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Don't Believe What You Want To About Bob's Like I Did - Believe The Reviews!!!
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Rating: 1/51
STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Don't waste your time. Basically, they lie. Here's my account: Trying to purchase the Venus II sectional (a signature piece in their commercials that they shouldn't advertise if they can't deliver!!!!) and a loveseat. Purchased in May, promised delivery in early June, have been told excuse after excuse as to why they need to keep delaying delivery. Today they delayed again until almost into August. Full details:

Purchase Amount: $1,261.42

May 22nd: Made purchase at Stoughton store with Arthur. One piece was out of stock so he scheduled delivery for June 9th.

June 6th: Received a phone call that one piece came off the loading truck damaged. Replacement piece can't be delivered until July 7th. Whole order will be delivered on that date.

July 2nd: We received a call but no message was left.

July 4th: We called to confirm the July 7th delivery date. Spoke to Lucy. Two pieces are now out until 7-28. We cancelled the order. She couldn't provide any sort of cancellation confirmation #. She indicated it'd be 14 business days to get a refund check.

So, we got to spend our 4th of July, me 8 months pregnant, going to Cardi's, Bernie and Phyll's, Jordan's and Boston Interiors. I hate BOB'S. Should've read the reviews before we shopped there. Will probably be spending over $3000 at Bernie & Phyl's but it seems to be worth it. Their reviews are great. And any reviews of complaints seem to be followed up on and resolved by customer service prompting the customer to re-review and give accolades to customer service and method of resolution. I know Bob's has a call center, but I certainly wouldn't call what they provide customer service. From what I read, they have no interest in resolving legitimate customer complaints.

My suggestion if you're still naive enough to check out Bob's - ask if all of your pieces are in stock because if they aren't you don't stand a chance in h*ll of ever getting them.
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Bobs Isn't Worth the Money You THINK You'll Save
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Rating: 1/51
WOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS -- 1 - I bought a living room set & bunk beds from BOBs. When the bunk beds were delivered we were told they don't have the stairs and we have to wait a few weeks. Weeks go by, no stairs, no call. We GO to the store and they tell us the stairs won't be in for another 2 months. They couldn't have told us that before delivery? I ask - are you sure? They said no, we're not sure...we're out of stock on that item. I ask - can you get me some substitute stairs? No, they don't do that. Can I get a replacement bed? Nope, but we MIGHT be able to give you $20 off a FUTURE purchase.

2 - We decide to return the bunk beds. We schedule a pick up and I request a 1/2 day from work because they were supposed to pick the beds up by 12. It's 12 - no truck. I leave and get a call that the delivery men have left. Interesting.

3 - We schedule a 2nd pick up - they tell us delivery men, no call. WE CALL. They tell us between 1-4. WE CALL at 5. We're told to wait until 7. After being on hold forever, the customer care line is closed and our call is disconnected. No delivery, and no call.

4 - We reschedule again...leave work early for a 2-5 time slot. It's 4pm, so I call because I can feel the utter ridiculousness that's about to happen. I'm talking to the customer care representative and she says wait 30 more minutes because they're 20 minutes away. As soon as I hang up I receive another call and guess who??? It's a customer care representative telling me the truck is outside and they've called twice and can't get in.

Seriously?? I'm outside on the phone with these people, and in a matter of seconds I'm told to wait 30 minutes AND the truck is outside?? Something isn't right....why can't the delivery men call me?

5 - I call and wait forever on the hotline so another representative can disconnect me and then I have to start all over. Then I talk to favorite...and he says there's nothing he can do but reschedule. I ask what about a promise that you'll pick my stuff up this time? He says he can't guarantee that. How about I return everything because I no longer want to give you my money since you don't respect it? He says I can't and nothing else can be done. I now crown him the worst customer service representative ever. Thanks Mike.

Honestly, this customer service is the worst I've ever experienced! No wonder they have a C- with the Better Business Bureau. My mistake for being economical. All I can do now is go to the Woburn location and tell incoming customers about my experience. My fiance went last week and cleared out the store. We'll take turns until someone acts like they care....or get this...pick up my returned items!

