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Rating: 2/51

GREELEY, COLORADO -- I told them about an oil leak on Subaru. They recommended fluorescent additive to oil then come back after running car several miles they would search with their black light and trace leak to its source. When I came back to have them look at it, the mechanic did not have a black light to search for leak. So he just uses regular flashlight to search for leak. Hell I could have and did do that. They were clueless when I asked about the flashlight use, then mechanic starts to ** his way out of not being able to find leak.

Customer Satisfaction to Them Is a Joke
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Rating: 1/51

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- I purchased Bridgestone's Dueler H/L Alenza tires from Costco. These tires are supposed to be 65,000 mile tires and backed by Bridgestone's platinum pact warranty but when I started to question Costco about the quick wear on the tires at 10,000 miles they said they were fine just needed to be rotated.

Well I have always had them rotated around 7,500 miles but still that didn't do any good because I'm now around 50,000 miles and they are way below the standard 2/32 rule, and Bridgestone told me that it's Costco that needs to warranty them they don't handle the warranty. That's crap. Their tires, their pieces of crap that they do not care about keeping me satisfied as a customer or hey how about the safety of my children.

I bought 65,000 mile tires but what I got from Bridgestone was the cold shoulder, a brush off, and a lesson learned because I would think after paying $160 a tire they would last at least closer to 65,000! I will never buy anything manufactured, touched, or partnered with Bridgestone again and I will make sure everyone I know hears about how little Bridgestone values their customers because I am not one ever again!

And Costco is about to lose me and my money for the poor customer service they are offering and poor way of handling a safety issue. If you value your life, your children's life, being treated fairly, being respected, and being heard then do not deal with Bridgestone and tread lightly with Costco as well!

Firestone Customer Care?
By -

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been using firestone for all of my tire and service needs since 1996. They have always been exceptional in service and quality of work. Today however (Saturday 3/18/06) will be my last visit to any firestone service center. I have never been treated so rude and unfairly in my 30 years of business. It will be firestone's loss (if they care to look up my service history, and how much I have spent at firestone), as I own my own service oriented business.

I will never recommend a firestone company ever again to any of my clientele, and word of mouth is the best advertising there is positive or negative. It will be negative for firestone in Yorba Linda, ca. from this day forward. Please read the following experience, and ask yourself if you would like to be treated this way. On Thursday march 10th I called the yorba linda firestone service center to make a Saturday appt. for brake service. I talked to a person named **. I asked ** to look up my service records to see what kind of brake pads we used at the last brake service (cause I really liked them).

** was very helpful and identified the pads and also recommenced some better ones, that were not available at the previous service. I also asked ** if firestone could supply me with "power slot" disc brake rotors (as I know they are superior to standard rotors). ** agreed and told me that indeed firestone could supply me with the "power slot" rotors (if I needed new ones). So I made the Saturday 3/18/06 appointment. We started out ok (I was dealing with a service advisor named **).

I wanted my alignment done, an oil change and lube job, also wiper blades and the brake job. I asked ** about the brake pads and agreed to pay $276.00 for the front and $180.00 for the rear (these better be really good pads, but I am that kind of person. I like the very best for my car). I also told ** that I wanted the "power slot" rotors (if I needed new ones). He replied that firestone stocks them at their warehouse, so if they need to replace mine, they just have to pick them up.

I then suggested to ** that he call the warehouse to make sure that they have them in stock, just in case. (You see I wanted "power slot" rotors). Well ** said that it was "premature" to call now as we didn't know for sure whether or not I needed new rotors. I again suggested that he confirm stock at the warehouse, and he just "blew me off" and didn't call. Now I am a very mellow person, that doesn't really get riled up very easily, and I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt (maybe he knew they had the rotors in stock). So he wrote up the service order, and I went outside to wait for my daughter to pick me up.

As I waited outside a tech. went out and (I guess a test drive? My car is a supercharged 1995 mustang cobra) the tech made a left turn onto imperial hwy. And I heard him really open it up as in pedal to the metal. My daughter showed up as the tech was out thrashing my car, so I asked her to park (I wanted to see the tech return). As we walked by the service bay I heard the tech say to some other employees, "This thing really hauls ass! I think we have some competition here.” I just left figuring he was done. I went home to wait for the call from ** to see if I needed new rotors and anything else.

