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Rating: 1/51

CONNECTICUT -- I have never in all my years experienced such horrendous service. We had ordered 2 living room chairs from but because we wanted to finance them we were referred to the CT store. Advised that it would take about 8-12 weeks for delivery. We accepted this would be a long wait and settled in. We were paying for the chairs all throughout our 8-month wait!!!

After 16 weeks, I began calling the store on a daily basis asking for answers from sales and management. I was repeatedly given a runaround. No one could find my order…the manager was not in…sales people promising to find the chairs but never called back. Every time I called, which was daily, I needed to retell the entire saga and there was never once any one person in charge and able to be solely responsible. I finally went to customer service on the website, a regional manager, and still advised there is NOTHING they could do. I couldn't even cancel the order.

Finally, I was advised that the chairs were made in China and that they were on a boat coming to the US. Seriously?!! Well, the chairs remained on the boat for 6 more weeks - or so I was told. Was it a row boat? Finally, the chairs were sent to South Carolina - of course - and then were shipped to CT, and then finally shipped to us. In total 8 months of sheer aggravation and frustration. Every single staff person was useless and unapologetic. Do NOT consider ordering ANYTHING from this substandard ripoff of a company.

Furniture Arrived Damaged and Dust-Caked at 10pm, 5h After Window; Customer Service Unapologetic, Condescending
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Rating: 1/51

MOCKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I wish we'd read these reviews of Boyles horrendous customer service. We would have been spared the expense and frustration. Our order of a Henredon dining table was delayed two weeks, then arrived at 10pm, 5 hours after the delivery window. The table was so caked in dust, we couldn't wipe it clean but had to use a vacuum cleaner and brush (we took photos, it was so unbelievable how much dust there was).

When we were finally able to inspect the table, the base was noticeably damaged in two places and had scratches in several other places (not distressing). We did not accept the table. When a Boyles operations manager (Steve) finally got around to calling us, he would only offer to repair the table, not send a new table. His excuse was along the lines of "this furniture damage happens all the time, and we can't guarantee that every piece comes new." Really? Then don't sell it as new! It's old, damaged furniture that has been sitting in a warehouse for years collecting dust.

Despite the late delivery, the 10pm arrival, the damage, and the inability to send a new table within any reasonable timeframe, Boyles will not refund our money. I've only received unapologetic, condescending emails to the effect of "we're trying to reach you. You have to accept the [damaged, repaired] table." We've now disputed the charge with our credit card company.

Horrible Customer Service, Long Delays In Delivery, Don't Shop Here
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Rating: 1/51

MOCKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered my furniture from Boyle's in late February 2014. I was promised a delivery time frame of 12-16 weeks. After following up with Miriam several times (I initiated all contacts) she kept telling me she'd get back to me. I finally received my furniture in mid-July weeks after it was promised to me.

The kicker is the delivery was incomplete - they forgot to include a sofa that we purchased. I asked them to deliver it to our home the next weekend but they said the sofa was damaged in the showroom and they had to order me a new couch which was a complete lie. I'm not naive - they just needed time to get a larger delivery together to make it worth their while to send a truck to Pittsburgh (where we live).

Now, I was promised a delivery appointment of 8 am and it's now 1 pm and I'm still sitting here waiting for the truck to arrive. Boyles customer service is poor - they don't care about customer service and are just interested in taking your money. Also, no one ever apologized for the inconvenience or offered any type of compensation. There are lots of furniture places in NC that treat their customers properly - this place is NOT one of them. Don't shop here.

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Rating: 1/51

AVON, CONNECTICUT -- I ordered living room set from Claudia in Avon, CT. and received the end tables and coffee table, not as timely as we would have liked. I called after 2-3 weeks to check on status of pieces being ordered from TX to hear from Claudia they may not be able to order it at all, they can't find the pieces.

Another 2-3 weeks of contacting with no response resulted in my asking for a manager (John) and a few days later being advised the pieces are on a truck from N. Carolina heading to CT and they will contact me next week to schedule delivery. A week goes by, I got a call advising the pieces were damaged beyond repair. I asked to see the pieces and was ignored. I was told John or Claudia would contact me with alternative suggestions or to discuss further. No further contact was made except by me following up.

