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Gift cards and common sense not accepted
Posted by on
BURLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Saturday January 1, 2011

My experience with the Border Café 128 Middlesex Tpke Burlington, MA

OK, I didn’t even set foot in the door. My son got a $50.00 Visa gift cards for Christmas. He and a friend went to the Border Café and the bill came to a total of $29.81. They gave the server his $50.00 gift card and were told that they don’t take Visa gift cards. Most adults have cash or a credit card, so this wouldn’t be a problem, but most young people do not have several credit cards.

My son and his friend didn’t have any cash. They reasoned that since the restaurant takes Visa then they would take the gift card. My son and his friend tried calling several people but couldn’t get in touch with anybody. So being stupid they panicked and left. Now the server knew they had a problem and didn’t offer any suggestions. I’m not saying what my son did was right, it was stupid. But the restaurant should give people notice that they don’t take Visa gift cards upfront. I believe they probably don’t take them because they can make more money by selling their own (which is their prerogative and may make business sense).
My son had my wife’s car and since the restaurant employees knew there was a problem they waited for them to leave and copied my wife’s license plate. When my wife got home there was a message from the Burlington police. All your worst fears go racing through your head. So my wife calls the Burlington police and gets the manager’s story about what happened. There was no mention of the gift card!! The Burlington police were very nice and suggested that we call the Border Café and give them a credit card number over the phone.

My wife then called the Border Café to straighten things out and attempted to give the manager her credit card number over the phone, but he refused and said he can’t take credit card numbers over the phone!! (I guess gift cards aren’t the only thing they can’t do) He said you must come in. My wife couldn’t go to the restaurant so she said she would swing by tomorrow morning. The manager said if she didn’t go down immediately he would have my son arrested. So my wife calls me all upset and I had to drive 50 miles to pay the bill.

When I got to the restaurant I met the manager. He seemed like a nice enough person. But he just didn’t get it!!! He wasn’t looking at the situation as “how can we correct this problem?” It was more like, “tough Sh-t, this is our policy – We caught your son now pay up.” He didn’t think a sign would be appropriate! He would rather this to happen to more people.

Bottom line: if you have kids or young adults tell them to steer clear of the Border Café.

I’m not going to go there again and I encourage everybody not to go there on principal.

A disappoited customer
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olie on 01/01/2011:
You also didn't try to figure out how to solve the problem. I can absolutely see why a restaurant can't just take somebody's word over the phone to pay a bill. For all the manager knows, your wife is providing a stolen card number. After all, your son tried to pay with a method the restaurant didn't accept.

As far as the server AND the manager AND the police were concerned, your son and his friend did a dine-and-dash. Fact is, your son and his friend ordered and ate and then left without providing a valid method of payment.
momsey on 01/01/2011:
I would also assume that if they take Visa they would take Visa gift cards. But that's what assuming gets you.

I will not avoid Border Cafes because of this review. What should they do when a customer has a bill they have no way of paying? It's not their responsibility to come up with suggestions on what to do.

How old is your son? If he's driving, he's old enough to know better. If it was me in this situation, my mom would be kicking my butt, not complaining about the cafe.
Anonymous on 01/01/2011:
So your son ran out on the bill and you're upset with Border Cafe? It's not their responsibility to come up with suggestions on how to pay. How come your son didn't call you to come pay the bill? And what place of business is going to take cc info over the phone? Seems like your son needs to learn how to be more responsible
Anonymous on 01/01/2011:
I went to applebees once and I also had a $10.00 visa gift card. I tried to use it to pay part of my bill of but they didn't take it either good thing I had extra cash on me.

I dunno why they don't take em. But no reason to dine and dash on your bill.
olie on 01/01/2011:
Wash dishes, perhaps??
clutzycook on 01/01/2011:
That stinks. Doesn't Visa advertise their gift cards as "accepted everywhere Visa is accepted?" Did your son try calling you? I agree that dine and dash isn't the smartest thing to do. If anything one of them could have stayed put and the other could have run home or something to get cash.
Skye on 01/01/2011:
They could still be arrested for leaving without paying. They stole from this cafe. They panicked and left? What the heck is going here.

