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Bad Part
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BORDENTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a Stabilizer Bar Link Kit from Bob Maguire Chevy Dealer in Bordentown, New Jersey. The Nut came off within three days. I called them to have the part replaced under warranty. I went to pick the part up and they denied me saying the nut was not tightened to the Blue thread lock at the bottom of the shaft. This is a flaw in the application of the thread lock. I called the company who manufactures the thread lock, they said it does no good to put the thread lock on and let it dry before putting the nut on. Thread Lock or LOCTITE is anaerobic, which means it bonds in the absence of air. They are in denial about the improper application of this Thread Lock Bonding compound. The part is a Bolt a Nut and Rubber Bushing that cost a ridiculous $25.89. Their customer care sucks!
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ticia232 on 05/19/2010:
Did you contact the company that manufactured the part? It seems to
me that they should be the one giving you a new part, because as you
have mentioned the part was made improperly. Just because you bought it
at the dealership doesn't make them responsible for the manufacturer's
Smith D on 05/20/2010:
The only name on the parts bag is GM, ounce a company or business puts their name on a product they have paid for the rites to represent the company manufacturing the merchandise. Thanks.
ticia232 on 05/20/2010:
Then GM is the manufacturer? Did you contact them about the fault? To
get them to replace it for you? Or perhaps your kit is not the only one that has the faulty lug nut? If you got one that was not made properly then there may be more. And if there are more, then GM needs to be notified so that they can issue a recall.

But it still doesn't make the place selling it responsible. Because they
were not whom made the mistake. I'd take it up with GM, they were the
ones who caused the problem and they are the ones who should fix it for
you (you already have both the dealership and the thread lock manufacturer
to back you up.)
Smith D on 05/21/2010:
First thing it's not a Lug Nut it's a Stabilizer Bar Link Kit. Car manufactures don't make many of the parts they used to make their cars, they just put their name on them. I can not find a number to a higher corporate level. And Yes they put the Thread Lock on all the Bolts. I have been to two Mechanic schools, 2yrs. Monmouth County Vo-Tech. and 63s Heavy Wheel Vehicle military school and we never put Thread Lock on a part and let dry before we assembled anything. They are just in denial, at least some of them, because I went and purchased another Kit Wednesday and the parts guy I got it from agreed with me. Thanks again Ticia.
ticia232 on 05/21/2010:
So did it come from whatever manufacturer that way or was it installed
the wrong way?
That is what I was getting at. If it was came from manufacturer how would
the dealership know. If it was a problem with the dealership installing
it wrong, then that is another story.
Nothing (am I supposed to be impressed that you drove a 63 ton. My
husband drives them on a daily basis. But still forgets to put oil into
his SUV. (or even change it. We're lucky that the engine didn't blow. :( )
in your story explains why the dealership is responsible for it.
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BORDENTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I went to Bob Maguire Chevrolet (Bordentown NJ) on 6/23/06 to purchase a pickup truck. I explained that my brother had recd. a few loyalty coupons in the mail from GM and that my brother had discarded them, as he wasn't planning on buying another truck. My brother and I asked if they could honor these coupons either through a computer database or by calling GM. The salesman and sales manager BOTH agreed that it would be no problem. As a matter of fact, after I bought my truck, they made the same offer to my brother, who then bought his 4th new chevy pickup, though he really didn't need another truck. We both paid in full on that day and drove them home. Fast forward 5 months later and I get a call from the salesman. He states that one of the coupons did not go through and that I now owed the dealership 1500. I told him that I had never heard of something so ridiculous! He said the dealership would sue me if I did not pay. On may the 1st I had to go to court at Burlington County, as I was sued by Bob Maguire Chevrolet. The judge decided to arbitrate the case, despite the fact that my sales contract from Maguire Chevrolet stated that neither the buyer nor the seller could sue the other party. ( Apparently the liberal judge had trouble deciphering that point, even though I did bring it to his attention and requested a dismissal). I have now been ordered to pay 750. plus court costs. I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER GM PRODUCT IN MY LIFETIME NOR WILL MY BROTHER! I also will be touting the virtues of this dealership for many years to come, as well as displaying signage on my truck that states- DON'T BUY - MAGUIRE CHEVROLET! I travel the turnpike daily from exit 4 north to NYC. If I happen to go by you, please give me a beep and a thumbs up!
Company Response 04/17/2010:
Although we are truly sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with us, responding four years later may seem insincere. Let me assure you that this is not the case. As part of the new management team here at Bob Maguire Chevrolet, I have just read your complaint for the first time.

