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Worst customer service in furniture delivery
Posted by Rpotti on 09/01/2006
NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I had the misfortune of buying a dining table set from Bob's Discount furniture. They are very cordial and friendly, till i buy their product. After that they don't care.
I picked the dining table set from their warehouse at Nashua. When i reach home, i see that two of the chairs do not have the screws for assembly. I called them up, and then they said they don't directly deal with spare parts and they can call the furniture maker (Steve Silver) to get me the spare parts. And that will take 30-45 days. I asked if they can take it back and get me another pair of chairs. Then they say, that is the only thing they can do. Ok, i said i will wait. I asked for the status a few times in between, but the parts do not arrive even after 45 days. Now, three months have passed, still they say, will check on it. Every week, i call them and wait on the phone for 30 minutes at least. Then they say, they will call me back, and always fail to call back or give me any response.
I don't know what to do now!! I have never had such a bad experience in the last 10 years. Sure Bob's is cheap, but if i get only unusable furniture, i will rather not buy. Next time, i will use other dealers only - Slightly higher price from Furniture world or Jordan's furniture is always worth it, when i know they never fail to satisfy their consumer.
Could anyone tell me how to deal with this Bobs furniture, any consumer protection agency that will help me??

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-02:
Bob's Discount Furniture seems to be one of those places that proves the old saying 'when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys'.
Posted by Noneill on 2006-09-04:
You waited over 45 days for screws?
Posted by Autumn06 on 2006-10-03:
Bob's Furniture should give out free coupons for 800-GOT JUNK because that is eventually where your furniture will end up going to or your local dump and then probably back to Bob's for resale. Cheap prices (not as cheap as you think)means very cheap quality.
Posted by Fallenangelwing on 2007-02-22:
We had a similar experience with the West Springfield, MA store. We bought a dining room set for about 1100.00 when you add the added protection we purchased. After a year the legs on the chairs were either breaking in the crossbars at the bottom, or the screws were popping out. One chair actually resulted in an injury to one of my family members! We called to initiate a claim to get the chairs fixed and they set up an appt. to have the guy come out for evaluation. It literally took him 5 months, and 4 appointments cancelled on their part to get him here. After that, it was another 4 months of waiting for them to process the claim. After almost a year of waiting for them to deal with our claim, they told us that the policy was due to expire and they could just pay us the depreciated value of the chairs to either fix them ourselves, or buy a couple of new ones. Apparently Bobs stopped carrying that particular style chair and were not willing to compensate us for this.

We bought a bed from them in the meantime and I'm now dealing with the springs sagging quite a bit from use long before I would have expected it to sag...and from what I've read about the delivery people, we had a similar problem with the set up, and using our home phone. It is to ensure that their drivers aren't stealing the stuff and they track the phone number of the location of the delivery. I asked the guy dropping it off. My daughter's bed had a small rip in the boxspring and they got us a new one within 3 days, and that was pretty good, all in all. I'm just dreading our bed problem... wish me luck!
Posted by Maggi72 on 2007-03-19:
Had an experience this past month. Ordered Dining room table, chairs, buffet, coffe table. First delivery date, no one comes. Second delivery date, no buffet bottom piece and one broken chair, can't reorder because furniture was discontinued. I'm told "Bob is not in the position to take these types of calls" from Tiffany Lang, Corporate Consumer Relation liason. Bob's gets an F for customer service and I think KenPopcorn hit the nail on the head.
Posted by rdnzl on 2007-12-10:
Most Steve Silver chairs use 1/4" X 20 bolts. The bolts require lock washers (also called "spring washers") and flat washers. Yu need to know which bolts you are missing. Have you tried contacting Steve Silver company in Texas? 800.344.PART (7278). A simple search of the web turned up this info.
Posted by Worst delivery ever on 2012-05-05:
I had the same bedroom set delivered 3 times and each time the inexperienced deliverers damaged the set as I watched. FINALLY BOB's came and got the damaged furniture after I threatened to leave it curbside for the taking. Extremely poor customer service during this entire process.
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VERY Satisfied With Bob's Discount Furniture
Posted by Merlosally on 02/26/2013
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- Frankly, I can't believe that I'm reading such horrible reviews about this organization and the furniture and the quality of their customer service and delivery.