I understand it's aggravating they would not accept the Visa gift card, but why did your son think it was OK to eat, drink (non-alcoholic beverages) and be merry, and then just run away?

Again, the cafe can, if they decide, press charges and have them all arrested.

trmn8r on 01/01/2011:
I don't know WHY they could not accept the Visa gift card but they couldn't. What followed is stealing. Leaving was the WRONG thing to do, and it needed to be rectified asap. Under the circumstances, I also would have insisted in payment in person as well, and not allowed a day to pass. Hopefully your son learned a few lessons, one being if you plan to use plastic have a backup.
spiderman2 on 01/01/2011:
If it isn't customary in a business to take credit card orders over the phone, there is no way they are going to accept payment over the phone. Your son already skipped on the bill and they wanted guaranteed payment. A credit card receipt with no signature isn't worth anything to someone who doesn't operate a phone or internet business. The charge can be disputed by you, the company calls and when you can't produce a signed receipt, they charge it back to you. Visa, MC and Amex gift cards are a pain to accept. If you try to charge them for more than the amount on the card it will decline. It is important that the person who has the card knows exactly how much money is available on the card. Your anger is misdirected, your son is the one that inconvenienced you and made poor choices.
Skye on 01/01/2011:
Well said spiderman! Especially the part regarding the misdirection of anger. I just hope the son does not think anytime he cannot pay for something, he just decided to drive away.

partyhero on 01/02/2011:
I have never been to a Border's but the bookstore cafe's where I live have you pay up front when you order. You don't have to pay up front at Borders?
Also, though it sucks, it is the consumer's responsibility to find out what methods of payment are accepted especially if it is a type of payment not usually used.
It is always best to keep at least two different types of payment with you just in case. That would be the advice teenagers should be given so that they are not in that kind of situation.
Mike in FL on 01/02/2011:
Not sure what the issue is with Visa gift cards as they work like regular Visa cards and ATM cards where I work, so long as you don't try to charge more than what is on the card.

As to not taking a card number on the phone, that's a safety measure designed to protect both the cardholder and the retailer from fraudulent charges. You should be THANKING them for that. How much angrier would you be if, on top of the situation you have described, someone at that store managed to get your card number and its expiration date and make bogus charges without the card present.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
I cannot believe all the negative comments left here. I mean cmon. it was his son who went there. I have never went to a place that doesn't accept prepaid visa gift cards. ITs exactly the same as a credit or debit card with the visa logo. I think that's a pretty stupid policy if you ask me. These were kids! They planned on using the gift card there! They obviously had no other ways to pay, they got scared and left. Sounds to me they were pretty uncaring about the whole situation. I think this is a VALID complain.
spiderman2 on 01/02/2011:
Prince -- if you take the part about them not accepting Visa gift cards it is a valid complaint. The rest of it is called the blame game, where is is everyone else's fault but the person who left without paying. My 11 year old is an expert at this game but we are working on him!
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
well what exactly are they supposed to do if they can't pay? Just sit there all day? Eventually they are going to have to leave the store without paying.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
I mean I've never come across a store that won;t accept these VISA gift cards. Businesses are SUPPOSED to take the card, if it has a visa logo. As VISA says, accepted everywhere VISA is accepted. I don't exactly know what reasons this particular business has against these gift cards, but if they don't want to accept my payment, well then that's their problem. Not mine.
tnchuck100 on 01/02/2011:
There were TWO mistakes made here.
1) The business refused a legitimate form of payment.
2) The son left without paying.

But it appears they left him no choice. If he had no money what other option did they give him? NONE!

