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Poor Management
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I held a party recently for my child and the management was very inadequately trained in business etiquette. Asked to settle up the party with attendees there, and very rudely on top of that. And wanted to add additional money owed when I was given my balance of $165 when I booked the party, and they wanted over $20 more. Regarding time, I'm obviously responsible for the shutting down of bridge at Cooper which caused me to get to the place 5 minutes til vs 15 minutes. No one tried speaking to me when I got there, they let me spend 10 minutes running back and forth bringing things in for the party, then when a group of guests are standing there decide it's the appropriate time to discuss money. No trash can was provided in the area, had to send people to the front desk to throw things away. I asked for a trash can, and they were shocked that we would need one. Guess we were just supposed to trash the place. Then shortly after the party ended and we were gathering our things, one of the girls walked up to me and got in my face "you were supposed to be out of here 11 minutes ago". I was shocked, everyone knows birthday parties are very hard to stay on time and while I'm wrapping things up a nice warning of my time running out would have been nice. She said she told someone we had 10 minutes. I'm the Host and she told someone else? Was someone else paying for this party. No, so I told her the only person she should have been dealing with is me.

The only benefit is the kids had fun! But regarding professionalism, this place lacks the ability to handle things in the appropriate manner.
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spiderman2 on 07/01/2010:
Have you ever hosted a party not at home before this one? While you are not responsible for traffic problems, neither are the bounce people.The staff isn't there to help you unload your car either -- that is your responsibility. I'm sure if you gave them a tip, they would help you unload your stuff. Did it ever occur to you that they needed to get ready for another party? Maybe that's why they wanted you and your party to move out. When your time is up, the party is over.
Momsx3 on 07/01/2010:
I've held many parties, always outside the home. I did not need their assistance unloading my car. My point was when I first arrived they should have discussed the balance owed for the party before everyone started arriving instead of getting attitudes with the guests. And actually since you brought up the point of their responsibility they were in the room still setting up 10 minutes into my party time, so whatever it evens out. These people didn't deserve a tip, they were rude to the guests of the party also. They also did not provide the plates, and napkins as they were supposed to. They were supposed to get the theme to the party, and it wasn't even near that. You don't have a clue, not looking for your opinion this is just making people aware of what they might deal with if they go there.
hockeymom05 on 07/17/2010:
Spiderman2- you are assuming she was at a professional well run place. That yes has all those good points. But I have been there and it is totally unprofessional and rude and not well run!!! We have only been there for public bounce time and that was bad enough. Thought about having a party there but wondered if it would be worse! Good to know beforehand that it actually would be! Thanks for this post! Sorry it happened to you.
PepperElf on 07/17/2010:
indeed. even if you booked for say "two hours" that timer stars when your booking starts - not when you arrive.
Hoku on 08/04/2010:
Hello guys. My name is Ray and I'm the owner of B4F in Arlington. First, let me apologize for your perception of my "shop" at The Parks. When I opened the place, I meant for it to be a place where children can run free without their parents telling them to "slow down" or "keep your hands off that!" A place where kids can shoot some hoops with their dad or mom and dad can play and kick a soccer ball together and laugh instead of watching tv and "disconnecting" themselves from each other.
However, I didn't realize what a need there was for something like this in Arlington. It does get quite busy and hectic with all the noise, etc. I have come to know that one of my employees wasn't the "kindest" to customers and told the junior employees to "follow her lead". Well, she's not there anymore so I'm hoping for better reviews in the future!
Regarding the party themes: I set it up to have a "generic" theme, unisex with colors that would fit any or all themes people would have. The managers have tried to accommodate some with matching colors of balloons, string, etc. I.e. red/gold for Iron Man, purple/green for the Incredible Hulk, pink/purple for princesses...and so on. Once again, I apologize for the feeling that you may not have been welcome in my shop. Momsx3, if you would please respond (in email) to me @ with regards to your post, I would like to extend a "re-booking" of your party free of charge for up to 15 children. Let me know, and I will call my manager. Thank you,
Momtoaboy on 01/17/2011:
Thanks for this review! I was just about to book my Son's 4th b-day party there. His birthday is in February. We have been there before just to play never for a party. I did notice a couple of the staff members seemed to disappear at times. I think I will go somewhere else for the party. My son really seems to love the bounce houses and we have had a party at Pump it up the last couple of years but they closed the Arlington location so I thought Bounce For Fun would be a good alternative. Hmmm, I guess not! Thanks again for the info. I will be looking somewhere else to host his party.
49w4yo on 01/31/2011:
we are having a party this weekend and will follow up afterwards. So far, all of my paid party hosts have helped with unloading. But I know the place(in this case) is not just us. At first, I thought $240 sounded a bit high(for 20), but after including the decorations, place settings, etc........everything but food, it's not too bad. I only wish that parents were not counted against the 20. I'll write a further review after the party.
jktshff1 on 01/31/2011:
What ever happened to a simple cake, ice cream and some games at home for 20 bucks???
Quit spoiling the kids.
Anonymous on 01/31/2011:
jkt, I agree. My kids have good memories of those parties where we played actual games. I'll bet most kids would still enjoy that, but, unfortunately, some parents don't actually enjoy interacting with the kids. I think our parties cost more like $100--because of treat bags and game prizes, but it was still a blast and affordable. Pinatas were great fun too--as long as nobody got bashed in the head!
Ytropious on 01/31/2011:
Having worked at Chuck E Cheese I can write a book on birthday parties. 240 for 20 guests is getting off easy. At CEC adults did not count against the total, but you had to buy food and drinks for them separately. When my husband's young cousin had a Pump It Up party adults were allowed to play too, hence adults being included in the charge. Seems reasonable! Running on time was KEY and running over your party time is simply not acceptable. We have to clean up your party in time for the next one. How would you feel arriving to your kids party and the party before you isn't gone yet? Little rude huh? Also I was not allowed to help you carry stuff in, that is 100% your job.
grandprairiemom on 02/02/2011:
OMG guys! Heaven forbid someone couldn't clock out to get your bags for your childs' party inside! How many times have you gone to Chuck E Cheese and the girl said, "Hey, let me walk out to your car and lug all your stuff in"? Try doing that ANYWHERE! I had my 4 y/o b-day party there 3 weeks ago and he still don't stop talking about it. Why? He had a great time! Finally someone has the gumption to open a store that caters to kids and you people complain that they couldn't bring your bags in. Shame on you. You guys come in with your expensive purses an fancy bags and complain about 240 dollars? Children come first, they always should. Ytrop is right about getting off easy.
katz3 on 02/16/2011:
@jktshff1 - I don't think it's spoiling our kids. I have twins in separate classes who each want to invite there friends. Even if they each only asked 5 kids to come, 12 kids my house is too small for that many, so is my backyard. Planning and taking care of an entire party on my own is almost impossible especially since I have other small children . You might say host it at a playground, well what if it rains? I am thankful for places where I can pay someone else to clean and handle everything so I can just play with my kids.

