that I bought in January 2008. I am extremely lucky that I bought the extended maintenance warranty because I have had nothing but problems with the car.

The car has been in the workshop over 12+ times now, for things like Hydraulic Failure, Steering Failures, Computer Failures..... I can go on on. I am actually taking the car in on the 5th of July again since my Navigation/Computer system stopped working. What make matters worse is that the car has been in the workshop for the same problem over and over again.

I called BMW North America and spoke to someone 4 times, but apparently their support line really don't do anything and can't do anything. It is sad that a luxury car maker like BMW has such poor service and support.

I am ready to sell my car and Buy a Mercedes. I also have a number of other friends who have problems with their BMW's as well and looking to sell and move on.

To all, My suggestion is to stay away from BMW's since their service and customer support is gone downhill and is only getting worse.


Dishonest company and rude customer service
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I am outraged with this organization. I purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle in April 2005. I told the sales representative that I would only purchase the vehicle if I could get a warranty plan with it that would last as long as the 60 month note. I was trying to avoid a car payment and a big repair bill in the same month. I knew I would not exceed the 100,000 mileage due to the closeness of my job. My only concern was the length of the warranty. He sold me a 100,000/72 month extended warranty. I took it in for service this Monday (2/1/10) and the dealership is trying to charge me $2500.00 because they say it is out of warranty. I am being told that the 72 month period actually started when the vehicle was originally retailed which was November 2003. That is OUTRAGEOUS!!! Why the hell would I purchase an extended warranty from the time I didn't even own the vehicle. This is ludicrous. The salesman committed fraud and all their customer service can say is sorry about that. I will NEVER purchase a BMW again. I have consistently experienced bad service from them. Stay away from the Silver Spring dealership, their service is horrible. In fact, I'd stay away from BMW altogether. I had no idea they had such negative PR on the internet until I started researching them.

Terrible Customer Service From Service Dept at Sterling BMW Newport Beach
By -

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I took my car in for service at Sterling BMW in Newport Beach and they did absolutely nothing to help me. I purchased a brand new M6 from them and not even a year later the paint is coming off due to manufacturer defect. I took it in and explained it to them that the paint is coming off which should happen with a $100K car. They pretty much told me there was nothing to do. I was extremely mad and disappointed in their service. You would think that they would provide phenomenal service considering they sell high end cars, but was I wrong. Not only were they rude, but they didn't even bother to help me or work something out with me. So now I am basically at a loss. I will never buy from Sterling again and I will never take my car in for service there either.

Customer Relations mantra: "There's Nothing We Can Do"
By -

WOODCLIFF LAKE, NEW JERSEY -- When I bought my BMW, I called up BMW of North America to transfer any extended warranty records to my name. BMW of NA recorded all my information and assured me that was all I needed to do.
"Are you sure?" I asked, being told by the seller that there was paperwork involved.
"Yes sir, just enjoy your BMW!"

Well, lo and behold, the extended warranty was never transferred and BMW of NA says nothing can be done because it's been more than 30 days since I bought the car.

BMW of NA even pulled call records and verified that "warranty" was listed on the call notes, but they're still "unable to do anything". Seriously, you misguide me and can't own up to your rep's fault? I'm not asking for freebies, but warranty coverage that's been paid for.

This is the last time I, or anyone in my circle of influence, consider a BMW.

Squeaking sound in my car
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OCN BUILDING, -- BMW is a premium marque car, that drivers pay for, to get good quality cars to enjoy. I was astonished lately, that my car had this terrible squeaking sound everyday that I drive now. My car is just 11 months old, and such problem should ven exist, as I drove may types of others cars too that does not have such issue.

The best part is, PML, the authorised service center, their staff acknowledge there is such problem, smiled, and tell me simply, that they will use friction tapes around my door seal area to cancel off the rubbing effect that causes the squeak sound!!! They even dare to say, they use 3M tapes only!

If rubber seals can create such problem/issue, why BMW (of such high quality R&D team) was not able to solve the problem in a more professional way, like using better seals like Japanese cars?

Service at Mt. Kisco BMW
By -

MT. KISCO, NEW YORK -- The new "state of the art" facility at Mt. Kisco BMW has earned my total lack of respect. It just opened up on Kisco Ave in Mt. Kisco and has touted itself as being the "state of the art" service center for BMW. After having my 2004 325xi serviced at the station - 2 weeks later- I was told that it was all ready to go.

Three blocks away from the dealership my oil gauge lit up. I drove it into a PitStop just to see if it needed oil. [why it would need oil after a total workover is beyone me but hey one never knows] and sure enuf it needed 8 quarts. Not only that but the anti-freeze was totally devoid of anit-freeze and completely filled with pure H2O. The technicians couldn't even up it up without burning themselves.

As if that wasn't enuf they charged me an extra 3500 for things that it absolutely needed [after telling me that it needed a few things]. Beware!

BMW/Mini of Sterling Sucks!
By -

STERLING, VIRGINIA -- My brand new Mini was towed to the Sterling dealership for service, left in a "tow only" parking space, and then their service person drove the car into the garage, ruined the clutch and the dealer refused to pay for the damage they caused to my clutch in the amount of $1000! Then the manager raised his voice while talking to me on the phone.

Not to mention, this dealership charges customers (huge scam) to join a club so they get special treatment, such as guaranteed loaner vehicles while your car is serviced. If you are paying for a luxury vehicle to begin with, why do you need to pay extra for the dealer's attention? The dealer in Ohio that sold me my car treats all customers like royalty and doesn't't scam them into joining a club for preferential treatment.

BMW/Mini of Sterling is scamming customers every chance they get!

Door seals have not been received from BMW

ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA -- I have taken my car to New Century BMW dealership located in Alhambra,California several times to have the door seals replaced and each time I am told that they have not received them from the manufacturer. I am tired of being told that this is a factory defect and that everyone is having this problem and that I am on a waiting list for these parts.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I would like the door seals for my 323BMWci replaced. I have been waiting for them since August of 2001.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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