Prince, you seem to be the only one here showing any compassion for an unfortunate situation.
Ytropious on 01/02/2011:
Why are you acting like this is 100% Border's fault? It's usually the job of the person with the visa gift card to check if a place will take it, not the other way around. If he's old enough to drive he's old enough to have some common sense and not dine and dash! WHY didn't he call you and say "mom I'm in a jam here help me out" before leaving? The manager can't take credit cards over the phone, that again is not HIS fault for having to correct YOUR problem. It's a safety issue.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
I give my credit card over the phone all the time. My grandfather even did it this Christmas for me as a Christmas present, and the restaurant had no problem at all. It just seems like borders makes it extremely difficult to pay them. If they would have just taken the visa gift card like every other place on the planet, then there wouldn't have been an issue to begin with.
Ben There on 01/02/2011:
Visa gift cards don't have names on them, so ID can't be verified. If a card is reported stolen and used, who takes the hit? Is it the person who loses the card, or the merchant who accepted it? Anyway, credit cards are not like cash - they are not "legal tender" like cash, which is why stores can take Visa, but not Amex, or Amex but not Discover. Stores have the right of refusal.

I don't know how many of you remember checks, but back in the day when you opened a new account or ran out of checks, you got temporary checks from the bank without your name on them. While they were "just like regular checks" many stores refused them because they didn't have your name on them.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
Ben, that is true, but those visa gift cards all come with the fine print that says not responsible if lost or stolen. And even if it WAS stolen, I would assume that it comes with the same protection a regular visa card would have against theft. If Borders doesn't want to accept the Visa gift cards, the nthey shouldn't accept visa PERIOD.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
I think clutzy had the best answer. One boy could have stayed at Border Cafe while the other one ran home to get cash or to ask their parents to help pay.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
its like saying, yeah we accept cash, but we don't accept 20 dollar bills. Well if you don't accept 20 dollar bills, then I guess you shouldn't accept cash at all! They say they accept VISA. That's what the OP was using to pay, THEY refused it! THEIR problem!
Ben There on 01/02/2011:
The regular protection against theft that regular Visas have means the merchant gets hit... visa is never out the money, just the store that took the credit card.
Ben There on 01/02/2011:
Nope, cash is cash. Its a legal tender... Stores never have to accept a credit card if they don't want to.

Visa is pushing the Gift Card down everyones throat because it makes them a ton of money, but it comes at the expense of the stores ability to check IDs.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
well then I guess borders shouldn't accept credit cards any more.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
the way I look at it, you accept VISA, you take ALL VISA. Not just what you WANT to take. If you don't want to take it, buh bye!
Ben There on 01/02/2011:
A visa gift card is not a credit card, nor is it a debit card and Borders has no problem with either of those. Visa has done a great job marketing them as just like a regular card, but anyone can tell they are not since they don't have names on them.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
Ben, its a VISA card. It has the VISA logo. The same LOGO that is printed on their door under the "we accept". VISA is VISA. MASTERCARD is MASTERCARD. It may be funded a different way, but its still the same process, same payment!
tnchuck100 on 01/02/2011:
Prince, give it up. They just don't get it.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
Look we can argue until we're blue in the face. I think borders should have accepted the card. You obviously don't.
Ben There on 01/02/2011:
Visa Gift Cards not instantly accepted on sites that require address verification, nor are Visa gift cards accepted in other countries... both of those charges will be declined. Those are things regular credit and debit cards have no problems with, so VISA is not always VISA. Just because they are forms of payment marketed by the same company does not mean they do the exact same things...
FlShopper on 01/02/2011:
Border's policy may be stupid...but stupid policy or not, what the kid did was even more stupid and he's the one that caused all this grief. Like clutzy wrote, if there were two of them there, one of them could've stayed in the store while the other one could've gone to an atm to get the funds; to a friend or relative to borrow the funds, etc.
I can understand why the OP was frustrated, but I hope he makes his kid take some responsibility for making a stupid decision and having to deal with the consequences of that decision.

Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
Hey I would have left too. Let them take my license plate down. I would have told the police they wouldn't accept my payment, so its really not my problem.
trmn8r on 01/02/2011:
As a parent, I have compassion but like to teach my children right and wrong as well. Walking out of a store with a $30 bill and not arranging for payment is stealing. I don't accept the "panicked" explanation of the OP as excusing responsibility. People panic during crimes and kill people, crash cars into telephone poles, etc. There are consequences to our actions. This is a learning experience for the kids.

