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Is This a Bait and Switch or An Unfortunate Mistake?
Posted by on
On Saturday 10/3/09, I made several jewelry purchases online. Boscov's was advertising a great sale. I found some of the prices unbelievable so I called to verify that the items I was purchasing contained genuine diamonds which they confirmed. I completed my purchases and received email confirmations. On Monday 10/4/09, I received an email that one of my orders had been cancelled due to "No stock". When I went online I saw the item advertised at a different price. I called customer service who informed me that there was a glitch in their online system that resulted in itemd being priced at $70 when in fact they should have been 70% off. After calculating the reduction of the original price I informed him that the new price was not 70% off. I also asked why the cancellation did not state there was an error in pricing instead of saying "no stock". He said he would look into it and call me back. On Tuesday 10/6/09 I received additional emails stating all of my purchases had been cancelled again due to "no stock". I again called customer service and that stated that they were working on the situation and would be in touch. On Wednesday 10/7/09, I received a call stating they had adjusted all prices according to the 70% off sale and if I wanted to purchase the items that had been cancelled at the new prices they would waive the shipping costs. I stated the shipping was free when I made my original purchases. Their response was "Well, that offer has expired and we are willing to ship your items for free as a courtesy for your inconvenience. They stated that one of the rings I purchased for $70 was now on sale for $749.70 so I should understand why they cannot honor my original sale. I do understand how this could be a problem for them but I thought if an item was advertised for a certain price the store was bound to complete the sale. I remember something like this happening at Best Buy not to long ago but they had one misprint and owned up to it and made a disclaimer immediately. Boscov's on the other hand had a website full of items that they say were erroneously priced and never made a disclaimer. They just cancelled order stating the items were not in stock which was not true. I think they should be forced to either honor the sales since they lied about why the sales were cancelled. This was handled very poorly by their customer service department and I felt insulted that their method of compromise was to offer me free shipping when this was part of my original purchases. Do I have any legal recourse?
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User Replies:
JR in Orlando on 10/08/2009:
I would: 1) search their internet store and print off pictures etc. of each item now claimed to be out of stock. 2) cross-check product numbers etc between yours and the current items 3) Look for any disclaimer in ad that says not responsible for misprints in ad; and 4) Send a certified letter, return receipt requested with copies of your confirmation and the pictures of new items available, tell them you don't think they were out of stock, and that you want you items. If not I will take whatever legal action is appropriate. Wait for response. If no, then see an attorney about small claims.
Anonymous on 10/08/2009:
You thought you were getting a $700 item for $70 and did NOT think something was wrong? Of course they are not going to take several hundred dollar loss on a technical issue.

They offered free shipping to compensate you. Websites are run by PEOPLE. I myself own 4. I do all the work myself. I am not infallible and neither are they.

My local grocer had Blue Bell ice cream 3 for $5 in his last weeks circular. I KNEW it was a misprint since he has always had it 3 for $10 and the cartons cost $5.35 each normally. I would never have thought to take advantage of that and insist on the price printed. I know some who do and I think they are common as dirt.

The fact that you ASKED first tells me you knew it was too good to be true and now want to be greedy.
littlemissknowitall on 09/18/2010:
No dear, you do not have "legal recourse". Boscov's does not owe you anything because a mistake was made. People who try to take advantage of things like this really irritate me. Whatever happened to class, dignity, etc.?

You can spend lots of time with letters & e-mails, but I promise the only thing you'll get in return is wasted time. They did you a favor by offering free shipping. You have no right to expect more than that.

If you couldn't figure out that a $700 ring on sale for $70 was a mistake, you should probably practice some critical thinking. If you DID realize it, well then you were just trying to get something out of the situation.

Oh, I worked for Boscov's for three years, by the way. In management. This happened often, and it usually wasn't Boscov's fault. It was usually something a customer read incorrectly. In this case it was a simple mistake. Move on, please, for everyone involved. Especially yourself. Save face, be gracious about the mistake, and carry on with your life. Don't be "that person". There comes a time when a store weighs the amount of ridiculous stress induced by a customer & his/her actual "cash value". If you were trying to get a $700 ring for $70, I'm pretty sure which side wins. They're not going to deal with you.

You don't get something just because a mistake was made. I wish people would stop trying to profit off of mistakes/misprints! Some class & common decency is in order here.

Trust me, no one's taking a $630 loss so you can come back & spend minimal amounts for years to come. TRUST ME.
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Talked Into Applying for Credit Card & Turned Down
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PENNSYLVANIA -- The clerk talked me into applying for a credit card & get extra 15% off. Boscovs turned me down. I have NEVER been turned down & pay all my bills !!!!!! I make double car payments & owe small amt. MY ONLY BILL other than monthly bills that are paid in full each month. I am VERY VERY VERY upset!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 01/15/2013:
You may be entitled to an explanation for the refusal to accept you, as is the case when you apply for a major credit card - I don't know.

I look at it this way - the bank is deciding whether an applicant is a good risk. It's their money. I understand your frustration as well, if your credit is good. Do you know your score?

I was turned down only once IIRC. I called the bank and gave them additional information that caused them to reverse their decision.
Starlord on 01/15/2013:
Extension of credit is a courtesy, not a right. Apparently, something in your information available did not meet with their requirements. I can understand you being upset, but you are not entitled to credit, as it is a perk.
At Your Service on 01/16/2013:
SL is very correct in that credit is very much a courtesy. If you'll speak directly to their credit department, they will generally be able to provide you with the information that allowed them to arrive at their conclusion. You are then, generally, able to contact the credit reporting agency in an effort to correct any incorrect information found out said statement.
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