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Looking To Purchase Dining Room Set
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SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY -- I have never been to a Bob's discount store until this past Saturday, I am looking for a dinning room set and seen a few that are truly nice looking and exactly the size I am looking for, the sales people truly nice, the showroom also very nice and yes the prices seem truly reasonable but after reviewing so many reviews from customers who have purchased from Bob's discount it seems that the bad surely out weighs the good, I can not imagine purchasing a complete dining room set and then not receiving it when I need it or have it defected within a short period of time and without any help from Bob's discount centers or there goof proof extended warranty, thank you all for writing your reviews, it has truly made up my mind not to purchase from Bob's now or ever and I will also let people know when the subject comes up about purchasing furniture.


The Only Proof Is Bob's Goof !
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YONKERS, NEW YORK -- Bob should buy goof proof for his customer service and see how he likes it. Purchased a rocker recliner in 2009 for $573 total including a 5 year goof proof. Called Bob's in 2012 for service. The padding appears to have disintegrated...poof! The mechanism squeaks badly when you rock in it and the stitching separated on the right arm. Bob's non-customer service people told me over the phone they would send a service person to try to fluff it back to life and fix the other things as well.

1st appt came and went with a days pay because I had to stay home and wait for him. no show for 2nd appt and the 3rd appointment he showed up. He was way outside the time parameters. He came in took a picture of the chair and literally in 20 secs he said "I can't do anything for this chair". He even suggested I could fix this myself. He showed me a stapled flap on the back of the chair and said you can c-u-t this and re stuff it.

I gave him the craziest look and said" why would I cut/destroy my own furniture?". Then he used my phone to provide proof he was at my location. He handed the phone to me and said "they want to ask you some questions about the service". All I heard was a dial tone. He said "oh, they will probably call you back". Then he booked out the door.

Then they told me to call the goof proof # but don't tell them the damage happened a long time ago....tell them it is recent damage. I do customer service at my job so I can honestly say I don't know who to hold responsible since no one is stepping up. It appears to be an internal structure failure from the top down. That many things can't go wrong without management knowing about it. Don't they audit themselves or are they waiting for the class action settlement to kick in. I have no choice but to tell everyone I know to stay away from Bob's until they get their act together. The proof of goof is obvious with Bob's.

Goof Proof
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTHINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- I called Bobs for the second time because my mattress is sinking, they came over today and said the mattress is bad but it has a juice stain on it and they can't take it back even though it is under warranty, I have to clean it first professionally, didn't have the goof proof but I had a 20 year warranty and if they are going to throw it away why does a stain matter? Once the stain is gone they will replace it. They were supposed to call me in 2 hours after the guy came and they never did. Handle fell off my dresser and they were supposed to send another one, that was 5 years ago, I am still waiting.

Never Buy Furniture From This Gimmick Business
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Rating: 1/51

CARLE PLACE, NEW YORK -- This company needs to get the basis of customer service before they expect to be profitable or even go Mainstream. I purchase a whole house package from these "jokesters" and been having nothing but run around and issues since it was delivered. I received my delivery on 10/10/2011 and items were broken and re-fixed, reclining mechanism is damaged so it grinds when you attempt to recline, and bedroom set the finish is basically an espresso colored sticker that goes on the front and sides of the units. Trust me with Bobs you get what you pay for and 90% of Bobs products is shipped from CHINA and you all know the love and quality the Chinese put into there products.

Customer service gives the run around and they blame customers for issues that customer can't cause like bending a reclining mechanism. I do not play on my furniture or have parties or reckless individuals in my home and to be blamed for faulty and cheap parts was the last straw that made me want to submit a review. There's so much more that I want to say but I don't really think that anyone will follow-up with me. Just know this consumers "Do Not BUY BOBS FURNITURE" and "DO NOT BUY GOOF PROOF".

