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BMW/Mini of Sterling Sucks!
Posted by Truxtun8 on 05/04/2007
STERLING, VIRGINIA -- My brand new Mini was towed to the Sterling dealership for service, left in a "tow only" parking space, and then their service person drove the car into the garage, ruined the clutch and the dealer refused to pay for the damage they caused to my clutch in the amount of $1000! Then the manager raised his voice while talking to me on the phone.

Not to mention, this dealership charges customers (huge scam) to join a club so they get special treatment, such as guaranteed loaner vehicles while your car is serviced. If you are paying for a luxury vehicle to begin with, why do you need to pay extra for the dealer's attention? The dealer in Ohio that sold me my car treats all customers like royalty and doesn't't scam them into joining a club for preferential treatment.

BMW/Mini of Sterling is scamming customers every chance they get!
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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-05-04:
I can't say I feel your pain because I wouldn't fit in a mini. That said, I never knew a mini was a luxury car. I thought it was... well... a mini.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-04:
It's a shame there are people like that out there but hey it is a BMW.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-05-04:
Something's amiss here - who has their car towed in for routine service? Was the car already broken down? The simple act of driving the car from the parking lot to the service bay simply won't ruin a modern clutch. On a new car it would take a considerable effort to ruin the clutch plates - and the resulting smell and smoke would alert the person driving that they were doing damage. I think we are missing part of this story.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-04:
The clutch must have been screwed up in the first place.Is a Mini a BMW?A mini LOL.sorry
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-04:
Yeah, something's not adding up here.
Posted by SterlingBMWsucks on 2007-05-10:
Bmw of sterling sucks. They are such scam artists. They charged me $700 for a loaner. They were suppose to pay for it but they just charged my Credit Card on file and didn't tell me. My car was in the shop for 21 days and it came back to me not fixed. This dealer brought me my car with it half taken apart and said it was ready. I have built a website to Bash this place. Anyone who feels the same way can come join in and add your own horror stories of this place. www.sterlingbmwsucks.com
Posted by ouvrir on 2007-05-10:
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Don't use BMW to finance or lease your car.
Posted by PO'd w/ BMW!!! on 02/02/2010
When I turned in my 528 in Sept after the 2-yr lease was up, I had to call BMW to get them to reduce the rate on the over-mileage.

Problem #1: They sign you up for "Paperless billing". Sounds great until you try opening any of the emails they send you. None of the links work. Plus, if you want to find your account information, you need to have your account number, which is NOT the number on the paperwork for your lease. How do they assign your account number? It's a mystery. It doesn't correspond to any of the paperwork I got at the signing. And, no matter how many times you call their customer service line to complain, they never seem to be able to fix this problem.

Problem #2: At some point about 6 months before the end of the lease, they email you a link to allow you to "buy" additional miles at a reduced rate. Trouble is, the links in their emails don't work (See #1 above.)

Problem #3: At end of lease, paperwork from dealer lists over-mileage charges, damage charges (if any), and their "Disposition Fee" of $350. (like they haven't gotten enough out of you by this point...) Well, I called BMW Finance "Customer Service" and after about a week of calls, they finally agreed to lower the rate for overage on miles and waive the Disposition Fee. They sent a form agreement that stated, "...one lump sum payment under my Lease with BMW Financial Services will be due in the amount of $XXX..."

I made the payment, thinking that was the end of it.

Problem #4: That wasn't the end of it. Four months later, I get multiple phone calls leaving only a call-back number. No information why they are calling. Seems that after they made the deal to waive the dispo fee, someone must have had heartburn about that because NOW they claim the agreement they made was only for miles and I still owe the dispo fee.

I've talked with three people and they all have the same horrible attitude. No matter how reasonable you try to be, they all fall back on the same company line. "We're not going to do anything more for you."

It doesn't matter if you have owned BMWs for years! (which I had, but don't now). They don't care.

There used to be accountability when your company representative made a mistake. In this case, they admit they "probably used the wrong form", but that it's the customer's fault. How does that grab you?