@momtoaboy- the pump it up in arlington is not closed anymore they have new management and reopened this past January.

My girls have there party nxt month and we haven't booked a place yet. They really want the mall bouncy but I'm not so sure with all the reviews. I don't expect them to cater to us but I do expect a pleasant staff and a clean area.
Jen on 08/07/2011:
I have only been to bounce 4 fun for open playtime and I was NOT IMPRESSED. As was said the staff is awful, rude, and unhelpful. Pump it Up in Arlington has reopened in arlington and we had my son's birthday there in March! THEY are awesome!! They did help unload my arms when I came in from the car, walked me through the entire process, set up everything for me in the party room so I got to play with my son and visit with the guests. They chaperoned the party and moved the kids from room to room in fun and sweet ways. The staff was always on hand to help. When we moved into the party room they had everything already set up for the kids with plates/ cups/ napkins (all provided) and pizza already laid out for the kids to just sit down and start eating. When my son opened presents there was a staff member there handing him each present, saying who it was from, and writing it down for me to do thank you's later. All I had to do was sit back and enjoy watching my little boy enjoy his day!!! They cut and served the cake and packed up all the presents for me on the way out. I had no problem being in and out in the allotted time because it was SO WELL RUN!!! I would definitely consider using them instead of Bounce 4 Fun. My son still goes on and on about his bounce party and we've been back for several other kids parties as well, they always do an A job!
Adysmommy on 09/19/2011:
I have been to bounce for fun. I think it is very well run. I don't agree with making them do all the work. Like going to go get your bags, that's YOUR responsibility. As far as time goes, I would be more mad showing up to my kids birthday party and it not being ready because they didn't get the other party oitta there. I don't agree with any of these reviews. My daughter had a BLAST. when we went. Her birthday party is in November and we plan to have it here. It was that good of an expierance. Their will be younger kids going and there even a bounce house for them. Couldn't be more perfect. I've had her birthday party at Chuck E Cheese the past 2 years and it was an OK party. She is VERY excited to have her birthday party here. As far as price goes this is the cheapest price I have came across. 150 for 8 kids is not bad at all CEC was just about 200. I am thourally impressed thus far. I WILL NOT be listening to these reviews. I will respond back when the party is over and let you know how it goes. Which I imagine it will go pretty darn good.
bncmakesanb on 01/21/2012:
I haven't had a party there yet, but we did go to my niece's party today. It was great. The only bad thing was that my 2 year old didn't want to jump in the bounce houses, but she cried when we were leaving.
I'm considering this place for my daughter's 3rd birthday party but I have no clue how to find prices for this place.
Face painter on 06/25/2012:
I have not been to this location, but I can see by the owner's response above that he has INCREDIBLE customer service skills: "Momsx3, if you would please respond (in email) to me @ with regards to your post, I would like to extend a "re-booking" of your party free of charge for up to 15 children. Let me know, and I will call my manager. Thank you,
Ray" Sounds like he is really making an effort to bring a much needed resource to Arlington! I'm a professional Face Painter and what I have found is no two parties are ever the same and that it is very difficult to meet everyone's needs in a set parameter of time. That said, I'm happy to report that I've never received a negative review of my work - which is a HUGE BLESSING! Hope you will give them a second chance or maybe a first try!
sheila soliday on 02/02/2013:
I was thinking of having my grandson party there but reading the more negtive reviews I'm kind of having second thought you really need to put your prices on your web site ihave been in there just letting my grandson play I diden care for all the young people running a place were kids play they were playing a lot there selfs around the front I think you need to get a responable adult to manage the place then your reviews weill be better I'm a manager and from experince with hiring young people they still need adults over them
Joesmomma09 on 06/16/2013:
