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Customer Service Complaint
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Rating: 1/51

HOLIDAY, FLORIDA -- This man did not handle my complaint well at all. My girlfriend had gone in to pay for my monthly phone bill and he informed her that it was $50 and gave her a receipt. I wake up this morning to have my phone turned off. I had even got the text saying that my monthly bill had been paid. When I tried to make an outgoing call is when I noticed that the phone was no longer in service.

The BOOST MOBILE had a sign posted saying that it would be open at 10 but he wasn't there. I couldn't sit there because I had to go to work. I went back at 1:30. The OPEN sign was on and flashing but the door was locked. There was a return time of 1:30. But where was the representative? I went to convenient store next to the BOOST MOBILE because the representative routinely went back and forth between stores. The gentleman at the store called the representative and he said that he would be back in 20 minutes. Where is the professionalism?

And today of all days my phone had to shut off. My sister tried contacting me because she was having a health emergency. Lo and behold though she couldn't get a hold of me. When I asked the representative why he didn't inform my girlfriend that the bill wasn't completely paid he smirked and said it was because she was giving just $50 and that we should know our bill was $55. I just got BOOST MOBILE a month ago. This was my first bill that I had to go in and pay. I was not impressed one bit.

When I asked the representative for a BOOST MOBILE CUSTOMER COMPLAINT line he told me to look at the number on the receipt. It was the number to the store that I was having issues with. I asked him who his boss was and he said he was his own boss and that he owned the store. When I asked who he reported to at the end of the day and what not he said no one. How is that possible if BOOST MOBILE is a corporation?

He then told me that my bill was now paid and that the phone would be on in 10 minutes and that I was welcome to leave the store. When I continued to talk to him about my concerns he said that I had to leave now and that my issue were resolved.

This wasn't the first time that my girlfriend and I have had an issue with this same representative. When my girlfriend went in for her upgrade the same day I got my phone he upgraded the wrong phone... a phone that wasn't even on our plan and he somehow switched her line with a complete stranger. We didn't notice till we got home. Then we had to turn back and drive all the way back for his careless mistake. If he wasn't too busy playing music off of his phone and looking up different things then maybe he would have been able to handle the upgrade with no issues.

I don't imagine we are the only ones that have had issues with him. We have had two issues with him in a month and a half. WE are either unlucky or this representative doesn't know how to run this business and sure doesn't know how to talk to customers with respect and handle their problems. I would like to see this man removed from his position or to have this store closed. He is the only employee and he seems careless.

Boost And Sprint Sell Services They Know They Cannot Provide
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- On May 29, 2013, I purchased a smartphone ($130 plus tax) and an unlimited talk/text/data no-contract service plan ($55 per month) through the Boost Mobile store located in the 3700 block of Forest Lane, Dallas, Texas. The clerk activated the phone and initiated the service through a telephone conversation with a Boost Mobile office. The phone has NEVER provided access to the services for which I paid.

After spending approximately 4 hours online in an attempt to learn WHY I could not access the features for which I was paying, and phone calls to Boost in an attempt to resolve the problem, I FINALLY was advised by the technical department of Boost that I could not access the Internet (thus, could not avail myself of 98% of the features for which I purchased this phone and top-of-the-line "service" to be used with this phone) because the "tower" that services my locale was "down" AND HAD BEEN DOWN SINCE MAY 13 and that there was NO indication when or even IF service would be restored to my location.

CLEARLY Boost Mobile sold me not only a useless phone, but also a service plan THAT IT KNEW IT COULD NOT FULFILL. After additional telephone calls with Boost (during which every single "manager" or "service representative" REFUSED any kind of compensation, offset, or credit to my account despite its taking money in payment for a service that it KNEW it could not provide), I learned that the "tower" was supposed to be reactivated by June 21.

On June 21,I again attempted to use features of the smartphone, only to discover that the service STILL was not available. It now is June 27, and the service HAS NOT BEEN RESTORED AND NO ONE KNOWS IF/WHEN THE SERVICE WILL BE RESTORED. Yet I can tell you that Boost Mobile CONTINUES TO TAKE PAYMENT FOR THIS SERVICE.

I have no way of knowing how many consumers continued paying for service they did not/could not receive because boost, by its own admission, never advised the customers that a tower was "down" and never made arrangements to make restitution to the customers who paid for service boost knew it could not provide.

Today, not only did Boost refuse AGAIN to make any kind of restitution for having committed FRAUD in taking money for service it KNEW AT THE TIME OF SALE that it could not provide, but also the franchise owner of the Boost Mobile store from which I purchased the phone (and paid the $55 for unlimited talk/text/data service) REFUSED to reimburse me for the phone that has never performed the functions for which I bought it THROUGH THE FAULT OF BOOST MOBILE.