My recommendation: Don't use BMW Financial to finance or lease your BMW. (I would recommend that you not even buy a BMW, but this is not the dealership's fault.) Proceed at your own risk because they will never take responsibility for their errors.
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Non-existent Roadside assistance and Customer Service that ignores you
Posted by Balakkinen on 08/13/2008
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I have two major complaints which are connected to each other.
I have a major complaint about "BMW Roadside Assistance” or, about its NON-EXISTENCE. On June 6th, my rear left tire on 2006 Z4, which is "run-flat tire" was - in fact, flat, ripped and pieces were flying right on the freeway at 70mph. I pulled over and exited the freeway and dialed BMW roadside assistance. 12 minutes on hold passed and I was disconnected, I dialed again, this time at around 15 minutes on hold I was disconnected again. I dialed third time and after 20 minutes of holding time the call was answered, after around 10 minutes of useless questions, I was put on hold twice, again, by representative, then he told me that there were no tow trucks available. So? What am I supposed to do??? You would never expect that level of horrible service by such respectable company, well, not anymore respectable, then I was told that he would call me back when he locates the truck. After some waiting time (around 2 hours) I realized that I won't be called back, so I called my girlfriend and she came after me and we used her AAA account to tow my famous BMW to the the BMW dealer, and imagine, AAA truck was at the spot in 10 minutes after the call, no holding time!!! Well, since AAA charged me 63.00$ for its services I kindly asked in a letter that this expense would be paid to me by BMW. I lost hours of my life trying to get advertised service and did not get it. Plus, I wasted a lot of minutes of my cellphone airtime.
And main pointer here: BMW Roadside Assistance representative NEVER CALLED ME BACK. What would I do if I solemnly relied on it? Spent the night in the car? I am outraged.
I contacted BMW customer support at BMW Owner's circle website - NO ANSWER, emails just ignored, GREAT SERVICE! Then I contacted customer relations and got answer - "please contact GE roadside assistance since we don't provide roadside assistance", great, I thought I bought BMW not GE! So I sent the letter to GE roadside assistance they called me back and said that the check with reimbursement will be received by me in 10 days. Guess what, it's been 30 days - NO CHECK. I called GE and asked where is the check? They transferred me to BMW customer service, BMW customer service transferred me back to GE. Great service. I decided to try email again, again, my emails to BMW customer care just remain unanswered. Do you think I am frustrated? A hint: YES, Did you make me feel a not valued customer: YES! Do you think I will ever get another BMW? NO! Because it is not enough to make a good car, you should support it, excuse my language but BMW - SUCKS. I'll take my money somewhere else. So it's been 2 months and I still haven't got any reimbursement, nobody even cared to apologize.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-08-14:
didn't you have a spare tire?
do you not know how to change a tire?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-08-14:
mad, I don't think that is the point. The poster paid for a service and did not receive it. Can I change a tire? Sure, but that's what I pay AAA for and have never been dissatisfied in over 20 yrs.
Posted by hubbard53 on 2008-08-14:
i recently had to use my Acura roadside assistance - it was great! Glad I didn't buy a BMW - not only are their interiors cheap but apparently their roadside assistance sucks too :)
Posted by balakkinen on 2009-01-29:
Please spare your sarcasm, I know how to change a tire, this car is not supplied with a spare tire, because, as I mentioned, this type of car has "Run Flat Tires" which are not supposed to get flat, but the tire was ripped and made the car undrivable therefore the whole ordeal.
Posted by f on 2011-07-14:
for bwm with run-flat-tire, there is no spare tires.
Posted by notinwriting on 2012-05-09:
Do not expect BMW Canada to use email or letter to address a problem. Customer service will eventually speak to you if you call them frequently but they will insist that nothing they tell you will be put into written form. It is "just their policy" Why would they need such a policy? They do as they wish once they have your money. Anyone who encounters repeated problems soon learns that the advertised BMW experience and service is a myth.
Posted by paige on 2012-10-27:
thats A lie we can never leave a BMW customer stranded ever
Posted by BMW335girl on 2013-08-13:
Thanks for the feedback, I just set a reminder to join AAA before my service expires.
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BMW Service -- err... lack of!! (BMW of Bayside)
Posted by Biotechengineer on 11/06/2006
BAYSIDE, NEW YORK -- Not only is their service advisor Alberto, unprofessional and straight out rude, but also lacks honesty and customer-service know-how.

