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The Home Depot ignores their return policy
Posted by on
MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NEW JERSEY -- I bought a lighting "Hampton Bay" by speicial order on Monmouth Junction THE Home Depo store on feb 21, 2006.
I asked THE HOME DEPOT'S return policy to the store sales representative, he says I have to pay
15% restocking fee when I return the special order item. After like 1 week I got the stuff, but unfortunately it does not match with our dining sets, So I tried to return it.
THE HOME DEPOT does not accept it. They say it is custom order. I did not change anything, just I ordered it by catalog with THE HOME DEPOT'S sales rep. Now they say it is special order but the vendor does not return it that is why they can not return it. I bought it on THE HOME DEPOT not on the other company.
I explain detail about it to the manager twice but they did not do anything.
After then I contact THE HOME DEPOT CUSTOMER CARE CENTER, they say I need to contact again to the manager of the local store. So, I tried again but the result is same.

I am disappointed at Home DEPOT.

Every customer does not care the vendor's return policy but the store's it and I believe THE HOME DEPOT does not ignore thrir return policy.
Still, any THE HOME DEPOT store say customer can return any special order item with 15% deduct restocking fee.

A big company THE Home Depo is cheating a customer, is that right ?

Here is my purchasing detail....

Item : Hampton Bay lighting SKU 312809, The date : Feb 21, 2006
The store : South Brunswick on RT1 south
(ph 732-438-5980)
Catalog price is $399.00, I got 10% discount with initial card member, I paid $359.10
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Doc J on 05/24/2006:
If you have your special order ticket, look for something that talks about "special order return policy". Most places charge 10-15% as a restocking fee, unless the item is defective (covers shipping, handling, etc.). A few do not allow any returns of special ordered items. As you found out, these are good things to ask about before special ordering something. Good luck.
Doc J on 05/24/2006:
Aaarrrrggghhh. You already understand the policy. Keep calling the customer care center or the Home Depot headquarters. It sounds like the local store is not well managed.
Anonymous on 05/24/2006:
You were on the right track by asking about the return policy, but don't buy lamps or other nick nacks without looking at them. "I ordered it by catalog" you say, surely there must be a lamp and lighting store in your area.
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