About 10:00am I got the call and of course, I needed new rotors but gee whiz the warehouse didn't have the "power slot" rotors in stock! And I, after further discussion with **, I'm not sure the firestone warehouse even stocks them. Now this is where things really got ugly... I brought up the fact that ** had told me that firestone carried "power slot" rotors and ** came back very rude, "I don't care what ** told you!!” (** was obviously getting pretty frustrated, but why at me?) I asked him what we are going to do now? I need my car Monday for work, I gave him 2 sources for the power slot rotors, and even offered to pick them up.

I gave him the ph# for brother's performance in corona, ca. and fairway ford in Placentia ca. Both are known sources of power slot. ** said he would call and see if we could work something out. So I went ahead and called brother's to confirm stock and price. Not only did they have stock, they were having a sale! ** called me back and said the ph# that I gave him was no good (a flat out lie). I repeated it to him and he then told me (without making another phone call) that they could not install "aftermarket parts". These are the same parts that they said they were out of at their warehouse!!!

What difference does it make where the parts come from, if they are the same parts. So after a brief argument (I had to have my car back by monday for work) I told him to go ahead and use the firestone rotors, these rotors cost more than 2 times what the power slot rotors sell for, they are inferior parts and are not the parts I wanted. The firestone tech. is racing my car. I am lied to and yelled at by the service advisor. I am not getting the parts I was told they have... but cannot install. And I am not getting the parts I want!

I have just talked to ** (the store manager), he is now telling me that they never could get or install the "power slot rotors". I told him about the tech racing my car, the service advisor being rude and dishonest to me, and about ** and ** both telling me that they could get the power slot rotors before they started working on my car. Here is his reply: **, thank you for telling me about the tech racing your car, I cannot have that. ** worked really hard trying to locate your rotors (wtf!?) (He was trying to locate rotors that firestone doesn't have. Ohhh, my heart goes out to him. He should be fired for wasting time!).

What do you want me to do about it? (An explanation and apology might help). There is more, but you know, I am wasting my time here. Right now, Firestone isn't going to do anything about this. In fact I'll probably have a stroke if I get anything besides an automated reply in response. $1380.27 for brakes, rotors, alignment, and an oil change/lube. Shame on me I feel like a fool but this is the last time!

So goodbye firestone, you have taken the last dollar from me and rest assured that every customer that passes through our salon doors, if they bring up car repair, they won't hear anything good about firestone from us. And firestone will not be able to take that to the bank!

Firestone Are Get Over Artist
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am writing as a disgruntled long-term customer of Firestone at your Elgin Street Location In Phila, PA. Throughout almost 13 years I have encountered numerous problems surrounding repairs completed but continued however to use your services because of your warranties, price, price matching, and most of all customer service.

Until today I encountered what I would consider to be exceptional customer service by the Elgin Street team, which kept me a repeat customer despite your flaws. In my almost thirteen year tenure with using your services I have owned many vehicles that I brought to your establishment spending Thousands of dollars in repairs. Currently I actively have four vehicles in which the Elgin Street store services. Even with these vehicles I have had work completed stemming from basic oil changes to engine repairs.

You currently service for me a Lexus ES330, Lincoln Aviator, Chrysler Cirrus, & Dodge Neon. Although with many repairs completed by this store I have continued to use you based solely on how you treated me as a customer. I have experienced problems with brake and rotor repairs on vehicles and not just one times but every time the team at the Elgin street store suggested the repair was needed.

I have had issues where I had gotten oil changes where at one point after the oil change a vehicle was leaking oil your office did not know why I had to take the vehicle to the dealer and I was told that it as something wrong with how the filter was placed which caused the leak. Another vehicle I took to the deal for a repair and they told me my vehicle was two quarts low on oil and your establishment is the only ones who do my oil changes and there were no leaks present. I had to have a battery replaced on another vehicle that for some reason now the car has a shortage when using the cigarette lighter and a sensor has gone bad.