With the exception of BMW Bayside’s very courteous and helpful secretaries (Pauline and Diane), BMW Bayside's service department's service advisors and technicians are HORRIBLE! I've been going to BMW Bayside Service station for almost 5 years, and I can honestly say that year after year, their customer service and straight out BS has become unbearable!

Thank you BMW Bayside, for making my BMW experience one that I will never forget. You just lost a customer who spent over $60K on a car from YOU! One would think that they would at least treat their own customers with honesty, integrity and friendliness. These service representatives all look miserable -- and in turn make their customers feel miserable as well!

Not only do they try to extort extra money from you on everything they do, but they also misdiagnose the "problems" and end up over-charging you for items that were either never replaced or do not need replacing in the first place! They even tried to charge me again on an item that THEY replaced for me less than 6 months ago, and should have been covered by their standard 12-months parts warranty. Is it my fault that they can’t install their own parts properly? Of course not! But if I didn’t raise the point that I’ve already paid over $1,000 to get this part replaced 5 ½ months ago, they would have billed me again! Lazy, shady, or incompetent? You be the judge, but I say that it’s a combination of all three!!

Another funny thing is that BMW Bayside controls who they issue a "customer satisfaction survey" to. In the rare instance that they somehow manage to complete a job on time, and not need to lie to the customer about some other "problem", they then decide to send that customer a "satisfaction survey" and they urge (pretty much beg) them to provide satisfactory feedback. But, as I’m sure many irate BMW Bayside customers can attest, if you’ve had a poor experience with them, you will not be receiving a survey! Coincidence? Not at all! Their service advisors always manage to "misplace" or overlook your service appointment so that BMWNA never gets to see send you a questionnaire. SIMPLY PUT SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICES!!! I plan on raising these concerns to BMW North America, as I have in the past, but unfortunately this likely won’t accomplish anything because I’m just one single compliant. Therefore, I urge all unhappy customers to step forward and voice their complaints with this unscrupulous dealership! Contact BMW North America and tell them exactly what is going on here! We need to put an end to these bad business practices!

I truly hope that somebody at BMW’s corporate offices sees this posting and takes some form of action! BMW Bayside’s Service dept.’s business practices are simply outrageous!!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-06:
BMW means....Big Money Werks
Posted by Biotechengineer on 2006-11-07:
LOL! Or in BMW Bayside's case: "Brainless Monkeys Working!"
Posted by matchlessone on 2006-12-13:

Posted by BMWBayside on 2009-12-14:
BMW of Bayside has Client Relations Managers recently put in place by new management of the store. If you need help please request that one of them assist you in resolving your problem if it should something happen. Unfortunately stuff happens. Give us a chance to rectify it. If is is a fair and reasonable issue it will be handled in a fair and reasonable way. One problem is the lack space at our current service location. In the next couple months a new, very large and customer centric service department will have it's grand opening.
If you would like an on invitation please reply to this post or contact the store directly. I would highly suggest introducing yourself to the new General Manager Dennis Pucci as well as Parts and Service Director Steve. A person relationship with these men will go a long way in terms of your overall ownership experience.
Happy Holidays from BMW of Bayside!
Posted by diablos72 on 2009-12-26:
what is the deal with bmw of bayside giving a deceptive advertising as indicated by the NY consumers affair dept?? Are we being a fool to buy any cars from them or what?? http://www.nyc.gov/html/dca/html/home/home.shtml
Posted by BMWBayside on 2010-01-03:
I searched the link you gave as well as a search of entire Department of Consumer Affairs website and could not find anything negative (or positive) about BMW of Bayside. There were many Bayside dealers mentioned, but I did not see BMW of Bayside.

The store is under completely new top management. It is part of a large consumer focused family owned auto group. This store will be the pinnacle of BMW ownership experience shortly. We are very well on our way and welcome you to join us!