The company cannot even follow their own slogan "No tricks or Gimmicks just Pure value" Yeah Right...........They're the biggest tricksters in the Furniture business to date. They have a customer service line and a Guardsman Protection plan but you can purchase better made furniture from a Mom/Pop store right here in Brooklyn NY. They have all of the tools in play to seem like there a good company to buy from, Those tools are, A protection company that Big companies use like Raymour which is Guardsman, they have a customer service line and a website unlike the mom and pop stores, and also they have good-looking showrooms that is constantly being re arranged and updated to give a persona of "High Maintenance" and Sales reps, that wear suits, so you think that your dealing with professionals/or a professional business.

Once you ask anything on specs or dynamics Sales reps will grab a "Plaque" that has generic and basic info, only a few have some furniture knowledge and they came from accredited companies like Sleepy's, Raymour, and Thomasville. They're the Biggest Impostors and DO NOT BE FOOLED. I will never refer another person to purchase anything there ever again. Thank You BoBs Discount Furniture for exposing me to this new Epidemic that's going around and that's "Companies that Portray something that they are NOT, and Companies that focus on the psychology of Sales and not the products.... I'm on to you Guy's and I will expose you...........

Bob's is the Worst Furniture Distributor on the PLANET!
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NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Went to Bob's on March 10th to order some recliners. Was told that if I purchased the floor model color, I'd get them right away because they just needed to be shipped over from the warehouse & not actually made. I placed the order & made payment in full even though the so called "locked in" delivery date of April 7th wasn't so right away after all. Went to the Nashua store the next day to buy some tables to go with the chairs & was assured I could pick them up on Saturday the following week at the ditribution center in Nashua & there was no need to call to confirm. Took my rental truck over to pick up the tables. Stood there for over a half an hour & watched them load & unload two trucks with the wrong stuff. Also heard them call another customer & tell him to drive all the way back to return the chairs he took home because they belong to the other customer that was waiting there to pick them up. It took them 45 minutes to tell me the tables weren't there so I told them to just deliver them with the recliners free of charge on April 7th. I was told they couldn't do that & I'd have to go talk to a Manager at the Nashua store. Drove over to the store & spoke to a Manager who assured me that he would get the tables delivered at no additional cost as requested. Even received a confirmation call the same day. Next call comes in the Monday before expected delivery day & I'm told that the recliners won't be available until the end of the month & the tables aren't even scheduled for delivery. At this point, I have no choice but to cancel the order. A week later and another visit to the store after speaking to yet another useless Manager & I'm still waiting for my $2000 to be credited back to my charge card. No attempt toward customer satisfaction was made. I asked if I could send a bill for my time & rental truck expense loss & I was told no & "sorry about that, I guess we really screwed up!" Your time and aggravation is worth far more than the reduced price at Bob's. The unfortunate reality is, it's really BOOB'S Discount Furniture! I'd NEVER recommend them & suggest not wasting your valuable time attempting to do business with them.

$1000 Up in Smoke
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Rating: 1/51

BAYSIDE, NEW YORK -- 13 months into experience the experience the section I sit on (I am 180 lbs) lost its support and flattened out. Call for goof proof, not covered. This is a manufacturer problem. Complained section inspection agent agreed that the section was epdefective and said replace, Bobs said no but after a fight we got a nespw section. My wife's section, she is 96 lbs, is now giving out. 20 months old. My replacement is starting to sink. This is pure junk. There are no bargains and this is the living proof. Seating is also low and not comfortable. Do yourself a favor save for another year and buy real furniture.

Do Not Shop At Bob's Discount Furniture
By -

PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY -- I had the worst experience with Bob's Discount Furniturethat lasted almost 2 months.

I ordered furniture for my new apartment. Bob's only delivers to the area I moved to on Friday's so I rescheduled my move to accommodate their schedule. When the furniture was delivered 80% of it was received damaged and could not be delivered.

