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You Will Be Stuck With Useless Boat Anchor Equipment for Ever
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHARLETON, WEST VIRGINIA -- Shop, Shop, Shop, before you choose Brinks home security services for your home or business. When your contract runs out & you terminate your services Brinks dials into your system and programs your system totally useless. You can't even use the system for personal use un-monitored if you choose to. They program false reporting codes to pop up in your security key pad that routinely set off the alarm usually late at night and this will happen every 24 hours unless you resubscribe to their over priced monitoring service or totally render system useless by powering down system never to use again.

Just about all other home security companies equipment will belong to you after your contract ends & you are able to at least use system for your own personal security monitoring but not Brinks. No other security monitoring company service is compatible with the Brinks equipment.....Horrible Horrible Horrible Company to do business with. Think more than twice before choosing Brinks security.
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trmn8r on 12/04/2012:
You refer to the service as "overpriced", but I assume you compared services prior to contracting with them.

The way many of these companies make money is on the monthly contract, not the equipment. Did your contract say anything about functionality of the equipment after the contract ends?

You say the company is "horrible", but your two complaints seem to be it is overpriced and the system can't be used by you now that the contract has ended. It seems like the customer who plans to remain a customer and finds the monthly fee acceptable would not have the same aversion to Brinks, if I read correctly.
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Pushy & Unhelpful Customer Service
Posted by on
The Brinks customer service representative was extremely pushy and unhelpful. I called to get some pricing information for my fiance and I to discuss later that night, and the representative spent the entire phone call collecting my contact information (not once did he ask for my fiance's info) and then he immediately went into scheduling a technician to come out. I told him that I don't need to schedule a technician until I find out about what type of services they offer without a landline and what are the price differences of those services. I specifically wanted more info about the cellular system because our neighborhood has spotty signals.

He then tried to push me into committing to a deal on an IP internet connection system, an offer that "is only good today." I said that I needed to discuss any commitments with my fiance first because his name would go on the account (he's the official home owner), and that I was only calling for pricing information. I couldn't have a decision until tomorrow. To this, he responded that he "needed to wrap this up since [he's] not allowed to spend more than 5 minutes talking with a person who is not the direct decision-maker." Um... excuse me? What kind of customer service is this? He was cleary only interested in making a sale-- I even said that I would call him back directly for the sale if he would just answer my questions! Or that if he had to go, perhaps he could transfer me to another representative to answer my questions. He repeated that he needed to speak with my fiance for anything further... Why??? We don't have an account with them, so I wasn't asking for my fiance's confidential info... I just wanted PRICES!

For the record, I was the one calling for information because my fiance works 60+ hours a week and he doesn't have time to waste with rude customer service reps. (Sadly, that responsibility falls on me!) Needless to say, I told the representative nevermind, and that we won't be needing their services after all.
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ndrulez on 02/09/2010:
Only 5 minutes. It's not like he called you. You called them. They should give all the time you need. Their sales pitch is despicable. They should answer all questions. ADT is an option. I have ADT and it works well. Never any problems, but do your own research.
Ytropious on 02/09/2010:
The best comment for this is "time is money". If you aren't committing and you can't sign for anything then he needs to move onto someone else who will. This is the world of commissioned sales.
Buddy01 on 02/10/2010:
It seems he spent the whole 5 minutes trying to manipulate you to make a sale instead of answering your questions. Good for you for going elsewhere.
Alain on 02/10/2010:
Any time a company uses a 'this offer is good for only a certain amount of time' I eliminate them from any further consideration. Ever.
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Beware of Brinks
Posted by on
I agree Beware of Brinks!!!! Their business tactics are completely unprofessional. I have a VOIP phone that I switched to after the alarm was installed. It is not compatible with Brinks so I called them in July to verify with their support line. They stated that I needed them to install another component and in addition I would have to sign up to a contract extension. I declined and requested to drop the service so they prompted me with no billing for three months and then I could call back and decide about the installation of this component. I never called so knowing that they could not monitor the system they decided to start the billing again. I did not notice my statements until January that this was occurring. Each month of billing was @$27.99. I called again to request the closure of my account and to try to collect some of the months they billed without being able to perform any services, but they refused. They don’t even prorate the service like all other service carriers. I confirmed the cancellation one day after a new month of service started and they billed me for the whole month. I would never do business with them. They also make the alarm sound at the middle of the night if you do not continue with the service and there is no way to permanently stop it.

