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Receiving unwanted items
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COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Don't ever sign up for any Book Clubs on line. The club might say "Book of the Month" club but in reality it is books of the month. I signed up thinking the most they would send me would be one book per month but no, they send as many as they think that you can afford. They tell you that you can refuse a book offering and that once you have met the requirements you can bow out of the "club". This is not true. The web site does not have a place to refuse. I also had problems in logging on to my account. My e-mail address didn't match what they had on file. Strange considering they e-mailed me the offerings each month and I pulled up their site from that e-mail. I received books I didn't request and didn't choose and now am being billed for them. Oh, and "Doubleday" book club and "Book of the Month" are the same company. That is another trick that they pull. I will probably have to pay for these items I didn't request, have no interest in and will never read. Don't sign up for any book clubs. They are not what you think they are going to be.
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