So they were replacing the furniture and would not accommodate me the consumer so again they would only deliver it on Friday which meant another day off of work. I requested a morning delivery well in advance and again they advised that they had to deliver in the afternoon which meant a family member had to be there to accept the delivery because I could not be out od work that afternoon. They also told me that they could not redeliver the lamp that needed to be replaced because it comes from a different location but the broken lamp was delivered with the original furniture so why all of a sudden they could not redeliver the lamp made no sense, but they offered to ship it ups, the lamp never showed up and I called and was told that they shipped the lamp back to themselves in error but could not resend until they confirmed that I did not receive it. they were also supposed to send a new bed but did not they sent a tech to check the damage so he could report whether or not the bed should be replaced. After 2 weeks of waiting for notification regarding the bed I called again and was told the bed would be replaced and again they would only deliver on Friday so more time off of work At that time they agreed to refund the delivery fee and advised it would take 7 to 10 days to receive. Guess what no check. In the meantime they came to deliver the new bed and quess what it was damaged. I refused delivery of the headboard and requested a partial refund. At this time still no refund on the delivery fee so I actually went to the Store in Paramus NJ and was told that there was a hold on the 1st check but couldn't tell me why. They assured me the 2 checks would be issued but again I would have to wait 7-10 days. the first check finally showed up 2 weeks later but no refund check. Called again and was told the check was mailed on March 27th and it wasn't.

Called the store again and only when I threatened to contact the BBB, the news and anyone else that would listen did I finally get action.

The moral of the story is that Bob's only care's about money and how they can do things without any incovenience to Bob's. WHen I asked for a corporate phone number I was given a number and when you call the person who answers states that there is no one to talk to but that she would connect to BOB - really Bob and his secretary would get back to me. I am sure you guessed no one ever called back.

I would never do business with Bob's again. I would rather live or sit on a cardboard box.

Rip Off Tire Company, Bad service and attitude
By -

I went to puchase 4 new Goodyear tires at Bob's Discount tires on March 8,2011. I was told they had 4 Goodyear Wrangler
tires & the price would be $414.00 on the rim balanced & out the door. When I arrived at the business, I was greeted by Gene, the
manager. He proceeded to show me that he had only 3 tires in stock & that if I wanted to purchase 3 right now he would have the
other ones delivered the next day. I did so & returned the next day. He had ordered the wrong tires & said it would be an
additional day. I went to the Goodyear store on Ulmerton Ave. in Largo, Florida where I purchased the same tire as 2 of them that
I bought from Bob's. The Goodyear store was cheaper than Bob's for this tire. While they were changing the one tire out, I noticed
Bob's put 2 of the same tires on one side of my vehicle & had put a different tire on the other side. I called Bob's and spoke to
Gene to let him know they mismatched my tires. He was not very happy on the phone(as if I put the wrong tire on the vehicle for
him). I then went Back to Bob's on Saturday March 12, 2011. I had with me the cheaper quote from the Goodyear store I purchased my
1 tire from and a quote from Walmart for the same 3 tires as Bob's installed for me, but at a cheaper price than Bob's. When I got
to Bob's it was lunch time, and Gene was eating up front at his desk. I told him That I had 2 quotes for cheaper than he sold me
the 3 wrong tires for and would not only like the one tire changed out but a refund of the difference per his ad in the flier on
his desk. It read, "we beat anyone prices by 10%. When Gene started screaming at me with food flying out of his mouth, I asked him
to calm down and work with me. I also suggested instead of refunding me the difference, to put the right tire on my vehicle and
put the wrong tire on my spare. He did not stop yelling for a few minutes. His customers outside and his employees could hear him
from the waiting room. Food still flying out at me and yelling. He commanded me to back my truck up so he could change my G*d*m
tire. Then I asked what he was going to do about the 2 cheaper quotes I had received? Then more yelling and food flying at me,
while one of his employees,(Mike) was standing next to him shaking his head. Throughout all of this I did not raise my voice and I
offered several solutions. I hope the owner of this company, Goodyaer corp. and all others I will share this story with realize I
did the best I could as a consumer. I am no tire expert, but when the wrong tires are installed and you have 2, not 1 cheaper
quotes, with several solutions for the problem? I don't know what else to do. In today's tight economy is this the service we
should expect or for that matter, in any economy should we except that kind of service?

