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Bosch Convection Range Control Module
By -

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- We had this range (HES5022U) for two and a half years when the touch pad quit working on one side. Called a local Bosch certified rep. He came out looked at the stove (only the outside) and said "You need a new module" which would cost about $150 plus installation. Thought it strange that he didn't look inside the range for a loose wire or some other problem. After he left I opened the back and discovered the module was attached to the front glass with 2 sided tape, and this connection was right above the oven vent which spews out heat and moisture.

The module was attached to the front glass and had pulled loose from the tape and apparently was far enough from the glass so it wouldn't react to a finger touch on the glass. The local rep still thought we needed a new module, so I emailed Bosch stating the problem (but received no response) and finally called Bosch to see if they had revised this connection. The only solution the consumer rep would recommend was replacing the module. My point was that it doesn't make any logical sense to spend $200 to $300 to replace a perfectly good module with one that would more than likely have the same problem in a few more years if they hadn't revised their connection to the glass.

Neither the local rep or the Bosch rep seemed to have a clue as to how these stoves were put together. Any company that would use 2 sided tape to attach a very important and pricey component on a heat generating product must be sorely lacking in engineering experience and they are definitely lacking in customer service. I finally fixed this problem by forcing the module against the glass by jamming two five cent washers under a nearby metal plate. So far it's working fine.

I can only hope the construction of the rest of the stove and our Bosch dishwasher are engineered better than this Mickey Mouse connection. Needless to say once these two appliances break down they won't be replaced with Bosch products.

Bosch 12 Volt Drill
By -

I purchased a Bosch drill from Lowe's in Columbus Ohio. Paid $150.00 plus tax. Model number PS20. Within the first 4 months 1 of the batteries stopped taking a charge so I purchased a battery, $50.00. Less than 1 year from purchase the drill completely stopped working. Took the drill to the service center for repair, was quoted a price for repair. The repair cost was more than a refurbished drill online. I have been in the construction trade all of my life, and I have never had a drill fail in less than a year. Pulled the drill apart to find that the motor was completely worn out, brushes were worn down and motor was sticking and felt rough.

15 minuets later, I found the cause for the worn out motor. The final drive bearings, a cylinder shaped bearing, six of them, were worn and causing the chuck to stick and working the motor more to make the drill function. I have purchased many Bosch products in the past - a planer, jigsaw, corded drill, and others. So when I saw this drill, I purchased it right away. It was not on sale, I paid full price, seemed like a great product, how could I go wrong? Usually I read reviews of anything I buy, but figured I would be safe with a Bosch product. Man was I sorely wrong this time.

I have owned and still do own many Dewalt cordless 12 volt drills and some are over 10 years old, and work just like the day they were purchased. I thought Bosch was a safe bet to invest my money. I now face the problem, do I buy another one of the same sub standard drills, or throw it away? I now own 2 batteries and a charger that will never be used again. What a piece of junk. I feel as though Bosch corp. has stolen $200 plus dollars from me and my family. If I do not receive a response from this email, I will assume that the Bosch corp. knows all about this issue with this drill, but will not address the problem.

No Good Warranty
By -

To whom it may concern: I have a Bosch Aqua-Star tankless hot water heater that I installed about 02-01-02. The unit has started to leak, I called for warranty and spent over one hour on the phone waiting through the first person to switch me to someone who takes all my information and gives me a case number then switches me to someone else who I give the case number to and then they go through the same questions because it's easier than flipping back and forth between screens. One hour on the phone at 08:30 in the morning, was everyone still getting coffee? This started off my sour feeling with your company.

Then after a bunch of questions that seem to have nothing to do with the unit I start to see the picture, you are looking for any reason you can find to get out of the warranty. I am asked to take a picture of the leak and email it. After I do this I am asked for more pictures. After sending more pictures I am told that it appears that the dark spot on the side of the unit shows it was overheated and the leak was caused by a change in the molecular structure of the copper tube.

