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Boyer-Rosene has not delivered my shipment !!!!
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BENSENVILLE, IL -- I am writing in hopes that you can help. My husband and I used Bekins Boyer Rosene 1121 North Ellis Street, Bensenville, IL 60106-1115(847) 439-0152 to move us from
IL to Tx. They came out and gave us a quote and we had a contract.
The moving day came June 30, 2010 and they arrived. The driver was rude and very unprofessional from the start.
We had used a different Bekins in FL and had a good experience.

On June 30, 2010 they stated the box count was off when in our opinion they estimated too low and they had someone else's items on the truck who had over flow. so they wanted us to pay an additional $1800.
We went back and forth with the Boyer Rosene Office and they dropped it down to around $1300 additional. Under duress my husband agreed to that as they had part of our home loaded, it was a holiday weekend, we had to be out of our home in IL and into TX. We received our first shipment on time. We have email documentation and voice mails that state the second shipment would be delivered on July 13,2010.
It never came and no one ever called or contacted us to let us know anything about it.

My husband finally reached the CEO of Boyer Rosene, Paul Lombardo and our items are still in IL with no firm date of arrival. Mr. Lombardo basically told my husband that they bid the job too cheap and that he would "walk"from the business and we could just come get our items.
That have had very poor customer care and after looking up reviews of Boyer-Rosene this type of behavior seems to be a pattern with them.
This is terrible business practice and we trusted the name Bekins and we have been disappointed with this experience. I have a dear friend in network television who after hearing the story wants to do a segment on this. I am hoping we can get this resolved without doing that but it looks as though we may go ahead with it.
Our quote was $5590 and they now say it's $6887 and we have never gotten the rest of our household. We have emails and phone calls that confirm our delivery date to document that they have indeed missed the promised delivery date of Tuesday July 13,2010.
This week an online review was writtten for Boyer-Rosene about the non-delivery of our household & non- communication. Today we heard from the owner and their attorney saying they could get us our items on Monday if we signed their "legal document" which basically release them from a liability in regards to this move. SO ... we got our own attorney. Mr. Lombardo also left us a message stating that since we did not get back to him with the signed docment that he has ordered his employees to not communicate with us and he would not release our shipment.
I would never recommend them.

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User Replies:
Helpful on 07/18/2010:
There are time in which I can easily read between the lines and see another party's perspective within a complaint. Within this case, however, I completely agree with the OP. Way to go with the attorney. I hope that's not just a threat! Hopefully you've got everything documented well within the contract and you're completely willing to take a great deal more from their pockets than they ever dreamed of making from you!

Stay in touch!
Anonymous on 07/18/2010:
Some of these moving companies are real vermin. These companies literly kidnap your belongings and hold them hostage. Moving is exausting enough without having to put up with this. I wish you the best of luck fighting those #%^%#€.
jktshff1 on 07/18/2010:
Well written review, no rant, just the facts.
Good luck.
Racerrox on 07/19/2010:
And sometimes all of the facts aren't posted: in this case the customer asked for a "not to exceed" estimate based on over 300 items, and then actually shipped 200 more--or 500 total, including applainces and large furniture pieces. When the carrier asked for an additional charge to cover this, and still delivered the original shipment on time...this is the treatment they get. It's a shame that you tar legitimate businesses when YOU are trying to get something for nothing.
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