Another vehicle I had engine mounts placed which were done incorrectly and I had to bring it back twice to be fixed and I had some transmission work done and now I have a minor leak. I was told there were two issues that were causing the leak, I had these issues fixed and I still have the leak. I am just naming a few issues that took place and Firestone was still able to retain my business because of their customer service.

The experience I had today with ** at the Elgin store would have you lose me a client if I do not obtain some assistance with my most recent issue. I had the Neon in for vehicle inspection on 10-21-11 and I was told by ** that I needed a Tie Rod and wheel alignment. As with anything suggested by your store I advise for them to complete the work and by 5PM EST. the repair was completed and I had my new inspection stickers. By 9PM the evening of the 21st the vehicles check engine light illuminated and the vehicle was shaking, hesitating and making noises it never made in the past.

Today the 22nd I brought the vehicle back to the Elgin store with these issues as there was no inclination that this would have occurred prior to the work being completed at your store. I was told by ** the store manager that the vehicle needed a tune up as the plugs and wires were all original. I have two concerns with this. One, if this is the case why was there no sign prior to your store completing a repair on the vehicle for the issue to be this severe only 4 hours after you passed it for inspection, it should have never passed.

Second, I had the plugs replaced just a year ago so for ** to state they have never been replaced really hurts this stores credibility with me. After continued conversation ** retracted his statement and said the wires never were replaced after I told him I had documentation showing where the plugs have been replaced. I advised ** of my past experience and he proceeded to ask in an undermining tone “why did you continue to come here if you have so many issues”? Is this the way to retain a current customer? How was he able to become a store manager with this type of service?

I would like for Firestone to make good on this issue. As I said I have spent thousands of dollars in your establishment in the 13 years I have been your customer & throughout all of my issues I never had to go to these extremes for customer satisfaction. ** the service manager and all prior managers have always been accommodating in having repairs corrected which is why you have been able to retain me as a customer for so long. I did not appreciate how I was handled by ** at the Elgin store as it was very non-customer friendly for such a tenured customer.

I honestly feel that it was something done by one of the mechanics who worked on the vehicle which caused this issue and I would like to for the repair to be made at the cost of Firestone to keep a valued, long, currently unsatisfied customer. My son who is currently attending Penn State at which he needs his vehicle to transport himself to and from school and work is using this vehicle.

It is hard with the cost of school trying to keep a vehicle up on maintenance, however Firestone made it easy for me to do so with their 6 months same as cash but I refuse to pay for something that I honestly feel was an issue created solely by the hands of the mechanics at your store. Otherwise just as I have done in the past I would have authorized the repair and placed the cost on my card.

Firestone/Bridgestone Hell
By -

GEORGIA -- I recently took my car to a local Georgia Firestone because of slight smoke coming from the radiator area. The technician inspected it and performed a block test. Afterward they told me the block test found no problems and the smoke was due to a leak in the radiator and the radiator needed to be replaced.

So they had to order the radiator and the work could not be done that day. So I told the tech at the front desk I would leave the car and take a taxi home. He then told me it wasn't necessary to leave the car, I could drive it home and come back the next day. But I was very skeptical because I did not want to cause further damage. He then had another tech come to me and reassured me it was safe to drive it home because there was no signs of the head gasket would fail??

Assuming the car was safe, made a stop at a grocery store on the route home. So the next day I returned to Firestone to have the radiator replaced, but before they replaced the radiator, taking the advice of a friend, I asked them to inspect the vehicle one more time to make sure there was no further damage and if they could perform another block test even if it would cost a little extra. The technician came back a few moments later and said they checked it out and everything was fine and they would go ahead and replace the radiator.

After they were done installing the new radiator, they called me into the garage where my car was being worked on and told me the head gasket was blown or no good because it failed the block test. As you could imagine I was very upset. The managers at the location were no help so I contacted corporate office for some answers. I just wanted peace of mind and wanted to make sure it wasn't the fault of the tech who worked on my vehicle.

