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Warranty Policy
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POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- We've been having trouble with our microwave oven periodically since we bought it from Brands Mart. In the year and a half since purchased it's been serviced to fix the same problem three times. We purchased the extended warranty with the oven. We have had no problems with the service, but now they said they want to replace the microwave with another one since the problem still exists.

That's where the problem starts. We had bought a Kitchen Aid along with other Kitchen Aid appliances from Brands Mart for our kitchen. Note "all matching. THEY WANT TO REPLACE THE OVEN WITH A WHIRLPOOL MICROWAVE WHICH ACTUALLY IS VALUED AT A PRICE OF $200.00 than the one we bought from them a year and a half ago, (and a lesser quality too). Different look and all!!!

According to their "COMPANY POLICY",Brands Mart could replace anything they service that they determine needs replacing with anything and any quality they choose as long as it performs the same function. THEIR CHOICE!!!! That's their company policy!!! If we wanted a Whirlpool We would have purchased one to begin with.

I FEEL RIPPED OFF!!! I had purchased all my electronic equipment and appliances from them and they treat me like this?? A steady customer. Not only that, just the point that they treat everybody that way is just totally wrong, and I want to fight this to the end!! There's a principal here that should be taught to these pompous companies who think we the consumers should be happy with whatever we can get in return of a problem item we purchase from them!!!!

I'm aware Whirlpool manufactures most microwaves for all the companies offering one, but it's still manufactured to the standards and specifications of the company they are making them for. Kitchen Aid is a higher standard company than some of the others......
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Slimjim on 03/13/2008:
While the Whirlpool and Kitchen Aid really are the same Microwave outside of cosmetics and some functions in this case, (same company, same manufacturer source), that area in their warranty is a rip off in my opinion. I totally agree with you they should not be able to replace at their discretion, a different brand and price point unit. As you said, if you wanted the Whirlpool, that's what you would have bought. THEY sold a warranty on a K/A, therefore, that's what they should be replacing it with. Even though it is in writing, I'd push for it, and demand you the warranty money back if they won't comply. Being you have a valid point, they may bend their written terms to satisfy you.
kbocchetta on 04/01/2008:
We are having the exact same problem!! We puchased our Kitchenaid microwave from Brandsmart in Pompano and have been having ongoing problems. We got the same response - they will replace with a "comparable" oven which sells for less than what we paid for ours. What is up with this! We tool feel ripped off. We put in a new kitchen and bought all of our applicance from Brandsmart, not to mention our televisions and computers. Never again! I wish there was a way to get the message out to consumers - STAY AWAY FROM BRANDSMART!
Slimjim on 04/01/2008:
Wow k-bo, that's pretty coincidental you would find this post and be having the exact same trouble with the exact same micro from the exact same store, which you also buy the same things from. My parents live in Ft. Lauderdale, and I've actually been to this store helping them buy a frige. This BrandsMart may be somewhat close to Pompano, but is located in Deerfield Beach. How strange both you loyal customers would make that same error as well.
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Very poor customer service
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STOCKBRIDGE, GEORGIA -- I bought my Mitsubishi 57 inch DLP 1080P Television from Brandsmart back in November 2007. I bought the extended warranty for the TV AS WELL AS the warranty on the "lamp" that is inside the TV. Well, on Saturday, July 25th, 2009, the lamp burned out. I called customer service the same day to get a new one coming. I was actually thinking this would be something to where someone would actually come out and replace the lamp for me. But I found out that this type of repair is considered "consumer repairable". So basically all they can do is ship the lamp to me and I would have to do the repair myself. Which was no big deal, they would ship the lamp ups ground for free, and there would be a 35 dollar charge to have it shipped overnight. He said it would not take longer than 5 days, 3 at best.

Well now it's Thursday, July 30th and still no lamp. I called customer service again, and apparently there was an issue with the warranty. Both the lamp and the TV warranty were supposed to be "5 years". But the lamp warranty they had as 3 years, So because of this internal error, they had not shipped my lamp yet! And it took me calling them, before they were going to fix it!! I was getting furious at this point and they agreed b/c this was their fault, that they would ship it overnight at their expense, but they explained it may take a couple days to get the warranty issue fixed.

Now it's Tuesday, August 4th, I called AGAIN, and apparently the warranty issue was corrected, but they were waiting on approval for the overnight shipment!!! Which was ALREADY approved by a supervisor the week before! Course now I'm realizing I should have gotten that supervisor's name. Anyway they were supposed to call me after it was approved. No call back. I called again this morning, Wednesday, August 5th, and apparently they have sent the order in as a ground shipment!!!!!! I left the "manager" a voice mail but of course, no call back.

So with this kind of poor customer service and poor service from the supervisors, I have decided to NEVER buy ANYTHING from Brandsmart again!!!
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GenuineNerd on 08/05/2009:
Mitsubishi projection TV's tend to be troublesome, with the light burnout issue being common. Should have gone with an LCD or plasma set.
snowman76 on 08/07/2009:
Yeah I'm realizing that now and believe me, the next one I buy will definitely be a LCD. But the good news is the manager did end up calling me later that day and I got my lamp the next morning. It's installed and working perfectly now. Still there is no excuse for how long it took.
BokiBean on 08/07/2009:
Very helpful review, snowman.
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