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What Is Up With The Seat Assignment?
Posted by on
Our family of four, my husband, I, my 10-year-old and my infant daughter, recently took flight BA279 from Heathrow London to Los Angelas California on Aug 15th. Based on your policy, we called three days ahead of time to fix the seat of our family members so we can all sit together in the infant seat, row 29 or 40. However, the BA representative was not able to assign the seat for us because they were already taken. Based on her saying, those seats were already taken and her online seat assignment system did not allow her to assign those seats for us any more. My husband and the baby can sit on 40C, but my son and I will have to sit on another row. She would recommend us to go to the airport on the day of departure and try to fix it there. That was three days before our departure date we were informed about this. So we thought there might other families traveling with infants. So we completely understood the situation without arguing and would like to try our luck in the airport.

On the date of our departure, we went to the airport 3 hours before our departure time just to see if we had the luck of getting our seats reassigned. We were informed that BA was NOT able to change the seat for us and there were no seats of three on our flight. Therefore, we had to sit separately. Again, disappointing, but we realized that we might be the late comer as family traveling with infant so we took the way it was.

What irritates us was after we boarded, we noticed that most of the infant seats were taken by group of young adults and family with no disabled or young travelers. We noticed that there were only 2 infants sitting in the infant seat areas, one in the middle of row 29 and the other is my husband with our daughter on 40C. There were some other infants sitting in the regular seats with their family and the parents had to hold them in their arm for the whole trip because the flight was really full. All other “supposed to be infant seat” were taken by regular travellers. We talked to the flight attendants and they told us those people sitting in the infant seats area might have fixed their seats in a way that they were not able to help us to change. Therefore, if the people are not willing to switch seat voluntarily, we would have to sit separately. We talked to most of the people and of course none of them are willing to give those seats away even though there are people who have real needs of them.

What is going on? How did this happen? We do not know what “in a way” means but it must have something to do with the money they paid? Or their travel agent might have some special magic to fix the infant seat assignment for them way before 3 days of the departure time so the family traveling with infant will not even have a chance?

Our 10-hour flight was a miserable experience. We ended up sitting next to an extremely rude European family of four who were extremely selfish for the entire trip and were not even willing to move their ass out of the seat to let my husband and baby go to bathroom. All in all, we do not appreciate the seat assignment at all. Mostly upsettingly, no one from BA is willing to help us and we had a feeling this is just a dirty money driven business with no business ethics!

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Fufu487 on 08/16/2010:
So the flight was full, you said it yourself. I've been on many flights before that have fixed seating, the flights attendants generally can't just "make" someone move. Maybe the complaint is about the fact the airline is lacking enough infant seating, altogether?
Ben There on 08/16/2010:
Rows 28, 29 and 40 have the most legroom of any seat in coach, so you are competing with all of BA's most frequent flyers to get those seats. Do you happen to have elite status with oneworld?

Remember that it is not a right to have a bulkhead seat on a flight just because you have a baby. You had the option to purchase a seat, but instead chose to go the baby in arms route assuming you would get a bulkhead.
Weedwhacked on 08/16/2010:
You are never guaranteed certain seats when you travel. Even pre-reserved seats are requests only that can be changed at any time. If the other seats you wanted were taken, its means someone else beat you to it. Although it would be nice, its not always possible to sit a whole family together. I'm sure you all survived even if you were separated.
DCGirl on 08/16/2010:
Isn't British Airways one of the carriers that charges for seat assignments or, rather, allows people to pay extra at the time of booking to reserve a particular seat. If I had paid to get a particular seat, I'm not sure that I would want to give it up to someone who chose not to pay.
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No solution or common sense
Posted by on
I have been flying BA for years and recently, after I moved from London to Beijing for work, I have been flying them very frequently. They have always been fine... until I had my first issue.

Firstly, I booked a return flight and needed to change the return date. I was informed online and by the UK office that I had to contact the local BA office in Beijing to do this at least a day before travel. The week before travel I did so, only to be cut off due to a dodgy phone line. I called back several times. The day before travel I was out of town on a work trip so I emailed the BA customer support and explained the issue. I tried the UK only to be out of biz hours.

I assumed they would have records of my calls and emails and that even though a new flight had not been booked, they would understand I had been trying to get through so would be flexible.

This is when the volcano issues happened. Since I wasn't flying over this period, I thought I would leave the lines to disrupted passengers and continued exchanging emails with customer support. These email received nonsensical responses, full of very elaborate apologies but no advice or solutions.