Yes, there are two issues. There was a card not accepted for whatever reason, and kids skipping out on a tab. What would we expect the retailer to do as the car is driving away, wave?
PepperElf on 01/02/2011:
I don't think I've ever seen a post where someone tried to justify a dine and dash before.

I mean "panicked and left" ?

instead of working out an arrangement with the restaurant?
and then blaming the establishment for the theft?

Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
If your son was driving, he had some ID on him. If the boys were unable to reach someone by phone and had no other means to pay, the sensible thing to do would have been for the management to take the information from his ID, and let them leave with the understanding that the matter needed to be resolved before the end of the business day.
trmn8r on 01/02/2011:
That was what I was thinking initially ript. Someone was driving and had (hopefully) a license. It is common sense that if payment is not available, a workaround must be identified. Kid can't sleep there overnight. This is one of the drawbacks of a third party complaint.
jktshff1 on 01/02/2011:
dang ript +10....common sense prevails.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
You should be complementing Borders for not arresting your son. What he did was a crime. He could have easily asked to speak with the manager but instead chose to commit a crime. Avoiding Borders is not the life lesson that should be, or should have been taught to kids.the reasoning shows why it happened.
partyhero on 01/02/2011:
OK, there is a lot of mention of Borders not accepting pre-paid Visa gift cards and some confusion that all places do accept this. Having been in retail for years, I worked in a store that did not have the capabiltiy to accept pre-paid visa, mastecard, Amex gift cards. Also, most stores when they have signs that mention acceptable forms of payment, the signs will usually state Visa, Mastercard, Debit or Credit which is not the same as a gift card. It sucks for the consumer and for the management. Management can't be faulted for the business decisions their corporate offices choose to make regarding forms of payment.
Inat on 01/02/2011:
I would have left too... or asked the manager to call the cops and explain it to him and see if he could convince them to take a valid form of payment
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
Its STEALING anyway you put it. The op's son had choices and he chose to dine and dash that is against the LAW.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. Albeit a prettier pig.
trmn8r on 01/02/2011:
I love pigs, but not pigs with lipstick.
Skye on 01/02/2011:
It may be a valid form of payment, but they don't accept it. Eating and leaving, is breaking the law. The police would have arrested those guys if, the cafe had called.

The cafe still can press charges.
Ben There on 01/02/2011:
How can the cops force someone to take a form of payment that they can't or don't accept?
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
Maybe the cops should have came and scared the op's son straight to find a way to pay up.
FlShopper on 01/02/2011:
I forgot my wallet once when I'd gone to get my hair cut. I had no id at all in my purse (it was in my wallet, which was sitting on top of a table at home) and no way to pay. I left the receptionist my watch to hold as collateral until I could come back with the $$. There's always ways around something like that.

Stealing was the wrong way to go.
Anonymous on 01/02/2011:
One thing to consider as well is that Borders now has this kids and his parents information. If they chose to they can press charges and seek restitution, regardless of the fact that the bill was paid aferward. Just something to keep in mind.
nocryingoverspilledmilk on 01/02/2011:
The issue with gift cards is that they don't have an identity attached to them and the charges made on them can be disputed (zero fraud liability). It's an easy way for a company to lose money. I'm not sure, but they may have higher fees for the store (normally Visa or other credit companies charge 3% of a purchase, gift cards may be more). Also spiderman made a good point, tipping is tricky on those cards because the server does not know if their well deserved tip will go through or not.

I don't blame the manager at all for wanting the issue resolved immediately. If I owned a restaurant, I would do the same thing. You can't let people get away with stealing because that's not fair to all of the other honest paying customers. Running away is never the correct way to solve an issue. They could have left collateral like flshopper suggested. A license would have been great. Be thankful, it was nice of them not to press charges because they could have.
PepperElf on 01/03/2011:
"or asked the manager to call the cops and explain it to him and see if he could convince them to take a valid form of payment "

Convince them how?

I mean the restaurant isn't breaking any law by saying they won't accept a specific card so there's no way a police officer can force them to do otherwise. it's out of their jurisdiction.