But when they finally got in touch with me the guy at consumer affairs said he talked with the tech at the local Firestone and they told him they advised me not to take the car home, which is a flat out lie. They claimed when I took the car I drove over a hundred miles, which is another lie. They told the claims department that they told me it wasn't only the radiator which is also a lie.

The claims department said they were a neutral party and they would have the car inspected, which they never did. And everyone at the corporate office was just rude, condescending, and basically acted if I had no right in questioning their work or company. And basically told me they were not liable even before they even investigated the issue. (That does not sound neutral).

Now after my car sat at their location for almost 2 weeks for no apparent reason, no investigation of the car and basically treated me like a piece of crap. I finally picked up my car and is now pouring engine coolant, the car constantly shakes, makes a loud rattling noise, my odometer does not work, all lights on dash do not function, my headlights don't work, my window does not work, the car stalls after driving just driving a couple of blocks after picking it up from Firestone.

Basically the car is non-functional and had none of these problems prior to dealing with Firestone. I must admit I'm not too auto mechanically inclined and do not want to be a pest but is this my fault. Need some advice before taking further action.

Nightmare on Firestone St (Randolph AFB)
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I took my vehicle to the Randolph AFB Firestone location to have an oil leak checked and fixed. They added an oil leak detection dye to make sure where the leak was coming from. They said the leak was coming from the camshaft seal and since that seal needed to be replaced I should go ahead and replace about five more seals and the all the belts since in order to get to the damaged seal all those items would need to be taken apart. The vehicle has 109,000 miles on it so it made perfect sense to me to go ahead and take care of it now and save on extra costs in the future.

AND SO THE NIGHTMARE BEGAN. I get my car back supposedly fixed. A couple days later I notice oil spots on my driveway. I get under the car and it was leaking from the same spot. As I am driving back to Firestone to get them to fix the leak again, the belts they installed start making noise. I tell them what's going on and they say they will take care of it. That day I get a call back from ** the service manager saying they can't see a leak anywhere and maybe it's just residue oil from the old leak. I pick up the vehicle and as soon as I drive into my driveway I get under the vehicle and see a drop of oil coming from the same location.

I take the vehicle back the next day and they say they will take care of it. I call back later in the day to find out what's going on (at this point all the conversations I had with the service manager ** and the manager ** where initiated by me since they never had the courtesy to call me and give updates) and they say the leak is coming from the oil filter gasket. They would have to order the part and it would not arrive until Friday. They finally get the part and they finish installing it by Monday. Guess what happens next; the car is still leaking oil.

I call the firestone corporate offices and the District manager ** calls me. I explain everything that has happened, he apologizes and tells me to take the car back to them and he will make sure it gets fixed. They redo all the work they initially did. I was told to pick up my vehicle at 5:30pm, by the time they got done it was 7:45pm and there I was waiting. I run the vehicle for a couple of days and what a “shock” (not really)! The car is still leaking oil, it's making a loud noise and is completely out of timing.

I call the district manager and we agree to take the care to another Firestone location on FM 78. When I take them the car and they take it apart it was like they had let a 6 year old kid play mechanic with my car. The camshaft seal was still leaking, they did not install a screw on the oil pump so there was even more oil leaking, the timing belt was installed incorrectly to the point that the timing arrows where at complete opposites of each other and the newly installed pulley had to be replaced because of damage, and to top it off, they had left a belt loose which was scraping against the oil pump and had damaged it to the point that it needed to be replaced.

I finally got some competent individuals at this Firestone location and they fixed everything on the vehicle. Since there were parts damaged due to the incompetence and unprofessionalism of the Randolph AFB Firestone mechanics, they had to order them and it took an extra 4 days to finally get my car back. This time it was fixed correctly and I have had no issues with it so far.

In summary, it took them 37 days to fix an oil leak and caused additional damage to my car. The fact that this location mainly serves the military is shameful. You would think they would have the most competent people working there but they obviously have what was left over from whatever mechanic school they graduated from. Apparently they got their technician licenses and customer service skills from a cereal box. DO NOT USE THIS LOCATION UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR VEHICLE TO FALL APART THE MOMENT YOU LEAVE THEIR SHOP. PS: Just came back from firestone, car is still leaking oil. Stay tuned.

