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Cashier and Management
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BELLMAWR, NEW JERSEY -- The cashier in this store is extremely rude to customers many times throwing change back on the counter, walking away from line of customers to go over and talk with other cashiers, and never wearing a name tag. When manager was approached about this problem she replied she could not keep tabs on all her workers (SAD). After talking to Manager as I walked by the cashier she yelled they are not going to say anything to me anyway, what a horrible way to treat customers. As I responded to her the manager and her assistant asked us to leave the store even though the other woman in line told them that the cashier was the one that was rude to myself. Its' this rude and horrible way that cashiers and managers of Bottom Dollar Foods treat customers that unfortunately will eventually spell an end to Bottom Dollar Foods in this area.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
COATESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to Bottom Dollar this morning about 10am. After completing my shopping, I went on the only check out opened.

The female at the register engaged in a personal conversation with the woman in front of me. They spent at least 10 min. Conversing about non-related, outside business when the cashier, began writing some unrelated BS Down, knowing she was the only register opened and with a long line of customers behind me.

Not very professional and very inconsiderate at the least! I can only imagine what would have happened if both the black cashier and black customer were white!

I will not be shopping here again and I suggest you don't either.
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User Replies:

TLSmith on 2012-06-14:
What does race have to do with this? If you were in line for "10 minutes" waiting while the cashier and customer were engaging in small talk, why didn't you speak up?
trmn8r on 2012-06-14:
You had me going until the racial element was introduced. I don't see how that is a factor.

10 minutes is a long time to wait for someone to complete a conversation. Are you sure it was 10 minutes? After about 3 minutes tops, I would have (as nicely as I could muster) asked if they could complete the conversation so I could check out.
Justice74 on 2012-06-14:
trmn8r> You pose a very legitimate question when asking if the OP was sure the actual wait time was 10-minutes. Too often, I read reviews where the OP states they sat in the drive-through line for 30-minutes or that there was at least 15 cars in line.

I haven't been to very many places that can support 15 vehicles, bumper to bumper, in their limited parking lanes in drive-thrus. I only raise this example because it might possibly lay a precedent for exaggeration.

A few weeks ago, I was in line inside of a store with my wife. And an eternity seemed to pass by while the cashier was helping the customer in front of us. I was becoming extremely agitated and was ready to just walk out when they finally got to us. I was so upset that they were taking soooooooo long to help us, and chatting with the customer in front of us. As I walked out the door, and glanced down at my watch (cellphone...who wears wristwatches anymore?), I was literally shocked to see that only 7-minutes...YES! 7-minutes!...had elapsed from the time we walked in. But it seemed like an eternity, and had I not glanced at the time, I would've swore we stood there for at least 30-minutes.

I'm not saying this was the case with this OP, but it just goes to show sometimes things aren't always as bad as we think. Good observation trmn8r!
Churro on 2012-06-14:
Yeah that does sound annoying. I probably would have dropped my stuff where I stood and left or if I was feeling puckish force my way into their conversation with some nonsense.

Regardless if was 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 minutes that is bad customer service.
frak on 2012-06-14:
I hope you told the manager about this bad customer service. I would have.
danie1442 on 2012-06-15:
I wonder did you speak up and were ignored or did you just sit and stew? I believe a person is taken advantage of more when they don't speak up for themselves. In this case it sounds as if you would have gotten some kind of friction but it may have hurried things along for you.

I too am wondering what their race had to do with the situation. That could have been left out. It seems you may have an issue with race in the area you live in.

Lastly, with the name Bottom Dollar, I would have thought twice. That is too funny to me.
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