The clerk at the store (a) REFUSED to provide the name of the franchise owner/store manager; (b) REFUSED to give me HER name (this was NOT the person who initially sold me the phone); and (c) tried to tell me that I had acknowledged in writing that the store would not take back the phone, no matter what the reason, unless I returned it within 7 days. This is clearly ludicrous - there is a 30-day return policy in every store with which I conduct business, and I would never have signed an acknowledgement restricting me to a 7-day return policy!!!!!!!! Boost had me sign no such "agreement."

Boost Mobile has committed FRAUD. It sold a service to that it KNEW at the time of sale that it COULD NOT PROVIDE. Sprint is complicit in that upon my bringing the matter to Sprint's attention, Sprint ALSO refuses to refund money taken illegally, and continues to sell service IT KNOWS IT CANNOT PROVIDE.

This is fraud. Boost Mobile should lose its authority to transact business in the United Sates: this is ILLEGAL activity, it is FRAUD, and it is wholly contrary to American standards of business ethics. As we all know, a foreign corporation transacting business within the United States is subject to the laws of the United States. Intentional fraud is illegal activity in the United States. Sprint should be prosecuted for its continuing and abetting the fraudulent practices perpetrated by Boost.

Poor Customer Services - Broken Phone
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Rating: 1/51

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I have been a loyal customer of Boost Mobile for over 5 years. I purchased a new Boost phone on May 30, 2012. 3 weeks ago, my cell phone broke. I cannot make or receive any calls or text messages. For the last 3 weeks, I have been trying to get Boost Mobile to replace my phone. I have insurance on the phone, but they are refusing to help me. The reason is that I cannot remember the 4 digit pin I created more than 5 years ago.

Their solution is to text me the pin to my broken phone. My question to them, how can I receive and respond to a text when the phone is broken, and does not work. They tell me without the pin they cannot help me. They refuse let me provide any other info to verify who I am, I'm stuck with a broken phone, I paid for the services of using the phone, and insurance, and cannot utilize any of them. The customer service for Boost is rude, disrespectful. Not one of the many customer service reps, supervisors or managers are willing to assist a loyal customer.

Check your bank balance
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Rating: 1/51

BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN -- I have had an account with Boost for at least 10 years. I paid my unlimited plan online with my debit card most of the time. Granted it is my fault for not checking earlier, but there have been many times that I paid the bill and had it go through online, only to get a text saying the payment didn't go through, and I would either pay on my credit card or retry the debit card. This same thing happened the last two months in a row, the first I repaid, this month I checked my bank account balance. I found the money had been withdrawn. I then checked my account histories, both debit and credit, and found there were many double payments.

I called "customer care" and was on hold for over an hour before I gave up. I went to 3 of the Boost offices here, all of them had been closed down. I sent 3 emails on the Boost site explaining the problem, I haven't heard from them, that was over a week ago.

I am now a Metro PCS customer. The phone is a better quality and I can go into the Metro PCS store and get any issues I have taken care of. If you use Boost and you get the "payment denied" text, check your account and good luck.

Boost Mobile Customer Service Sucks!
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On Friday the 29th of May I ordered a phone off of I went with the additional ship since the fee was only an extra $5. Immediately after I received an email with an order number and it said once the item was shipped then I would receive the tracking information.

The afternoon of the next day I tried calling their customer support because I'd still never received the tracking number so I wanted to know if it was even shipped yet. I had to call back 8 separate times because when I am lucky to get an agent who understands enough English to not think the solution to my problem is to just over-talk me as much as possible or interrupt me at every point then they can't help me so I get transferred to telesales who has the same problem with the English language but they couldn't help me so they gave me the number to Nextel Brightpoint (their shipping service).

I tried calling that number in which I got a recording say "Our office is currently closed, our normal hours of operation are 8am to 8pm eastern standard time. Please call back during those hours." It was 1:30pm eastern standard time!!! Come to find out they aren't open on weekends which isn't a big deal if they'd just state that in their recording.

The following Monday when I called Brightpoint back. They finally were able to tell me that the phone I ordered was on backorder and they don't know when it should ship. It didn't state that anywhere on the website when I'd placed the order. I just cancelled the order and now wait to see how long it'll take them to refund my money.

The level of this company's customer service is ridiculous! If you are reading this and considering switching to Boost then save yourself the trouble and use another provider's plan because just about all other providers give you an unlimited plan with A LOT less hassle.

