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Racism (guess what in Indian restaurant that too with Indian:(
By -

DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- My experience to Bombay club with a bunch of my friends was horrifying. Such a respectable restaurant you demand some respect but hey you know what if you are Indian forget it???? Not by anyone else but by one of the Indian waiter there you will feel dejected. The food was good and was expensive but it's OK if you get good food and value of the money you spend... The Indian waiter was flying in air and never had the courtesy to even thanks us for coming... as if he did a favour to all of us by making us serve the food.

Bombay club being an Indian restaurant was it is supposed to respect every person who visit there no matter if the person is an Indian, American or African as it's in our culture, but guess what nothing like this happened to us... Bombay club to me appeared to be racist and will not serve you at all in the same way they will do to other....

No doubt the food was good but your waiter made our experience at Bombay club really hell and miserable... Being Indian he had no regards for Indian... How is this possible?????? I hope you will get time to speak to him about it at your end... as I am unable to take that behaviour till date as 3 days have passed but I am still not OK.

By the way he acted with us... I could see him smiling and interacting at the other table where Americans were seated but could even see a grin on his face when he used to come to us... On asking about the menu he was getting irritated and the service was late on our table we were not even served second round of water... This is not what you expect out of a restaurant like Bombay club....

When our check came he just banged the check book on the table and went off asking him, "Can we get some mouth freshener?" He turned his eyes and said, "Wait let me see if we have any???" What the hell behaviour was this???? Can you pls explain??? He came from inside with a small bowl of fennel and kept it on the table on walked off... I was zapped to see that????

When we were going out ** came and opened the door as I looked extremely upset and he said thank you to me and then I busted out as told him he was the first person to smile at them in the restaurant... So what Bill Clinton visited your restaurant you should have respect for people who are not Clinton but are normal human being and demand respects when goes out to dine. I faced very bad times there with my friends at Bombay Club and I'm really hurt by the behaviour shown there.

False advertising, refuse to accept return
By -

The description and picture of this item clearly states that the blocks have rattan, wood, metal and stone on each one, and look good in the picture. I received these in late September, but because I was painting the room I wanted to hang them in, I didn't open the box for several weeks. I was shocked to see they were merely painted, with no embellishments. I began sending emails to return these in November, and after four attempts, finally got a reply saying "Sorry, you can only return after 30 days." I think any reputable company would take back merchandise that has so clearly been falsely advertised and promoted. I wonder if anyone actually got the blocks that were described.

Too bad they're going out of business
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I encountered the most engaging sales associates at the Northeast Mall in Fort Worth. They were pleasant, helpful and downright fun. It's too bad Bombay is closing, but these three young women should have no trouble finding employment elsewhere.

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