Unsatisfactory Vehicle Repair
By -

NORTH LITTLE ROCK/MCCAIN BLVD, ARKANSAS -- I own a 99 Chevy s-10 blazer, 4 wheel drive. The alternator went out as I was driving on the interstate. This was a Saturday. I had it towed to a firestone store. Since I was already there, I talked to them about making some additional repairs. I told them to repair/replace the alternator, the brakes, oil change (and to use Castrol oil), tune-up, front end alignment and wheel balance. They told me that I also needed the cooling system flushed and I agreed to it. I picked the truck up the following day, sunday.

Monday I noticed that I was having some type of vibration happening with the front driver's wheel. I took it back. They test drove it and told me that it was my seat vibrating. I weigh over 300 lbs. and my seat is wasn't vibrating. And what does that have to do with the wheel? When I disagreed with their reasoning, I was then told that they did not detect any vibration at all and that there was nothing else they could do about that. I then told them that as I was pulling into their parking lot, that my brakes made a loud rubbing, scratching sound and felt like they had locked up momentarily.

I was told that they did not get any of that when they did the test drive; did not bother to recheck the brakes and told me that because they had installed new front rotors and pads, it was going to take a few days for the two new parts to align themselves. Then the employee that was giving me this explanation proceeded to walk away from me and back into the business. I left at this point, not knowing what else to do. I was repairing the truck for one of my sons to use at college. I took the truck to him.

One week later, my son calls me at work. He is stranded on the interstate 9:00 at night. The blazer had overheated. We tow it home and with the help of a good neighbor discover that the hose from the radiator to the overflow tank has never been reconnected after the cooling flush. There is no water in the radiator. I called firestone and told them what happened. They told me to have it towed to them and that they would take care of it. I asked them if they would also take care of any damages that the overheating may have caused. They said yes.

After I get the blazer back to them, a few hours later, the same man who told me that my seat was vibrating told me that the problem was that I had a hole in my radiator. I asked him would they not have noticed that during the cooling flush. And of course they said the hole apparently "just" happened. I am not a mechanic, but I just don't believe this is what happened. I am also a single woman. I paid firestone over $1,000.00 to make these repairs. (After looking at my bill, I also noticed that they did not use Castrol oil for the oil change either). And of course they claimed no responsibility for the truck overheating.

I have since spoken to several people who had horror stories about this particular firestone store. My blazer is now at another repair shop getting a new distributor cap, another tune up and 2 new heads. I trusted this company who has been in business for decades, but it's costing me an expensive lesson. If you do not know much about vehicles, please take someone who does with you when your vehicle needs repairs.

One of the Worst Service
By -

Just would like to share the experience I have with firestone regarding my visit to Firestone for overheating issue in my Chrysler 300 M. I used to live in Seattle one year back and noticing overheating issue with my Car. I took it to nearby Firestone Service Center, Federal Way, WA. They came with the solution that Car needs a thermostat replacement. I agreed. It cost me around 350 bucks. But problem was not resolved. I went to back to them that Issue is still there. But they were not agreed and I spent a week, visiting Firestone for a week. Later due to some my project I had to shift to Chicago hence car was kept in storage. I hardly drew the car 50 miles.

After one year I shifted my Car in Chicago and found it's still overheating. I called to local firestone, complaining the same. Initially he was not ready to even listen to me. But when I insisted that it's Firestone's responsibility he agreed and asked me to come to shop for check up. I took an appointment and went to store for free check up. The guy checked and said it's radiator needs to be replaced and estimate is around 655.00 including labor and parts. I said same should be found out when I showed the car last time but he argued .

Since it was big money and thought of taking second opinion and discussed with one of my local friend, he suggested me a local auto shop it Westmont. I went there for check. The Guy saw the car and suggested that it's only radiator cap which causing the overheating and would cost 26.00 including the water. I agreed to do the replacement and issue is fixed with 26 dollar. Thanks to my local friend. He suggested me the store. I will never even see the firestone in my life.

