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Do Not Buy From Here!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

WOOD BRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a dining set online, received confirmation email. I have verified the shipping address was correct and the billing address was correct. I received a call from Bob's to schedule a delivery date and time which was fine. I received a call that they were running early and asked if I would be able to take the delivery early. I said yes. Was waiting and received another call that they were outside. I look and no one is there. They actually went to my billing address and said "Oh well there is nothing we can do."

I sent them the confirmation sent to me by them, showing the correct information (shipping was 10 minutes away). They told me I had to go to the store and correct the issue. I had no time to do that and took a day off work for this. I got absolutely nowhere after speaking to 1 manager through their delivery service that said there is nothing they can do and will transfer me to the store. The store manager said it was ridiculous and would make sure that I received my delivery and would call me back... Never received a call, so I call her (** for the Woodbridge store). She said "I am working on it and will call you back."

Still nothing so I call again to find out that ** actually left and resolved nothing for me. I spoke to someone else regarding delivery and they stated "the drivers have been released for the day" so no delivery. I asked to then be scheduled for this Sat. as it was not my error. They told me they would send in a request but can't guarantee anything, and I would receive a call within the hour to confirm my delivery. Again till this time (the next day) still no phone call!!! Haven't even been offered a discount for the inconvenience and their mess up. I will never order from here again. Buyer BEWARE. Prepare yourself for a hassle and headache.

My First Week With My Bob O Pedic
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Rating: 3/51

WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- We ordered the bob o pedic after looking at a Sleep Number bed. I personally have never had any problems sleeping in my mattress which was a pillow top from Rotmans back in 1999. My husband has had back problems for some time. When we got our taxes back, we decided to buy a new mattress. We ordered the bob o pedic firm and were very excited. It came in the day they said and the time frame they promised. We did notice beforehand luckily that they ordered the plush when we wanted the firm. We changed it in time for delivery.

The delivery went smoothly other than the hallway they walked through the contracted movers took some chunks out of my wall. I admit it was a tight squeeze, but I would hope they would be smart enough to know not to try to squeeze it in without warning me of the possible results of a damaged wall. They did stick some sticky putty in the holes and asked me to re-paint the damage. Because I was so happy to have the bed, I did not complain much. I did notice the odor people talk about, but it was not unbearable. I waited to put my bob o pedic cover on the mattress as instructed 3 hours.

First night in bed. Loved the feel lying on my back and watching TV. Not easy to be intimate in I must admit. Anyway without TMI, I slept great however woke up with a very bad stiff upper back. Never in my life have I had a back issue on a mattress. So this concerned me very much. Once I was up and moving, it seemed fine. I have now slept in this new mattress three nights and did not have a repeat of upper back pain, but I am skeptical. Looking forward to hearing comments on this experience. My husband says it is fine for his back. How long should I give it before I make a decision without going past the 30 days?

POOR Customer Services
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Rating: 1/51

POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK -- I just purchase a bedroom set for my son and I was so excited waiting for my son to see it. Delivery day came in and when the guys are leaving I notice that the bed wasn't in the room, the delivery guy didn'€™t know where it was so I call Bob's store and they told me that the bed was in back order and that if I wanted the delivery guys can take all the items back since they didn't have the bed. What a joke lady, I just took a day off from work to wait for a delivery that never came in completely and had to miss another day from work to finally get the bed and another thing, the storage drawers where broken both delivery days.

If they would have called me before the first delivery and explained to me that one of the items was in back order I would have waited until all the items were together to set a delivery day. So instead I missed two days out of work and still didn'€™t get all my pieces and the best part is their customer services.. seriously, and quote "€œwe can take all the items back to the store and reimburse you." Get a clue lady.

I already donated my old son'€™s bedroom set, so what am I supposed to do? Return everything and have my son sleep in the floor, why not take responsibility of your bad customer services and admit that you should have call me in advance letting me know that one of the items were not in and not me finding out by the delivery guy. Oh and the best for last, the apology gift of $50 to a Bob's store, who the hell want to buy from there again? Not me, not ever.

I'€™m always improving and buying new furniture and this time I just wanted to save couple of dollars but man I was wrong, at the end I spend more money and lots of aggravation. I would never buy anything else from there again. The furniture is made with cheap material, it doesn't even look like in the store.. but the worst of all was their bad customer services. What can I say to myself, live and learn.

