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Bosch 12 volt drill
Posted by on
I purchased a bosh drill from Lowes in Columbus Ohio. paid $150.00 plus tax. model number ps20. within the first 4 months 1 of the batteries stopped taking a charge. so I purchased a battery, $50.00. less than 1 year from purchase the drill completely stopped working. took the drill to the service center for repair, was quoted a price for repair. the repair cost was more than a refurbished drill online. I have been in the construction trade all of my life, and I have never had a drill fail in less than a year. pulled the drill apart to find that the motor was completely worn out, brushes were worn down and motor was sticking and felt rough. 15 minuets later, I found the cause for the worn out motor. the final drive bearings, a cylinder shaped bearing, six of them, were worn and causing the chuck to stick and working the motor more to make the drill function. I have purchased many Bosch products in the past. a planer, jigsaw, corded drill, and others. so when I saw this drill, I purchased it right away. it was not on sale, I paid full price, seemed like a great product, how could I go wrong? usually I read reviews of anything I buy, but figured I would be safe with a Bosch product, man was I sorely wrong this time. I have owned and still do own many dewalt cordless 12 volt drills and some are over 10 years old, and work just like the day they were purchased. I thought Bosch was a safe bet to invest my money. I now face the problem, do I buy another one of the same sub standard drills, or throw it away. I now own 2 batteries and a charger that will never be used again. what a piece of junk. I feel as though Bosch corp. has stolen $200 plus dollars from me and my family. if I do not receive a response from this email, I will assume that the Bosch corp. knows all about this issue with this drill, but will not address the problem.
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Anonymous on 12/18/2010:
Can't go wrong with DeWalt,or Makita......

They cost a little more,but are worth it..
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No good warranty
Posted by on
To whom it may concern:
I have a Bosch Aqua-Star tank less hot water heater that I installed about 02-01-02. The unit has started to leak, I called for warranty and spent over one hour on the phone waiting through the first person to switch me to someone who takes all my information and gives me a case number then switches me to someone else who I give the case number to and then they go through the same questions because its easer then flipping back and forth between screens. One hour on the phone at 08:30 in the morning, was everyone still getting coffee? This started off my sour feeling with your company. Then after a bunch of questions that seem to have nothing to do with the unit I start to see the picture, you are looking for any reason you can find to get out of the warranty. I am asked to take a picture of the leak and e-mail it. After I do this I am asked for more pictures. After sending more pictures I am told that it appears that the dark spot on the side of the unit shows it was over heated and the leak was caused by a change in the molecular structure of the copper tube. I told him that may be that spot has been over heated but that is not where it is leaking and that a change in the molecular structure is a bunch of crap, it’s leaking from a tube with water in it and to change the molecular structure the tube would need to heated over 200 degrees centigrade, FYI 100 degrees centigrade is the boiling point of water this would mean that the unit was producing steam and would have exploded. So after I disproved his theory on the overheat he started on well it’s corroded from the outside and that is not covered under warranty. At this point I know that Bosch is going to back out of the warranty any way it can. I said to him that this is from the inside out and he responds with well then it’s the water quality and that’s not covered under warranty. So as I said before Bosch is not going to back up the warranty with anything but reason after reason that it is not covered. I will buy another tank less hot water heater but with the way Bosch has backed up the warranty I will never buy another Bosch product be it a water heater, power tool or even a sparkplug. As I am finding out Bosch warranty is not worth the paper it’s written on. I am sure this letter will fall on deaf ears and will be filed with the rest of the trash so have a nice day.

Thank You
Charles Laudenslager
681 Cassel Road
Manchester, PA 17345
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Bosch - Horrible Quality & Even Worse Customer Service
Posted by on
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- In short, don't ever buy a Bosch appliance for two reasons:
1) The Quality is bad
2) The Customer Service is pathetic.

The Story:
In October of 2007, I outfitted my entire kitchen with new Bosch appliances because of the fantastic experience with a previous Bosch dishwasher that I purchased/installed in my preceding home in 2005. I purchased the following Bosch items: one dishwasher, one gas cooktop, one double electric wall oven, one wall mount chimney hood, and one side-by-side refrigerator.

Last year my double oven’s main touch panel/controller went bad (luckily I had an extended warranty to cover the costs to replace) and just this past month, my refrigerator’s controller has gone bad.

With the refrigerator/freezer, the freezer compartment gradually stopped being cold due to ice buildup on the defrosting system. I followed the user manual instructions a few times – unplugged it, allowing it to defrost manually. The freezer would start working again, however over time the ice would build back up and my family would be left with thawed food and no ice in the freezer again. Last week I called the local authorized Bosch service provider, that previously performed the work on my double oven, to come take a look at my refrigerator to see what was wrong. The service technician followed the Bosch inspection/troubleshooting procedures and determined that the main controller of the refrigerator/freezer was not functioning properly and that it would need replaced.