What Is Wrong With These People?
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- My Wife and I were driving through the mountains of Colorado into Denver. On the freeway the car was shutting off and starting up again, it was jerking and jolting and was all over the place. We were near a Firestone that was near where we had to sign papers for our new house. We pull in and ask them if they can go through the car and see what's wrong. They tell us that it will be $370.00 for a tune-up and that it will be fixed. I thought that was a little high for a tune up but we needed the car because we had to drive back through the mountains that night.

4 hours later they still had not called so we walked from the store we were at (killing time) and asked if the car was done. 1 hr later the guy drives the car out of the shop and parks it. I get in and the car does not start. So I am wondering what is going on why did I spend 400 dollars for them not even to fix it? They tell me that the battery is dead. So pissed off I leave.. We got a jump and I went to Napa to get the battery exchanged because it was three months old and still under warranty.

The lady at Napa could not test the battery because her tester was broken but she just replaced the battery. But a day later that is still not the issue. I end up taken the alternator out myself and having it tested and it was bad. So these guys just ripped us off and did not fix anything.

I think that anyone who does not believe that this is going on should call Consumer Reports at any news station and have them investigate this issue. Firestone is ripping people off and sadly are putting people in danger by not fixing the cars the right way the first time. I went there thinking they were of the best quality but after reading similar stories I am just so pissed off. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR THERE!! EVER!!

A blind 90 year old woman who has never worked on a car could do a better job. We now have a car that shimmies from side to side, the right brake rotor is messed up being warped because of how they put their tire back on. And there are multiple other things wrong that I believed they caused.

Somebody should find out who is causing this: Employees who just don't care? Employees/managers who get bonuses by selling more products? I will never go there again. This is the Bush administration of care care. Believe it!!

Overcharged Again
By -

TOLEDO, OHIO -- I have been to my local Firestone dealer in Toledo, Ohio several times within the last 10 years with various vehicles for various reasons. They are less than a mile from my home and are more of a convenience than anything else. In the last three years I have taken three different vehicles to them for tire repair. Each time I was told the nail/screw was 'on the side' so the tire couldn't be repaired. They said the tires are very worn and they suggest four new ones. Expected cost going in: $20. Actual cost coming out: $220.

The next trip was for tire repair but again was told it couldn't be repaired. Expected cost going in: $20. Actual cost coming out: $100. My third and final trip was yesterday. I had a screw in the left rear driver tire. Almost dead-center. Well, I received 'the call' at 10am. Surprise! The screw is more on the side and the tire can't be repaired. I argued with the salesman but to no avail. He also said the tires look like the originals and should be replaced. I agreed that they probably did need replacing but here's the issue: I was charged $21.99 for a patch-plug, balancing, labor to take the tire with the screw in it, and flat repair-- for a tire they never repaired!

The tires were $87/each. Belle Tire had a sale for $59/each. (A savings of $112). Then I was charged $11.96 for lifetime wheel balancing parts, $40 for Lifetime wheel balancing labor, lifetime rubber valves for $16 and $48.72 for Lifetime labor for tire replacement/repair... none of which I asked for. I also asked that I have the tires back, which weren't available when I picked up the van but they went back to retrieve but was charged $4 for tire disposal. Basically I paid $254.68 more than I should have or 54% of the total bill. Expected cost going in: $20. Actual cost coming out: $550.91.

Of course they said I needed front and rear wiper blades (they always say that too). Cost: $9.99 each plus $3 each labor for a total of $39. I did not have them replaced as I just did them all 3 months ago. You've got to be kidding. Oh, let's not forget the $69.00 alignment charge for the new tires. Here I spend $87 per tire ($348.00 total) and they charge me an additional $69 to balance them? Get real. Let's not forget the $7.62 for shop supplies whatever those are. Rags? Firestone just got their last dollar from me. I am going back to the dealer tonight to rehash all of this. If I get no satisfaction, Firestone Corporate will be hearing from me.

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