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Used Rolex
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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I did a lot of online research before deciding to buy from them. After looking at some Rolex watches on their website, my wife and I went to their store since its only 25 miles away. We called ahead and reserved 3 watches to look at, 2 datejust and 1 President.

We looked at the datejust first but after looking at the President, which looked like new and beautiful my wife wanted that one. We bought it and left. We stopped by a pawn shop to see how much they would give for it and to verify that it was real. The guy there was impressed with the condition, it's a 20 year old watch.

When we got home I shined my surefire on the dial face and noticed tiny white water spots. Not really noticeable with the naked eye. I'm a perfectionist and it bothered me a little. We went back to Bob's after emailing them, they told us to come in and the watchmaker would look at it. Larry looked at it and confirmed that it was old water spots but they would not get worse and there was nothing they could do because it was etched into the dial. Our only option was to return the watch.

My wife looked at another President but it was 5 years older and looked tired compared to the one we bought. We decided to just keep the original watch. Overall a good experience and when I am ready for a man's President, I will get it from Bob's.
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Dryer Lint on 02/09/2013:
As a watch collector I wouldn't rely on the word of a pawnshop to verify the authenticity of a Rolex. Given that Rolex is the most counterfeited product name in the world sophisticated fakes exist that baffle all but Rolex horologists and ardent collectors. An AD is about the only way to verify you've bought the real deal. I'd start with the serial numbers stamped inside the watch (strong light and magnifying glass) at the very least. I suspect a fake, why? The crystal of a genuine Rolex is near impossible to scratch, making water spots sound preposterous on the outside. If its on the inside that speaks of seal breach at sometime - scary to the movement. has a list of some decent resellers but really, who buys a used Rolex?
ok4now on 02/09/2013:
I knowingly bought a fake Rolex for $75 dollars. Unless you have a trained eye and know about the internal serial number you'll never know that it was fake. I have fun with my friends then tell them the truth, now they want one.
BigAl on 02/09/2013:
I had a Rolex that just sat in my drawer for several years so I thought about selling it. I contacted Bobs. They were professional in every way. They offered me a fair price and made the transaction quick and easy. In my opinion they are an honest company.
Nohandle on 02/09/2013:
I know enough about Rolex watches to make myself dangerous. There indeed is a serial number beneath the case and must be registered with your homeowner's policy under an endorsement. This is after a qualified jeweler has fully inspected the watch, provided the serial number and given a full description and appraisal value. A long time ago real vs fake could be spotted immediately by the movement of the second hand. Smooth vs a minute stop.

There is nothing wrong with buying second hand but I personally would only purchase a used Rolex watch until a qualified Rolex dealer verified it was indeed genuine.
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