You will be woken up every night to disable it. This is planned, I guess they feel if you are not going with their service you should not be able sleep at night. Another bad thing with their service is that it does not actually do any monitoring so if someone was to cut your phone line Brinks would not even know about it. I had to let them know that they had no connectivity to my unit. Overall they are a deceptive company, you can read many other customer dissatisfaction online.

Also the alarm doesn’t work all the time and they refuse to acknowledge this.
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After Reference Number- You Are On Your Own
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- If you are contacted by Brinks Home Security that there is an intrusion in your home and they state: We have contacted the authorities. What they are actually stating: we have our reference number; if nobody shows up we have our reference number. On two separate intrusions the authorities never showed until I personally contacted them. When, I brought this to Brinks attention, guess what...we have our reference number.

So... if I am laying dead in my home, Brinks will say...well we have our
reference number. But, according to their commercials...they say: we are calling the authorities and they are on there way. How do they know that? They don't, because they are actually concerned about their reference number. Think about the money you could be saving. Just go and purchase some nice security bars or a surveillance cameras. Guess what, you will not have any intrusions, you will still have your personal property and your insurance premiums will not go up. Because with Brinks their primary concern is their reference number and the money you are paying for a service not being rendered.

For the stress and inconvenience they should be held accountable for implying a service that does not exist. I wonder where the liability would be if I was killed?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/09/2010:
This is an amusing post. I would be irritated as well....I never dealt with Brinks so I can't give my opinion. I would expect if there was a break in, they would call the authorities and keep up with you about the situation. Good review.
Inat on 02/09/2010:
I agree with the OP - Brinks is terrible and worthless. I dropped them as soon as my contract was up b/c whenever we were called, they couldn't tell us if the police arrived, what zone was tripped, if the unit was re-armed, etc. They were worthless - especially when they call your primary number, then your secondary number, then your primary contact ALL before calling the authorities. I am in the process of building a new house and I am still shopping for an alarm system that alerts ME first via smartphone, and THEN a monitoring agency if I chose it
Anonymous on 02/09/2010:
I use ADT. Seems like no problems with them. I've had the police show up a couple of times when the alarm was accidentally tripped. I'm not sure what the order of calls is, but I do know when they got me on the phone once and I said everything was fine (and my secret word to let them know it was me), they were able to call off the police, so I assume they were on their way.

I think, however, that the ADT signs in my yard may be just enough to ward off any thieves. Why take a chance with the alarm when you can just go rob the next house?
saj80 on 02/09/2010:
Years ago, I installed security systems and our monitoring was done in Dallas, TX. 911 was becoming very prevalent then, but you couldn't call 911 in Denver or Phoenix from Dallas, so we needed direct numbers for emergency responders. Getting these numbers proved to be very difficult, because the police and fire departments wanted everything routed through the 911 system, both to ensure its proper use and to have a recorded trail of events. In fact, some emergency responders refused to give us a direct line, and told us 911 was the only option. When this happened, we tried to find a telephone number in the phone book and used that, but most of these were listed as non-emergency numbers. I always wondered what would happen if someone in the monitoring center couldn't get through on a direct non-emergency line, and that may be what happened here.
jktshff1 on 02/09/2010:
Unless you are not at home when an intrusion happens, a large trained dog, along with a hand or shot gun is much cheaper than an alarm system. Plus, since the average response time for the police nationwide is @10 minutes, they are going to be investigating a crime, not preventing it.
ndrulez on 02/09/2010:
well jktshff1 the horn that goes off with the ADT system scares away most garden variety burglars. It is LOUD! and yes ADT calls me and if I don't answer, the authorities are immediately notified. The cellular box hidden in the house is a nice feature also. Cutting the phone line does not render the system useless!
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Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Stay away from this company as far as you can.