Undelivered Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY -- Dustin the sales person was an absolute doll, however the warehouse and customer service dept are the worst I ever encountered! Ordered furniture for our living room and was told delivery would be on Wednesday which was wonderful since we were having company on the weekend. Got rid of the old furniture as they directed and took the day off. Of course it started snowing on Tuesday. Since the roads were fine by mid morning my husband still expected the delivery. No one called till the afternoon to say because of the storm they were coming. I was OK with this, figured up by them it was probably poor driving conditions.

I was not OK with being rescheduled for Sat and said so. They called back and said they would deliver on Thursday afternoon. Took another 1/2 day off from work. They called that morning saying stuff was supposed to come between 2:31 PM and 5:31 PM, but they say to be available in case it will be earlier. Waited and waited and 5 PM went online to check the tracking and saw it said the delivery was made at 3:30. Called and was told our furniture never made the truck and wouldn't be here till Sat (when more snow is a possibility). They didn't even have an excuse for why they didn't call us and let us know - could have at least worked a 1/2 day.

Got nowhere with customer service at warehouse or store, and canceled the order. Wish I could take them to small claims court for the pay I lost! Maybe then companies like this would be more responsible (just like in some MDs offices when you have to pay for your appt if you don't cancel in a timely manner). My time is valuable to me too!

Terrible Delivery/Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- We have experienced the worst delivery/customer service today. We have been scheduled to receive our sofa within 10:30am to 1:30pm time frame today. We have been home all morning, after taking the day off work, waiting for our delivery and assembly, for which we paid. We never received a call an hour ahead, saying that someone is on the way. Around 11:09am, we received a call from a 1-800 line saying that the delivery team was at the apartments and was unable to access the freight elevator, and that the delivery people already left.

We have never received any contact about delivery people being here, no one called us saying they spoke with somebody at the front desk, about the freight elevator, and we never had anyone come upstairs (to the 4th floor) to our apartment. We have confirmed all of this with our apartment building's front desk. This is absolutely unacceptable. We believe that the delivery people never actually made an attempt to deliver the couch. Especially since the order included assembly, and they were simply too lazy to put together the order.

How is it possible for them to be unable to deliver something when they actually do not contact the customer, when they never speak with the front desk about using the freight elevator, and when they do not even bother coming up to our apartment (once again, only 4th floor) to see that we are here and are able to resolve any delivery issue?

What is more appalling is that the delivery team would leave less than 5 minutes after attempting to deliver/assemble the order. This makes us believe that there was not much attempt at all to provide any semblance of adequate customer service. Bob's Furniture's delivery and customer service is appalling. We ended up canceling the order altogether. This was an extremely negative experience, and I believe that a complete lack of integrity is severely hurting their business or is a sign of a complete lack of business ethics.

We would never recommend that company to any of our friends (which is a considerably large potential customer base) and obviously we wouldn't set a foot into their store again, even though we are planning on furnishing our new house in the upcoming year. I regret not going across the street to any other reputable furniture company - certainly, going to another retailer would have provided for a much better customer service, since any customer service at all is better than what we experienced today. We made an absolutely terrible choice in selecting Bob's Furniture, but we will never make the same mistake again.

I'm sure everyone already knows this, but customer service is what can take business to the next level or bring it completely to ruin. Bob's Furniture on the way to the bottom, if this is the standard for serving their customers and the overall business function of their company.

Company Response 08/16/2013:

I apologize. This certainly shouldn't have happened and we'd like to make it right for you. Please send the name, address and phone number associated with your account to and I'll be in touch. Thanks, Eric.

Never Ever Again
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Rating: 1/51

MILFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Had two joey tables delivered twice, they arrived damaged twice. They delivered 3 pieces out of 5 of a bedroom set on the 1st delivery. Waited 3 weeks for the other 2 major pieces and they delivered them to the wrong address. Customer service is absolutely horrible. You have to start from scratch every time you talk to someone 'cause they have no idea, or don't want to know, what has gone on so far. They will send you from person to person. They are extremely unaccommodating.

Now they want us to wait another month for the other 2 bedroom pieces. They refuse to go back today to the wrong delivery address and deliver them to the correct address. Nothing like what BOB + THAT LADY in the commercials would have you believe. It's like dealing with the used car business of the 70's. They pass you from person to person. They are, again, nothing like the characters you see in the commercial. Even if I have to pay more I will never buy from them again. How much is a crying wife worth to you???

Your Name Is All You Have. What the Hell Were You Thinking Bob?!
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Rating: 1/51

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- I would never purchase anything from Bob's. There were no greeters at the door. The store was disguised in their setup beautifully as quality furniture. Once you got to the customer service area in the back, there was this one customer service representative who lie about the number she called. The number was wrong, however she had this "I'm going to prove you wrong attitude" - never apologizing at all she cancelled the delivery order.