I bet this wouldn't have happened at Jordan's
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Bob's Discount Saga
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Rating: 1/51
TOTOWA, NEW JERSEY -- 1. July 4th 2011 - Went to Totowa Bob’s Discount Furniture & ordered a 4 piece living room set for my Mother – it's to be delivered end of October; we give away my Mother’s living room set to flood victims.
2. October 28th – Loveseat, chair and ottoman arrive but the delivery man says the sofa sleeper is in the truck with a BIG RIP on the arm.
3. We go to the store and reorder the sofa sleeper, but can’t get it for another 4 months.
4. No sofa sleeper for my Mother’s relatives for Christmas.
5. January 28th, 2012 - Sofa is “delivered” in the WRONG COLOR -dark brown – our set is white.
6. We go back to the store to reorder the sofa; store manager tells us the set is discontinued and we CANNOT GET THE SOFA ANYMORE.
7. We call to set up a date for Bob’s to pick up the rest of the set. Girl tells me “You have had those other pieces for 4 months, we cannot take them back.”
8. We talk to a Customer Care supervisor – says they have now found my white sofa in a ware house in CT and it will be delivered next week! Yippee!
9. We get a call on Valentine’s Day from the warehouse manager – IT’S THE DARK BROWN SOFA – the wrong color!!! They will pick up the rest of my furniture on Friday, February 17th and say I’ll get all my money back in 48 hours.
10. Feb. 17th – The rest of the furniture is picked up.
11. More than 48 hours pass, my money has not been deposited to my Visa account.
12. Feb. 23rd.—11 A.M. - I call Customer Service – they tell me I will get back $2486 – my total bill was $3666!! Customer Service girl could not figure out the computer screens, tells me I need to call the store.
13. Still Feb. 23rd –11:15 A.M. -- I call the store – the girl tells me I’m only getting back $2486; doesn’t know the reason I can’t get my $1200 back; says she will call the Accounting Department and call me back by 3 pm.
14. Still Feb. 23rd – 3 pm – she doesn't call, I call Customer Care supervisor; she tells me I still have sofa frame that's why I'm not getting the $1200 back (a sofa never was delivered into the house)–AT THE SAME TIME—the girl from the store calls me on my cell phone and tells me there’s no proof I paid the $1200 deposit! Two different explanations & BOTH WRONG!!
15. Still Feb. 23rd – 5 pm - My husband goes to the store with the Visa statement and finally they agree we paid the $1200.
16. After one week we finally get all the money back in our account.
17. My 92 year old Mother now has a single chair in her living room as we look for another set elsewhere

I have 46 entries logged in my Bob’s journal (I extremely condensed this). Forty of the entries are the phone calls which had me transferred, on hold, disconnected, and/or receiving useless information. Of all Bob’s employees I spoke to, only 3 out of 10 at least acted like they cared. This has been without a doubt the most miserable/time-wasting shopping experience I ever had. I hope my Mother lives long enough to enjoy a new living room set.
Very Bad Quality, Not Great Customer Service!!!
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LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS -- When we relocated to Lynn, MA we took a trip to several furniture stores in the area to see what they all had to offer. After looking at a couple stores we decided to go with Bob's Discount Furniture. They had good prices and the look and feel of the furniture on the showroom floor was good.

We ordered a sofa with a chase, coffee table set. A Kitchen Table with 4 leather chairs and a Bedroom set that consisted of a Queen size bed with 2 dressers.

The delivery of the merchandise was just horrible. They could not get our box spring or our sofa to fit up either of the stairways leading to our apartment. They said that they were just going to take the stuff back to the store. I stopped them and said why can't you pull it up over our deck balcony. They said oh we are contractors driving a bobs truck. We do not have insurance so if we get hurt we are liable. This is understandable so I told them to leave the furniture and we would get it up ourselves. The bad part is that they had to deliver our dresser 4 different times. The delivery people were not gentle with the merchandise at all. They scratched 2 of them on the way up. The 3rd one looked like it fell from a fork lift or something as one of the corner feet was just crushed. After the fourth delivery we finally got one that was not all scratched up.