Finally I just thought I'd sacrifice that flight and use miles to buy another flight online. The cost of the extra miles and the staggering tax (almost £300) meant that using miles to buy the flight cost the same as buying the flight outright?!

I thought I would call customer service in the UK to give me some advice. I explained the situation and the woman on the phone was so strange. They must be stressed because after putting me on hold for 15 minutes she was just unnecessarily rude. I wasn't even complaining, I just wanted them to either explain to me the situation or offer some advice. She just kept repeating "there is nothing we can to resolve these issues" in answer to every question I asked. "Is it possible to refund the miles I bought as my flight costs the same as it would directly, plus 30,000 miles?" "there is nothing we can to resolve these issues", "Is there anyway you can access my correspondence and call records to propose an alternative solution to my lost flight" "there is nothing we can to resolve these issues" "Is there anyone else I can call or email as the online customer response team don't appear to understand my emails" ""there is nothing we can to resolve these issues", etc

I know that technically the guidelines specify that I don't deserve a refund or a rescheduled flight, and I wouldn't even be writing here if I had even been listened to with the slightest bit of courtesy, but at each stage they have been so impolite and unhelpful.

So different from my experiences using Virgin (who also do direct from Beijing to London).

Sadly, I have 3 future return flights booked with BA in the next few months (something else that didn't encourage even the slightest hint of cooperation with the customer service rep) so will have to wait til after them to make the switch.

In the meantime, I'll be changing the flights of my London and Beijing staff to Virgin and recommending to my clients to steer clear of BA. Actions which I doubt would even bother the BA team...

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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 05/13/2010:
Part of your problem is that you assumed a lot of things that airlines simply do not do. Your complaint to customer service was probably the thousandth time the agents on the phone heard the same story.
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Horrific customer service experience of bereaved passenger
Posted by on
Subject: Horrific experience for bereaved customer returning to work in Doha.

Dear My Walsh

I had been off work for several weeks due to my mothers terminal cancer and witnessed her death at the end of February. Because my father was very unwell and also grieving I stayed with him for a couple more weeks.

I went to Heathrow airport T5 on 12th March to get the BA 125 leaving at 1020 for Doha. I was with my 2 older children who checked me in and drove me to the airport. I dropped off my bag and was given the boarding card with a 1000 closing time, plus verbal reminder for the gate cut-off time only. We were all still grieving, so we spent time with each other on the check in side. I spent some time hugging my children before the departure gate.
When I went to the gate to enter security I was turned back, with no explanation and went to the BA desk. They told me I was put on standby and go to the ticket desk. At the ticket desk they told me that they would not put me on the flight. They then told me that there is a rule about 35 minutes. I asked to speak to the manager who told me that BA had told me about this via its contracts and various notices. I pointed out that I am a bereaved person and that none of this would mean anything to me, and even then I would not know this would be done in such a harsh way, especially when according to them, I had gone over time for a matter of seconds. Actually the duration I was hugging my children. They offered to rebook the flight but, I would have to pay additional charges. I asked the manager, if due to my circumstances she would waive these charges, she said she could waive the charges, but she would not do so. She even implied that this harsh regime is designed to train the passengers. I was left feeling a distinct lack of compassion and also a failure to acknowledge that I genuinely didn't understand about this rule.
I contacted the Customer Services representative to whom I spoke for over an hour, my main point being to get BA to understand what a horrible experience they were giving me, for someone in my circumstances. Rather than get this basic point, she re-iterated that I had been "told" about the 35 minute rule - which was not true. She referred me to the Boarding pass, and I read out to her exactly, what it said especially the "important notes" on the back of the document. Then she just referred to the part which says, "Subject to conditions of carriage, copies available on request". She gave me the complaint reference number 8059201 to follow up with yourselves.

I think at this difficult time in my life if BA had shown some compassion and consideration due to my circumstances, they would have gained my respect and loyalty. Instead they compounded the tragedy of someone already in difficult circumstances, being bereaved, missing your flight, wasting your money, being told indirectly that you are stupid etc. I felt literally heartbroken at the end of this encounter. I decided to go and rebook, on another airline, even though this cost me more money.

In any case, the BA staff should have taken into account my personal circumstances, realized that this contributed to what happened and waived the rebooking fee. Showing that little bit of compassion and consideration would have won my favour, instead of leaving me doubly heartbroken at this difficult time in my life. Had they shown more compassion, they would have created a positive experience for me and not made me determined never to fly with British Airways ever again. Furthermore, I will give this message to all my family, friends, community and staff at work. At work, I will not endorse any future travel with BA in my job capacity at Qtel. I will also, let the EXPEDIA travel agent know, that this is the way that BA treated me, and according to BA they are also to blame for not making the 35 minute rule explicit to me.