On two occasions, I have bought furniture and mattresses from their stores. In the first instance, I purchased a bedroom set for my daughter and a mattress and a box spring. The saleswoman was very helpful, worked to set a suitable delivery date, the salespeople in the store did not pounce all over us the minute we walked in. The set came in exactly at the day and time promised, the delivery people set up the bedroom quickly and were also very courteous. We've had the set for two years now, no problems either with the furniture itself, or the mattress or box spring.

My second purchase was made online, the Branson Pub dining room set. Seconds after I placed the order online, I received a phone call from a customer representative who carefully and (again) courteously walked me through delivery date, time, etc. He also immediately e mailed me a confirmation of my order. Again, the set was delivered day and time promised, delivery people were also courteous and efficient in setting up the set. No problems with dining room set, have had it for three months now.

Would I deal with Bob's again, should the need to buy furniture arise in the future. Yes, I would, and I would recommend Bob's to anyone in light of my positive experiences.
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Posted by onlooker on 2013-02-26:
This is good to read. So what is wrong with the other orders that they can not be done well?
Posted by Buddy01 on 2013-02-26:
Over the years I have made many purchases from Bob's and have always been satisfied.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-26:
I'm glad you had no trouble, but it troubles me when I see so many complaints from what appear to be legitimate and independent sources.

On the internet (fastening my seatbelt and glancing at the sideview) you have to look at anything you read with care. Does it sound true? Logical? Could it be placed there to mislead readers?

I take the approach that I should read a representative portion of whatever is available, and then try to reach my own conclusion - I consult the little man inside.
Posted by Bob Cares on 2013-02-27:
Thank you for your recommendation. We really appreciate it. Customer experience is important to us. Yesterday, we delivered to over 3000 homes. We try very hard to provide all of our customers the same quality of service that you have had. Sometimes we fail but when we do, our goal is to resolve the problem quickly. We recognize that the tendency to review when dissatisfied with a product or company is much more compelling than when satisfied. However, reviews are highly regarded and provide our team with feedback to improve operations. We have a fully staffed Customer Service team ready to take care of you at 1-800-569-1284 or bobcares@mybobs.com.
Posted by Delma Badillo Santan on 2013-03-10:
I also want to say, that I am also very happy with Bobs furniture. I always purchased from them and never had a problem. I truly recommend shopping at Bobs. The quality is great, the service is great. I am about to purchase all my home furniture from them soon. The one I have now are 10 yrs old and is from them.
Posted by greg2013 on 2013-03-20:
You need to wait a few years. I used to recommend Bob's as well but not any more. The goof proof I bought turned out to be a joke (one at my expense) and the quality of the furniture is poor. When you bought your furniture, did they tell you the goof proof covers the veneer and normal wear and tear parts? They did to me but guess what happens when you try and make a claim. I hope you have better luck than I did but I also hope you wait to recommend Bob's to your friends.
Posted by pvmouse on 2013-05-09:
My recliner loveseat broke after 14 months, the back flops like a bird and the other is starting. BOB said I was out of luck and goof proof doesn't cover it. the love seat cost me over $1000 with cost delivery and goof proof (which the sales people get 20 % commission that is why they lie about to get you to buy it). I am glad you had a good experience, you are the few and far between. I only have the loveseat so now my son and I have nothing to sit on and can't afford to buy another one.
Posted by matzo419 on 2013-06-18:
I too am another customer that has bought Bob's furniture and was extremely dissatisfied. I have another review on here but to summarize, I ordered a living room set, the tables were delivered damaged, and I they promised me replacements. I called them right away and they told me that I would have a complete replacement in two weeks. I called them the next day to schedule delivery and another customer service rep told me that I couldn't get them until a bob's tech came out. There were sharp screws coming out of one end table and the coffee table was all dented. I waited three months of them scheduling delivery dates and then telling me they were sold out after the delivery date was set. I had four different dates scheduled. Two times they called me to cancel, and the other two times I called them to confirm the date, and they cancelled order while on the phone with me. After three months, I told them that I either wanted new tables or a refund. They let me pick out a different set, and delivered them three weeks later.