After using Brinks for +3 years,I just discovered that my contract terms were horrendous, emphasis on "getting you coming and going".

~ My initial contract period was 3 years. Since I didn't notify of cancellation +30 days prior to my anniversary date, I was locked in for another 12 MONTHS!

~ Brinks retains ownership of the equipment, requiring you at cancellation/termination to either pay some outrageous amount ($500 per customer rep, but not specified in my contract) or allow Brinks to come and physically remove most system components. So WHY PAY 50% more than competitors?

~ Brinks charges outrageous rates to repair your system (even though they continue to own the stupid thing). These are LABOR CHARGES (roughly $90/hour).

~ If you sell the property being monitored and the new owners do not sign up for Brinks service OR you simply terminate your service, you are required to pay Brinks for service for the remaining life of the contract (REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THEY DO ANYTHING AT ALL FOR YOU).

There is no other way to describe this but DECEPTIVE and DISHONEST. Other companies (we have Ackerman here in Atlanta) install the system and let you pay as you go - i.e. the system belongs to you and you can leave at any time (to switch to another monitoring service).

BRINKS = EVIL. Stay away from them. I recommend talking to regional/local companies who can provide the same type of equipment and service under FAR BETTER TERMS.


~ Good installer
~ Decent monitoring service
~ Decent customer service


~ DECEPTIVE SALES PRACTICES ("It's good that Brinks retains ownership of the equipment - no cost for parts" with no mention of what happens when you terminate service, emphasis on the $500 charge or visit to remove the system components leaving holes in your drywall), No mention of auto-renewal for 12-mo periods, et cetera
~ DECEPTIVE CONTRACTS - Read the fine print, they are liable for nothing and you (Sucker) are caught between a rock and a hard place. You also get nothing for paying 50% higher than competitors for monitoring (that costs them virtually nothing).
~ LIQUIDATED DAMAGES (Right to demand that you pay unearned revenue per stated life of your contract, right to force you to pay for the system or allow Brinks to remove it - BTW any repairs to cover drywall holes are your responsibility)
~ Our smoke detector has apparently never worked
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User Replies:
Dumb on 12/30/2007:
Let the buyer beware just about covers it.
Anonymous on 10/04/2009:
Did you not read your contract?
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Installation ruined our ductwork
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- My husband recently purchased new windows for the house, so we were looking forward to reduced electric bills this summer. Brink's installed a home security system in June, and our electric bills were higher than they were last year. We didn't think the two might be related until we had our a/c checked.

The technician pointed out gashes in our ductwork due to cables being dragged carelessly over them, and one duct IS COMPLETELY KNOCKED OFF having been stepped on by the Brink's installer.

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User Replies:
DigitalCommando on 09/29/2007:
Your complaint doesn't tell us what attempts you made (if any) to resolve this with Brinks directly. Update your review with this information so that we may give advice which is based on all the facts. Let's assume you have exhausted all possibilities, and they are refusing to reimbursing you for the damage they apparently caused. First thing you always want to do is TAKE PICTURES of the damage. If the company settles with you, throw them away. If they don't, you now have evidence for a small claims court action. Second, if the AC repair tech said "It was caused by the alarm company" you need to get his statement in writing and have it notarized if possible. The pictures and a statement will usually make a company realize that it is not in their favor to resist paying you. Brinks will probably offer you free monitoring service in an amount equal to your claim. Make sure you obtain usage history records from your power company also showing the higher cooling bills for the months after their visit, and include this extra expense as part of your claim. Good Luck!
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