Kindly note that I belong to a family of 7 making about 6 to 7 trips to UK a year, in addition to business travel for myself and staff. Prior to this incident I had made a commitment to travel to BA in future and made advanced purchases. Please expedite my refund request.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/18/2010:
Sorry about your loss. At first glance the company looks terrible but the logistics behind the scene are why making the cutoff critical. You are flying a widebody so bags have to be loaded into a container, not just slung on some belt loader. They load these a/c typically about 35+ min prior to departure so others were heading to their seats at that point. Manifests run, Passport checks - these folks have no idea of your personal circumstance but they are counting on the counter people up front to get the folks to the gate in time for these things to happen.
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Intolerable 7 Hour Flight From Hell On British Airways
Posted by on
We have just completed air travel from Heathrow to Baltimore Washington International on BA Flight. We were literally held hostage on the plane by a single mother from a foreign country with 3 children who were totally out of control during the entire flight and made it impossible to sleep, or enjoy the in-flight entertainment due to the excessive crying as well leaving their seats and running up and down the aisles. We were seated in exit row seats across the aisle on the left side of the plane and they were seated in the center section in the emergency exit row. (Since they were seated and blocking the exit row, I believe this was a potential violation of airline safety.)

When the plane landed our immediate objectives were to escape from the untenable dilemma, seek peace and solitude in the terminal, get our luggage and return safely home. To add insult to injury we could not accomplish every goal since the airline lost our luggage and we went home without our personal belongings.

I am a devoted family person and recognize that children cannot be controlled every minute of the day. In fact, other small children
in the section were not a problem since the parents monitored
their behaviour. However, we were confronted with a single parent who was clueless about parental control and did not seem concerned about their discipline nor their safety on the plane. The kids were running up and down the aisles and two of the younger children (approx. 1.5 and 2 years) were crying incessantly in alternating patterns throughout the entire duration of the trip. In addition, they nearby restroom were a diaper changing area with her baby wipes and the smell of dirty diapers. (We were seated directly in front of the restroom).

The staff made feeble attempts to keep the children in their seats and on a number of occasions corralled the toddlers back to the safety of their buckled seats. But after time it was apparent that your staff either was not up to the task of controlling the situation or totally failed to recognize the impact this situation created and avoided this section of the plane for much of the flight. I am sure many of the other passengers suffered the same effects.

After several complaints to the staff supervisor offered to have the seats changed with other passengers to a central - more cramped area in the back of the plane. Having suffered with little leg room
on the way over we were reluctant to trade one set of problems for
another .

To add another insult to injury the air temperature on the plane was so cold that I was wearing a golf jacket, gloves and two blankets. And it took considerable time for the staff to respond to our personal needs to get additional blankets and talk to the Captain about raising the inside cabin air temp.

The British Airways staff cannot cope effectively with developing personnel issues (such as controlling children and insuring passenger comfort levels) things can go downhill very fast and turn an otherwise fantastic journey into a "trip from hell". It seems to me there should be limited to infant and small children brought on board by a single adult passenger, or at the very least a special children only seat area specified.

We spent considerable money to travel on your airlines and feel that we did not get what we originally bargained for, i.e., quality passenger service from an experienced international jet service. Instead we experienced the emotional distress of listening to children crying for the entire length of the trip on a 7 hour flight, suffering through hours of frigid air temperatures and not having our luggage to take home with us.

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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 06/25/2008:
I realize that you had a problem with the kids and can understand your frustrations, I've been there.
But with your health problems, would you be able to open the emergency door and assist other passengers or be able to get out of the way fast, in the event of an accident? You should probably be in the first class section with more room rather than by the exit for everyone's safety
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/25/2008:
From the flight crew's perspective I can think of at least one other reason why they were avoiding your section of the aircraft.....

Unfortunately, kids are going to scream on a plane - we have all been there. Did anyone offer to help the obviously overwhelmed mother with her kids? Just hold one of them - maybe read them a book?

And as far as the cabin temperature, maybe the 280 or so other passengers were comfortable. Emergency exit rows tend to be cooler because the doors are right there - but you weren't willing to give up the seats, were you?