You can say "valid form of payment" until you're blue in the face but that doesn't mean it's legal tender that must be accepted by all businesses.

Sometimes the answer is no. And the police cannot change that for you.
yoke on 01/03/2011:
Thank you OP for giving the heads up that not all stores will accept the VISA gift cards like VISA claims. I was going to get one for my daughters friend for a birthday gift, but now will get a gift card for a particular store.
Management should have attempted to help the kids remedy the situation. They could have told the kids to leave the VISA card with them and get the cash and when they do that they will get the card back.
I would hope that this store now has a sign posted that they DO NOT ACCEPT VISA gift cards. If I were the OP I would go to make sure that is done so no other customer gets put into the same situation as the kids.
Anonymous on 01/03/2011:
Signatures, not photo IDs, are used go verify credit cards (including gift cards).

Stores that accept Visa debit cards will accept these gift cards.

They discuss things like tipping and purchasing gas at the pump and pretty much everything you will want to know on their website:
momsey on 01/03/2011:
I read their website, too. In places it says the gift cards are accepted at millions of places that Visa is accepted (which doesn't say to me that they HAVE to accept the gift cards) but then in other spots it says they are accepted wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. It only says debit, not credit.

I've never known a retailer to accept only credit cards and not debit cards. I don't know how they'd know the difference anyway, since you can run a debit card through like a credit card. But I think the wording on the Visa website is interesting.
Ben There on 01/03/2011:
If Visa did as good of a job encouraging stores to take gift cards as they did telling consumers they worked everywhere, this would not be a problem.

Visa gets all the benefits of the card - they get to sit on your cash, they get to charge the stores fees, and if you don't use the card as is often the case with gift cards, they keep the money forever. Stores on the other hand can be open to more fraud and higher fees.
Anonymous on 01/03/2011:
If it were me I'd told the Border Cafe that the visa gift card was the only means I had to pay the bill. Either accept it or not. If not then I would have offered an IOU and then left.

I would not have complicated the situation by involving others by phone or other means. That's just clouding the issue.

If Borders doesn't want to play by Visa's rules then they shouldn't accept Visa. It's really just that simple.
trmn8r on 01/03/2011:
I researched this for 15 minutes last night. I came up with: Visa Gift Cards are accepted at any location where Visa Debit Cards are accepted. Then I came up with Visa Debit Cards are accepted {wait for it} at any location Visa Debit Cards are accepted. NO LIE. On a Visa site! I gave up and went to bed.
PepperElf on 01/03/2011:
"I've never known a retailer to accept only credit cards and not debit cards"

I have. Most rental agencies won't accept debit for example. (unless you're military but that's only because they can contact your command if you refuse to pay up)
momsey on 01/03/2011:
I don't really consider car rental agencies "retailers." Whether they technically are or not, I was referring to places like Borders or CVS or the Gap.
GreenEyedHawk on 01/07/2011:
I feel sorry for the kid in a way; it is an embarrassing situation.


He is old enough to be driving, so old enough to be taking some responsibility for himself, and if you only have ONE form of payment available to you, then the responsibility falls on YOU as a customer to make sure the restaurant can accept it before you order and eat your food.

And the police cannot force a retailer to accept any form of payment. If they don't accept it, they don't accept it, and no amount of cop-calling or fit-pitching will change that.

What it really comes down to, it seems to me, is that it was a badly-handled and unfortunate situation and leaving the restaurant was completely the wrong thing to do. Your son is fortunate he wasn't arrested. I can understand why you might be angry about the whole situation, but the fact of the matter is, your son handled it badly and it really seems like you are looking for someone to blame for your..and his...embarrassment.
kittymac on 01/15/2011:
When you present a VISA gift card, you will know right away if there is enough money on it to cover the bill. If there isn't the card will decline, just like a regular credit card. However, the kid should not have left. He could have called his parents from the restaurant, explained the situation and had one of them come down to pay the bill.
ok4now on 01/15/2011:
Sounds like a case for Judge Judy. There was no intent for theft of service, just the form of payment was not accepted. Being kids with no alternative way to pay they panicked and ran. The proper thing to do was Not leave, contact the parent who could provide another form of payment. This unfortunate situation really got out of hand. A valuable learning experience for all involved.
Anonymous on 01/15/2011:
The boys tried calling several people and couldn't get in touch with anybody. I'm going to assume here the first people they would have tried to contact in this matter would have been their parents.
bhskittykatt on 01/20/2011:
I was thinking, the card says it is accepted wherever "VISA Debit" is accepted, but must be run as credit. Where I live, we have several locations that only take debit, which requires a PIN number, which a gift card of course doesn't have, so in that case I can see a store accepting VISA Debit but not the gift card.