Obviously, I have no idea what transpired or why back in 2006, nor can I change it. However, I do know that now under the current management of the new Bob Maguire Chevrolet we take customer service and care very seriously. You were very explicit about never returning to Bob Maguire Chevrolet. We do however offer you an open invitation to come in and see what Chevrolet has to offer as well as experience our world class customer service.

Aside from that I wish you well and miles of safe happy motoring in whatever vehicle you are currently driving.

Thank you for your feedback & my sincere apologies,
Lynne Larke
General Sales Manager
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User Replies:
Pomona Guy on 05/25/2007:
What did the poor General Motors Corporation do wrong? It was the dealer who pulled a fast one on you. What will you buy next time? A Toyota truck with lousy brakes? A Ford that spits out spark plugs? Maybe Hyundai will be making a truck by then for you.
Pomona Guy on 05/25/2007:
The dealership knew full well the coupons were not transferable. When they submitted them to GM for reimbursement they were rejected since the name on the coupon did not match the name on the new car purchase.

What ticks me off is I have been buying GM cars and trucks since 1994 and they never sent me a loyalty coupon!
Anonymous on 05/25/2007:
"Dealership knew full well the coupons were not transferable" Yup, every dealer allows customers to leave owing $1500.00 so that they can file a lawsuit 10 months later to try to recover the loss, it's a common sales tactic!!!! That was sarcasm just in case you did not know.
ejack053824 on 05/25/2007:
LOL Dealer!! SO this poster full of shyt?
Anonymous on 05/25/2007:
Not really, it is unfortunate but the poster actually made out. He was never entitled to the $1500.00 to begin with and at the end he only had to pay $750.00, basically saving the other half. Now the question is whether or not the $1500.00 coupon was the deciding factor in the purchase of the truck??? Only the poster can answer that
mercer on 05/26/2007:
The coupon WAS the deciding factor. I told the salesman and manager, I had already made my mind up to buy a Toyota Tundra. I would only buy the Chevy if they could honor the coupons. The coupons are fully honorable, as long as you reside at the same residence, according to GM.I'm blaming the dealership for sueing me. When was the last time that you heard a dealer say "sorry we over charged you-here's a refund....!)GM should have stepped up to the plate on this. Their loss.
ejack053824 on 05/26/2007:

Dealer..could this poster sue for false advertisement?
Anonymous on 05/26/2007:
No, but he may want to contact GM customer service and see if they would assist, JUST REMEMBER, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar when you talk to the customer service rep. Good Luck
mercer on 05/30/2007:
UPDATE-I did contact GM and used a lot of honey! I believe that basically nobody receives any satisfaction from these 800 phone lines. They are set up to allow you to blow steam off. I didn't do that, but courteously explained my situation. I recd. a call back that basically said they could do nothing. As I originally said, I will tout the "virtues" of GM and Maguire Chevrolet for many years to come. Bad publicity spreads like wildfire. Hope the $750. they "won" in court was worth it to them. :) GO TOYOTA!!!
Anonymous on 05/30/2007:
Sorry to hear that. Email me next week at and I will give you a contact name and number maybe he can do something
getitdone on 06/25/2007:
I would not have paid.
davefromyardville on 01/24/2008:
I have been a service customer at Bob Maguire Chevrolet for many years with no major complaints until my car was there for repair in Sept. 2006.
My 1986 Monte Carlo SS (worth about $800) was taken there because it would not pass inspection because of "uneven braking pressure". I had taken the car to Meineke, Mercerville, previously and they checked it out and said the "vacuum check valve" was bad. I bought one and put it in on the vacuum diaphram myself, no problem. Cost around $6.00. I also then replaced pads, rotors, shoes, drums, and bled the front brakes, and adjusted the parking brake so I knew they were good.
After again failing inspection, I took the car to Bob Maguire Chevrolet in Bordentown.