I told him that may be that spot has been over heated but that is not where it is leaking and that a change in the molecular structure is a bunch of crap, it's leaking from a tube with water in it and to change the molecular structure the tube would need to heated over 200 degrees centigrade. FYI 100 degrees centigrade is the boiling point of water this would mean that the unit was producing steam and would have exploded. So after I disproved his theory on the overheat he started on "Well it'€™s corroded from the outside and that is not covered under warranty." At this point I know that Bosch is going to back out of the warranty anyway it can.

I said to him that this is from the inside out and he responds with "Well then it'€™s the water quality and that'€™s not covered under warranty." So as I said before Bosch is not going to back up the warranty with anything but reason after reason that it is not covered. I will buy another tankless hot water heater but with the way Bosch has backed up the warranty I will never buy another Bosch product be it a water heater, power tool or even a spark plug. As I am finding out Bosch warranty is not worth the paper it'€™s written on. I am sure this letter will fall on deaf ears and will be filed with the rest of the trash so have a nice day.

Bosch - Horrible Quality & Even Worse Customer Service
By -

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- In short, don't ever buy a Bosch appliance for two reasons: 1) the quality is bad 2) the customer service is pathetic. The story: in October of 2007, I outfitted my entire kitchen with new Bosch appliances because of the fantastic experience with a previous Bosch dishwasher that I purchased/installed in my preceding home in 2005. I purchased the following Bosch items: one dishwasher, one gas cooktop, one double electric wall oven, one wall mount chimney hood, and one side-by-side refrigerator.

Last year my double oven's main touch panel/controller went bad (luckily I had an extended warranty to cover the costs to replace) and just this past month, my refrigerator's controller has gone bad. With the refrigerator/freezer, the freezer compartment gradually stopped being cold due to ice buildup on the defrosting system. I followed the user manual instructions a few times – unplugged it, allowing it to defrost manually. The freezer would start working again, however over time the ice would build back up and my family would be left with thawed food and no ice in the freezer again.

Last week I called the local authorized Bosch service provider, that previously performed the work on my double oven, to come take a look at my refrigerator to see what was wrong. The service technician followed the Bosch inspection/troubleshooting procedures and determined that the main controller of the refrigerator/freezer was not functioning properly and that it would need replaced.

I first called Bosh, then wrote them a letter asking for them to make it right, as I spent a ** load of money on their appliances and have had issues after issue. After not having a working freezer (in the summer) for two weeks while going through the 'process,' Bosch's only corrective action/customer service was to pay only 50% of the part!

Clothes ALWAYS Come Out Damp; Sometimes Wet After Multiple Cycles
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Rating: 1/51

BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- After having my Bosch washer and dryer installed due to moving to a condo and had limited space I was shocked at the experience of modern day drying. I have had the serviceman come out and look at it and he told me if I wanted dry clothes, I should have bought another brand. I paid $1200.00 for this dryer. Before purchase everyone told me what a great brand Bosch was.

Well, if you want dry clothes you are not going to get it at Bosch. All items come out damp and some wet, no matter how many cycles or what settings you use. I now have to hang clothes e.g. bed linens, t-shirts, towels all over my living room and dining room to dry; I think it is 1913 not 2013. I certainly was not informed of this before my purchase. Do not buy Bosch if you expect to have dry clothes using this dryer because you won't. I have never paid so much for so little service ever in my life. The serviceman answer to my complaint was, they are designed that way. Never again. I am a very unhappy Bosch consumer.

Bosch/Sears Nightmare
By -

I'm not sure if writing this review will help anyone, but if I can at least save one person from the nightmare that is Bosch/Sears then it was worth the effort. I purchased $12,000 worth of appliances from Sears in April, 2010. I bought all Bosch. The dishwasher works fine, but the delivery people put a 12-inch gash through three of my brand new hand scraped hardwood floor planks, that I have yet to have repaired and have been given the runaround on. The gas cooktop is underwhelming, and I haven't tried the oven yet, so I can't comment.

The side by side refrigerator arrived completely broken, including a broken handle, broken computer module, and broken temp controls. The "repair" guy arrived today, one week late, and asked me how to turn the fridge on and how to find the model number. Stay away from Bosch/Sears and save yourself $$$$.

