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High Cost Repair Parts and They Won't Let You Keep Your Old Part
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FLORIDA -- I had to pay $168 in repair and $260 for part to get circuit board replaced cause my circuit board went out in back of refrigerator. In total the bill came to $455.00. The refrigerator is not even 3 years old. The technicians were very competent and were from the company that Bosch refers you to cause not any one in this area works on them. When they were leaving I asked they leave the old part. They said no, they have to send it back to Bosch for them to see what went wrong. I said if they are not paying for this bill then I want to keep it but they would not let me have it or give me credit for it.

If you have an auto repaired and pay for the work and part if it is not covered by warranty, then by law you must get the old part back. So why are not appliances the same way? What happened to consumer protection and rights? Bosch refrigerators don't last long.

Don't Buy Bosch Washer/Dryers!

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- The Bosch front-loading stackable washer & dryer that we purchased for our home are the absolute worst appliances that we have ever owned. In order to dry anything other than delicates, I have to set the dryer to "extra dry." If I set it to "regular dry" the clothes are still wet. Even the "very dry" setting doesn't work for most items. Forget about using the "permanent press" selection because it leaves the clothes damp!!! It doesn't make any difference how many clothes are in the dryer either!

The washer is even worse!!! If I use a small amount of detergent (approximately 1/4 cup or less) to wash dust cloths & a few other housecleaning items, the washing machine overflows & I end up with water all over the place. We will never purchase another Bosch product!!!

Bosch Refrigerator Sucks!!
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Purchased entire Bosch Suite: fridge, double oven, cooktop, dishwasher and microwave. Unfortunately no one stocks these in house so you cannot see how things work before you special order. Cannot put cup in one place and dispense water and ice. Ice comes from the back and water from the front and the ice sprays pieces everywhere outside the cup. Within one month starting having issues with fridge. Found metal flakes in my ice. Warranty repair company came out and discovered that the metal plating on the ice chopper was defective and peeling. Had to replace the entire ice tray.

I live in the country with many power outages and every power outage caused the computer to scramble its brain and the ice, water, etc. buttons were all randomly mixed up. The light came on when I pressed water and the light button dispensed water and so on. After the last outage all the boards crapped out. A month later repairman had to again come out and again replace the ice tray. The water still stops working sometimes and randomly sprays water all over my hardwood floors. Two weeks prior to the end of warranty, fridge quit making ice and would dispense water without anyone touching the button. Replaced the board and complete ice tray again.

This time the motor burned up on the ice maker part. Two weeks out of warranty, fridge is again not working properly. Bosch was of no help because each time the problem was similar but not exactly the same! This machine is a LEMON and should have been replaced by the company a long time ago. DON'T BUY BOSCH. I thought I was buying an upscale brand, instead I was ripped off when I could have purchased a perfect fridge for half the price!!!!

Hard to Remove Ice Maker Bin
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I have found numerous reports of it being extremely hard to pull directly out the ice maker bin. You pull so hard that it almost pulls the machine forward that is the entire refrigerator. I found that after getting it out for the first time you should alter the ice bin by filing 2 very small tabs on the top rail of the bin. These 2 tabs are 3 3/4 of an inch from the back of the end of top rail and are in size to match these 2 dashes. This stops the tabs from catching as they are supposed to do on upper tabs, that is the cavity that the ice bin slides into. The tabs are white and the upper catch which is not attached to the bin are white as well. Only file off the tabs on the bin!!!

Life is so simple now in order to clean or clear frozen ice cubes that form a blockage. Don't worry about the ice bin falling out as it sits firmly in place after those tabs are removed. Why do people with no experience in design flaws have to solve or alter the Bosch machine. It should be up to BOSCH!

Problems With Ice Maker
By -

We like the unit very much except for the ice maker. A "trained" user knows to put the glass up very close to the dispenser to prevent ice flying all over the floor. The ice cube chipper almost always dispenses a whole cube or two before (if) it starts chipping at all. The unit has frozen up on four occasions since we bought it 4 months ago. This requires shutting the ice maker off, setting the bin out on the counter overnight and letting the jammed cubes (caught due to the close tolerances on the ice maker according to the repair man) thaw and then normal operation resumes.