Sincerely ticked off,
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

Awful, Awful, Awful
By -

My wife and I went to Bob's looking for a sectional for our living room. We happened upon the Venus sectional, and it seemed to fit the bill. The sofa in the store was comfortable enough and the price was right, so we bought it. What a mistake that was. We ordered the couch in the "Herbal" (green) color, and when it was delivered we got 2 pieces that were one green, and 2 pieces that were another. As soon as the delivery men unwrapped the couch they looked at each other and said, "wow, these definitely don't match." However, they assured us that it was simply an issue with how the couch was dyed, and that they'd never seen this happen. Rest assured, they said, the couch only comes in one color green, so they'd have someone bring us replacement pieces that would match. So, we scheduled another delivery (and took another day off from work) to replace the mis-colored pieces. When that delivery took place, they brought the same, incorrect color. On to the third delivery, and we got one piece to match, and the other still didn't. By the fourth delivery (and fourth day off from work), they finally got all four pieces of our couch to match.

However, the nightmare didn't end there. It's now been only 8 months since we got the couch, and it is honestly the worst quality piece of furniture I have ever sat on. The cushions are now so compressed that when you sit down you can feel the wood frame underneath. The "fabric" cushions actually make squeaking noises when you sit down on them. My wife and I now actually sit on the floor in front of the couch to watch TV since its far more comfortable than sitting ON the couch.

Whatever you do, stay away from Bob's and their furniture. There's a reason that they advertise their low most certainly get what you pay for.

If You got BED BUGS from Bob's Furniture Contact Me !!!!!
By -

MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT -- This Spring I purchased a bedroom set from Bob's Discount Furniture. After a week and a half later I noticed that my daughter and I were getting bitten by an insect. It never occurred to me that these bites were being caused by bed bug and that soon my apartment would be infested with them.

After 3 week of getting bitten and two visits to the pediatrician I was informed by my daughter's doctor that the bites were most likely due to bedbugs.

I then proceeded to visit a hardware store and purchased $ 50 worth of products. After using the products the bed bug problem was confirmed. I never had this problem before, a family member requested I do some online research on other customers who had the same problem after purchasing from Bob's. I then proceeded to do online research on bed bugs and on customers who had similar problems and I found the following same complaints;
http://calendar/. ( Review Dated May 16, 2008, Titled BOBS REVERE)
(09-29-2007, 12:12 PM By Jenna 45)

After my research I was stunned to know that my hard earned money went to such a cruel scam. I contacted Bob's and they informed me that the insurance I had purchased does not cover bedbugs. (Of course it does not, if it did, no one would purchase a thing from them)

After contacting Bob's Customer Service, the Better Business Bureau and Bob's cooperate office I received the following statement:
Bob's Cooperate Liaison Stated: Bed bugs are a nationwide problem that affects retailers, hotels, colleges, multiple dwelling units and many other public domains. Bob's Discount Furniture takes scheduled drastic measurements to ensure that our trucks, warehouses and merchandise are not infested with any type of bugs, rodents etc. and therefore, Bob's is unable to exchange or refund my money and they will not accept my claim.

This is Bull Sh-t, if this was true why so many others have similar stories. I have spent hundreds of dollars on an exterminator, extermination products, cleaners, laundry etc. I have had to get rid of my daughter's favorite toys, memorable belongings, furniture etc.
I'm emotionally drained, my daughter has developed migraine headaches and has been seen by a physician numerous of times due to this condition. It has been determined that the headaches are due to the products I am obligated to use in my apartment and on our daily clothing.

At this time I'm interested in joining with others customers who have had a similar experience. Please build the courage to voice your concerns and join together to do something about this. Let's get what is owed to us, please join me.

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