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Who's Got Milk?
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- Just wondering who BORDEN milk has become? Yesterday went to the store. I usually drink SKIM but none available. So taking whole milk to the counter, was told $5.39 for the gallon.#*^+ WHAT the heck?????????

SO I put it back and went to a larger store for $3.39 I bought the same milk!
Expired Milk
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Hello I am very disappointed with Borden Skim Milk. This is my second time that I buy milk and it gives me a date of when to purchase by and it goes bad 5 days before it supposed to. I love skim milk especially Borden but what is going on. I guess if this continues then I will have to switch.

I hope you take my complaint into consideration. Last night I bought another gallon but we will see how long it will last.
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