I actually went yesterday to my cousins birthday party there and brought my 3 year old son with me. He was having a great time there. Toward the end of the party, I was trying to be nice and help clean up and my son ended up walking right by 3 ladies and 1 gentleman that worked there, that was right by the entrance,BY HIS SELF, and ended up at dicks sporting goods!!! I only took my eyes off of him for not even 5 minutes. I would of thought that them working in a children environment and working right by the entrance that they would somewhat keep the kids inside the area. He was missing for almost half an hour. When I asked them if they had seen him-their response,"I don't know he might have left....". REALLY?!?! Made me sick. That was absolutely the worst 30 minutes of my life. They do need structure and a door. Just thinking, theres hundreds of kids there everyday. They need a better way of keeping up with the kids. Yes parents need to watch their kids but you see it only takes a minute for one of our kids to get lost or be taken..... Had anyone else had this problem???
Jamika Nash on 03/14/2014:
I think it was nice of the owner to write a response to this review and offer another party. This changed my mind about NOT going. I'm bringing my kids in the hopes that things have changed.
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We Had A Blast!!!!
Posted by on
We have been visiting Bounce 4 Fun Inflatables @ Parks Mall - Arlington for a little over a year now. It has become an almost weekly outing for us, We even have a punch card pass thing that ended up being a great deal.
My children and I always have so much fun that we decided to throw my youngest a birthday party there this July and we weren't disappointed! The staff was awesome as always, They made sure we had everything we needed and then they left us alone to do our party our way, which I loved. I couldn't stand pump it up, where everything was always so rushed and expensive... We were able to have Pizza Hut deliver food for us and they directed the Delivery man right to us. They even went out of their way to make sure the balloons and plates matched the colors of our party,(we had tinkerbell, My daughter's favorite) I can't say enough about it, obviously, lol...But I have deffinately recommended it to friends and will continue to do so!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 07/29/2011:
great review.

very helpful!
Alain on 07/31/2011:
Sounds like fun. I'm guessing this would be the Parks Mall, Arlington, Texas.
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Posted by on
OMG guys! Heaven forbid someone couldn't clock out to get your bags for your childs' party inside! How many times have you gone to Chuck E Cheese and the girl said, "Hey, let me walk out to your car and lug all your stuff in"? Try doing that ANYWHERE! I had my 4 y/o b-day party there 3 weeks ago and he still don't stop talking about it. Why? He had a great time! Finally someone has the gumption to open a store that caters to kids and you people complain that they couldn't bring your bags in. Shame on you. You guys come in with your expensive purses an fancy bags and complain about 240 dollars?

Children come first, they always should. Ytrop is right about getting off easy.
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 02/02/2011:
LOL I like your style prairie mom!
Anonymous on 02/02/2011:
Prairie mom, you posted this as a comment using the name Hoku, the owner of this business yesterday, then deleted your comment on the complaint post about your bouncy business.
Ytropious on 02/02/2011:
Hoku on 02/16/2011:
Hey guys,
This is Ray, the owner of B4F in Arlington. Yes, RIPT, I did try to copy something that a mother e-mailed directly to me but it didn't seem to show up on my end so I asked her to "re-post" it back on this site. I did notice that it was under my name and thought that might look a little weird, but didn't think too much more of it.
As I tell my managers there, if anyone has a complaint (as well as a compliment) please feel free to call or e-mail me. Since I have an 808 area code, most people choose just to e-mail. I do ask my employees to PLEASE, PLEASE ask if anyone needs assistance with bags, or cake, or party stuff in general. But we do get quite busy on the weekends and the staff is running around helping whomever they can. I hope this may clear up any confusion and if anything, if you're curious at all, when next in B4F, ask for Sean, my lead manager and he'll give you my phone number and/or e-mail address. Take care and have a great tomorrow.
Anonymous on 02/16/2011:
Thanks for posting Ray. It's nice to have your input. Appreciate you clearing that up because my BS meter was off the charts.
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