If these few things made this a "flight from hell" then perhaps you should investigate their First Class cabin - it's nothing short of wonderful - and the food is good.
Crown Jules on 06/25/2008:
I can understand your frustration with the kids screaming, crying and running up and down the aisles, but flight attendants are not babysitters. It sounds like they did attempt to control them but ultimately it was the responsibility of their mother to do that. On what I assume was a plane full of hundreds of people, how much time did you expect the flight attendants to devote to three unruly children, especially at the expense of not caring for other passengers? Airlines are cutting costs left and right lately and fewer staff on board may be one of those cost-cutting measures.

As for the cabin temperature, it's probably easier to keep it cool and make one passenger warm with blankets than it is to crank up the heat and make other have to shed their clothes. You admit to having circulation problems so isn't it possible you're cold when most other people are perfectly comfortable?
samtheman on 06/25/2008:
Did you expect toddlers to sit still for seven hours? I don't care how much of a disciplinarian you are, you'd have to strap them in their seats and drug them to get kids that young to remain silent during an overseas flight. What did you want airline personnel to do? The second they lay a hand on a kid or tell them to sit down, they'd be facing a lawsuit. I'm not saying it wasn't frustrating, but many have endured flights next to restless children. Air travel is rife's part of the ambiance.
yoke on 06/25/2008:
It sounds as if the mother did not want to be bothered. If the mother can't contol her 3 kids on the plane she had no right to travel with them and inconvient the other passengers.
Anonymous on 06/25/2008:
I agree with Yoke. A pediatrician friend told me that when travelling with small children on a plane, give them all a dose of Benadryl at takeoff. It has the dual benefits of keeping their ears unblocked, and keeping them in their seats for the duration.
Anonymous on 06/25/2008:
Screaming kids are as standard on commercial aircraft as little bags of stale peanuts. At a minimum, the flight attendants should have cleaned and deodorized the diapering area. No excuse for this not being done. I second Hugh's concern that the reviewer was improperly seated in an exit row...infirm people cannot assist the flight crew if the exits need to be issue more important than having adequate leg room.
jktshff1 on 06/25/2008:
Hey Ghost, that was me 'bout the exit seats! LOL!
wgaguy1984 on 06/25/2008:
Something's rotten in Denmark. First, if the OP has health issues, they shouldn't be sitting in the exit row anyway. If I read the post correctly, they're also claiming the children were seated in the emergency exit row. I know for a fact that would be against FAA regulations for an American carrier, you have to be at least 15, able to lift 40 lbs, and read/speak English (the native language) fluently. So, the OP violates the second condition; the foreign mother and her two children the first and third. So either this is a baseless and fabricated complaint from someone just looking for unmerited compensation, or the safety violations are much more of a bigger issue than the ones the curmudgeonly OP raised.

Does anyone know if BA would have the same regulations? Surely they would.
yoke on 06/25/2008:
Ken, I was told the same thing by my sons pediatrician. Only problem was it does the opposite to my middle child. It makes him hyper!
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BA Terminal 5 - Dishonesty Incompetence Total Lack of Service
Posted by on
LONDON -- I flew Business Class on Sat 5th April from their new Terminal 5.Prior to check-in they said that bthe problems were behind them and everything was working normally. This was the first lie. I left the security to try to go in the lounge to wait for departure. The door is beside security manned by two BA people. Despite being entitled to access I was told that BA/ BAA insisted that I walk past all the shops and go down a floor and up again to get in.
With my flight time approaching I inquired with staff in the lounge. I was advised that there were no delays and to proceed via the transit to the departure gate. Second lie.

Do not leave the lounge or get the transit until you are sure your flight is on time. You can't get back to the lounge. Sure enough I arrive at the gate and the flight is delayed for 1 hour. Reason given was problems with the baggage system meant that they were manually making sure that all our bags were on board prior to take off. Third lie.

We then boarded and sat on the ground for another hour supposedly looking for the bag of a passenger who hadn't showed. Finally we got airborne.

About two hours into the flight the pilot declared a hydraulics emergency and turned back , dumped fuel and safely landed at Shannon. This is where all the lies surfaced. Tons of bags were coming onto the carousel but no-one was picking then up. it turns out that these were the bags belonging to BA's victims on the earlier San Francisco flight that had not made it with their owners. Sure enough my bags did not show. About £2k worth of stuff.

There is no BA representation at all. We have been put up overnight and are still waiting to try to depart for the US. There is no information on the state of the aircraft. We all have had hours where we could have used the time to start the process of registering our lost bags. Despite calling the Executive Club and searching the web, I am told that the only way I can do this is to get in line in San Francisco, presumably with 300 or so other people and fill out a form.

