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Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- So irate! I took my car in because it was making a funny noise (user error). I dropped it off on a Wednesday evening because I was not going to be around Thursday when it was scheduled to be looked at. I was set up with a tech Wednesday to do a ride along to see if he could figure out the problem. He couldn’t at the time. Around 2pm Thursday evening I get a call about the problem. I tell them to fix it. This is when I was told that the parts for my car would be special ordered and that they would not be in until Monday.

I was blown away. My issue with that is that it never came up Wednesday. They never said that if parts were needed they had to be ordered because your car is so new (2011). No one ever said you will be out of a car for about five days. I wanted them to put it back together and I was going to pick it up, pay for the parts that I was told later, were special ordered so I had to pay for them, and take my car somewhere else. I should have!

I received no call Monday about my car. I called Tuesday after 11 am and the service chic gets on the phone and says "Oh yeah, we'll have it done by the end of the day today. "I ask her why that would be because she told me Monday. I asked her why no one contacted me Monday to let me know they were not done. She replies," Let me look at my call log and see, I called this number (my home number) at 3:40pm yesterday." I'm furious now because she says that she has a log saying she called my house and no one called! I say, no, I have a phone log as well and I was at home, you didn't call me. Then she goes into making oh sounds and mumbling about she thought she did and she doesn't know what happened. The kicker is, I gave them my cellphone number and she had previously contacted me on. So… now she lies about calling my home number? She never even said she left a message. Probably because she knew she was lying. She left a message on my cellphone Thursday.

So, not only did they not call me early in the morning Monday to say they didn't receive the parts and would not be done but they lied about calling me. She said the parts eventually came in around 2:30pm Monday. However, she said the car would not be ready until the end of the day Tuesday. That means they knew Monday morning that they weren't going to be able to fix the car and no one called then. Plus, this job should not take all day. What I’m getting is that no one touched my car Monday when the parts came in and they did not start on it Tuesday morning either.

I will never take my car there again unless it has a warranty issue. I took my car in for services such as oil changes and rotations (I drive a lot). No more. I will no longer pass along their name to those who are searching for cars either.

Keeping my car for six days is one thing, however; my major problem is the lie and then the lack of communication. I should not have to call them to chase down my car. They need to get more competent people in there as well. Obviously those that are working in the service department at the desk are overwhelmed and cannot handle the task they are assigned. Lying is not the answer. Had she admitted she forgot to call me I would have been upset but it is different than outright lying to me.
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User Replies:
BigAl on 06/12/2012:
How could they know a day before (Wednesday)they found out what part was needed (Thursday) that it was not in stock? They told you the part would be in Monday not that the car would be finished on Monday. Some parts are delivered in the morning and some in the afternoon. The dealership is not at fault. If they did not install your part on Tuesday you would have a valid complaint. It is your right to not do business again at this dealership but from your review I would not hesitate to use them.
trmn8r on 06/12/2012:
I guess they figure that if you are willing to let your car sit there, it must not be a priority to get it fixed.

If they said the parts were "coming in" on Monday, that could be anytime Monday. so it doesn't surprise me that they didn't get it fixed until today.
jktshff1 on 06/12/2012:
Thanks for the heads up.
old newfie on 06/12/2012:
How can they tell you that they need to order the parts in advance when they did not know what the problem was. They don't look up every part on your car to see if in's in stock just in case it might be gone.
danie1442 on 06/12/2012:
About the parts, they could have called and said that they did not have the parts on hand instead of ordering them and then telling me that I had to pay for them because they were special ordered. I am aware they had no idea what they would have needed on Wednesday but, I was told that most parts other than service parts had to be ordered for my 2011 after they ordered the parts. The problem is that they didn't give me a choice in the matter. They did not give me a heads up on Wednesday that most of the parts for my car would have to be ordered. Also, I didn't want to wait until Monday but, the problem was to great to risk driving it and causing further damage. They had me in a hard spot. I had to call them back to find out that my car was finished. They didn't call then either. I guess that's a practice of there's. I was going to have it towed from Bob Penkhus if it was not finished by today and take it else where.
raven2010 on 06/12/2012:
What was the problem? I would think for a brand new car something as serious as you describe would be under warranty.
danie1442 on 06/12/2012:
I wish it was a warranty issue. I was making a right turn and as I was in the turn my back right tire went into a huge pot hole and when it fell in, my tire hit the other side of the hole. Pretty much slid around in the hole. I did not report it to my insurance agency at the time because I didn't think it was a big deal. However, a month later I was hearing this weird noise. They had to replace the wheel bearing and the rim. It was less than my deductible so I didn't call my insurance company.
lexophiliac on 06/12/2012:
You might want to let the city know about the pothole and the damage it caused. In some cases, they will pay for damages.
raven2010 on 06/12/2012:
Ohhhhh wow, I am so sorry. that SUCKS.
danie1442 on 06/12/2012:
Thanks for the advice, my husband told me to do that but I didn't. In most cases the city will in fact do something about it but I may have waited too late. I'll go tomorrow (now that I have my car back) and see if the hole is fixed or not. I'll call the city and see what they have to say.
danie1442 on 06/13/2012:
Actually, I never gave them the OK to order parts. Especially since those parts were considered special ordered. As I stated above, the parts for my vehicle that aren't service parts are essentially special ordered because they don't keep them on hand. Therefore, even if I chose not to get my car serviced there, I would still be liable for the parts ordered for my car.

As I stated in my original post, I was pissed but did not fight this. I should have. Hindsight is great... The biggest problems for me was the lack of communication and the lie.

I took my car to the dealership because it is still under warranty and I didn't want just anyone working on it. Then, if a warranty issue arose, I would be denied. There are several complaints floating where this particular shop tried not to honor warranties and even recalls. They mention that they will try to claim other issues for the vehicle's problem and charge people instead of covering it per their warranty.