We had an issue with our sofa and bed. The cushion in the sofa was flattening only after a few months. The guy fixing it stated it was a manufacturer defect as they did not fill that particular cushion enough. He filled and it is great.

He looked at the bed and said Oh the guys who installed it did not install it properly which is what led to the issue, your bed-rails are bent.

They ordered new rails and were here a few days later to fix it...

The first time fixing it overall took a week and a half. All this time we are sleeping on a bed where the box spring falls through the rails.

After they came and fixed it the box spring continues to fall through, even more now than before. I think that is due to it falling through so much it is just wearing it down.

I called in and again they stated oh well we cannot get someone there to look at the bed for another 2 weeks. I was enraged and told them that it is not good enough. Demanded to speak to a manager. After arguing with the woman for a few minutes I said look I want to speak to a manager will you please transfer me before I get even more pissed off. She said hold on. About 15 minutes later she came back telling me she could not get in touch with anyone.

She would send off an e-mail and they would respond within 15-30 minutes. She got back to me and said oh we can get there sooner... We'll be there in 4 days (rather than 2 weeks). I said that's fine.

After another night of the box spring falling through I decided to take the box spring and mattress off and inspect myself.

I found that the wood frame on the box spring is broken, the wood rail on the bottom of the box spring pushes inward allowing it to fall through the rails. I also noticed that the fabric on the box spring is cut up from sliding through the metal rails.

I called in to customer service and said the issue is the box spring. I have looked and the wood is broken, can you have them just bring a replacement box spring on Wednesday rather than coming to inspect it and making me wait even longer for the replacement.

The woman told me they could not do that and that policies require they inspect it before any replacement part is delivered.

I am currently on hold waiting for a manager (about 20 minutes on hold now).

I am so sick of the issues we are having with the furniture.

All of our issues so far include

1.) Button fell off leather kitchen chair
2.) Couch Cushion flattened
3.) Box spring falls through bed rails
4.) Dresser Drawer guide bent
5.) Dresser handle broken in half

I just got off the phone with customer service and to my surprise this customer service agent was able to make something happen. They are going to fix the other issues that we are having aside from the bed on Wednesday. I'm sure they will just come and inspect and then have to order the parts but those are issues we can live with.

As for the bed they no longer carry the mattress and box spring set that we have. They are going to have us go into the store and choose another set that we like and they will swap them out.

/** UPDATE 10-07-2008 **/
I went into the store the same evening that they told me to and asked to speak to a manager. I told them what the situation was and they said oh then you don't need a manager you need a sales associate. I went along with it as they had the credit slip in their hand. They took me to the mattress area and said take your pick, you just have to cover anything over the cost of this credit. I looked at the sales associate and said no... I want a comparable set. I do not want to pay anymore than I already have. They explained that they no longer carried the set I own. At this point I was getting frustrated and pissed off. I demanded to speak to a manager. The manager Jeff came over and asked how he could help. I explained the situation to him and told him that I was not going to pay another dime. I said it is not my fault the thing is broken, I did not set up the bed. The reason it is broken is due to them not setting it up properly. With my frustration level Jeff wanted to get me off the sales floor away from all of the other customers. A good decision from a managerial stand point. I went and sat while he did his thing.

A few moments later he comes to me and says oh well the set we have is the replacement for yours. You got yours in a bundle which made the cost less, they are theoretically the same price it's just an even swap out. He tried to calm me down as I was angry from the run around that customer service had been giving me, telling me I had to sleep on a broken bed until they could come look at it (2 weeks time). He tried to tell me that oh we are booked out that far. That is the point when I said well maybe you need to prioritize your work orders. Understandably that would make other customers upset because they could not get their dresser fixed due to them having to fix a bed which in my opinion is a higher priority. When he said that I kept my ground and said then maybe it's time you start hiring more employees if you are backed up by 2-3 weeks.