Here are the series of events that took place after they had my car for 11 days:
I had to rent a car for 11 days!!!
1.) they said they had to replace vacuum check valve, pads, rotors, shoes,drums, and bleed the system. (I already did that, and told them not to do it.
2.) They replaced the master brake cylinder, but after they drove it they said that was not the problem.
3.) They replaced the brake vacuum diaphram, but after they drove it they said that was not the problem.
4.) They flushed the fluid and they replaced part of the proportioning valve that kept on popping out when hard braking was applied, but after they drove it they said that was not the problem.
5.) The mechanic called in sick Monday through Wednesday(probably hung over from too much booze).
6.) They bled the brake system about 5 times and they told me to drive the car more often to eliminate the rust that usually forms on the rotors and drums. BULL CRAP WTF?
7.) They replaced the proportioning valve and blessed this car as having normal brakes. The car passed their inspection. It cost $991 dollars for all this crap, and I took the car home and turned in my rental car, day 10.
8.)Upon visual inspection all the parts were replaced that they said they replaced, but I noticed the live power wire to the underhood light was squeezed and bolted behind the vacuum diaphram, against the firewall. Oh man was I pissed off. I had to make another appointment for them to fix the wire, and I had to rent another car for the day, the total cost for rental for 11 days was a few hundred dollars.
9.) I took the "repaired car". A week after driving the car the neutral safety switch assembly which was mounted on the upper steering column broke off with attached wiring, and fell in front of the gas pedal, almost causing a major accident.
10.) My corner mechanic replaced the broken item for $81.20.
So, that is but one of my many tales of being ripped off. This time from Bob Maguire Chevrolet in Bordentown.
11.) I went there because of the closeness to my home. I will never do any kind of business, including buying a car from them, nor will any of my relatives or friends.
I hope you guys get a good laugh at this story, but for me it was a nightmare.
mercer on 01/24/2008:
Dave, thanks for adding your 3 cents. In time, we'll put the bast---s out of business!
Diamito6982558 on 06/21/2008:
Again...what did General Motors do wrong in this situation? Actually, maybe you couldn't read that...allow me to reiterate that question in a way you'll understand: WHAT DID GENERAL MOTORS DO WRONG IN THIS SITUATION?! People get so angry that they unjustly start throwing blame throughout every facet of a situation without taking the time to understand the real culprit. The dealership misled you. Just them. Possibly you are slightly touched in the head, and it makes things easier in your small mind to lay blame on anyone within view of the problem without sufficient understanding of the true cause itself. Go lay down, I'm sure that last sentence gave you a little trouble.
mercer on 04/17/2010:
Lynne, after 4 years, I finally receive a response.It still does not justify the aggravation and cost GM and McGuire put me through. GM is now 60% owned by the government (socialism in my book) and I guess I have not been the only one to not purchase a GM. In light of that, I am currently shopping for a 1 ton Ford 4x4 with extended cab. If you are as sincere as you say you are, I request you to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak.
What is your offer and how are you going to make it right?
This is your chance to do the right thing and in so doing, I have no problem acknowledging that fact, should you choose to make an offer I can't refuse. The ball is in your court....
mercer on 04/24/2010:
Lynne gives lip service-plain and simple! Folks, as previously stated, don't buy from McGuire. The damage has been done and there is no backup, just talk.
I've bought elsewhere.
Izzy K on 06/26/2012:
Bob Maguire are crooks, liars and dishonest. They just gave me the shaft for parts that always go bad, bcm and iginition switch $1200. @ weeks later Lori is still trying to shaft me for another $500 bucks saying wires needed to be replaced, I thought that was part of the 1st deal. Guess I was wrong. And the parts that go bad, no body knows about nor admit that there needs to be a recall on them but there are 10,000 know problems posted all over the net. TY bOb and gM
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