The salesmen pushed and pushed that goof proof, and guess what my 18 month old couch is falling apart. The cushions are flat and have springs sticking out. The arm is broken and if you touch it you can hear breaking wood. Now I was told their precious goof proof covered all this, but everything has been denied. There was no abuse to the sofa, and the technician that came told me that there is a problem with these couches and he goes on many calls for the same issues that I complained about. Now I am out the goof proof money, and a sofa. And Bob's response was essentially too bad so sad, everything has a one year warranty, and nothing else.

My story mirrors numerous stories that I have read online. If we are all being sold the same bill of goods on goof proof, and most of people who have bought furniture are dissatisfied about how their furniture fairs after 1 year of use, it says something about Bob's and not about the people telling their horror experiences. Just my three cents.
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Peeling Leather Sofa Bed and Loveset.
Posted by Alicjaszczepanik on 12/28/2012
AVON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a black, leather sofa and loveseat from Bob's Discount Furniture store in Avon, MA. After 2 years this leather starts crumbling and peeling. I did not buy a protection plan, good because they don't cover this under their plan. I called them and they told me that the manufacture company is giving only one year warranty.

I feel ripped off. I spent 1200 dollars and after 2 years I have a piece of garbage in my living room.

Don't let those cheesy commercials fool you! There is no quality and is very bad. A week later, I bought a black leather chair from Cardi's and after 2 years looks like brand new. I think it is time for The Boston Attorney to take a closer look at Bob's practice. I found that they sell "peeling" sofas in 2010, 11,and 12. It is time to finish this nightmare. Why they are still in business?

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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-28:
With respect, why would you believe they wouldn't cover this problem under their warranty?
Posted by Alain on 2012-12-28:
You can notify the Massachusetts consumer protection agency about this via http://www.mass.gov/portal/home-family/consumer-protection
Posted by Obsfucation on 2012-12-28:
They are still in business because people keep falling for the cheesy ads, without doing any kind of research first. The fact of the matter is that Bob's is the northeast's version of Ashley Furniture: they sell cheap, poor quality junk furniture, and they want no part of you after the sale.
Posted by Susan on 2012-12-28:
The fact that they don't cover cracking and peeling leather under their protection plan should be a tip off that this is a known problem they don't want to deal with.
Posted by Coralie on 2013-01-22:
We are having the same problem. Leather is peeling off chairs, which we rarely sit in, and looks like plastic underneath. When I FINALLY got a customer service rep on the phone he apologized but said there was nothing they could do and that this is what happens to leather over time...My brother has had leather chairs from another store for over 10 years and look great...Leather is supposed to age gracefully not peel!
Done with Bob's....
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Customer Service Is as Cheap as Their Furniture
Posted by Mybopani on 12/23/2012
I purchased a couch two years ago and at that time purchased their scam named "Goof Proof Protection Plan".

The first couch they delivered was defective so they had to deliver me another one which took a week. After two years the mechanism to recline the couch broke. I called customer service and had to wait four days before they could send someone to fix it. I explained to the C/S agent exactly what was wrong with it. The man who came into my home took photos of my couch, which took four minutes, then spoke on his cell phone on a personal call for the next ten minutes. He then told me that he had to order the part and it would take 4-6 WEEKS. He asked to use my phone and called Bob's Customer Service Department and handed me the phone and ran out of my house as if it were on fire! Never did he explain procedure or what my options were. C/S told me that the part is not covered under Goof Proof and that someone will call me within 24 hours to give me a price and take payment.

I called the insurance company from Goof Proof and was told I did not have a Goof Proof Plan on the current couch and that Bob's never changed the paperwork from the original defective couch. But, I still have a Goof Proof Plan on the defective couch which I have never used.

I now have to pay $32 for a part for the couch and it will be six weeks before I get it. When asked if I can rush this in any way, I was told "it is what it is. We do not stock parts. We need to get them from the manufacturer." In my opinion, their customer service is as cheap as their furniture. Shop elsewhere.

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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-23:
Frustrating to say the least. I'd go directly back to the store and see if I could get confirmation as to whether you had the coverage on that unit. Once they confirm you do, have them give you the information in writing and then call the insurance provider directly.

