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PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA -- We booked hotel and airline reservations including seating through the website on March 4, 2011. The flight arrangements called for us to have to connecting flights for our travel to Las Vegas and the return flight. We wanted to obtain VIP check-in and thus, the following week I called the hotel in Las Vegas. They informed me that the reservation had not been sent to them by This happened two additional times, and I finally reached a supervisor at the hotel, who contacted and found my reservation. This effort took over two hours combined time between and the hotel.

The day before the flight, when we went online to get our boarding passes, we discovered never requested any seat assignments from the airlines. At this point we checked with the airlines online and could not find two empty seats together. We called and only after many calls and finally reaching a supervisor, they informed us we could get two seats together for the first flight segment if we paid for an upgrade. We were assured that they would make a note in our reservation and we would be able to get seats together for the connecting flight and both return segments when we went to the airport.

We arrived at the airport at 5 am for a 7:30 flight in hopes of getting our seats together for all the remaining segments. We found we had to pay additional money for the connecting flight and they could not guarantee seats together for our return flight. We had to interrupt our vacation and call the airlines the day before our return, get a supervisor and pay for a third upgrade.

We attempted to resolve this matter with; however, they refused to accept responsibility and finally offered us to cover the cost of the upgrades and give us a $100 credit for another booking but only if we signed a statement not to tell anyone about our experience. tried to tell us various stories including that we could not have booked seats on their website, it was the airlines' fault and seats are not guaranteed. We feel strongly that everyone should know about our experience and that we have refused their offer and are posting our experience. NEVER use or if you do, beware for you will probably have problems. We have found similar stories on the internet and are sorry we did not take the time to make the search before we booked our vacation.

Agency from hell
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They charged me 3 times for my vacation package (took a trip in February 2009) and whether they fully refunded me or not is still pending and it's January 2010. They canceled my airplane tickets "by mistake" and had a hard time looking for new air tickets with similar low price so I was on the phone with them helping them look for airline tickets with them on my computer. Finally we found airplane tickets that had similar low price but then they booked me for the wrong time. I did the bookings over the phone with a live customer representative so I couldn't understand how many mistakes they were making. I repeated myself to make sure that they were getting my information right too...

After a whole week of being on the phone for a few hours at a time, the whole ordeal was over. They never once apologized, instead they snickered and laughed at me over the phone. They never once offered anything. I asked to speak with their manager/supervisor and they wouldn't let me speak with him/her!!!! What the hell?? I wanted to change agencies but I already wasted so much time and I would've had to pay more $ to get tickets. I also trusted that they would clear up the mistakes quickly but I was wrong. Don't use

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