If there is something in our past that you would like to discuss I am always open. My email address is Bryan@BMWBayside.com for the fastest response. Kind regards, Bryan
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-01-03:
Interesting, BMW, a simple google search popped up several bad reviews.
Posted by goduke on 2010-01-03:
Thanks, Bryan, for dropping in and offering assistance. Hopefully folks will take advantage of your offer.
Posted by Jay on 2013-06-13:
Very unprofessional Staff!!!!!!!! They have my refund deposit since April 30, 2013 until now (6-13-2013 ) i did not receive yet. It's a lot of time I spend and more more hassle but I can come back again to get my money back after that "NO WAY"
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Customer Service & Sales People Look Down on Us
Posted by Ttran4200 on 09/26/2013
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I drove with my daughter (just came back to town from summer break 2013/06 of college). we arrived with my 2013 high end vehicle and park far away. I told my daughter not to look at BMW since her aunt has so much problem with her M5 and got rid of it within 6 months. We went in walk around and take look and went inside to ask for help, there are 2 sale man and 1 sale woman passing by and not stop to talk to us.

At that moment my daughter and I knew this is not a place to buy car.

In Austin, there are so many folks are rich. Now BMW of Austin had show me their attitude and I just bring my money to buy nice car with less stress and trouble.

Good bye BMW of Austin and it was nice to know your all.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-09-26:
Did you ask to speak with a salesperson? Most people don't like to be jumped by an uppity salesperson as soon as the step on the lot, so some dealerships will let you browse the inventory in peace until you ask for help. It's a good practice IMHO.
Posted by ticia232 on 2013-09-27:
I agree FoDaddy. When my husband and I were car shopping if we were approached early and shown cars that we weren't even looking for we would tell them we were just looking and leave. One place had a good idea, they had a receptionist that would greet you and say look around if you have any questions I'll get a saleperson for you. That is where we bought our car. More places should do that.
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Hydro ABS System Shot at 37,000 Miles
Posted by CGOO105844 on 07/22/2013
MELLBOURNE, FLORIDA -- I took my 328i into the dealership for a recall issue and also allowed them to change the oil. I drove it home and everything was fine. I put it in the garage and three days later I pull it out to drive it to church and my 328i that was my dream come true car started displaying all these warning lights. I find two things ironic. This happened not 3 days after they took my car in to fix the recall issue and also after my warranty expired.

I called the dealership and told them that my car was displaying 3 warnings so they told me to bring it back in. I took the car back and had to pay over 100.00 just to get it on the diagnostic machine and then they called me and dropped a hydrogen bomb in my lap. They stated that it was the ABS Hyrdro Unit. My car only has 37,000 miles on it and now needs over 2,300 dollars worth of work.

From doing my online homework this appears to be a common problem with the BMW's and they should recall this item as well. It's strange but the people that work at the dealership - mechanics and customer service all stated that they would not own a BMW. That should say a lot about the quality of these cars. They are supposed to be high end but, I tell you the truth my Hyundai Santa Fe is more efficient. I am so disappointed in how a luxury car dealership treats their customers. You spend a ton to but these cars and the upkeep is more expensive than the actual car itself.

I was offered 10% off the repair but that was a standard coupon so no one went out of there way to help me. I still fill that the dealership is responsible for my car issues especially when the car was under warranty it was perfect I brought the car used and it still had a two year warranty. I have only put about 4 thousand miles on the car since I purchased it because I have another vehicle that I use as my primary vehicle..My husband owns a Mercedes and that dealership treats people with the class they deserve. DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THESE CARS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ONE THEY ARE A MONEY PIT!
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Poor Service Followup
Posted by Sleer20 on 07/19/2013
ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- We live in Salisbury Maryland which is about 90 miles from Annapolis where we purchased a new 2012 BMW 328i about 0ne (1) year ago. The car now has less then 10,000 miles on it and has not had it's first service requirement as of yet. Last week there were torrential rain storms on the Eastern Shore and we were driving the car during these storms. Salisbury quickly closes streets that are flooded and the streets have what you would expect regarding wetness and puddles. On one of the main streets, the car started missing, and the engine light came on as well as a warning notice, "engine malfunction Drive Moderately". We drove the car home and parked in the garage for several days thinking that maybe the electronics got wet, but the error messages did not go away. We called BMW service in Annapolis and they said bring the car to Annapolis. After much discussion, they finally had me call BMW road service to haul the car to Annapolis. They called me the next day and said that water had got into the engine and they recommended that I change the air filter and the engine oil. I told them go ahead since it was under warranty, they then stated that it was not covered under warranty. After discussion with the service representative for 10 minutes, I told him to have a manager call me. The next morning, (No call from the manager), the service representative called again and stated they changed the oil and filter, but they still had the error message. He said they checked it out and found a rod was bent and the car needed a new $21,000 engine, and by the way it was not covered under warranty. I asked why, and he stated that this was flood damage. I asked how high the water would have to get to have this damage, and he stated up to the windows. Since he had the car I asked, "Do you see any signs of a water mark, or indication any where on the car that water even got up to the floor boards?" The answer was in the negative. My next question, "You mean to tell me I can't drive a BMW in the rain? No response. I said have a manager call me. Well 48 hours later, still no call, they have the car, and I am absolutely frustrated. This is my 3rd BMW, and it will be my last, as well as letting all my friends know of this great experience.
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Posted by Bill on 2013-07-19:
Contact your auto insurance, maybe they can help you fight BMW. If BMW fails to replace the engine then your insurance company will have to and I'm sure they don't want to do that.