Bosch Oven Door Hinges Failed
By -

MELBOURNE,AUSTRALIA -- After 4 years of reliable but infrequent operation the Door on our Bosch Oven would not fully close, on inspection it was observed the hinge arms were bent slightly sideways. The local Bosch service agent replaced the hinges at a cost of $249.70 AUD which we thought very expensive.

Checking the removed faulty hinges we noted the hinge spring channel assemblies were distorted locally, and adjacent to a rectangular slot cutout in the side of the channel, the distortion caused the hinge arm pivot pin to move out of square thus moving the hinge arms out of square to foul on the sides of the channels and preventing the oven door to fully close.

Bosch Technical Services stated "The damage can be attributed to an excessive downward force on the Oven Door" which we dispute as there are only myself and my wife who might use the Oven and no likelihood of an excessive force used.

Our complaint is we believe the design of the Oven Door hinges is poor in that a manufactured hole in the hinge spring channel adjacent to the hinge pivot pin weakens the channel locally which subsequently distorts during normal door closures, it should be mentioned the springs are very strong too.

Bosch Appliances
By -

We have had terrible luck with our Bosch appliances. Dishwasher- Rollers wear out because they erode in the spray. Need to be changed every 2 years at a cost of about $60. Original cost $1000. Cooktop- Automatic gas ignitors flaky since day 1. About 50% of the time they don't work at all. If they are working, they won't shut off when using 2 of the burners. Consequently we only use half of the cooktop. Original cost $1100.

Wall oven- Repaired at least 5 times. Replaced door springs at a cost of $185 (not a misprint!). Replaced 2 oven lights at a cost of $60. Uses very non-standard bulbs. Repaired cooling fan twice. Repaired selector switch twice. Part cast $90 each time. Repaired display board as the quality of construction is so poor that merely pressing the timer buttons will break supports on the board. Cooking performance very slow. Takes over an hour to preheat and no light or anything to tell you when the oven has reached the right temperature. Original cost $1400.

Don't be fooled by the fact these appliances are made in Germany. They are extremely poorly designed and very unreliable. We got them because they are very nice looking and we thought that "German engineering" meant quality.

Bosch Dishwasher
By -

There are dozens of complaints on the Internet about the poor performance of this dishwasher. My own experience is also very poor: I have a brand new Bosch Dishwasher (Model SHE44C07UC bought on Consumer Reports recommendation) and it is a piece of junk!

I have had it for about 3 months and have had several repair places check it out. They have no clue what's wrong with it. Customer Service has no clue & the dealer is less than helpful. Poorly designed loading, Does not dry dishes to even a reasonable degree. The dishes are soaking wet after the cycle runs. The loading is inefficient and poorly designed. There is no way to position cups, large bowls, or glasses so water can drain off the ends, therefore, puddles of water collect on every possible surface. The dishes look cloudy and dirty. Some dishes are dirtier after the wash then when they went in. Flatware is marred and dirty. Heavily soiled dishes are hardly cleaned at all.

The only way to make this machine work is to pre wash all dishes by hand, have a water softener installed in your home, not to use any detergent except plain old-fashioned non-additive store-brand, and to add “Glass Magic” to each wash. Avoid the Bosch brand at all costs.

Don't count on your Bosch rebate!!!
By -

HILLIARD, OHIO -- I had purchased all Bosch appliances for my remodeled kitchen in December of 2006. The offer was if you bought four appliances you would receive a $500 rebate. Well SIX months later I FINALLY received $200 after many calls and having to re-fax my rebate form. You can imagine how PO'd I was that after all that time, calling, and faxing that the check was not for the full $500 I was promised.

I have been told several times that my rebate will be reviewed but still even after many calls over the past couple months they can't tell me anything. Bosch obviously doesn't have their act together as far as customer service is concerned. As a business owner myself I know how important it is to bend over backwards for any customer and even more so for an unhappy one (which hardly ever occurs thank you very much).

If they cared at all my "issue" would have been resolved in about 24 hours. Then I would be happy and wouldn't feel like I wanted to cause them to lose some money because they lied and cheated me out of mine. I give up!!! It is no longer worth my time. I have better things to do. Gosh what I could I have done with the three hundred dollars they promised me... Do me and yourself a favor and buy from a company that actually cares how they treat their customers!!!

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