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Buying a used car or any car BEWARE
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GREENACRES, FLORIDA -- I had the worst car experience ever with Braman Honda. Found a car I wanted, came to an agreement that was put in writing on the price, was told that in order to help me with financing, I needed to go home and obtain documents, ie Bank statements, references, income verification and job verification. Advised that without 2000.00 down they could not get me financing. Returned with documents and came to agreement that 1500 down would be fine. Waited almost 3 hours for finance manager to get to me and was delayed over and over again, finally started signing documents with salesman, car was driven up in front of dealer, cleaned and taken to gas up. Went in finally after almost 3 hours to finish paperwork, and the selling price for the car was 2000 higher than agreed upon price. Was advised that the price was different related to "special financing" that they had to do for me. As if special financing of 17% interest was not enough. Advised the 2000 added on was special financing and could not be changed. Offer to give me back my money and advised them to do so, and was told they could not until the next day. This dealership knew I was starting a new job in the am, and that it was now to late in the day due to the delay in processing me to get a rent a car, and did not even have a ride home as the finance person advised my ride it was OK to leave almost 3 hours earlier. No apology for keeping me waiting extensively and told that since I would not accept the contract with the added 2000 fee, then they could still get me the car with the same monthly payment, so what was the problem. The interest rate now was 21% which increased my costs to 3100 more over the life of the loan.

They left me high and dry and did not honor their written price agreement, and then insulted me further by attempting to make me believe that they were still giving me a good deal as the monthly payment was not changing. One of the most dishonest dealers I have ever dealt with and no concern for the dilemma that resulted.
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dan gordon on 04/03/2011:
your always better to have your own financing arranged. Your at the mercy of the dlr otherwise. Even if they let you have the car many times they will call you in a few weeks and tell you they need more $$ or bring the car back. Next time do your howmeork and get yourself preapproved before going car shopping.
getoverit on 04/04/2011:
Dan Gordon's got this right. I've done that with the last four vehicles I've purchased. What actually happened each time is that the dealer came up with a better rate than what I'd gotten myself.

It's funny how things work out when there's a little competition involved.
MRM on 04/04/2011:
Thanks for the tips Dan and Getoverit. I shall remember these tips when I purchase a Jeep Commander in the future.
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Be Careful Be VERY careful
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MIAMI, FL -- I have been purchasing autos for the last 40 years and this is the shadiest most and most unscrupulous dealer I have ever dealt with. The most important advise is that you better check their numbers, then check them twice because what they tell you and what they will put in writing is not the same. I got ripped but thank God it was only $100.

Also, that 5 day cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines they offer with every purchase. It does not cost Braman a cent but it looks good on their advertising. IT’S A BIG SCAM. Google “complaints Travelamerica.” And see for yourself. This is a company that offers these cruises to auto dealers but it’s just a rip off. As all they want is for you to send them your money and then the problems begin. I guess this must be a way of crooks helping crooks. DO NOT EVER SEND Travelamerica YOUR MONEY. I checked them out and threw the certificate in the garbage.

Better yet, do yourself a favor and buy from a reputable dealer.
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madconsumer on 08/14/2009:
so what was the cruise scam??
Anonymous on 08/14/2009:
Always check the numbers on paper because any spoken promise or guarantee is worthless. As to the cruise complaint, I looked at the travel company web page and found nothing detailing how the program actually works. However, at the bottom of many pages I found this 'find out how our low-cost marketing with high-perceived value can increase your sales revenues'. Notice the words 'high-perceived'. Doesn't sit well with me, but it could all be perfectly legal.
Happy33165 on 08/19/2009:
This does not cost Braman Honda or any of the auto dealers they peddle this to a cent. They, the dealer are in fact helping themselves with another way to attract a prospective customer. In the meantime, Travelamerica gets a patsy that they can flip and get them to pay full price for a cruise. It's the typical bait and switch scam that automobile dealers are known for but now you added a second crook to the equation.

The scam is that Braman Honda promises you a" free" $1,200.00 5 day trip on Carnival Cruise Lines and the brochure only has pictures of CCL and makes no mention of this other party. Now, when you read the certificate they provide, this is not through Carnival although they advertised as it was directly through Carnival. It's through a company called TravelAmerica. Who asks you to send them $476.00 in order to pay for the port charges for this so called" free trip. The complaints are that they only have a few selected dates available Monday through Friday only and during the hurricane season and you have to accept these dates on a very short short notice. I also read that they accommodate you at the very bottom of the ship in a tiny room with bunk beds. Basically, The money that you have to send them pays the cost of this trip if you reserved directly through Carnival yourself. Now, of a few hundred dollars more Travelamerica will upgrade you and allow you select other dates besides the few they have available if you are stubborn enough to stick to the original offer. Now, if this is not a scam then what is?
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