Unfortunately you don't know the cubes have jammed until you're out of ice. Don't like the "feel" of the controls on the ice maker either. There is no give in them resulting in most people pushing them much harder than necessary.

Bad Customer Service, Cheap Trick
By -

We bought two products from Bosch in their promotion campaign early this year. We sent them the cash back forms but never get a response for almost 2 months. We made call just today and they said they haven't got the fax (even though Post office receipt showed that it was the successfully sent 2 months ago). Bosch simply said they have not received.

The guy asked us to resend the forms again (by email, though they had never replied our previous email for the issue) and wait for 56 days. What on earth their service is. OMG, Bosch. Just $150 cash back for the machines, and we would need to wait for 4 months (if actually they will pay us). Who knows? The next time would be simply "We didn't get your email". Anyone here got such experience? Next time just go for other brands. And Bosch product designs suck, lots of flaws as others made complaints. What a cheap trick for a mature company. "We never got your form".

Poor Quality Product
By -

Thought I was buying a quality fridge/freezer German product, but writing on the back of the fridge is Turkish. This is the most rotten fridge I have ever owned. The ice container is broken, the shelves are broken, both the vegetable drawers are cracked, the upper drawer is snapped off. It's just three years old but all the breaks occurred in the first year. The product is so inferior I doubt it is German quality.

The shelves are scratched beyond recognition, the edges of the glass shelves are crumbling. What happened to Bosch? Write to Bosch and they as good as told me to get lost and offered a 15% discount to buy more, (inferior I presume) spare bits for my fridge freezer. What an insult. Never will buy another Bosch appliance as long as I live.

Bosch Tankless Water Heater Failure
By -

I purchased this quite expensive water heater based on Bosch reputation for quality. I wanted to do my part to save energy, so spent more than twice the cost of a conventional water heater. It functioned well for 2.5 years, then stopped working. I thought "no problem", the warranty was a reasonable 5 years, similar to a "normal" water heater. I failed to read the fine print however. 5 years was for the heat exchanger ONLY. The rest of the parts were warrantied for ONE YEAR ONLY!?. The failed part, the main circuit board was FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!, almost half as much as a new unit.

Even the cheapest conventional water heater lasts more than a couple years. This is my second bad experience with Bosch, as I had an early failure of a dishwasher as well, where the replacement parts far exceeded the value of a two-year-old appliance. I'll not consider purchasing another Bosch product. Beware an advertised warranty length to be sure it's on the whole product before purchase. To add one more complaint, I was on hold for over 2 hours for tech support to diagnose the problem.

Never Purchase
By -

Never ever buy a Bosch front loading washer. Faulty metal hinges that break. Weak plastic control panel that cracks and will allow rust to develop. A disgrace to the German reputation of quality engineering. Would not be so bad if Bosch had a competent service department. Unfortunately they cannot even manage to keep records of complaints and contacts, let alone help. Also, good luck trying to find a means to escalate a complaint. Premium pricing for an inferior product that will make you write reviews like this one.

In over 50 years this is the first time I have been upset enough to write a product review. Their warranty is the same as washers that are half the price. Maybe Bosch should stick to making brake pads, something they are good at, and stay out of the home appliance business.

Bosch Washer Is a Loser.
By -

My Bosch Front Load Washer is awful! It gets smelly from gunk building up around the rubber gasket. It definitely uses substantially less water and electricity. It would be nice if it also cleaned the clothes. Each load takes at least one hour ten minutes...much longer than my old washer. The permanent press cycle leaves water in the bottom of the washer...on purpose for reasons I don't understand. The only detergent type that nearly cleans the clothes is the expensive "HE" type.

Now I find that I must use a special cleaner for the inside of the washer, too. After drying, my clothes are terribly wrinkled, stiff and smelling excessively of detergent. What happened to clothes being fluffy and clean smelling? Even with utility rebates my Bosch washer was a waste of money.

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