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Check your bank balance
Posted by Freckles382 on 08/15/2012
BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN -- I have had an account with Boost for at least 10 years. I paid my unlimited plan online with my debit card most of the time. Granted it is my fault for not checking earlier, but there have been many times that I paid the bill and had it go through online, only to get a text saying the payment didn't go through, and I would either pay on my credit card or retry the debit card. This same thing happened the last two months in a row, the first I repaid, this month I checked my bank account balance. I found the money had been withdrawn. I then checked my account histories, both debit and credit, and found there were many double payments. I called "customer care" and was on hold for over an hour before I gave up. I went to 3 of the Boost offices here, all of them had been closed down. I sent 3 emails on the Boost site explaining the problem, I haven't heard from them, that was over a week ago.

I am now a Metro PCS customer. The phone is a better quality and I can go into the Metro PCS store and get any issues I have taken care of. If you use Boost and you get the "payment denied" text, check your account and good luck.

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Boost Mobile Stinks
Posted by Gator1gal on 07/26/2012
Boost Mobile advertises their shrinkage plan but they do not honor this plan. They will take your money and NOT REDUCE YOUR BILL. I pay for two bills and have had to call each month to have them apply payments correctly and they have not reduced my second account for the shrinkage. I am sick of being taken by BIG BUSINESS WHO CAN TAKE YOUR MONEY WITH NO RECOURSE.
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Posted by Jdurrah on 05/16/2012
My cell phone bill is due every 15th of the month. I paid my bill on the 1st of may, I have the receipt. This morning I tried using my phone and it was cut off. I called re boost and they said I owe them $10.00, So I had them take it out my bank account. That ain't right, my bill was $50 as always. I would like this taken care of, can you help me?
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Customer service
Posted by RAYLENEKAY13 on 11/12/2011
Cant talk to someone live, never got my problem fixed, kept geting hung up on. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!

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Posted by Alain on 2011-11-14:
Boost is pretty much a bargain service. One of the ways the make money is by not having a lot of human customer service reps. For better service, you may end up paying a bit more with another provider.
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Boost Making My Service Worse
Posted by Lopezalbert44 on 09/06/2011
My cell doesn't ring on most incoming calls. They sent a new phone but won't reimburse me for loss of pictures, screen savers, etc and for over a week I don't get my Internet every day and in one week went through 3 online complaints, about 15 boost calls to their support team and tech support and a promise to have my calls returned. Lost all my locked messages and today still Internet problems IN MATTER OF FACT a ticket was written and I was supposed to receive a call back by now as to getting my Internet problem resolved-they never called.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-09-07:
Drop a line to
Let Boost know you've complained. It may not do much good immediately, but eventually the complaints will come back to haunt them.
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Shutting Off My Phone
Posted by BENNYHAILAMA3 on 07/20/2011
My Boost Mobile phone was shut off this morning. My payment is due on the 20th of each month, and today is the 20th. I never even left my house to go and make my payment, when this morning I went to make a phone call, my phone was cutt off. I pay my bills on time, and has always been current. I've never been late with paying my Boost Mobile phone bill.

I don't understand why they would shut me off. So I'd like to know, whats up with that?
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Posted by MRM on 2011-07-20:
Come over here to Virgin Mobile! Great phones and great low plans! It is now day 3 and I am still debating whether or not I shall get Motorola Triumph.
Posted by Churro on 2011-07-20:
Hey MRM did you see where Virgin upped their monthly rate from $25 to $35? What the SAMM HILL!!! I wonder if that affects current subscribers.
Posted by Churro on 2011-07-20:
MRM, I found this on blog site.

