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Poor Service
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FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- Here is our situation and letter written to both the dealership and Chrysler...

We are writing this to pass onto a manager to express my lack of satisfaction with my purchase from your dealership. We feel that some of things we were told before purchasing our vehicle, and about your service and rental programs was misleading and false information.

We had purchased a new Town and Country approximately 3 weeks ago.

We have been loyal Ford customers for the past 10 years, but decided to go to Chrysler for our next vehicle per referrals.

We had already went and looked at 4 other types of minivans, and then looked at the new Town and Country at Britt, and decided to test drive it. The salesman showed us two models, one for 40 some k and one for 26k, he told us the one for 26 had the navigation system and all the options we were looking for, but not the rotating seats, table, and exterior package. When we returned from our test drive we told him we couldn't figure out how to work the navigation system, he said he would show us later.

We then went inside to negotiate a deal. We had been with Ford for our last 3 new vehicles and always had 0% financing. We were told Chrysler never went that low because of the demand and they would never have 0% financing. After going over numbers we settled on a price and financing deal. The dealership stayed open late to accommodate our sale. We wound up leaving late that night in our brand new Town and Country.

The next day we still could not find the navigation and called our salesman. He said he would get back with us later on. Later on he called us and informed us that he made a mistake and that model did not come with navigation. We felt that since we didn't go over every feature before the purchase, it was partially our fault for not noticing either, so we chalked it up as a loss. I asked him if I could pay the difference and get it as an upgrade? He called me the next day and said it would cost somewhere around $2,600.00. I felt that was two high and I would just get a portable one some time later on.

Part of our liking the Britt Chrysler experience was the fact that they gave free rentals at that dealership whenever we brought out car in for service. This was a perk that our salesman used to help make us feel satisfied with Britt, and we were very impressed with this service and rental package.

Two weeks after our purchase, we see Chrysler advertising 0% financing? We were upset upon seeing this, because we had been to this would never be an option with Chrysler.

A week later our DVD system was not functioning properly, the option for uploading pictures was not working, and the front unit kept cutting off and/or getting static; so we took it in for service. We were given a rental van while they took ours in for the service. We were informed two days later that the front system would need to be replaced, and one of the overhead DVD units needed a part. At this time I asked to see if they could replace the front unit with one that had the navigation feature, and that I would be willing to pay the difference. They called me back and said they could not do that, if I wanted a navigation unit I would have to pay full price, plus a minimum $40.00 for installation. They then told me I had to bring the rental back and pick up my vehicle. They said the radio would be back in two weeks and the piece for the DVD around the same time. My wife was not going to be home until after they closed, so I left them a message and said we would not be able to come in until the next day. Today my wife called them and asked if she could keep the rental until the new radio and DVD came in. We have her family in from out of town and 3 children, so it would be very uncomfortable driving around with no radio and no DVD. They told her no they could not let us keep the rental, we had to come get our vehicle.

Tomorrow we will be back in our brand new vehicle with no radio and no DVD, with financing higher than what we were used to, while having to see add's showing Chrysler offering 0% financing. When we return in two weeks we will have to wait an hour for them to install the new system, and they also said we could not get a rental for that hour so we can possibly run some errands while we wait? Then we will still have no navigation in a vehicle we purchased because we thought that was one of the features? I feel like we were lied to and told half truths to make a sale. I feel that on a new vehicle that has options that are not working, that would be considered a reason to offer the free rental for the duration of the repair, like we were told they would do. I believe we were told, " even if you come in for just an oil change, we give you a free rental". I am usually not the type of person that complains, but in this situation things have compiled quickly in just 3 weeks of our purchase. If this is the Britt and the Chrysler experience, it is not a very good first impression.

On the positive side, our vehicles rides beautifully and is extremely comfortable. Our salesman is also very friendly and seems to try to accommodate us. Outside of the service and lack of working with us, we are satisfied with the vehicle. I am still unsure as to why a brand new vehicle has so many issues with the radio and DVD, but I guess after we have it for the next 2 weeks with no entertainment system at all, we will enjoy having something to see or listen to? I apologize for my sarcasm, but it has been a constant disappointment since our purchase. I would hope that we get a response of some sort for being new customers.

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User Replies:
Slimjim on 11/29/2007:
LOL, if you click the link under more reviews on Britt, you'll find our old friend LWRHPS is that reviewer raving about this place. I must say New Owner's post is quite a bit more concise.
MRM on 11/29/2007:
Whew, I thought it was a complaint against Jeep.
Anonymous on 11/29/2007:
True, Slim, but LWRHPS' review was more entertaining!
Principissa on 11/29/2007:
Good luck with Chrysler Financial, trust me you're going to need it! You should also invest in a copy machine/fax machine/and have your bank send you duplicate statements with your payments reflected on it.
Anonymous on 11/29/2007:
In their defense: Dealers are never told ahead of time about any incentives or special interest rates, they find out the day of any promotion otherwise they would "sandbag" deals until the promotion started. Keeping a rental until the parts arrive unless it is a part required to operate the vehicle never happens. As far as the nav goes, that sounds like an honest mistake that should have never happened, I would ask if the dealership would be willing to share the cost of an aftermarket unit with you, it's worth a try. Good Luck
sandlizzard on 02/23/2008:
This action on the dealership's part seems SOP.Is profit margin so important as to treat customers like dirt?
babybear62005 on 05/29/2008:
That really stinks, I hope everything worked out for you at the end. I bought my Jeep used at Pohanka and they were great there. I then took it to Britt to get something looked at, and it's outreal and they didn't do anything for me...however the manager I dealt with was great. The ABS light was on, and the brakes were fine and had just been replaced, and everything was fine with the vehicle but the light was still on. The manager took us aside and whispered, "If I were you, I'd take apart the dash and remove the light altogether that way instead of paying $3000 for this part, because your car is fine". Yet we still had to pay for the diagnostic test that costs an arm and a leg, but he was very helpful.
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