All in all the manager did what he could to keep me happy, he set a delivery date of today. I have been here all morning and I live in an apartment building. There are 3 floors with 3 apartments and I am stuck in the middle on the second floor. I started to wonder where they were when they hit the end of their 3 hour window so I called in to get some information. I was calm and cool on this call. When they told me they have been here twice and described my building to a T I said I have no doubt that you have the right building. When can you get them back here. They responded not until Friday. That is not OK with me because I told them last week I am going out of town all next week. What is common sense when you arrive at an apartment building? Do you knock on the front door or do you ring the doorbell? Do you even think of trying both doors on the building? They noticed the broken rain gutter so they would have noticed both doors.

The person they have on their team that comes and fixes issues with your products had no problems getting me as he had to come fix a dresser drawer and the button for my kitchen chair. So why did the delivery team not get me? Well because they must be idiots and were knocking on the front door which is a hallway!!! Not once did they ring the doorbell or honk the horn. Better yet why did they not call and say hey bobs is at your house, can you let them in. They have done that in the past. The last time the guy who fixes the products came they called me and said he was there.

I called the store back and talked to Jeff. I told him who I was (I think he knew immediately due to how we met the other night). He asked what he could do for me and I said "Look we are going to have a problem here. This is the situation." I explained it to him and he asked if he could see what could be done and call me back.

The service (or lack thereof) is really starting to get under my skin. I swear if I have to take the mattress and box spring back to the store myself and get the new ones I am not going to be very happy! (I have been told this is not an option all of their merchandise is warehoused in Connecticut YAY!)

I just got a call from Jeff and he said that he sent an e-mail down to the delivery managers. He is trying to see if he can get them back out here today and just wanted to update me on the status. He will call me again when he hears back from them.

I got a phone call back from Jeff and he assured me that the merchandise would be re-delivered today by 3PM. He also stated that the service technician that was here today to fix my other furniture left notes in my account asking how the delivery people could not find the doorbell. That made me laugh lol. At about 2:00 PM we got a call from a woman asking if the delivery team had been there yet. We told them no and they said they were going to find out where they were. At about 2:30PM our phone rang, when I said hello they hung up. It was not a number I could call back as it was a generic number so I would have no clue who to ask for.

At about 3:00PM I called the store to get in touch with the manager Jeff. It was not surprising that he had left for the day. I asked to speak to the highest ranking person in the store at that time. They transferred me to someone in Connecticut!!! It was the person who oversaw all of the trucks. So they sit at a computer and watch the red dots to make sure no one is messing with the dots. After arguing with them I asked to be transferred to the store. I once again asked for the highest ranking manager. I got someone named Ryan or Brian I really could not understand his name as he said it. He was not foreign I was just so irritated by this time that my brain probably did not process it properly. He said he was in the office with Jeff and the last they heard was that the merchandise would be delivered today. He would call and find out what was going on. During the time I was waiting for him another guy called from somewhere in Connecticut. He was trying to set up the delivery for Friday. I told him that it was not acceptable that they needed to be back out here tomorrow morning. He stated that they needed another day and a half notice because our merchandise would have to be re-picked from the warehouse..... WHY???? I asked if the incompetent delivery people damaged my merchandise once again. Why else would they have to re-pick new merchandise? The guy said he could not state the condition of the merchandise (although now I realize it is probably because he hasn't seen it). I said sure you cannot put your foot any further in your mouth than it already is. As I was fighting with him the manager from the local store was beeping in on my other line. I switched over and was talking to him for a moment. I did try to pull it into a 3-way so I could yell at them both at the same time but it did not work because I wasn't the one who initiated the second call.

Long story short I got shafted once again. They say there is nothing they can do until Friday. Though I am told that I will be compensated for this. I asked the Manager how? Store Credit! I said why would I spend anymore money at your establishment. He said "Yea I know it's a catch. Honestly I don't know why you came back!" I said I did not "come back" I am just trying to get merchandise replaced. Every time I turn around I am struck by incompetent people who are employed by Bob's. The manager really had no idea what to do and he stated that. He said "Sometimes customers just fall through the cracks, unfortunately you are one of them. I don't know what to tell you in this case, I don't know what to do." I said what to do, get me my furniture here tomorrow. Oh well we cannot do that he said.

