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Stay far away from Bredemann Toyota Chevrolet in Park Ridge, Illinois
Posted by on
PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS -- Please stay as far away as possible from Bredemann Toyota in Park Ridge, IL. I just got off the phone with my friend and she's the most upset I've seen her in years. She's extremely upset. I listened to her talk for about 10 minutes and everything she told me is terrible. She was poorly mistreated and to top it off the service manager and one of the Bredemanns, I think it was John, basically gave excuses to all the employees involved. In researching complaints on Bredemann, I have come to notice John isn't on too many peoples good side. Perhaps he should attend a few customer service seminars? What ever happened to putting the customer first? I can't believe some places have sunk so low as to give their employees excuses for treating a customer like garbage. All I can say to that is thank God for Google.

I bought my 4Runner from Elmhurst Toyota just because it's closer to me, I've been going there for 4 years now and I have never encountered a problem like the problems she just told me. You wouldn't even expect to get treated this way from one of those dumpy car places in West Rogers Park. If you are interested in a Toyota or any other car Bredemann sells please look else where. I just want to save others the troubles and stress she has encountered. There are many other Toyota dealerships in the area. Please check them out before going to Bredemann.

People like the Bredemann's should not be in business. I told her to make an account here and explain her Bredemann complaint in detail. You will all be shocked. Although, I have read a few really bad complaints about Bredemann since I got off the phone with her, it's really no wonder she was treated the way she was. What seriously happened to customer service these days? Especially with companies like this.. you buy a car from them, they charge $90+ an hour on labor alone to work on your car, then turn around and treat you like you are nothing to them. You expect way better service than what she was given.

Bredemann will wake up one day and realize they should've nipped it in the bud. They haven't been in Park Ridge too long, but give it a few more years with them treating people like this and they will have a horrible name for themselves. They already have a pretty bad rap.

I just told about 5 people I work with and 1 has a sister that was about to go to Bredemann with her husband this weekend to look at a Chevy. She called her sister as soon as she heard how upset my friend was. Just wanted to warn everybody about Bredemann. There's also a Bredemann Lexus in Glenview.
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User Replies:
BobJohn on 10/07/2008:
Your friend is upset so I shouldn't buy there??? What are the details other than she was "poorly mistreated". How was she mistreated.
Anonymous on 10/07/2008:
You may have had good experiences at Elmhurst Toyota but a 'Google' search will turn up many complaints about them as well.
Richard34 on 10/09/2008:
I see two complaints on Elmhurst Toyota from google. Both of those complaints don't compare to what my friend experienced at Bredemann Toyota.
Melanie28 on 10/09/2008:
Please listen to Richard, don't ever go to Bredemann in Park Ridge or in Glenview. Bredemann has the worst management EVER!! In service and sales. Richard, I would really appreciate it if your friend can make an account and write her complaint. This place is full of people who clearly have never had a lick of customer service training. Consumers have to educate themselves on this place and without her writing her complaint we will never know it. Horrible people at Bredemann, from John Bredemann (son of Joe Bredemann) all the way down to the sales people.

I unfortunately bought a year old Chevrolet from them when they first opened. They played the same old bs like they do at any dealership when it came to buying the car. My main complaint with them is their service people and their customer service skills. They can't even write the correct date on your oil change sticker, but yet you are suppposed to trust them with fixing your car for $500+. I ran into a huge problem about 2 years after buying the car. It was escalated to John Bredemann. He is the most smug acting person I have ever spoken within my life. He treated me very much the same as Richard said his friend was treated. He gave all his employees an excuse. I asked him at one point is he cared at all about customer satisfaction. His answer to that was.. "my customers are satisfied". I guess since I bought my car about 2 yrs prior I wasn't consider a customer anymore. I tell everybody about my experiences at Bredemann. It actually sparks a good conversation. Many people who I have spoken with have some of their own horror stories, or stories from somebody they know. I just got done buying a Chevrolet from Jennings 5 months ago. So far they have been excellent. It's like night and day from Bredemann. Granted it's only been 5 months, but there is for sure 100% difference between the two dealerships. I actually wrote a letter of appreciation to Jennings after my first oil change because I was treated so much better there than at Bredemann. Please if you know what's good for you stay far away from the Bredemann dealerships.
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Selling Unnecessary Services
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS -- I asked my 18 year old daughter to drop off a 2011 Camry for oil change at dealership. The technician ‘sold’ her 30,000 miles service what included oil change, 2 air filers change and tires rotation. Oh, and of course brakes service/inspection. They charged $257 for it. So, I estimate tires rotation and air filters cost me $200. I believe she got a very good experience where not to take this service any more. And this will be my last visit to this dealership even I bought 2 Toyotas from them and always had car service. Service department is taking advantage of selling unnecessary service. If you can, stay away from this dealership.
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Fast 327 on 08/23/2013:
Sadly, this seems to be the norm at most dealerships now. When I take my Lacrosse to the Buick dealership, they are always trying to sell one more extra service. At the last visit, they wanted to sell me a replacement battery, claiming the CCA's were too low. They wanted $175 to install a battery that I can buy and install myself for $95.00. I refused and they went away. The bottom line is the oil change is not a money maker, but 2 or 3 extra service that are not needed are.
cmthru on 08/23/2013:
Why do you think Toyota offers the free oil changes on new vehicles? It's to get you in the shop where they will find other things to charge you for. Dealer shops make the highest profit margins in repairs/maintenance.

For example the local dealer charges $51 to change the cabin filter. I can buy a brand name filter for less than $20 and do it myself in a few minutes.
FoDaddy19 on 08/23/2013:
This is par for the course at any dealership or quickie-lube place. It's all about upselling. With that said, if the car did have 30k miles on it, it's definatelly due for an air filter change, and tires should be rotated at least ever 10k miles. Of course at a dealership, you're going to be paying top dollar for an service you get.
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