I provided John, the manager, with my contact information (cell phone and email) and was promised a follow up call as well as emails containing pictures of possible alternative furniture. No contact was made. When I called John he reportedly was contacting me using alternate/wrong information (NOT the info I provided directly to him). Customer service was awful, to say the least. Products were never received. In fact, products may never have existed.

The company arguably committed fraud and baited me into believing I would have a furnished living room in a timely fashion, they charged me, I am paying interest on furniture I never did and never will receive from them. This is unacceptable and needs to be addressed immediately.

Boyles Distinctive Furniture Takes Care Of People
By -

JAMESTOWN, NORTH CAROLINA -- I live in California and I heard from a friend about Boyles Distinctive Furniture in Jamestown, North Carolina. I did some research on the internet and found that they have great brands for great prices. I called the store and talked to the manager about how to go about ordering from 3000 miles away. She assured me that I would be taken care of, and she assigned a lovely sales woman to work with me. My sales woman was wonderful.

She laid out my floor plans and e-mailed photos of furniture in the showroom as well as links to manufacturers websites. I ordered Nichols and Stone for my kitchen, Sherrill upholstery for my family room, Hancock and Moore leather for my husband's office, Henredon furniture for our bedroom, and Hooker furniture for the kids bedrooms.

My sales woman made me feel at ease. She was patient and kept on e-mailing picture after picture until I found just the right things. I charged the whole thing on my credit card and earned air miles. The furniture arrived in just under 3 months as promised by my sales woman. On the day of my delivery, I worked out at my local gym. I noticed some guys talking with southern accents. I told them I would be receiving furniture from "the south" that afternoon. It was my delivery guys! Boyles apparently helps their delivery men stay in shape by providing them workout memberships that can be used across the country.

These guys were very polite and they set up every bed and connected the sectional pieces together. They did not leave any boxes or mess. They were delightful to have in my home. I had purchased the Guardsman Fabricate protection plan at my salespersons recommendation. I don't usually do that, but she was adamant that with children, it really is a must. She was right. In 5 days, my daughter had an "accident" on my brand new sectional. I was horrified. I called the store and my salesperson was on vacation, but she had given me her cell phone number. I contacted her and she took it from there.

She is dedicated. Within a few weeks, I had a brand new cushion and casing for my sectional without having to spend any more money. Since then, I have ordered additional items from Boyles Furniture. They take great pride in their level of customer service. My home is comfortable and beautiful thanks to Boyles Furniture.

Horrid Customer Service and Erroneous Finance Charges
By -

HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I am having some serious problems with Boyles Distinctive Furniture (address: 739 Old Lenoir Road, Hickory, NC 28601; Phone: 888-316-3351). Boyles has treated me very unfairly and they have not been willing to take any adult responsibility for their actions. In the past, I have done business with other North Carolina companies and have been very pleased; unfortunately, Boyles is an exception.

On 10-Jan-2007, I placed a large furniture order with Boyles. They promised delivery within 8 to 10 weeks. Some of my order was delivered on 22-Mar-2007. It took Boyles until 16-Jun-2007 to deliver my dining room table and end table (note: this is over 5 months after I placed my order). I have asked Boyles several times to provide me with some consideration (in the form of a partial cash refund) for the long delay in delivering my furniture. They have refused to help me and have been extremely rude to me.

When I most recently called them on 8-Aug-2007, I was transferred several times between their accounting and customer service departments and all of the individuals refused to help. I also asked to speak to a manager and they refused to connect me. At the end of my call, I was transferred to their customer service department; the woman put me on hold for several minutes and then got back on the line and started shouting at me; I was appalled by her rudeness; when I asked to speak to her supervisor she refused to connect me.

In addition to the unacceptable delay in delivering my furniture, Boyles recently sent me an erroneous $1,729.50 bill for "Deferred Finance Charges." I have asked Boyles several times to correct their error but they have refused. I have made all my required payments to Boyles well before the due dates and I owe them nothing. Consumer warning: Don't bother placing any orders with Boyles, they are a lousy and dishonest company.

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