When my daughter spoke to her on the phone she says "You must be dreaming because you did tell me you had a family emergency", a lie. My son-in-law took off the day to make sure there were no problems. This is their Best customer service.

The furniture quality is of the cheapest wood. They must have used a tree that dead and they were hoping that the one root hid the fact that it was cheap wood furniture quality. The delivery date were cancelled three times by the warehouse due to the store not having the items in stock as they made it seem. They were missing items, the baby's bedrails, screws were falling out of the chairs.

The delivery method of what Bob's brag about on television is overrated. Your good name is all you have. What the Hell were you thinking Bob?! Your store should be boycotted. You are a dis-service to people looking for a bargain during these hard times. I would never refer this store to anyone. Customer service reps, store furniture and delivery needs to be addressed and other complaints need to be written to the corporate office and Better Business Bureau. And some people need to be fired. I think I've said enough!!!

VERY Satisfied With Bob's Discount Furniture
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Rating: 5/51

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- Frankly, I can't believe that I'm reading such horrible reviews about this organization and the furniture and the quality of their customer service and delivery. On two occasions, I have bought furniture and mattresses from their stores.

In the first instance, I purchased a bedroom set for my daughter and a mattress and a box spring. The saleswoman was very helpful, worked to set a suitable delivery date, the salespeople in the store did not pounce all over us the minute we walked in. The set came in exactly at the day and time promised, the delivery people set up the bedroom quickly and were also very courteous. We've had the set for two years now, no problems either with the furniture itself, or the mattress or box spring.

My second purchase was made online, the Branson Pub dining room set. Seconds after I placed the order online, I received a phone call from a customer representative who carefully and (again) courteously walked me through delivery date, time, etc. He also immediately emailed me a confirmation of my order. Again, the set was delivered day and time promised, delivery people were also courteous and efficient in setting up the set. No problems with dining room set, have had it for three months now.

Would I deal with Bob's again, should the need to buy furniture arise in the future? Yes, I would, and I would recommend Bob's to anyone in light of my positive experiences.

One Thing After Another After Another
By -

WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- On March 15th, 2008 I got married. The very next day, my new wife & I went to Bob's Discount Furniture for our first big purchase as a newly married couple. After meeting with a salesperson we rummaged around the selection of the beds & decided upon a "Bob-O-Pedic" adjustable bed. We tried both the plus & firm mattresses & bought the firm. The only issue was that it was back ordered & wouldn't be in until the first week of April 2008.

We got a call soon after with the news that one was available & would be delivered that week. When I spoke with the store I reminded them that they needed to call my cell phone & not the home number when the delivery people were on their way. These instructions were outlined on the invoice. A couple days later I just happened to be passing my home from a work errand to find the Bob's delivery truck at my house. (Why didn't they call me?) No matter, I was there & all was OK. I let them in. They took the old mattress & installed the new. They reminded me that it'd take a few hours for the mattress to soften up as it was cold that day.

That night we slept in our new bed. Or at least my wife did. I could not relax on the mattress. It seemed a lot firmer than the one in the showroom. I gave it a couple more days & after getting little sleep & a sore back we went back to Bob's to exchange it for a plush version as well as the non adjustable as neither of us used that feature. So April 10 of '08 we went back to Bob's & did the exchange. I tried & retried the plush & firm & decided that the plush was best. JUST in case, we went with a dual that has a plush & firm half.

They said, however, the king size was back ordered to May 20th. So we decided to wait for the new one to arrive & just keep the queen automatic until then. By this time I had started sleeping on the floor on a roll up spare mattress. Fast forward to May 13th 2008. I called customer service to see if the new king size was still going to be available on the 20th. She said "Oh we have those!" I said, "when were you going to call me to deliver it". Basically since I was in there the 20th, they were going to wait.

So I (again) double checked that they delivery people would do the one hour call ahead to my cell number & she read back the number I'd originally given. The next day, on the 14th of May, I got an automated call from "**" about a scheduled pickup on May 15th between 2:09 PM & 5:09 PM on my cell phone. "Yay" I thought, "they remembered!" No they didn't. On May 15th, 2008 I got a call from my neighbor saying that there was a Bob's Furniture truck at my house with people & mattress walking around. This was 2:11 pm. Since I work 15 minutes from home I left work & headed there. When I got there @ 2:28PM & the truck was gone.