Boost Shut My Cell Three Days After Paying Early
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Rating: 1/51

IOWA, CALIFORNIA -- My cell phone always paid two days prior to my cell phone invoice date. Boost shut my cell down. I am relied on by an elderly mother, I am the emergency number for a few. I need a cell for my own medical issues. This company intentionally shut me off in hopes I wouldn't have my confirmation number. Bad Business, inferior service, no reception and they sell their cell phones high, service low, but it's not worth the stress of not getting important calls and then to be shut off when we paid! I want compensated immediately!

Attorney General needs to make them return moneys to all phone users for purchase of cell phones and inadequate service. This company is preying on customers to steal from them. Beware of Boost. My cell will now be a test for services including areas they advertise service and I will continue to log and report the abuse to customers. Thank you. When you pay for service and just get ripped off, that business needs to go away.

Be Careful With The Boost Mobile Customer Services (Calling Center) In Dominican Republic Because Selling Your Info
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Rating: 1/51

BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE BOOST MOBILE CUSTOMER SERVICE (Call Center) IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. To all those who have Boost Mobile, be very careful, because the customer service of Boost Mobile in the Dominican Republic, is using the information in your account of Boost Mobile cell phone (such as the phone numbers at of you call, whom you are sending message, who call you), for other purposes, receiving money from people in the Dominican Republic who want to have your information and the staff of Boost Mobile in the Dominican Republic by money holding this information and selling it.

Be very careful, because this is happening, it to a man from Dominican Republic, living in USA and has problems in Dominican Republic with a woman, and that woman looking and pay a employee of Boost Mobile Customer Service in the Dominican Republic for that would give all the information that man had on the phone and account of Boost Mobile.

The women use all this information to do harm time to the man and caused him a many problems. The women confessed that she was paid to an employee of Boost Mobile Customer Services in the Dominican Republic to get all the information that he had in the Boost Mobile cell phone and account.

Very Careful with the Boost Mobile Customer Services in Dominican Republic
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Rating: 1/51

ABOUT BOOST MOBILE CUSTOMER SERVICES IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: VERY CAREFUL. To all those who have Boost Mobile, be very careful, because the customer service of Boost Mobile in the Dominican Republic, is using the information in your account of phone Boost Mobile, (such as the phone numbers you call, to whom you are sending message, who call you), for other purposes, receiving money from people in the Dominican Republic who want to have information of you and the staff of Boost Mobile in the Dominican Republic by money holding this information and selling it.

Be very careful, because this is happening, it happened to a man of Dominican Republic that living in USA and have a problems in the Dominican Republic with a woman, and woman sought and paid money to an employee of Boost Mobile in the Dominican Republic to give all the information that the man had on the phone and account of Boost Mobile. This Women use all this information to do harm time and many problems to the man.

No Loaner Phones While Repairing My Warrantied Phone
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Rating: 1/51

Any time I've dealt with Boost, I've received bad customer service (that's putting in nicely)... But this takes the cake! I dropped my phone and cracked the screen. Paid the $110 deductible for Assurant (Boost's phone insurance) to replace my phone. Get the "new" (I'm sure poorly refurbished) phone, but from the moment I activated it, it had a major problem that interferes with and often prevents me from using the phone just about every time I use it.

Called the ins co about the issue, was told to call Samsung since it is still under warranty. SS is more than willing to fix it, but the only way they can is for me to send it in. Samsung doesn't (and shouldn't) offer to give a loaner phone while it's being fixed... AND neither does Boost. How is this my problem?!? The supervisor I spoke with told me that it was my fault and my problem for dropping my phone in the first place. Duh! But that's why you sell insurance to "valued" customers like me (idiot).

However, it is NOT my fault that they sent me a faulty phone for my $100. And now the responsibility falls to me to find some way of getting a phone for two weeks while Samsung fixes my phone! The supervisor's response to my complaint was that "We are a prepaid service, so we don't have loaner phones"... Interpretation: "We suck at taking care of our customers, but we were able to fool you into thinking you were not giving anything up by switching to Boost. Muahahaha!" The saying is true here... if it seems too good to be true, IT IS.

Can't Text
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Rating: 2/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- For some unknown reason you can't text as you please. It comes up message failed, then you try to resend but it fails again. As usual, Boost doesn't care because they don't have a customer line to call and the people at the payment centers don't know anything and don't care either, Boost sucks!

Three months ago, their excuse was that their tower was down and I was without a phone for a month. I had to walk a block away to make a call or get messages. They had no compensation for the month of lousy service and I don't know how I could have contacted them anyway because they don't care! Boost sucks. Boycott Boost Mobile. Pick any other provider maybe someone that cares about their customers .

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