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Poor Food - Overpriced
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SMITHTOWN, NEW YORK -- When Bobby’s Burger Place opened in Smithtown, NY we were all very happy. We went there August 15, 2008 with myself and my three children. We where very impressed the outside, nicely done. But when we went in we where very confused. The place we nicely decorated but we where not greeted at the door, or told what to do when we entered. The two kids working the register just looked at us and did not say a word.

Finally after a few minutes one of the customers told me to go to the counter and order. I ordered three cheese burgers and I went for the crunch burger, fries and onion rings and four drinks. The billed surprised me at almost $50.00; I said okay well the food must be good. I took my number and had to find a table, I sat down and waited and finally had to get the attention of someone to clean my table. The food came out quick a little quicker then I expected. The burgers where extremely small for the price.

My cheeseburger came with what appeared to be a few lays chips on top which I paid $1.00 extra for. The burgers where not fully cooked and warm after I ordered it well done,I believe they wear microwaved.Needless to says we where very, very disappointed to spend all that money for such small burgers that didn’t even taste that good. I would have been better for at McDonald’s for better service, food and value for the price. I own a catering company and think if you plan on staying in business in this town which about 7 other restaurants, high priced tried you better do something.

I can assure you I will never go back and will be letting people know that McDonalds or American Roadside is a better choice.
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madconsumer on 11/11/2008:
this is to bad. I too have been to a burger place and expected a much better product than received.

very helpful.
GenuineNerd on 11/11/2008:
Is Bobby's an "upscale" burger place, like Fuddruckers or Red Robin? You went in thinking it was a full-service restaurant where there are waitstaff, but you had to go to the counter to order, like at a fast food place. And $50 is a bit pricey for what you ordered...burgers, fries/onion rings, and drinks for four. Was the food served on real China, or in cardboard and styrofoam?
GenuineNerd on 11/11/2008:
I read a little more about Bobby's Burger is an upscale NY-based operation, run by celebrity chef Bobby Flay. I read a menu on the website, and the prices are in line with places such as Applebee's or Red Robin. Considering the type of place it is, $50 is not bad. Per my previous post, I originally thought that Bobby's was another fast food burger joint. Still the service you received was unacceptable. As for undercooked burgers, most higher-end restaurants offer to cook it the way you want, whether it's rare, medium, or well done.
Starlord on 11/11/2008:
Duh-h-h-h-h Are you slow or something? I figure out within seconds when I walk into a new place how it operates. What do you expect, yellow foot prints on the floor, showing you how to walk? How difficult is it to figure out how a food place works?
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
W-e-r-e, not w-h-e-r-e! Where is my good service? Were you happy? See the difference?

Other than this maddening grammar issue, it sounds like you got lousy service at a high price. It's a lot of money to pay for bad service and bad food!
jktshff1 on 11/11/2008:
Nerd..Good comments, thanks for the info (BA)
Anonymous on 11/12/2008:
Red Robin recently opened it's first restaurant in this market, adjacent to the Patriots stadium. I was psyched to try it; they have been running local ads for at least two years.
There was an hour long wait for a table, and the food was expensive and mediochre. So, I feel your pain.
Anonymous on 04/07/2009:
OK this person who wrote this is an idoiot, first of all mcdonalds does not greet you at the door so you are being spoiled. when I went there I already knew what to do,seriously a monkey would of known what to do. The food was great and my burger was huge! The onion rings was the size of like softballs and the bathrooms were VERY clean. you get your food really quick and all the waitresses are sweethearts (the milkshakes are great too). So the person who trashes Bobbys Burger Palace does not know wat they are talking about and has bad grammar.
Anonymous on 04/07/2009:
ROFLMAO @ Starlord! (Yellow footprints on the floor)
Dragonfire on 07/10/2010:
This is an interesting review considering it is almost the exact opposite of my experiences at BBP. Granted it has been awhile since this review was written and BBP has had a chance to polish its procedures since then. I find the review most unreliable because the customer is a "caterer" and yet fails to recognize a freshly cooked burger over what they believe to be something that was microwaved. Also, to my knowledge "crunchification" is not charged for. I currently visit the BBP in West Philly, the newest location and have yet to get a burger that I did not wholeheartedly enjoy. Whether cooked medium or well done the burgers always are juicy and have a great flavor. And while they might not be of jaw popping proportions, a single burger and shake is more than enough to satisfy (especially if combined with an enormous order of fries or onion rings) There is some merit in the review about the ordering procedure and have seen many visitors look around in confusion though I had little difficulty on my first visit. The waitstaff, "ninjas", always greet with a smile, napkin, and give a quick discussion on the merits of BBP's sauces.

While not every restaurant is for everybody, Bobby Flay's BBP certainly is most people.
romanrush on 02/08/2014:
I was in the Smithtown Bobby 's burger last nite .Yes the burger are very over price for chopped meat..but if that wasn't bad enough I got sick after I left there from the the .This is not a good sign.It was my first time there. I will never go back there again . I call there last night to let them know That on got sick on their food ,my friend also got sick no one call me back.I call again now and got told that if I go to the dr I should all.There is something wrong here when you get sick an hour after you eat I would not go there ever again
romanrush on 02/08/2014:
Not a good place to eat if you want food poison I ate there last night and got sick on an over price burger .I call the place and no one call me back..I look a a email to send to Bobby but he can't do it.I will never go there again It was in the Smithtown Mall ,NY.
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