"Customers already on the Beyond Talk plans can keep their current rates as long as they don’t let their account expire, and can keep their current plans if they move to a new device."
Posted by MRM on 2011-07-20:
I was concerned when I heard that the price will increase, but if you are a current customer, you arent affected. I still have my $25 plan!
Posted by BEJ on 2011-07-20:
I can understand your frustration at having your phone cut off. The date the payment is due is the date they want the payment in their hands--not the date you send them the payment.
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Due date changed without notification
Posted by Kim in FL on 01/10/2011
I have been with Boost Mobile since July 2009, with my payment date
ALWAYS being the 23rd of each month. In October 2010, I changed to the $50
monthly plan with shrinkage, several days before my payment was due. Shortly
after midnight on October 23rd, my phone service was interrupted. When I called
to find out why, I was told that by changing to this service plan, my payment
date was also changed to a day earlier. However, I was NEVER told of this by
email or text messages, only receiving an email confirmation of the plan change,
with no mention of due date change. I have talked to them several times about
this issue, even being contacted by their executive escalation division (or
whatever it\'s called), who agreed that I was never informed of the date change.
All I want is for my payment for October to be counted as being on time, and
they refuse to do this, even though they agree I was never told of a due date
change. I filed a complaint with the Florida Departme
nt of Consumer Services, and received a letter in the mail today stating the
\"business has refused to cooperate and the file has been \'closed
unsatisfactorily\'\". All I want is to have 3 months credited toward my
shrinkage plan, and not two. This isn\'t much to ask. I have threatened to
change cell phone companies, which they don\'t care about, but I can\'t afford
to purchase a new phone right now.
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Posted by karleebarlee on 2011-01-10:
But did you ask if it would change your due date? If you changed plans on a specific date, I personally would think that would change the due date to whatever day it was that I changed it on.
Posted by salinaguy on 2012-02-13:
My payments are due everymonth on the same date! I have been paying every 30 days. I recieved a text message on 1/12/12 to "make my payment on 1/18/12 if you have a plan change please pay one day early only this month"
I didn't have any plan changes I'm on the unlimited plan. On 1/18/12 I was shut off at 1210am had to go out at 1am and buy a card to put money on my card.
I contacted boost and was told I had a plan change b/c I had my 6th on time payment in December and it changed my plan to $40 from $45. It was a PRICE change and not a PLAN change. I talked with a care rep. and he gave me $2 for my service being shut off on it's due date. And put in a work order to show my ontime payment.
Then two days later BM emailed me stating they are sorry value me as a customer and will get it fixed to show the on time payment. 3 Weeks went buy and I looked at what day I'd be due on (17th now) and guess what....THEY NEVER DID FIX MY ACCT. TO SHOW THE ON TIME PAYMENT!
I called to see why not, I was told that it was denied...mind you i was already apologized to and recieved and email stating it would be corrected. Now BM won't show me as on time for that month. The supervisor i spoke with agreed with me that the text BM sent is confusing and he has never heard of this "type" of issue. He offered me $10 and I denied it, it's not about the $ it's about the principal BM wont' correct what they said they would correct.
I then asked him why does the text not state plan and /or price change. And he tells me that they are working on that....UMM he just told me "hes never heard of this issue" so why would you be fixing this? Hmmmm one word LIARS
I've writtne corporate in Irvine, CA showing the emails, filed a complaint with the BBB in Irvine, sent formal complaints to BM Cust Care. Now they call me 4-6times a day and when I pick up they hang up!!!

Have you had the same issue? BM is doing this to alot of people, it's clear what they are doing isn't right! I love my service and my phone/plan I've been a customer for 5years. There is NOTHING in their "fine print" about this and BM knows it! Fight them and they will fix it!!!
Posted by ladeda on 2012-02-21:
My payment date has always been on the 20th. On 2-18-12 I got a text from BM that said "BSTFreeMsg Your monthly pymt of $45 is due BEFORE midnight TONIGHT due to recent plan changes. Pay now to avoid service interruption."

Not right.