I went inside & on my answering machine was a call from the Bob's delivery people telling me they were almost at my house. There was also a call from the Bob's warehouse saying that I'd need to reschedule. I called customer service was told that once the truck leave an address, it can't go back because it has other deliveries to make on time. When I pressed, she said she'd try to get the truck to go back since by this time it was only about 20 minutes away. When she got back she told me that the truck was already back at the depot & was done for the day.

I then asked her why I didn't get a call on my cellphone as was outlined in the instructions. She told me that that phone number wasn't anywhere on the invoice. "Then how is it Bob's called me yesterday at that number?" She didn't answer. So I spoke with her manager. She was even less helpful. I was more upset that they didn't call my cell than missing the delivery. But she promised that they'd be back tomorrow (May 16th) with the bed & would "absolutely" call my cell phone.

May 16th, 2008 12:25PM. I was at lunch with some co-workers & I thought, "I'll call the house just in case". I called & wouldn't you know, there was a message from the Bob's guys saying that they'd be at my house by 1PM. I left the restaurant early & got to my house at 12:58 and waited. And waited. And waited. At 1:30 I called customer service about the delivery time because for some reason the on-line customer tracking didn't work. The lady said they they had two more deliveries before mine & should be there soon. I waited until 1:45PM & I had to get back to work.

I left a post-it on my door saying that I waited until that time & to call my cell. I was half-way back when someone called from Bob's saying that they were at my house waiting for me. I asked why they were so late, "deliveries, you know?" No apology. But that's OK. I called my boss as I headed back to the house. I was pulling up then they were unloading. My new, $1400.00 mattresses were on the ground. I thought since they were in plastic, I'd be OK, right?

They brought them in & were struck dumb as they say the still un-retrieved queensize bed that they were supposed to pick up. So they left my new mattresses outside (did I mention it was starting to rain?) & brought the old mattress into the truck. They put the king size on the floor & I inquired about something, "Where's the frame?" So they called the depot & I heard over the Nextel that it was still on back order & then it was that I never ordered one with the bed. That part is true. I looked at the invoice & there was no frame there. However, one wasn't offered either. So my new bed is on the floor. Later that afternoon my wife calls, "This mattress is filthy!"

Indeed, there was wet grass stains & leaves & mud on the ends of the mattress, "probably from where they dropped it in the yard" I said. I was so elated to finally have the new bed I didn't even think to look at the mattress. But there were holes torn into the plastic letting them get in that condition. My wife called customer service about this & they basically did the same thing with me. Didn't listen, didn't really seem interested in helping, "we can get another mattress our there on Tuesday but there will be a delivery charge." My wife felt that unacceptable & felt that we shouldn't be responsible for a delivery charge for an abused item.

They told her that "they'd look into it & they'd call back". They did, a couple of hours later but all they did was move the delivery to Monday, but they'd only bring the delivery down to 50%. I personally don't think we should be responsible for the mis-handling of their delivery people. I also felt that their delivery persons weren't professional. One spent most of his time on his cell phone arguing with someone & quite frankly didn't fill me with confidence in my purchase.

The customer service people were an entirely different story. They were more interested in getting off the phone than actually helping us. They wouldn't listen & had the habit of talking over my wife. At one point told her to "calm down" when she started getting angry. In the future, I think I'll spend the extra money on a company who actually appreciates their customers. I myself work in the services field & I'd be looking for a new job if something like this happened. We'll never shop Bob's ever again.

Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Great initial service. Sales person knowledgeable and helpful and showroom spectacular!!! Unfortunately service downhill after purchase of merchandise. Upon delivery bed rails were mismatched and foot board lacquer peeling. Called and solution was for me to pay for the WRONG bed rails to be delivered back to them and in turn they send me the correct ones. Told it would take 5 days for redelivery. 5th day came, no delivery. Told they forgot to put them on the truck and that they changed my delivery date for that Friday. Asked why no one called customer service, had no response. Claimed I could get compensation for my disservice after I received my bed rails. Great. :)

When merchandise received called for compensation. Told they would give me a $50, yes $50 gift card to their store! Why would I want a gift card to a store that I just had poor service with?! Customer service agent had no answer. Agent was confused about their financing bank and how I would be credited my money. Unable to give me any confirmation that the $50 would be taken off of my account in lieu of sending me a gift card. I will NEVER buy anything from Bob's again. How is a $50 gift card compensating someone who spent almost $4000 in your establishment?! Ridiculous.

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