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Poor Food - Overpriced
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SMITHTOWN, NEW YORK -- When Bobby’s Burger Place opened in Smithtown, NY we were all very happy. We went there August 15, 2008 with myself and my three children. We where very impressed the outside, nicely done. But when we went in we where very confused. The place we nicely decorated but we where not greeted at the door, or told what to do when we entered. The two kids working the register just looked at us and did not say a word.

Finally after a few minutes one of the customers told me to go to the counter and order. I ordered three cheese burgers and I went for the crunch burger, fries and onion rings and four drinks. The billed surprised me at almost $50.00; I said okay well the food must be good. I took my number and had to find a table, I sat down and waited and finally had to get the attention of someone to clean my table. The food came out quick a little quicker then I expected. The burgers where extremely small for the price.

My cheeseburger came with what appeared to be a few lays chips on top which I paid $1.00 extra for. The burgers where not fully cooked and warm after I ordered it well done,I believe they wear microwaved.Needless to says we where very, very disappointed to spend all that money for such small burgers that didn’t even taste that good. I would have been better for at McDonald’s for better service, food and value for the price. I own a catering company and think if you plan on staying in business in this town which about 7 other restaurants, high priced tried you better do something.

I can assure you I will never go back and will be letting people know that McDonalds or American Roadside is a better choice.
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