I have learned my lesson and realized it isn't worth it. If they would hire someone like the Service Advisor Diane, the one who lied about the logs and failed to communicate with me, then they aren't the type of place that I should be doing business with.
lexophiliac on 06/13/2012:
You learned an expensive lesson danie. I'm surprised you weren't given a loaner car though. Whenever my vehicle is apt to be unavailable due to service at the dealership for a certain amount of time a loaner is provided. Consider relating your experience to the manager/owner of the dealership and their corporate office.
danie1442 on 06/13/2012:
By the way, parts don't have to take that long to come in. The problem is that the parts are added to the normal shipments be it weekly or bi-weekly. That is why the parts took so long. They don't have a system in place to ship parts daily or every other day. This is why one would have to wait two or three days (sometimes longer) for parts to come in.

That's a shame because our mechanic can get parts in for our 2004 Nissan in 24 hours or less. It seems that the people fixing that car want to provide their customers with a quick turn around and others do not.

The dealership service center knows people are coming to them so they don't have to change their practices. They are going to get people in who won't take their cars anywhere else warranty or not. Plus they get the warranty issues and people like myself trying not to screw up my warranty because they are shown not to have the best business practices. They don't have to change their practices to keep customers as outside shops have too. That's why I won't go to them anymore.
danie1442 on 06/13/2012:
They did not have an available loaner car. I wish I would have followed my mind and picked my car up. I did learn a valuable lesson. I'll remember that the next time anything happens. First, I'll get it checked right away and then, I'll take it somewhere else. The sad thing is that we have a mechanic, I was just trying to be safe. Oh well, he'll be the guy I call if any problems arise in the future. Hopefully there won't be any.
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Great waiting experience
Posted by on
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, COLORADO -- Yesterday, Thursday, July 5, 2007, I took my Mazda to the dealer for an oil change. When I bought the vehicle, they gave me lifetime oil changes. They also check the fluids, tire pressure, and give you a very nice car wash, and the employees towel dry the vehicle.

The waiting time is pretty good there. They have a very nice waiting area, complete with a cafe, little bistro tables, and good food.

Well they have added a very very nice feature. They now have on site, a masseuse, who gives 15 minute complimentary chair massages. I was like, oh yea, I would like one. So this very nice lady, gives me a massage, and it was so wonderful. I thought to myself, what a nice way to have to spend my time waiting for my Mazda.

I tried to give her a tip, but she graciously refused, so I then went to the cafe, and bought her a latte', which she happily accepted.

Just wanted to share something positive about my experience at my Mazda dealer, when so many others have nothing but complaints regarding the car dealers they have used. I really did receive the full circle treatment!!
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 07/06/2007:
Nice! What a great service to offer. I might bring my car in more often if my dealership offer such services... =)
Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
Bob Penkhus Volvo Mazda Dealer has a new customer, ME! I have a Madza too and I want to go to CO anyway that would be a nice way to finish the trip. I wounder how much they would charge?

Good Review.
Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
Sounds like a great place!!

Skye on 07/06/2007:
All you fine gentleman, have been rewarded by me, as most helpful. Those next stars should be rolling in.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.
Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
Dam, I meant Mazda, I am becoming old and blind...

Larry, Steve's older long lost brother....
Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
Excellent review, Skye! Sounds like terrific service.

Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
I like the sound of this.

Slimjim on 07/06/2007:
Well written. Good review for those in the area.
DebtorBasher on 07/06/2007:
Great review Skye...I wonder if they add those charges in with the sale of the car when they sell it. Maybe ABC should do a program on GOOD customer service.
Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
Skye, this is not your blog, its your review and you will have to talk to Ejack about the rest. LOL
Skye on 07/06/2007:
Thank you DB, and thank you for always be the lady that you are, with such great manners.

Manners are what are missing from certain members sometimes.
Skye on 07/06/2007:
OK, fixed it. Now, do I ever do anything like that to your reviews?? And if Ejack did that, I would be telling him the same thing.

You guys can toot anywhere you want, just leave my comments area out of it.
Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
Skye, get your nose out of her butt, its not very lady like!
Skye on 07/06/2007:
You never ever see DB, emt, or myself behaving like that. You guys are all going to get it.
Skye on 07/06/2007:
OK, Lidman, that's it. Nice way to talk to me. I never put my nose in anyone's butt. What reason would I have to do that??

You are now officially on my list. Ahh, what you would call, the shyte list.
Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
Ah Skye, don't be like that, its no fun.....
DebtorBasher on 07/06/2007:
Skye, it's not their fault that they behave like that. Take notice, it's only the ones who are "single" and doesn't have a woman to keep them under control. You don't see the married men talking like that on here.
Skye on 07/06/2007:
They need a good beating.
DebtorBasher on 07/06/2007:
Well...I told Liddy the other night to drop his pants and lay over my knee for his whippin...but I also warned him that be better not do an "EJ" while in that position.
Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
Skye, you want to beat me too?
ejack053824 on 07/06/2007:
Basher....I wasn't in the Navy and I don't go that route! LOL!
Anonymous on 07/06/2007:
ejack bashing the Navy, again. At least you know that you are supposed to capitalize it, Flyboy.

ejack053824 on 07/07/2007:
Navy aviation has my total respect Emt. Some of the best pilots in that branch of the service....I know because I've flown missions with a few of them. The rest of the navy....cover your ass otherwise they will cover it for you. LMAO!!
Abused Customer on 08/02/2007:
Skye -

Some day your going to be getting some abusive service and you'll change your views. Somebody else who is misinformed as you are will tell you you are out of line and I want you to remember this. Nobody will feel sorry for you either.
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