BA have collected several thousand pounds from me and given me this experience in return. They deserve to go broke. They should start by firing their arrogant little bean counter Walsh. Avoid them if you can.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 04/06/2008:
I am certainly avoiding BA for the next couple months... Have you checked out Virgin Upper Class? I like it so much more than BA Club.
maxsleg on 04/13/2008:
I have just flown through Terminal 5. It is terrible. The staff don't know what is going on, the information screens didn't work and still the same old Heathrow problems. When I arrived at my destination - no bags and no help from British Airways, only rude staff. Don't bother trying to call, even as a Silver card you wait over 1/2 on hold
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What customer service? Or, how BA lost 23 bags...
Posted by on
NEW JERSEY -- I am a teacher who was sponsoring a tour group to Italy from NJ from 14 March to 21 March 2008. The plane ride to Heathrow (where we had our first transfer) was unbearably hot--for six and a half hours. Upon arriving in Milan, we discovered that five of our group's bags had not arrived. The people at the customer service desk seemed to think this was not that big of a deal. Four of the suitcases arrived at our hotel in Venice within two days; however, one suitcase was still on its own mini-vacation. The final suitcase arrived in Rome literally as we were piling on a bus to go to the airport to return to NJ.

In the Rome airport, the BA customer service representatives were incredibly rude and refused to print the boarding passes for our transfer flight--instead giving us only the passes from Rome to Heathrow, saying we would have to once again stand on line in Heathrow even though our layover was only 1 1/2 hours. The flight left Rome 1/2 hour late. We asked again at the desk of the gate if there was anyway for us to get our boarding passes for the transfer and were told no. Once on the plane, we spoke to a flight attendant who told us we absolutely should have had the passes printed and who called ahead to Heathrow to ask that they do so.

Of course, we landed late in Heathrow. A bus was waiting for us on the tarmac and took us across the airport where we then had to run (following a BA rep) through security again. We made it to the plane for our transfer for last call. The plane smelled horribly--like gas or fuel, the flight attendants said that was normal.

Upon landing in JFK we discovered that none of the bags for our group of 23 had made the trip with us and were all still in Heathrow. The BA rep said this was NORMAL because Heathrow requires that all bags be x-rayed again. Well, if this is the case why schedule flights with layover times that do not allow for security checks? We were promised our bags would be delivered to our homes the next day by dinner time. The next day came and went. The website tracking service was no help, nor was the automated phone tracking service. Finally, on Easter Sunday (the third day) a rep called to say he was on his way and I had to wait for him to arrive with my bag--which could be up to six hours. So, that was the second day I had to put my life on hold--as did our entire group waiting for BA.

I've sent email complaints to BA but don't expect to hear back from them, as they don't seem at all to care about their passengers.

I will say this, I refuse to fly BA ever again. I've been flying internationally for over twenty years and have never experienced such horrific service. I sponsor two overseas trips per year with group sizes averaging twenty or more people. I will no longer be using BA for any of these trips and will be letting everyone I encounter know of the horrible service provided by this airline.
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User Replies:
bargod on 03/24/2008:
I hav'nt heard a whole lot of good things about BA on this site. Come to think of it, I hav'nt heard any.
FoggyOne on 03/25/2008:
I would have been very concerned of only having a 1 1/2 hour transfer time window traveling through an international airport. You might talk to your travel agent about that to inform them to never cut international travel transfer time that short. You were very lucky to have made your flight at all.
FoggyOne on 03/25/2008:
I'm not a big fan of BA either but the flight attendant did not just blow you off, he/she helped get something going at Heathrow so you could make your connection.
danielle. on 03/25/2008:
I didn't say the flight attendant who called ahead blew me off. The people on the ground who did not print the connecting tickets are the ones who blew us off. The people on the plane were, for the most part, nice.
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Travel Points
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Worst Travel Program Ever - the entice travellers with promo offers. Transfer your hard earned points from other Credit Card partners and they will give you a 50% bonus. Good luck being able to book a trip. Unless you plan it a year in advance, not during the peak season and perhaps to one of their less travelled destinations.

Dare you try to request YOUR points transferred back less the bonus, that can't happen they say ... once they have them, consider them GONE.

Points that I spent dollar for dollar to earn ... and better yet, they EXPIRE. Yes, I made the mistake of doing this, so I am here to warn everyone else not to fall for their marketing scheme.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/01/2013:
Were the terms spelled out in a disclosure available to you when you signed up?