Extended warranties can be extremely helpful in many cases, but this is one reason I detest third party coverage.

Best of luck.
Posted by Bob Cares on 2013-01-25:
I'd be glad to assist. Please email your contact info to BobCares@MyBobs.com and we'll be in touch. Thanks, Eric
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The Good and The Bad
Posted by CB123 on 06/30/2009
I am planning on buying a bed form Bob's Discount Furniture Store, so I have been reading reviews online, and came across this website, where I have read many negative reviews about the store. Now, since I have purchased furniture there before, I would like to share my point of view.
Two years ago I got a set of bedroom furniture from Bob's, which consisted of a dresser&mirror, a chest, a nightstnad, and a armoire, for just under 1000 $. Now this was for a 14 year olds room, so top-quality furniture was not a priority, since she'd be moving out in a couple of years anyway. The furniture got delivered fine, and I had no problem with the workers. The furniture has lasted so far, and looks very nice.
So basically what I wan to get across is that Bob's does have good, affordable furniture, but it is obviously not going to be the best around. If it is all you can afford though, than you will be getting your moneys worth. Do not expect to be getting top of the line merchandise, unless you shell out for it, and take your buisness to a more expensive store. You are always going to have light glitches with what you buy, like one of the doors on the furniture does not open very smoothly, but in general it is good furniture for teens, kids, young couple, people who are not rolling it cash.

By the Way this was the Bob's on Route 46 in New Jersey

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Posted by JDSmith on 2009-06-30:
I have to agree. I recently bought a house. As most of my funds were going to the house, I had to be somewhat frugal on my furniture needs.

Bob's offers a nice selection, at reasonable prices. The sales people can be a bit annoying (they follow you around the store), but you can also place your order on line.

For me, the furniture I purchased at Bob's is meant to last a few years, not forever. That being said I don't have any issue with the quality of any of the items I purchased.

I was also happy with the delivery service provided, though there is a charge. I was able to have all the items delivered in 3 days, on a Saturday.
Posted by defectivemattress on 2009-07-20:
After my experience of three defective mattress sets in 7 years, i will never buy from bob's again. be warned.
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Poor Service And Warranty
Posted by Rosemaryrobinson on 05/17/2007
STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- We purchased an entire bedroom set and a tall dining room table with 8 bar stool style chairs. I have a complaint about the product and the company.

We purchased the goof proof for the dining room table and chairs but not for the bedroom. However, when we got the bedroom set, we found that the armoir leg was broken, then the drawers on the man's dresser broke and then finally, the bed frame broke. (all within 3 months of getting the set) I called each and every time trying to get a repair or replacement for these items. It took almost a year to get a full replacement of the set. But alas, the new armoir leg broke! It's starting all over again! I'm sick of it. When you call the customer service, you get the run around. Bob's big commercial stating that we the consumer could call him, when we had a problem, unlike the big named stores, that's a CROCK! You can't get past the customer service and they are awful to deal with.

Now, the table set - which we bought the goof proof warranty for. When it was assembled, the guys didn't even take the cushions off of the chairs to remove the plastic! (which I didn't notice because they were pushed under the table. (I know stupid on my part, but come on!) I had to do it. I also, didn't get the tabs that held the glass, however, the driver knew of a place to get them and referred me. The chair got a stain(of course, it's white cloth!) I immediately called Bobs and got intouch with the goof proof place.. They sent out a long form, which we filled out and returned. We never got another follow up. I called NUMEROUS times, they wouldn't accept a fax of the forms, so I had to copy and send them out again! Still no response. NOW, the holiday goes by - I had a red table cloth on the table, a glass of water spilled and the red dye ran into the table and stained the top of the table.. do you think I could get a response?! NOPE!

