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Think Twice Before Buying Bosch
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Rating: 1/51

SANDY, COLORADO -- I recently did a home renovation and wanted to "upgrade" my appliances. I had been told that Bosch was better than the "GE" type appliances. I purchased about 8K$ , had it installed and everything looked worked fine!!

About 6 months later my Bosch Convection Oven /Microwave module stopped working! Poof- Microwave Kaput!!!

I called Bosch Cust Service- they gave me the local independent service company, took them a week n half to come out to service the unit, has taken over two weeks to order the parts.

Now for the best part- the oven and microwave are a single unit, weighing approx 250 lbs!! No way to detach them- the whole unit has to come out.

Needless to say I am very disappointed in the whole experience and wishing now that I had purchased the less expensive "GE"
appliances. One's I just tossed were over 20 years old and never missed a lick!!!

I will not be purchasing any more BOSCH appliances for my other home! Buyer beware!!!

Bosch Terrible Customer Service, Shoddy Product
By -

I purchased a Bosch micro/conv oven in April 2011. Oven has been broken from the day it was installed. Was told I had to have repair service look at it - they came out and "fixed" what turned out to be a broken fan blade. Repair tech warned me there was probably a bigger problem. He was right - the new fan blade broke immediately. Now I was told I have to wait for parts (including a motor) that are out of stock!

This is a brand new oven which with the trim kit cost me $1000.00. Bosch refuses to replace the oven insisting they will only repair my brand new oven which has never worked. Terrible customer service.

Bosch Microwave/Oven Combo - Beware!
By -

GERMANY -- We just purchased a Bosch microwave/oven combination appliance. Immediately the Microwave failed and in order to replace the controller the entire unit must be removed from the cabinet. In fact, even to replace a light bulb or fuse in the microwave, the whole thing, which must weigh 300 pounds, must be pulled from the wall. This clearly takes more than one repair person. What kind of design is that?

When we called Bosch Customer Service the representative could not find the model number in her database, meanwhile we were looking at it on the Bosch consumer website. What kind of customer service is that?

Stay away, if you ask me.

Faulty Hinges
By -

HUNINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I also want to report faulty hinges on our Bosch oven doors. Repair Company came out and to replace the hinges will cost 136.45 each ($272.90) plus installation of $135.99.

Customers should not have to pay for a faulty hinge from normal usage! Over $400 to be able to fix this little problem!

Bosch Oven - Bad
By -

I have had a Bosch electric convection oven for 2 years. I have had a series of problems with the electronic controls. The latest - I used the self clean feature for only the second time. The oven door would not unlock. Per instructions of the manual and telephone call with the company, I disconnected the circuit, to no avail. Obviously since they have this ready advice, the oven door lock malfunction must be common. So now, 2 years into this high-end product, I have to have a service call to fix what should be a routine feature, at a cost of $100 for the service call, plus whatever parts are needed. If you consider a Bosch oven, add in several hundred dollars to the price since this is what you will pay for service and see if it is still worth it. The company was rude on the phone, only repeating that this is no longer in warranty. I do not disagree, but I still think that it is reasonable to expect this $750 product to function for several years.

Plus, I will now no longer ever use the self clean function again, so as not to risk an expensive repair, so I paid a lot for a product that does not have a function that was one of the reasons I bought it.

Waiting on oven parts
By -

My Bosch oven stopped working, the fault a selector switch. This part was ordered in early Sept 2009, with a promise of 10 day supply. Today is February 2010, and after several delivery promises (5), the 'new' promise is 10 March. This is 5 MONTHS!! Bosch won't even answer my polite emails, the warehouse just tells me the new promise from Bosch, and they just don't supply.
This is absolutely the last Bosch I will own - take note some Kenmore dishwashers are Bosch.

Cannot supply parts
By -

After 6 weeks of waiting for my replacement circuit board, I was told there are none to be had. That is 6 weeks without an oven.
When I called and raised Holy Hell, they magically found the "last circuit board" available. It would only take them 6 days to get it from the west coast to the east coast.

What a great compay. They manufacture appliances but not the parts with which to repair them.
Do Not Buy Bosch. They do not stand behind their products.

Oven door doesn't close
By -

I join dozens of others who have been stuck with a bad design and are forced to pay $400 for a repair that includes an "enhanced" hinge kit to make the door close completely on the oven. 2 year old stove that costs $2,100.

Broken 1 Yr And 1 Month From Date Of Sale
By -

BURLESON, TEXAS -- I purchase a Bosch double oven... top is convection... I have read a couple of reviews and I too had my heating element and thermostat go out 1 yr and 1 month from date of purchase. Was looking to see if there was a recall... but haven't found one...

Bosch Double Oven Repair
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- The inner glass on the lower oven shattered while baking. The warranty repairmen have been out 3 times to repair. It has taken over 6 weeks to receive the correct part, which was taken off of a floor model. Bosch Customer Service never returned my phone call for assistance after initial contact was made. This oven had been installed for 2 months when the glass shattered.

After the 2nd trip the repair people called to tell us the new glass would not be shipped from Germany until mid-June 2008. The glass shattered in the beginning of April 2008.


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