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They Don't Care About You , Just Your Money
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Rating: 1/51

THORNTON, COLORADO -- For two years I had good service with Boost Mobile then days ago I couldn't send or receive calls or anything else. I walked a block away and I could dial out, so now if I want to use my phone I need to go for a long walk. While I am at home I can't receive my clients calls (emergency or otherwise).I tried to contact Boost Mobile to find out what's going on but their version of help is to give you more options on how you can pay them more money, to make an extra payment, or the latest phone they want to sell you.

It's all about them and they couldn't care less about you. They were OK for a while but when something goes wrong you can't depend on them for anything, not even hello'.It looks as if I will need to get another phone carrier since I can't resolve this issue, so, boycott Boost, boycott Boost, boycott Boost !

Boost Mobile Stinks
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Rating: 1/51

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Boost Mobile advertises their shrinkage plan but they do not honor this plan. They will take your money and NOT REDUCE YOUR BILL. I pay for two bills and have had to call each month to have them apply payments correctly and they have not reduced my second account for the shrinkage. I am sick of being taken by BIG BUSINESS WHO CAN TAKE YOUR MONEY WITH NO RECOURSE.

Boost Making My Service Worse
By -

My cell doesn't ring on most incoming calls. They sent a new phone but won't reimburse me for loss of pictures, screen savers, etc and for over a week I don't get my Internet every day and in one week went through 3 online complaints, about 15 boost calls to their support team and tech support and a promise to have my calls returned. Lost all my locked messages and today still Internet problems IN MATTER OF FACT a ticket was written and I was supposed to receive a call back by now as to getting my Internet problem resolved-they never called.

Boost mobile through HSN
By -

In December 2010 I purchased a boost moble Blackberry phone through HSN. I paid $50.00 a month for the phone for four mos.. I also pd $60.00 a month for the service. one day the phone slowly stopped working. they had given me a years warranty on the Blackberry. after a number of calls to HSN and boost simply wireless a gentleman assured me he would take care of it and mail me another phone within 8 days. I have heard nothing and no phone has been mailed have no phone I have also talked to HSN who told me I would be issued a phone. I have called and called at least 5 different numbers and getting nowhere. I have no phone after paying for this boost Blackberry.

I think the attorney general should hear about this company and the reviws are horrible. they have changed one of their names to simply where do I GO NOW?

Due date changed without notification
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I have been with Boost Mobile since July 2009, with my payment date
ALWAYS being the 23rd of each month. In October 2010, I changed to the $50
monthly plan with shrinkage, several days before my payment was due. Shortly
after midnight on October 23rd, my phone service was interrupted. When I called
to find out why, I was told that by changing to this service plan, my payment
date was also changed to a day earlier. However, I was NEVER told of this by
email or text messages, only receiving an email confirmation of the plan change,
with no mention of due date change. I have talked to them several times about
this issue, even being contacted by their executive escalation division (or
whatever it\'s called), who agreed that I was never informed of the date change.
All I want is for my payment for October to be counted as being on time, and
they refuse to do this, even though they agree I was never told of a due date
change. I filed a complaint with the Florida Departme
nt of Consumer Services, and received a letter in the mail today stating the
\"business has refused to cooperate and the file has been \'closed
unsatisfactorily\'\". All I want is to have 3 months credited toward my
shrinkage plan, and not two. This isn\'t much to ask. I have threatened to
change cell phone companies, which they don\'t care about, but I can\'t afford
to purchase a new phone right now.

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Rating: 1/51

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I made 10 phone calls to Boost, it took seven button presses and 10 calls and still no activation. They said their system is having huge problems and no credit was to be given, shame shame.

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Rating: 4/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My cell phone bill is due every 15th of the month. I paid my bill on the 1st of may, I have the receipt. This morning I tried using my phone and it was cut off. I called re boost and they said I owe them $10.00, So I had them take it out my bank account. That ain't right, my bill was $50 as always. I would like this taken care of, can you help me?

Boost Mobile's severely limited "unlimited" plan for Blackberry users
By -

If you have a Boost Mobile Blackberry Curve with their $60 per month unlimited plan, then you cannot receive phone calls unless you are within Sprint's 3G service area. Furthermore, you cannot make a phone call on a Boost Mobile Blackberry Curve outside Sprint's 3G coverage area unless you speak to an operator and charge the call to a credit card. This is true even if you have five bars on your phone.

I recently bought a Boost Mobile Blackberry Curve. These phones use Sprint's 3G network and require you to sign up for the $60 per month unlimited plan. All well and good. However, after you buy the phone and the unlimited plan you discover that to make a phone call anywhere outside the Sprint 3G service area (quite a large area--look at their map), such as from your home for example, you must use a credit card to complete your phone call. This is true even though five bars may be showing on your phone. Friends who have Boost Mobile phones are able to make and receive phone calls from my home. But because I bought a Boost Mobile Blackberry Curve, I CANNOT make phone calls from my home unless I charge them to a credit card. Furthermore, even though there are five bars on my phone at home, I cannot RECEIVE phone calls there either.

If you are considering getting a Boost Mobile Blackberry Curve, please take into consideration this unwelcome limitation of their "unlimited" service plan.

Boost Cellular took 4 days and counting to activate my old telephone number!
By -

I bought a phone and paid for the monthly unlimited service plan. The phone was activated and $%0 was on the phone. I was told that it would take two days to get the number they gave me switched to my old number. When I called them to get my old number put back on , ... Boost hung up on me repeatedly. I then went to the store where I purchased the phone and they hung up on them twice. Then they told us that the $50 that was put just 4 days ago on the account could not be put onto the account with my old number. So another $50 was put on my account by Best Buy to activate my old number. We had to go around in circles with Boost for over an hour. And my phone still is not on and will not be on for another 24 hours.

Fraudulent selling tactics
By -

I went with Boost Mobile one month ago and was happy until I added international calling to my account. My wife is currently in Canada with her mother who has cancer. I called 611 on my boost Mirro phone and was told that if I wanted to add calls to and from Canada to my account it would be $10 per month more. I asked specifically if there was a per-minute charge on either incomming or outgoing calls and was told "NO". I asked the person helping me to make sure. I heard him ask someone nearby who also said there were no per minute charges.
Today I tried calling Canada and a message told me I didn't have enough money in my account to allow the call. I called 611 and after a myriad of departments finally got a human being who told me that there is a 10c per minute charge on international calls. This is misleading and lying to customers who only want to be treated fairly.
I have since found another cell provider "Metro PCS" which offers Canada and Mexico and NO per-minute charges at all.


Pissed Off

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