This whole experience has been horrible. I felt like saying just give me the best mattress you have maybe after sleeping on that my attitude towards Bob's would change. I doubt it though. Even that mattress would probably have something wrong with it only a few months after ownership!

Now I have to waste my day Friday waiting for them again to deliver merchandise.


/** UPDATE 10-10-2008 **/
Well Finally we had some competent delivery drivers, however someone at bob's did not do their job once again. No where on the drivers papers did it state that they should call ahead to make sure I was home. Today is a hectic day for me and they got *lucky* that I was here. They were supposed to call ahead so I knew when they were coming.

Anyway After 3 weeks of fighting with this thing I finally got the merchandise in place. I called and talked with Customer Care only to be insulted. The woman said I am so sorry for your inconvenience you have had multiple times. I am willing to issue you a $50 gift card for this reason. I was insulted at this point. I paid $2761.50 for furniture at their store and even paid a delivery fee of $199.99 for them to offer me a $50 credit. How much more are they going to insult someone. I told the woman that $50 was not going to do anything because I could not buy anything at the store for $50 without having to yet again spend more money out of pocket. If they wanted to do something to compensate me they could call back with a better offer. I doubt I will hear from them at all.

I cannot believe that I paid $199.99 just to have all these issues with the initial delivery and the second delivery. I also kick myself for buying furniture from a company who does not value their customers. If Bob's wants to do something they can provide me with a mattress and foundation upgrade free of charge. The last 3 weeks of sleep has been really rough and a good night sleep would do me good.

If they do not wish to do anything about this situation I will be filing reports with the Better Business Bureau and also with the Massachusetts States Attorney. Maybe I will also take it to a public forum such as the newspaper or TV to tell the story about the issues I have had who knows....

Horrible Delivery Service
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FLUSHING, NEW YORK -- I purchased 3 rooms of furniture from Bob's discount furniture. The sales person was nice and patient. I was told all of my furniture would be available for my set delivery date which was early September. When the day came for delivery, the delivery men complained about the fact that they would have to go up some stairs and stated that they never do deliveries with stairs. I called the customer service right way and was told that this was not the case. Furthermore when they began to open the packages of furniture there was significant damage to the products as well as part of my order was missing. It was one thing after another. I refused the whole order and rescheduled a redelivery for the following week.

The next week comes..... This time the guys were nice, but still 2 items not loaded for delivery again. I was not told it was on back order. How long am I supposed to go without a bed already? And my queen sleeper sofa not available either. So again I had to schedule another redelivery for these items.

The third delivery was a complete mess. The delivery team came. Both rude and extremely nasty. When I told them they had to go around the back, they didn't like that, but it was not going to fit around the front. So hen they get to the back both start complaining in Spanish that there was too much furniture and that it would be too much trouble before they even began to bring the sofa through the door. I moved furniture out of that was just to give them room so the could bring the sofa in. Then as they attempted to bring the sofa in that bent my screen on my storm door. When I told them to stop and call there supervisor immediately, that really pissed them off. They then put the sofa on the dirt, the protective cover ripped and hanging halfway off. I told them I didn't want it any longer since it was dirty and bugs were starting to crawl on it. And then they walked back to their truck, so I called Bob's customer service to complain. On top of it all they drove away with my bed rails and never put my bed together. They complained that I was rude. The only thing I did was complain that they were damaging my property. I guess that was the wrong move. Now I have a fourth delivery attempt scheduled. How many times do they need to get this right. I have had enough already. Bob's delivery guys are rude, lazy, and destructive! If they don't get it right this time I am going to take them to small claims court for damages and breach of contract. I wish I would have read the reviews for Bob's beforehand. If I had I would have never done business with them. Too many people complain about their customer service, delivery service, and the fact that they don't honor their goof proof insurance, which I purchased, I guess I will find out about that later.
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Good Proof Warranty - No Gimmick Nonsense
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Rating: 1/51
I bought a couch set a little over a year ago in Nov 2012. I was informed of the goof proof plan that would send someone over to fix any accidental stain or damage. In addition, the goof proof plus will have Bob's furniture or the insurance company replace the furniture one time with free delivery. I informed the agent I was leaving to another state and I was told that coverage is for anywhere within the USA.