Did the boys explain their view to the manager? If a sign said they accept VISA, I can completely understand the confusion. It seems they could have worked out something with the manager, left some collateral or something while they found payment. If they just ran out, though, that's definitely not okay. That's theft.
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Borders Books Has Rude Employees - Forced to Leave Store
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ALBANY, NEW YORK -- A couple of months ago I was visiting a Borders Book Store, but luckily it wasn't the Borders I usually visit because on this occasion I was forced to endure some terrible customer service which has forced me to write a letter of complaint to company headquarters.

From time to time I enjoy going into bookstores and looking at different cookbooks. On this particular occasion, I had about a stack of about 4 or 5 cookbooks and went to take a seat to go over them and see which ones I may be interested in purchasing. I sat down in one of their sitting areas with other readers and began going through the different cookbooks. Whenever I look through cookbooks I may be interested in purchasing, I mark different recipes I may be interested in or unusual ingredients that may require a special trip to the supermarket by underlining them with whatever pen I have in my purse.

Well, this is what I was doing on this particular day as I have done many times in my regular Borders location. I had gone through 2 books and was going over the third when I noticed a group of three male employees huddled together about 30 feet away and glancing in my direction. At this point, I paid no attention and continued marking the recipes I would like. Eventually, one of them approached me with the other two close behind and I asked me if I planned on purchasing that book. Perturbed, my reply was "I haven't made up my mind on that yet, if you don't mind". To which his reply was something along the lines of "well, uh, we don't, uh, really allow highlighting until after books are purchased". I couldn't believe this. After rolling my eyes (at least in my mind), I first explained to this nitwit that I wasn't highlighting, but simply marking certain recipes and ingredients that would require special attention if I should purchase the book and second that I had done this on many occasions previously in another Borders store.

At this point, one of the other two male employees went and filled in a manager who had overheard the conversation. Perhaps I was a bit loud in explaining to the employee my position, but surely this sort of treatment warranted such a reaction. The manager approached and the situation was once again explained. He suggested after flipping through the book that I should purchase it. I scoffed and flat out refused due to his and his employees treatment towards me and interrupting my shopping experience. When I asked why I was being harassed when this behavior is apparently perfectly acceptable in other Borders, his reply was "I guarantee you its only because they haven't noticed you doing it". This was the final straw. I told him that he doesn't guarantee me anything and that I would under no circumstances be purchasing this book or any other at this Borders location and I suggested that he reimburse me for this trouble and their harassment with a gift certificate to be used at ANY Borders. At this point the manager asked me to leave, which I did but not without first promising to write a letter to the corporate headquarters.