They are thieves! They take your money and don't guarantee the "goof proof" policy. They just keep saying that they never got a call or recieved the forms back. So.. what am I to do? Bob's commercials now say to ask your friends and neighbors - I say - STAY AWAY FROM BOBS! They are quite the rip offs!
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Posted by dfields on 2007-05-17:
i think the name of the company says it all!
Posted by rosemaryrobinson@comcast.net on 2007-05-18:
Well for furniture yep.. we got an absolutely beautiful 8'x4' mirror and an equally nice iron and slate sofa table there that is great. But anything WOOD - DON"T BUY IT. And if you do.. don't spend the money on the Goof Proof. We bought everything else from Bernie & Phyls and have been EXTREMELY pleased! We furnished the majority of our house with them.
Posted by jryan22 on 2008-01-28:
Dont take this the wrong way but Im glad to hear you got screwed over too! It sounds like we bought the same table only we had three delivered before we gave up and just told them to take it back. The last one actually had an insect glazed over in the finish! So much for "the same quality as the other guys!" BOBS FURNITURE??? BUSTED!!!
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Bad Customer Service and Also Damaged Furniture and Cheap Fake Wood
Posted by Kanderonx2 on 10/16/2012
SAUGUS, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a bedroom set and living room set from Bob's. I received damaged couches and pieces missing from bedroom set. Mattress doesn't fit right on the bed. I told the delivery guys about the ripped couches on both love seat and couch, they were high on drugs(I have a family member that is addicted and know when I see someone is not okay) and were really not professional. They delivered again damaged couches and these men were throwing pillows around the living room and when removing the couch didn't even care I was right behind them knowing I was there and didn't ask me to be careful and I was so upset about this. They hit the wall and didn't care at all what happened to the furniture. It was the worst experience!! Bobs needs to be aware who he has working for him and do a little more homework on the kind of people he has representing his company! Never again and I will let everyone I know its not worth saving a few bucks at all!!!!
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Looking To Purchase Dining Room Set
Posted by LAHARK on 10/08/2012
SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY -- I have never been to a Bob's discount store until this past Saturday, I am looking for a dinning room set and seen a few that are truly nice looking and exactly the size I am looking for, the sales people truly nice, the showroom also very nice and yes the prices seem truly reasonable but after reviewing so many reviews from customers who have purchased from Bob's discount it seems that the bad surely out weighs the good, I can not imagine purchasing a complete dining room set and then not receiving it when I need it or have it defected within a short period of time and without any help from Bob's discount centers or there goof proof extended warranty, thank you all for writing your reviews, it has truly made up my mind not to purchase from Bob's now or ever and I will also let people know when the subject comes up about purchasing furniture.


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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-08:
Next on your agenda should be reviewing the Ashley Furniture reviews.
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Awful, Awful, Awful
Posted by Cally533 on 09/29/2010
My wife and I went to Bob's looking for a sectional for our living room. We happened upon the Venus sectional, and it seemed to fit the bill. The sofa in the store was comfortable enough and the price was right, so we bought it. What a mistake that was. We ordered the couch in the "Herbal" (green) color, and when it was delivered we got 2 pieces that were one green, and 2 pieces that were another. As soon as the delivery men unwrapped the couch they looked at each other and said, "wow, these definitely don't match." However, they assured us that it was simply an issue with how the couch was dyed, and that they'd never seen this happen. Rest assured, they said, the couch only comes in one color green, so they'd have someone bring us replacement pieces that would match. So, we scheduled another delivery (and took another day off from work) to replace the mis-colored pieces. When that delivery took place, they brought the same, incorrect color. On to the third delivery, and we got one piece to match, and the other still didn't. By the fourth delivery (and fourth day off from work), they finally got all four pieces of our couch to match.

However, the nightmare didn't end there. It's now been only 8 months since we got the couch, and it is honestly the worst quality piece of furniture I have ever sat on. The cushions are now so compressed that when you sit down you can feel the wood frame underneath. The "fabric" cushions actually make squeaking noises when you sit down on them. My wife and I now actually sit on the floor in front of the couch to watch TV since it's far more comfortable than sitting ON the couch.