It is not May of 2014 and I had a spill on the couch which was never cleaned as I was told it would be. I cleaned it myself with Bob's cleaning agent. My couch now has an accidental rip in it as well as scratches. I was told by the company that it is normal wear and tear and not accidental. A different agent said it should be covered by the insurance company but the insurance company claimed that it is a manufacturer's defect. Finally I report this to the Better Business Bureau and I get an email from Pam stating that they issued me an in house credit towards another couch which will be delivered for free. later she says she was unaware that I was outside their delivery zone and that I have to pay for the shipment or they can refund the cost of the goof proof. Basically, Bob sells you an extended warranty and when you need something replaced, they go back on their word and attempt to refund you the cost of the goof proof only. As of now, they have not fixed my issue and it has been a little over 2 weeks since I complained.

Stay away from Bob's furniture as they are full of gimmicks. So much for the phony slogan "No phony Gimmicks! Just pure value." This should have caused me to throw up a red flag and proceed with caution because Bob warns you against stores with phony gimmicks and they claim not to have any. Then what are talking furniture, catchy little jingles and animated figure heads if not pretty obvious gimmicks? In addition, Bob's biggest gimmick is saying he has no gimmick while he saturates you with gimmicks. As the saying goes, "if it seems too good to be true then it probably is too good to be true." Listen to Bob himself, or the animated version of him, and look out for phony gimmicks.
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Do Not Buy From Here!!!!
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Rating: 1/51
WOOD BRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a dining set online, received confirmation email. I have verified the shipping address was correct and the billing address was correct. I received a call from Bob's to schedule a delivery date and time which was fine. I received a call that they were running early and asked if I would be able to take the delivery early. I said yes. Was waiting and received another call that they were outside. I look and no one is there.

They actually went to my billing address and said Oh well there is nothing we can do. I sent them the confirmation sent to me by them, showing the correct information (shipping was 10 minutes away). They told me I had to go to the store and correct the issue. I had no time to do that and took a day off work for this. I got absolutely nowhere after speaking to 1 manager through there delivery service that said there is nothing they can do and will transfer me to the store. The store manager said it was ridiculous and would make sure that I received my delivery and would call me back.... Never received a call, so I call her (Maureen for the Woodbridge store). She said I am working on it and will call you back..... Still nothing so I call again to find out that Maureen actually left and resolved nothing for me.

I spoke to someone else regarding delivery and they stated " the drivers have been released for the day" So no delivery. I asked to then be scheduled for this Sat. as it was not my error. They told me they would send in a request but can't guarantee anything, and I would receive a call within the hour to confirm my delivery. Again till this time (the next day) Still no phone call!!!!!!! Haven't even been offered a discount for the inconvenience and there mess up. I will never order from here again. Buyer BEWARE. Prepare yourself for a hassle and headache.
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Terrible Delivery/Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- We have experienced the worst delivery/customer service today. We have been scheduled to receive our sofa within 10:30am to 1:30pm time frame today. We have been home all morning, after taking the day off work, waiting for our delivery and assembly, for which we paid. We never received a call an hour ahead, saying that someone is on the way.

Around 11:09am, we received a call from a 1-800 line saying that the delivery team was at the apartments and was unable to access the freight elevator, and that the delivery people already left. We have never received any contact about delivery people being here, no one called us saying they spoke with somebody at the front desk about the freight elevator, and we never had anyone come upstairs (to the 4th floor) to our apartment. We have confirmed all of this with our apartment building's front desk. This is absolutely unacceptable. We believe that the delivery people never actually made an attempt to deliver the couch. Especially since the order included assembly, and they were simply too lazy to put together the order. How is it possible for them to be unable to deliver something when they actually do not contact the customer, when they never speak with the front desk about using the freight elevator, and when they do not even bother coming up to our apartment (once again, only 4th floor) to see that we are here and are able to resolve any delivery issue?

