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Customer Relations mantra: "There's Nothing We Can Do"
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WOODCLIFF LAKE, NEW JERSEY -- When I bought my BMW, I called up BMW of North America to transfer any extended warranty records to my name. BMW of NA recorded all my information and assured me that was all I needed to do. "Are you sure?" I asked, being told by the seller that there was paperwork involved. "Yes sir, just enjoy your BMW!"

Well, lo and behold, the extended warranty was never transferred and BMW of NA says nothing can be done because it's been more than 30 days since I bought the car. BMW of NA even pulled call records and verified that "warranty" was listed on the call notes, but they're still "unable to do anything". Seriously, you misguide me and can't own up to your rep's fault? I'm not asking for freebies, but warranty coverage that's been paid for. This is the last time I, or anyone in my circle of influence, consider a BMW.

Squeaking sound in my car
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OCN BUILDING, -- BMW is a premium marquee car, that drivers pay for, to get good quality cars to enjoy. I was astonished lately, that my car had this terrible squeaking sound everyday that I drive now. My car is just 11 months old, and such problem should even exist, as I drove may types of others cars too that does not have such issue.

The best part is, PML, the authorised service center, their staff acknowledge there is such problem, smiled, and tell me simply, that they will use friction tapes around my door seal area to cancel off the rubbing effect that causes the squeak sound!!! They even dare to say, they use 3M tapes only! If rubber seals can create such problem/issue, why BMW (of such high quality R&D team) was not able to solve the problem in a more professional way, like using better seals like Japanese cars?

Door Seals Have Not Been Received From BMW

ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA -- I have taken my car to New Century BMW dealership located in Alhambra, California several times to have the door seals replaced and each time I am told that they have not received them from the manufacturer. I am tired of being told that this is a factory defect and that everyone is having this problem and that I am on a waiting list for these parts.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: I would like the door seals for my 323BMWci replaced. I have been waiting for them since August of 2001. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

Complain Letter
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BMW -- I would like to write a complain to BMW company. The sales representative, service manager and mechanical engineer they were being so immature, reckless, careless, unable to help and feeble. Can someone please write a strong letter for me, so that I can get Compensation from the BMW.

Follow "I had bought the car for three months ago. First the tuck lock having problem. Second I can't start the engine. I need to call someone to boost up my car. Third the gear box having problem. I have to take the car back to the dealer and fix it. So they were waste my money and time. I would like to BMW to pay for it. If the letter won't work I might taking legal action to get my compensation from BMW."

rust after less than 1 year.
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FLORIDA -- I purchased a new 1200 R BMW motorcycle less than 1 year ago. The exhaust header and the wheels are already rusting. This makes a bike look old. I am 58 and fastidious regarding the care of my motorcycle. When this happened you can imagine how depressed I got.

I went to the local dealer and he said a rep needs to look at the bike before they can order the new parts. They said it would take at least 3 months before they would be able to fix the problem. I spent 14,000 on the bike less than 1 year ago and cannot believe this happened. Please see what can be done. Let me know.


MICHIGAN -- LAST YEAR I a water pump leak and it was replaced under warranty. Now a hose came off the radiator and lost all the coolant while on the freeway. How can the hose, new and securely clamped, come off? This is a 540 '97. Some cause such as overheating, failure of the thermostat must have caused the thermoplastic on the inlet of the radiator to "melt". Who else has encountered this problem?

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