As far as water having to be up to the windows -- it only has to be as high as the engine air inlets. On some cars they're pretty low. My wife sucked water into her 2000 Maxima by running through a flooded street, water was about 12 inches but probably higher due to other cars causing waves. She blew the engine. Insurance replaced the engine with a low mileage salvage engine that had about 5,000 miles. We made out since the original engine had 62,000 miles on it. We still have the car, it's been about 8 yrs now and it still runs perfectly.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-19:
If you're having a rainstorm that's dumping enough water on the area to close streets because of high water, then it's very possible that you hit a deep puddle and sucked up water into the air intake, which made it's way down to the cylinders, water doesn't compress, and you're left with a bent connecting rod and likely collateral damage as well. Your BMW isn't high off the ground and their air intake is probably mounted low in the engine bay. It doesn't take water of a particularly great depth to get into the engine. It's your responsibility to know these things. Whenever conditions are like you describe, I'll take my old F-150 if I need to get somewhere and leave my daily driver at home.

Anyway, the problem wasn't caused by a defect with the car, it caused by the actions of the driver and/or the weather. That's why BMW is denying you warranty coverage. Your auto insurance should cover it thought.
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Car Went Into "LockDown"
Posted by Mdamico02818 on 06/26/2013
My daughter's BMW went into a lockdown when she turned her car key the "wrong way" in the door lock. Her purse was in the car, but fortunately her small children were not. AAA could not unlock the car and the car had to be towed to a dealership. This incident could have been horrific if her small children had already been put in their car seats and the car went into lockdown. We were told that these "things" happen. People have to be aware of such a possibility. It seems that in an effort to prevent robberies, a child could be put at risk.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-06-26:
Something like that should be an 'optional' feature that the owner/driver can switch on or off...kind of like the window locks in the back seats.

I can understand your concern, as you said children or a pet could get locked in the car. I don't see how this will stop the car from being stolen, since the feature only works if a person has the key in the first place. It's a stupid feature...thanks for warning others.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-06-26:
There's many complaints online about this feature:

Looks like there are some YouTubes about this as well.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-26:
I don't see why it would have been horrific if children were in the car. Get something and break the window - emergency solved.

This problem doesn't appear to be common. There are a few indications online of "lockouts" on the ignition - I didn't find one on the door lock itself. BMWs are different - I have a motorcycle and it sometimes has a mind of its own. That is "German engineering" for you.
Posted by jeff on 2013-06-27:
Yeah GREAT suggestion trm...and Im surprised you didnt ask her to send the bill for the new window to BMW...oh wait I guess they wouldnt be responsible for that would be your response right? smh.
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No-Cost Maintenance
Posted by L&M on 12/27/2012
WOODCLIFF LAKE, NEW JERSEY -- BMW & I have a dispute as to what no-cost maintenance means. I had my 2008 BMW 335i (XXXXXXX) serviced at BMW Dealer. I called the BMW Dealer on Monday 9/17/12 to request an appointment. The earliest they could service the vehicle was on Wednesday 9/19/12.