What is more appalling is that the delivery team would leave less than 5 minutes after attempting to deliver/assemble the order. This makes us believe that there was not much attempt at all to provide any semblance of adequate customer service. Bob’s Furniture’s delivery and customer service is appalling. We ended up canceling the order altogether. This was an extremely negative experience, and I believe that a complete lack of integrity is severely hurting their business or is a sign of a complete lack of business ethics. We would never recommend that company to any of our friends (which is a considerably large potential customer base) and obviously we wouldn't set a foot into their store again, even though we are planning on furnishing our new house in the upcoming year. I regret not going across the street to any other reputable furniture company - certainly, going to another retailer would have provided for a much better customer service, since any customer service at all is better than what we experienced today. We made an absolutely terrible choice in selecting Bob's Furniture, but we will never make the same mistake again. I'm sure everyone already knows this, but customer service is what can take business to the next level or bring it completely to ruin. Bob’s Furniture on the way to the bottom, if this is the standard for serving their customers and the overall business function of their company.
Company Response 08/16/2013:
I apologize. This certainly shouldn't have happened and we'd like to make it right for you. Please send the name, address and phone number associated with your account to and I'll be in touch. Thanks, Eric.
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My First Week With My Bob O Pedic
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Rating: 3/51
WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- We ordered the bob o pedic after looking at a Sleep Number bed. I personally have never had any problems sleeping in my mattress which was a pillow top from Rotmans back in 1999. My husband has had back problems for some time. When we got our taxes back, we decided to buy a new mattress.

We ordered the bob o pedic firm and were very excited. It came in the day they said and the time frame they promised. We did notice beforehand luckily that they ordered the plush when we wanted the firm. We changed it in time for delivery.

The delivery went smoothly other than the hallway they walked through the contracted movers took some chunks out of my wall. I admit it was a tight squeeze, but I would hope they would be smart enough to know not to try to squeeze it in without warning me of the possible results of a damaged wall. They did stick some sticky putty in the holes and asked me to re -paint the damage.

Because I was so happy to have the bed, I did not complain much. I did notice the odor people talk about, but it was not unbearable. I waited to put my bob o pedic cover on the mattress as instructed 3 hours.

First night in bed. Loved the feel lying on my back and watching TV. Not easy to be intimate in I must admit. Anyway without TMI, I slept great however woke up with a very bad stiff upper back. Never in my life have I had a back issue on a mattress. So this concerned me very much. Once I was up and moving, it seemed fine. I have now slept in this new mattress three nights and did not have a repeat of upper back pain, but I am skeptical. Looking forward to hearing comments on this experience. My husband says it is fine for his back. How long should I give it before I make a decision without going past the 30 days?
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POOR Customer Services
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POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK -- I just purchase a bedroom set for my son and I was so excited waiting for my son to see it. Delivery day came in and when the guys are leaving I notice that the bed wasn't in the room, the delivery guy didn’t know where it was so I call Bob store and they told me that the bed was in back order and that if I wanted the delivery guys can take all the items back since they didn’t have the bed. What a joke lady, I just took a day off from work to wait for a delivery that never came in completely and had to miss another day from work to finally get the bed and another thing, the storage drawers where broken both delivery days.

If they would have called me before the first delivery and explained to me that one of the items was in back order I would have waited until all the items were together to set a delivery day so instead I missed two days out of work and still didn’t get all my pieces and the best part is their customer services…..seriously, and quote “we can take all the items back to the store and reimburse you”..get a clue lady, I already donated my old son’s bedroom set, so what am I supposed to do? Return everything and have my son sleep in the floor, why not take responsibility of your bad customer services and admit that you should have call me in advance letting me know that one of the items were not in and not me finding out by the delivery guy….oh and the best for last, the apology gift of $50 to a Bobs store, who the hell want to buy from there again….not me, not ever.

I’m always improving and buying new furniture and this time I just wanted to save couple of dollars but man I was wrong, at the end I spend more money and lots of aggravation. I would never buy anything else from there again. The furniture is made with cheap material, it doesn’t even look like in the store…..but the worst of all was their bad customer services, what can I say to myself, live and learn.
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