My husband noticed he gets a text saying payment is $40.00. The next day he gets the same one I got that says his payment is $45.00. He checks the website, it says payment due is $40.00. He doesn't have insurance on his phone. Doesn't help to call customer support and the people that work in our local BM are morons.
Posted by ali on 2013-06-26:
i JUST got off the phone with boost. this was my FIRST shrinkage month. my payment was due every 26th. i tried to make a call and it was "shut off". i even tried making a payment yesterday so it would have been on time but for some reason their "system" was down (i was trying to pay using my debit card on file online) but their servers were down. at least that is what Firefox message said. i tried getting online via my android and it still wasnt working so i called and spoke to a guy in their regular customer service. he told me "you should have received a free text message indicating the due date has change to 1 day earlier". i read to him the last text i received which was several weeks ago about some policy changes starting in july. since i didnt get an email, nothing in writing or a text stating my due date was changed the guy told me if i processed the pymnt to establish service again he would make it to reflect it was "on time". lets see if that happens. i asked if there was anything in writing about the due date change, he said ya look at the website...only thing it speaks about due date changes is when you missed your payment. doesnt state anything about the due date automatically changing when your plan changes (regardless if the plan change means your plan $ is lowered as your on the shrinkage plan). for all who's having problems, i would file with BBB....FYI: if you didnt know, boost is owned/affiliated with Sprint. you'd think a large company such as Sprint would actually not pull this kind of BS! i suggested to the customer service guy to maybe make a note/suggestion from me as a on-time/never paid late customer that WILL voice my concerns to let others know (as they say word of mouth is the best advertising) stating they should add this due date change somewhere...anywhere! they can't just rely on a text message notifying someone of something important like this! they can't confirm it was received, opened, viewed and i can't confirm i did or didnt get it either! so it's all he say/she say. hope you all get sorted out with your issues. i hope the guy that dealt with me (who i might add had a strong accent so who knows if he even lived in the US) actually made it so i did make the payment on time! so frustrating, thanks boost for starting my day out rotten! :/
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Can't contact company.
Posted by Bobtspace on 12/11/2010
I've been a Boost Mobile customer for some time. Recently they have been impossible to contact over the phone. They just have a recording that gives out general questions. I'm going an a trip and wanted to know if their service covered outside my local area and I have found it impossible to contact the company to find if I will be charged something extra.
This is horrible customer service.

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Posted by MRM on 2010-12-11:
Look at their coverage map on their website.
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Boost Mobile's severely limited "unlimited" plan for Blackberry users
Posted by Jwbales on 10/10/2010
If you have a Boost Mobile Blackberry Curve with their $60 per month unlimited plan, then you cannot receive phone calls unless you are within Sprint's 3G service area. Furthermore, you cannot make a phone call on a Boost Mobile Blackberry Curve outside Sprint's 3G coverage area unless you speak to an operator and charge the call to a credit card. This is true even if you have five bars on your phone.

I recently bought a Boost Mobile Blackberry Curve. These phones use Sprint's 3G network and require you to sign up for the $60 per month unlimited plan. All well and good. However, after you buy the phone and the unlimited plan you discover that to make a phone call anywhere outside the Sprint 3G service area (quite a large area--look at their map), such as from your home for example, you must use a credit card to complete your phone call. This is true even though five bars may be showing on your phone. Friends who have Boost Mobile phones are able to make and receive phone calls from my home. But because I bought a Boost Mobile Blackberry Curve, I CANNOT make phone calls from my home unless I charge them to a credit card. Furthermore, even though there are five bars on my phone at home, I cannot RECEIVE phone calls there either.

If you are considering getting a Boost Mobile Blackberry Curve, please take into consideration this unwelcome limitation of their "unlimited" service plan.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-10:
I think there is a problem with your phone and/or the activation process jwbales. You have unlimited calling nationwide calling and you should not be using a credit card. Have you called them? What did they say?
Posted by MRM on 2010-10-10:
I use Virgin Mobile, which also uses Sprint network, and never had any problems while traveling to other states.
Posted by jwbales on 2010-10-13:
I called and was told to re-provision my phone, which I did to no effect. The next time I called the person I spoke to was unfamiliar with the English word "roaming" and hung up on me. I returned the phone reluctantly to Best Buy for a full refund.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-13:
So sorry jwbales. I thought that Boost transitioning to the Sprint network from Nextel's antiquated mess would be the end to some of their problems. I am glad you were in the refund window.
Posted by R.A on 2011-06-24:
BOOSTMOBILE warn me in a text on 6/21/11 at 4:51p i and said "UR ACCT WILL BE TERMINATED ON 06/22/11 IF U DON'T CEASE PROVIDING CONFERENCE CALLING SERVICES FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES" . I use it one more time noncommercial purposes like all the rest and BOOSTMOBILE cut my terminateed my phone sevices nine days before my next billing date
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Boost Cellular took 4 days and counting to activate my old telephone number!
Posted by Jem1234 on 04/12/2010
I bought a phone and paid for the monthly unlimited service plan. The phone was activated and $%0 was on the phone. I was told that it would take two days to get the number they gave me switched to my old number. When I called them to get my old number put back on , ... Boost hung up on me repeatedly. I then went to the store where I purchased the phone and they hung up on them twice. Then they told us that the $50 that was put just 4 days ago on the account could not be put onto the account with my old number. So another $50 was put on my account by Best Buy to activate my old number. We had to go around in circles with Boost for over an hour. And my phone still is not on and will not be on for another 24 hours.
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