I first called Bosh, then wrote them a letter asking for them to make it right, as I spent a SH*T load of money on their appliances and have had issus after issue. After not having a working freezer (in the summer) for two weeks while going through the 'process', Bosch's only corrective action/customer service was to pay only 50% of the part!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 08/09/2010:
That's a lot of money not to be satisfied. I guess Bosch isn't what it's cracked up to be. What's the point in spending more money if you don't get a better product and adequate customer service? Beats me.
Helpful on 08/09/2010:
I would begin by not using slang for vulgarities. I've never thought that appropriate within any posting. It sounds like the extended warranty was very helpful in that it covered the cost of replacing the oven for you. Is the extended warranty still in place such that it should cover the refrigerator now?

I appreciate you posting.
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Bosch Oven Door Hinges Failed
Posted by on
MELBOURNE,AUSTRALIA -- After 4 years of reliable but infrequent operation the Door on our Bosch Oven would not fully close, on inspection it was observed the hinge arms were bent slightly sideways. The local Bosch service agent replaced the hinges at a cost of $249.70 AUD which we thought very expensive.

Checking the removed faulty hinges we noted the hinge spring channel assemblies were distorted locally, and adjacent to a rectangular slot cutout in the side of the channel,the distortion caused the hinge arm pivot pin to move out of square thus moving the Hinge arms out of square to foul on the sides of the channels and preventing the oven door to fully close.

Bosch Technical Services stated "The damage can be attributed to an excessive downward force on the Oven Door" which we dispute as there are only myself and my wife who might use the Oven and no likelihood of an excessive force used.

Our complaint is we believe the design of the Oven Door hinges is poor in that a manufactured hole in the hinge spring channel adjacent to the hinge pivot pin weakens the channel locally which subsequently distorts during normal door closures, it should be mentioned the springs are very strong too.
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User Replies:
Mark E. on 01/19/2009:
I have same problem with a new Bosch gas convection oven. The door would not shut completely and the escaped heat would melt the knobs. On the original hinges, the light would stay on. I am on my 3rd set of door hinges. Fortunately, these are still under warranty, and I may have to have these replaced every 6 months or so under warranty. There is a 12-month warranty for each repair, so you need to get these hinges replaced before the warranty runs out every year, since even the new hinges will get progressively worse over time.
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What a Piece of Crap!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VICTORIA, B.C. CANADA -- I love my expensive Bosch dishwasher, it's at least 7 yrs old. Works so well, loads so great, holds a ton of dishes/glasses etc.
So I tell my son and daughter in law to buy one. They buy the bottom of the line ecosense model from Future shop. WHAT a piece of crap!!! Won't drain properly, dishes dirty, doesn't dry properly, etc etc. the control panel buttons don't seem to work. Future shop of course will not do anything even under warranty, they don't stand behind anything!
Don't buy one of these!
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nikalseyn on 02/07/2014:
Never heard of Future Shop, but if the appliance is under warranty, you should be contacting Bosch for repairs, not the seller of the thing.
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1yr Old Refrigerator Freezer Went Out. Replacement Takes 2 Weeks
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
My freezer went out 2 weeks ago. (still under warranty) Technician came out, worked on it, then the refrigerator went out. I have now been without a freezer for 2 weeks and without a refrigerator for over 1 week. Today it was determined that I need a replacement unit, but can take 2 weeks to get it.

This is not acceptable. Never will I purchase another Bosch appliance. Bad appliance/ bad customer service.
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Washer Odor
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CALIFORNIA -- From the beginning there was a mold problem in the rubber around inside of door. Told to use bleach--dry machine after use and always leave door open when not in use. Now the towels have taken on a terrible odor, probably mold and the company suggested I call a repairman.

My suggestion before buying a front load (expensive) machine--review, review, review.

One terribly unhappy customer.
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User Replies:
ok4now on 02/07/2013:
I also have a Bosch washer, about two years old. Any front loader could potentially have this problem. I leave the door open and occasionally wipe the seal out with no issues. Sounds like the seal on your door has been destroyed by mold so no amount of cleaning will help. The only fix will be a new seal then make sure to keep it clean.
leet60 on 02/07/2013:
This is a fairly common problem with front load washing machines. There are some good tips on the website below you may want to try:
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Bosch b20cs50sns Refrigerator is the worst! Icemaker broken, doesn't keep temp in fridge
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Bosch b20cs50sns Refrigerator is the worst! Icemaker broken, doesn't keep temp in fridge. Only had unit for a few years and everything turned to crap after the 1st year. Icemaker freezes over and water spills out of the front of unit because the piece that bends the ice tray is cheap plastic. Now at year 5, fridge won't keep temp. Everything spoils after a few days. Rotten milk, rotten meat, what a piece of junk. Also have an oven made by Bosch, another poorly designed piece of junk
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ok4now on 07/09/2012:
Not that this will ease your pain but it's not just Bosch. Most of the major appliances today are very problematic and require expensive repairs. Problems with Sears/Kenmore are through the roof. I have an Electrolux French Door refrigerator that I paid $3000 for. After only two years the ice maker quit working. The repair was $850. ($650 parts & $200 labor) I watched the repair tech struggle to fix it and was amazed how cheaply made it was. It is overly complex in design including many sensors & electronics. I'm sure it will fail again. If it does it will stay broke, I'll buy a portable ice machine.

