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Tastes Like Plastic
Posted on
I was at the store and I saw a box of these Yocrunch fruit parfaits made by Breyers. They looked yummy so I thought I'd try it out. The box comes with 4 containers of yogurt and each container has a separate pouch of granola. I tried one today and regret spending the money on this. The yogurt tastes artificial, like plastic. The granola tastes OK though. I will stick to my preferred brand of yogurt, Yoplait, from now on.
All natural ice cream is not really no longer all natural
Posted by on
Breyer's vanilla ice cream used to have just cream and sugar and longer....their recipie has changed and has other ingredients listed that are not really natural...and it is not as good....the still have the same package and it still says all natural...I have gone onto their web site but there is no way to contact them from there and no contact information. :(
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