My Service Advisor informed me that the four (4) years of no-cost maintenance ended at midnight on 9/18/12 (the in service date of the vehicle was 9/19/2008) however as a result of making the appointment on 9/17/12 he felt the repairs would be covered. However the Warrant Advisor disagreed and I had to pay $50.00 as a deductible for a certified protection repair. BMW had to replace the gearshift assembly due to the fact that it was near impossible to remove the Key. BMW claims this was a result of the work being performed on 9/19 and not before midnight on 9/18 (note the appointment was made on 9/17).

Written by a very disappointed owner of two (2) BMWs. Guess no-cost does not mean no-cost (Has to be a German miscommunication).
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-12-27:
I don't see how replacing a gearshift assembly would be considered maintenance.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-28:
I agree with BigAl in that this isn't maintenance. It is something that may have been under warranty, but was done outside of the warranty period. It's unfortunate that it was so close too.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-12-28:
The first reply brings up an interesting question, and that is whether this repair would qualify under "maintenance".

However, it sounds like the disqualification is based solely on the date of repair. I can see both sides of this argument - the good part is the amount in question appears to be only $50.
Posted by BigAl on 2012-12-28:
trmn8r- How many times have you taken your car in for maintenance and said rotate the tires, change the oil and replace my gear shift assembly?
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"2006 BMW 750LI Valve Job at 75,000 miles car is a waste of money"
Posted by Buddy926 on 11/27/2012
Always wanted to own one so bought the car with 25,000 miles used through BMW financing, did all of their regular maintenance and had an oil leak. Took it to BMW and they hit me with a $7200 bill to fix a car with $75,000 miles. Needless to say I will never own another. The seat motor is bad, leather on windows pulling up so can't raise electric shades, several times I have rolled down a hill and then stopped and the tranny kicks in and it feels like someone rear-ending me. CD changer fails to eject and I have used it maybe two times, gloss on buttons rubbing off, paint on door jamb by floor matts flaking...should I keep going or do you get the point it is not the "Ultimate Driving Machine" Talked with representative from BMW and they said sorry there is nothing we can do...
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-27:
I believe your central complaint has to do with a valve job that you feel should not have been necessary, and BMW would not "step up" and pay for any part of the repair. There is also a glitch in your tranny. The other items you mentioned seem to pale by comparison, if it is a question of BMW doing something for you on a 6-yr-old car.

IMO, a dealer should "step up" beyond the warranty when there is a widespread issue that affects a significant number of owners. Do you have evidence that your issues have been experienced by others?
Posted by Whiteduck on 2012-11-27:
Not sure why people buy used luxury cars. If you do a little research, you'll find that most of the top tier cars have poor reliability ratings and they cost a fortune to fix. Check out Land Rover and Jaguar for the really bad ones.

I'm not poor and I guess I could buy most cars if I wanted one, but I bought a used Honda. Was cheap to buy and cheap to run and hasn't had a lick of problems yet (and I'm at 75,000 miles now too).

You're not impressing anyone with the badge on your cars, so do the research and get a lower cost, reliable car, even if it doesn't impress your friends.

Only people that don't worry about $7,500 repair bills should get the luxo-barges.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-11-28:
Most high-end luxury cars are leased for good reason. Not that many people can afford the huge car payment on a $60K plus vehicle. The repair cost is outrageously expensive after the four year warranty expires. Also consider the "money pit" depreciation. When you lease you get the full warranty protection then dump the car. Let the next guy worry about the repair bills.
Posted by byron clay on 2013-10-23:
I also have a 2006 BMW 750li with 80,000 which has the same problem with the valve seals as the car eats oil and has white smoke coming out of tailpipe. The dealer says $8000 for repair. I have not done it as it is ridiculous to pay this for a luxury car with low miles
Posted by M on 2013-12-29:
Guy's, go to an outside mechanic, who is BMW certified, and the cost should be less than half!! The repairs you mention, should not have to be done at all. BMW service is always a rip off, and they know it.
Posted by Reginald Harris on 2014-01-02:
Thanks so much for posting this information! I'm having the same exact problem with my BMW 750Li. This is my 2nd and got rid of the 1st one for this same issue. These have got a be known defects for the vehicle and BMW should be fully aware as well as accept accountability. I have gotten an outside mechanic for approximately half the cost
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