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This company is doing nothing but selling a shoddy product and will not even answer emails concerning said product, which by the way is 2 stroke gasoline engine kits for bicycles.....Talk about taking the money and running this is it.....Buyer be definitely beforewarned....This company will not stand behind its product.....
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madconsumer on 06/11/2010:
great review, very helpful. well written too.
Skye on 06/11/2010:
No I never saw one. Thanks for the info!

jkt, sounds like fun!
John B. on 12/01/2011:
Where do you suggest on buying these motors instead of boy go fast. my email is
adobe208 on 03/02/2012:
Dude that sucks he's no-good he did the same 2me DON'T BUY FROM HIM
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Good Products
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In 2007 I was diagnosed with Cancer, stopped flying commercially and needed something to do as a hobby. My brother in law showed me a bicycle he was putting together with a 2 cycle engine. I looked up the information and ordered a kit from Boygofast. I put it together and was so pleased I ordered 3 more kits. I put together 2 more bicycles and sold them. I ended up giving my brother in law the other engine in exchange for some mechanical work to my car. In the time frame that I was doing this I ordered several parts from this company and got very fast shipments. I still have my bike and ride it once in a while. I had it stored for a whole year and it fired right up. I think they sell kits as good as any other and I never had a problem with them answering my emails. I have no complaints and if I was to order another one I would not hesitate to order from them, plus the price you can not beat. I hope this helps any undecided buyers.
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Alain on 09/12/2010:
Nice review. I never even though of this type of thing. Sounds like it might be fun!
Adrienne Garcia on 09/13/2013:
I had also just bought a engine form this guy but I can not get the engine to even run for a second for me this kit had horrible instructions which I had to download on to my computer its has been almost a week now and I tried everything to get this engine to run I adjusted the carb and idle screw also the clutch but still no sign of improvement I'm still in the process of talk to him/her so idk where the customer service lies with them
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