Often, promotional and complimentary flights come with a lot of scheduling resrictions - this sounds like a good example.
Robert on 03/24/2013:
The only way for you to get satisfaction from British Airways if you live in the US is to sue them in Small Claims Court. Under 10,000 us Dillars you can file your case online for a small fee ( California ) it's the only way they respond, and if they don't settle with you before court the courts will side with you the consumer
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BA Ex Club Policy: Win Some Lose Some
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
JAMAICA, NEW YORK -- This is what I was told when I attempted to have BA honor their promise that when I joined the Ex. Club my miles for my upcoming Business class trip would be credited to my account.

When I discovered that they did not apply my miles they responded that I just went over the time period to contact them about their mistake. After about an hour on the phone and emails back and forth over a month's time I finally said that I could not stay a customer with an airline that treats their (at least this one) customers so dishonestly. Their reply from Supervisor Mr. Melody ID#101721 was "you Win some and you lose some." I could not believe he actually said that to me so he repeated it several times more.

I did email CEO Keith Williams at "Keith.". For some reason I am not expecting a reply from him.
Have you received this kind of disrespect from your conversations with them?
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/17/2012:
I have had nothing but good experiences the 3 times I used BA, but there were no issues to resolve. Did you join this club after purchasing the tickets? What is the time period that was referred to? Who promised that the trip would be credited, and was it a verbal one, on paper? How long did it take for you to notice this and contact them?

"You win some and you lose some" is not necessarily disrespect. If there is an irreconcilable disagreement over facts/terms, it isn't a surprising comment to pop up in a conversation, in my opinion. But I wasn't there.
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Student Visa Scam
Posted by on
NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- My son was not allowed on a flight from Newark airport to Tel Aviv because he did not have a student Visa. The Israeli consulate told me that that is not their policy for anyone with an American passport. They have 3 months to obtain one. They bumped him off the flight, re-scheduled him for a 3 month flight and told me to change it for a longer stay once he leaves. The changing fee is $275 and now they want another $200 because there's a rate change for that date. The "case Manager" for this does not respond to my calls. The BA phone reps are all out-of-country and I can't understand them. I am furious with BA for their lousy customer service and untruths and will never fly with them again.
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User Replies:
olie on 11/24/2011:
Israel has an extremely strict policy on who gets to enter the country and who does not.

It's not the responsibility of any airline to make sure that a passenger has the proper documentation to travel ANYWHERE. It's the responsibility of the passenger, or, in the case of a minor, of the passenger's parent(s).
Ben There on 11/24/2011:
Even if Israel gives three months to get a student visa, students in this case will still enter the country on the standard 90 day tourist visa.

The convenience of getting the visa once in the country comes at the expense of only being able to enter the country on a 90 day visa (hence the 3 month ticket). Airlines get huge fines for not complying with visa rules.
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You Should Be Ashamed
Posted by on
You manage to forget a stroller of an 13month old baby outside the plane after boarding, you didn't have the sensitivity to help the mother and the baby in their stop over in Heathrow, you told them THAT YOU CANNOT GIVE THEM THE STROLLER BEFORE THE FINAL DESTINATION????YOUR CREW LIED TO HER!!!!! And ONLY in Chicago you informed them that the stroller is missing???!!!!!!!!! Where is the respect to the customer or a simple humanity????

A week after and no news and there is not a phone nr we can call to talk to a physical person?????? YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON EXISTED....You should be ashamed I wish you go out of business sooner rather than later.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/21/2011:
When someone feels they are wronged, why do they wish the company would go out of business? Would making thousands of people become unemployed really help the situation?
PepperElf on 06/21/2011:
Little - probably the same reason little kids tell people "I hope you die" when they're mad...
olie on 06/21/2011:
I'm hoping for a more, um, linear description of events.

Seems to me, that OP had a stroller at some airport, which may have been left in the jetway, as instructed. A BA employee did not place said stroller on the plane.

So when OP and her toddler reached Heathrow, there was no stroller for the ?visit? ?layover? OP was advised that the stroller would be delivered at the final destination.

Partofthecourse on 11/09/2012:
It is disgusting the lack of regard given to the customer. I'm surprised the premium pax don't complain about the token "we'll be extra nice to you because you've paid more"sycophancy that must exist in business and first class. They don't go out of business because most airlines are now all the same. The competition for business is now cut throat. They'll do anything to get your money and then the customer service stops I'm afraid. Narcissism must be rife in that industry to treat people like that. They can't seem to even get down on paper that they are sorry. Complete lak of respect. The customer serves them!
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