Well, I kept my promise and have used the $40 gift certificate they mailed at my regular Borders where I am not subjected to such disrespect.
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User Replies:
yoke on 08/29/2007:
Sounds like Tabitha is back.
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
"a couple of months ago?"
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
Anybody but Tabitha Green, please! Wonder how many recipies the OP copied before being kicked out?
Nohandle on 08/29/2007:
Eileen, this is even better than your McDonald and Subway complaint. Again, as I stated on your McDonald's complaint you are certainly providing some entertainment; however, it will probably get old quickly. Best get the attention while you can.
jacki on 08/29/2007:
Eileen, you can't go into a store and mark up a unpurchased cookbook while deciding if you want to buy it or not. Would you like it if you purchased a cookbook and it had someone else's notes all over it?
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
Yep, either Tabitha is out on work release, or this poster tops her on the zany chart. In the small chance that this is a real posting, I'm sorry they didn't have you arrested you like they should have.
sarahnkrystal on 08/29/2007:
Oh God, this woman is crazy. Period. End of story.
DebtorBasher on 08/29/2007:
This review was written out of boredom and for attention...If I were the manager at that bookstore and she did this...I would have said, "Yes, we'd be happy to send you a gift card...I'd give her a paper to fill out with her name and address...then send the police after her for vandalizing property. To the Poster....instead of writing a complaint about this bookstore for not allowing you to damage their books...why not write a review and compliment the locations that DO allow you to do this? I'm sure many would find it very helpful to shop at such a friendly place...oh wait, I know what...CAUSE IT'S NOT TRUE!
DebtorBasher on 08/29/2007:
Do they offer highchairs for your kids to sit in with crayons to color in the coloring books, you know, just to see if the kids like them first before purchasing them?
sarahnkrystal on 08/29/2007:
You are one unhappy woman. Were you talking on your cell phone while you were writing in books that you were going to put back on the shelf that nobody else would buy.
How would you feel if someone bought you a cookbook for a birthday present and you opened it and some jerk had highlighted recipes in in?
MRM on 08/29/2007:
Respect other people's properties by not vandalizing the book... that's all I have to say.
LeeSee on 08/29/2007:
Inconsiderate freak
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
EileenBB11 is trusted by the following users...

spiderman2 on 08/29/2007:
Why does that not surprise me Lidman? I bet Stew votes it very useful too!
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
He did on her other one! LOL
runaway on 08/29/2007:
This has to be a fake, or this person has one of the largest self-entitlement complexes I've heard of.
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
"All propaganda must be so popular and on such an intellectual level, that even the most stupid of those toward whom it is directed will understand it . . . Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise."—Adolf Hitler
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
PWP, you put this nut on your trust list? Please tell me it's not so?
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
Self-entitlement, especially within the context of imperialism, is a product of specific ideology and historical processes of power that finds its justificatory Acceptance at most levels of society. Conversely, an ideology that cannot penetrate the social strata of a nation will not have the necessary means to survive. As a result, to establish a relation between a state’s ideology and society in relation to imperialistic conquests, we assert that a strongly manipulated mentality make the American people willful participants in the promotion of the U.S. interventionist conduct.
Principissa on 08/29/2007:
Are you serious! You actually mark up books that you are unsure you want to purchase? How rude are you lady! Now someone else has to buy a cookbook that you wrote in and probably won't be able to return it because you marked it up.
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
As to this OP--you've got to be kidding--and I do hope this is a joke. Otherwise, she is a very pathetic individual, at best.
Anonymous on 08/29/2007:
EileenBB11 I can see a method to your madness. Much like used college text books which have already been highlighted you are adding value to these cookbooks emphasizing the not so common ingredients. Holly cow, these pukes at Borders should be offering you their thanks and not their scorn. Very good review. I voted your contribution 'Very Helpful'!
MRM on 08/29/2007:
Stew, your principle is wrong but the comment is hilarious.
Starlord on 08/30/2007:
If I were the manager of the store, you would have been confronted by the police. What in the blue Susie gives you the right to vandalize books you do not own? I know what your plan is, because it is as plain as the nose on your corrupt face. You take the marked up books to the cash register and demand a discount because they are obviously used books. You are busted, lady!
Crown Jules on 08/30/2007:
Okay, now I feel completely stupid for posting such a lengthy response to this moron's Subway "complaint". I read the McDonald's one and this poster is a sad little attention wh*re with waaay too much time on his/her hands. Go ahead, get your jollies while you can, Eileen. Meanwhile, I think I'll just sit here for a while and feel sorry for you and thank the heavens above that I'm not you.
jktshff1 on 08/30/2007:
This is just STUPID
DebtorBasher on 08/30/2007:
If you think this is stupid...check out his (I say his, just look at the pic on his blog and you'll understand why) other reviews.
lobo65 on 08/30/2007:
It boggles my mind how you think you should be allowed to deface a book without being obligated to purchase it. If I had been the manager I would have banned you for life from that store.
Anonymous on 08/30/2007:
Eileen, I'd like to make a comment about your posting but you and I both know that you made it up. I will say, however, that you have one clever mind and write a heck of an entertaining story! I've enjoyed the 4 posts you've done so far... what's next??
DebtorBasher on 08/30/2007:
You should write a review about that quack of a doctor that botched your face lift.
Anonymous on 08/30/2007:
Justcuz, aren't we all waiting, with bated breath?
Anonymous on 08/30/2007:
The anticipation is killin' me!
Anonymous on 08/30/2007:
she left a remark on my blog about me thinking I'm a comedian.
Id rather Laugh than Bi*ch,and complain about lame things
SeanC on 08/31/2007:
This woman openly admits being on a cell phone every time she post a complaint about any store. She is always on the cell at the register or while making an order. And she is always doing something rude. Highlighting a book you haven't purchased yet? Come on!

