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Overall poor product and service

WEST PEABODY, MASSACHUSETTS -- My husband and I recently had a problem with the overall experience at your company. We hired you, Boston Fence, of West Peabody, MA to install a new fence, which you completed the last week in July 2001. My husband and I discovered 3 installation mistakes about a week later: 1) The main gate was installed backwards so it swings the wrong way, it sags, and it doesn't open and close properly. 2) One section of fence was installed 1' above the rest - it looks really bad. 3) The back gate doesn't open and close properly - not even sure what's wrong with it.

You, Boston Fence, agreed that these were mistakes and promised to fix them in a 'couple of weeks' but as of this writing (November 20) you still have not fixed them. But it's worse than not fixing the fence. I called on September 20th to find out why you hadn't fixed your mistakes yet. Obviously angry with me for complaining, you told me at that point that you would fix them on December 3rd. I told you that I thought December 3rd was ridiculous. The conversation ended with Rick ** of Boston Fence hanging up the phone on me. When I called back to speak to you, the owner, you too hung up the phone on me.

When I complained in writing I got a call from Rick Nardella who proceeded to SCREAM at me on the phone. That I had lied in the letter about various details and that fixing the fence was doing me a favor and that he didn't care how much money we spent on our fence. We will never use your company again, and we will never recommend you to other people. We're not confident you will show up on December 3rd but at this point all we can do is wait. You have treated us horribly - absolutely horribly. All we asked you for was what we paid for - a properly installed fence. What we got in return was a sloppy job, poor service, insults and abuse.

I've spoken to numerous fence companies as well as the American Fence Association and I told them about how you, Boston Fence, have behaved throughout this ordeal and they all said that there is no excuse for your behavior and no excuse for not fixing the installation mistakes within a couple of weeks of first being reported. Of course, I want the fence fixed. But I also want an apology. No company should be allowed to treat its customers the way you, Boston Fence, have treated us.

At this point I will do everything I can to let as many people as possible know the kind of company you are so they don't end up having to deal with the kind of abuse we've had to put up with. Fixing the fence AND apologizing is the very least you could do.

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