FYI: The repair tech who works on everything told me this. Whirlpool and Kitchen Aide have a mechanical ice maker, no electronics. If it fails an entire new unit is only $150 and just 2 screws to replace it. Something to think about.
SearsCare on 07/11/2012:
Dear carm24:

My name is Susan with Sears Social Media Support Escalations team. We are a single point of contact for escalated issues which means that we handle your issue start to finish with one dedicated case manager. We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the problems you are encountering with your Bosch Refrigerator. I can only imagine your frustration with having a unit that doesn't keep your food at the proper temperature or an ice maker that doesn't work properly. We would like to look into the issues associated with your Bosch Refrigerator and offer our assistance to help resolve them. We value your business very much and want to make sure that everything is being done to help you that can be done.

At your convenience please contact our office via email at and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the Bosch Refrigerator was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name (carm24) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
Steven hornbaker on 09/15/2012:
The reviewer is right. I own this piece of s/)$t. Worst ice maker om earth. Makes 5 cubes a day. I have replaced it 4 times. Also had to replace water valve. Horrible product!!!!!
Lynn Oliveira on 01/31/2013:
I completely agree. Over 3 grand for a refrigerator and after two years its crap. The ice maker is the worse and now the water dispenser all in one week. I already had an issue with the freezer and paid 500 dollars to fix it last year and now more probs with the ice maker. Would NOT recommend this refrigerator.
Jo Ann S on 07/16/2013:
I agree - this refrigerator came with the house I bought 1 year ago. Have had to replace doors handles 4 times as the cheap plastic end caps keep splitting and you have to replace the entire door handles -expensive. Also had to replace the motor. CRAP REFRIGERATOR
Ross on 08/01/2013:
Would not buy another Bosch appliance, they need to stay with automotive parts, cause their refrigerators are a disgrace to modern manufacturing.
4 days of operation the compressor locks up. 4 days in a newly remodeled 40 K kitchen and they want to send a tech out to pump down, cut out and sweat a new compressor in in my kitchen.
Water dispenser sprayed water in a spray like a shower head, not a clean stream, clock was set to military time and they had to change the entire control center to get 12 hour time and it took 6 weeks.
Two shelving unts have broken from hardly any use, we're two adult empty nesters , so we go pretty easy on things.
And now to the ice maker, me day it makes nothing, the next it running over the edge. The water freezes in a block at the back of the ice tray and won,t let the unit sit all the way in the freezer causing more havoc. Ad where you put the cup/glass or container to catch the ice is anybody's guess.
Unbelievable that a unit with this name and At this cost can perform so poorly and the company stays in business. I guess no one speaks out anymore.
Well anyone from Bosch who reads this can contact me through Fergason in Sacramento. They will remember the guy in VacAville that bought 10k in a day and had the refrigerator issues and don't let me
Get started on the Dacor drawer microwave, it only lasted thirty days!
karen on 08/05/2013:
We bought a house a year ago and it came with this frig. The ice maker never worked all that well and this May, the whole thing went to nuts. Two control boards, one motor fan, lots of water on the floor, much spoiled food later, we still haven't gotten to the bottom of it. The ice maker still doesn't work -- what I would give to deal with jammed ice at this point. And now the LCD display is on the fritz. Customer service simply repeats their warranty policy to me. The next frig will NOT be a Bosch.
Steve on 08/30/2013:
Well Like Ross I bought all new Bosch kitchen appliances including the B20CS50SNS /02. Unbelievable how bad it has been two ice makers and three freezer fans. And right now the water dispenser is out. So once again I am at the unwelcome decision
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Posted by on
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- My French door refrigerator buttons are so light you don't realize you have pressed the off button. My ice maker dispensing plastic chips ( from the ice maker) into my glass, I have swallowed several pieces of plastic unknowingly. Sometimes I can catch them from almost choking. I have had the repairman out several times for other problems. Now an inch sized piece of plastic has fallen into my glass, I guess I'll call the repairman!

Truly disappointed in my refrigerator, it is only a year old!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 10/26/2011:
That sounds like an extraordinary amount of problems in only a year. All the service calls must be very inconvenient. I hope they get everything fixed before the warranty expires. And that you don't choke in the meantime!
At Your Service on 10/26/2011:
I'm sure sorry to hear of the difficulty you're having with the refrigerator. Overall, I like Bosch products very much. Their refrigerators use a metal auger, which means the plastic isn't coming from it.

There are two areas to an ice storage and dispensing system. The one is located within the freezer itself and includes the auger, the other is the dispensing area located directly on the door. If it's still within the first year, definitely contact an authorized Bosch service center. If you've lapsed outside the first year, but may have an extended service program with the unit, contact the retailer you purchased it through. If it is outside the first year and you don't have additional warranty coverage to protect the unit, drop us a note. I'd be glad to help you in any way I can so as to not cause a service call.
Venice09 on 10/27/2011:
Drop us a note? Are you commenting on behalf of Bosch?
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Ice Maker
Posted by on
I have the same problem with my ice maker. Four years old and the tray broke in the same place.
Were you able to find a tray or is the only option $110.

PS. I also have the same Bosch products plus the micro and stove.
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