At Subway she ate 2 bites of her sandwich on the way back to exchange it

At her bookstore Borders she was highlighting books she had not even purchased yet.

Who does this stuff and then complains about the company? I pray to god she isn't married and feel sorry for her husband if she is.

Then on the McDonald's complaint she used a buy one get one free coupon. One Big Mac was made wrong so she demands 2 free one's even though she ate one out of 2 of the original order.

She is a serial complainer. There is no way the skinny woman on her profile is her. Think about it

She wanted 3 Big Macs and I am a 250lbs man and can't eat that many.

She couldn't wait 5 miles to exchange her subway sandwich without taking a couple more bites even though she states she didn't like it.
leopard on 09/18/2007:
Eileen, repeat after me: "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all." you have so many bad experiences, you should stay home. but I am on to your joke!
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Posted by on
Borders currently carries pornography. This is highly disturbing since pornography is causally linked to violence against women.

Creating Social Justice has launched a campaign against 10 companies, including yours, that we have feel have played a role in the mainstreaming of pornography. As pornography becomes more mainstream it becomes more readily available with no consequences (to the men) for consumption. The women pay the consequences.

We realize that you make a lot of money off of pornography. However, the human cost has to be taken into account. A woman is beaten every 9 seconds. As if that weren't bad enough, domestic violence is one of the leading causes of women with their children becoming homeless and women with their children are the most rapidly increasing segment of the homeless population.

Creating Social Justice is calling for a boycott of your company until the pornography is removed. More information is available at
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/26/2001:
You don't state as to what exactly Borders carries that you are calling pornography. For all I know,
it could be a couple of ART books that you object too. It is wrong to call for a general boycott
without telling people exactly what it is they are carrying that you object to.
Anonymous on 12/04/2001:
I am not boycotting because a delusional right wing nut wants to remove our freedom of speech. I am a woman and have the right to choose what I read and view. So do you!! If you don't like it, shut your conservative mouth!!
Anonymous on 09/10/2002:
Thanks for the recommendation-Borders, Barnes and Noble, and any other bookstore you have "targeted" in your campaign will have my enduring customer loyalty!

Hooray to those bookstores for not catering to the demands of right-wing nuts and "protect the children" crazies.
Anonymous on 09/12/2002:
what is your address so that I can send you a couple of gifts I picked up at borders, barnes & noble, and abercrombie and fitch?
Anonymous on 04/01/2003:
You have no right to tell me what to read, watch, listen to or put into my body. You are placing blame on something that is not at fault. People are weak because of societal beleifs. Beliefs are just strong behaviors. Unfortunately, behaviors can be nodified much easier than beliefs. Beliefs stem from religion, which is why zealots need to realize there are more important problems to resolve besides STOPPING pornography (hate crimes, people shooting eachother). By the way, There is MALE pornography too, does that mean woman are at fault as well. You are degrade the female sex by telling them what to do. People die everyday.
FV on 07/24/2008:
Where, again, are these studies that indicate that pornography causes violence?

Or is it simply that people that are more prone to violence can't hold down a real relationship so must resort to porn?
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