Whatever you do, stay away from Bob's and their furniture. There's a reason that they advertise their low prices.....you most certainly get what you pay for.
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2010-09-29:
This isn't the first complaint about this company. Stay away from Bob's Discount Furniture and Ashley Furniture. You're probably better off going to your local mom & pop furniture store (if any still exist). You might pay more money but you will probably happier with the furniture and be able to problems resolved without so much hassle.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-29:
Ashley is a lost cause, but Bob's usually gets mixed reviews. This is obviously one of the bad ones. I see their ads all the time on television and wonder what the furniture is like for those prices. I do believe you get what you pay for, but nothing should last less than a year.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-09-29:
My only comment is that if you buy anything from "xxx DISCOUNT xxx" store you are getting what you pay for. Never believe a company is in business to offer you a quality item at a low cost if they can sell it for a quality price. The term Discount implies lower quality.
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Horrible Delivery Service
Posted by Pissed off on 09/23/2010
FLUSHING, NEW YORK -- I purchased 3 rooms of furniture from Bob's discount furniture. The sales person was nice and patient. I was told all of my furniture would be available for my set delivery date which was early September. When the day came for delivery, the delivery men complained about the fact that they would have to go up some stairs and stated that they never do deliveries with stairs. I called the customer service right way and was told that this was not the case. Furthermore when they began to open the packages of furniture there was significant damage to the products as well as part of my order was missing. It was one thing after another. I refused the whole order and rescheduled a redelivery for the following week.

The next week comes..... This time the guys were nice, but still 2 items not loaded for delivery again. I was not told it was on back order. How long am I suppose to go without a bed already? And my queen sleeper sofa not available either. So again I had to schedule another redelivery for these items.

The third delivery was a complete mess. The delivery team came. Both rude and extremely nasty. When I told them they had to go around the back, they didn't like that, but it was not going to fit around the front. So hen they get to the back both start complaining in Spanish that there was too much furniture and that it would be too much trouble before they even began to bring the sofa through the door. I moved furniture out of the was just to give them room so the could bring the sofa in. Then as they attempted to bring the sofa in that bent my screen on my storm door. When I told them to stop and call there supervisor immediately, that really pissed them off. They then put the sofa on the dirt, the protective cover ripped and hanging halfway off. I told them I didn't want it any longer since it was dirty and bugs were starting to crawl on it. And then they walked back to their truck, so I called Bob's customer service to complain. On top of it all they drove away with my bed rails and never put my bed together. They complained that I was rude. The only thing I did was complain that they were damaging my property. I guess that was the wrong move. Now I have a fourth delivery attempt scheduled. How many times do they need to get this right. I have had enough already. Bob's delivery guys are rude, lazy, and destructive! If they don't get it right this time I am going to take them to small claims court for damages and breach of contract. I wish I would have read the reviews for Bob's beforehand. If I had I would have never done business with them. Too many people complain about their customer service, delivery service, and the fact that they don't honor their goof proof insurance, which I purchased, I guess I will find out about that later.
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Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2010-09-23:
I have heard by more than one person that Bob's Discount Furniture delivery sucks!
Posted by momsey on 2010-09-23:
Great review. Thanks. We shopped at Bob's once, and we were so put off by the aggressive salesmen that we don't really want to go back and make a purchase.
Posted by pissed off @ bob's on 2010-09-28:
as an update bob's was suppose to bring the rest of my furniture today. they did not come, but did they tell me? no, i had to call to find out. they had no intentions of telling me that my furniture would not be delivered. and they changed the date without telling me, like i would know that they are rescheduling my furniture. bob's is garbage. don't buy from them, you will be left angry and feel spent after giving them numerous chances to get it right. they are horrible. not to mention the customer service rep named kristin said that they changed my date and then when i asked why she wouldn't tell me that my furniture was damaged, her supervisor told me that the reason they didn't deliver was due to damage. so when was i going to be informed? i am tired of giving them chances, going to file a complaint with whatever state agency i can. someone needs to do something about bob's crapcount furniture.
Posted by pissed off @ bob's on 2010-10-08:
as an update, bob's still sucks. they came the following saturday to deliver my sofa and bed rails again. and agin the items were damaged. so again i refused.... @ this point i was spent. i refused the furniture before it even came into my home. and demanded a refund from customer service and had to schedule for them to come pick up the rest of the bedroom furniture. there was no way that i would keep a set without the matching bed. and returned the loveseat too. i have had enough! they had the audacity to try an give me a store credit as if i would want to waste more time and money with bob's. i gave them 5 tries to get it right. i should have cancelled my order after the first time when all of the furniture arrived damaged and parts were missing. these people should be put out f business. don't buy from bob's you will regret it.
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