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Digital Camera
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- In July I checked a camera on the website of this store. It indicated the description that matched the description exactly as the description given on the camera manufactures website including standard warranty for US. Broadway Photo & Video has address and phone/fax in Brooklyn, NY. Price of the camera was $200.00 and shipping was $14.99.

I ordered the camera online. I got the email of my order as $214.99. In 2 days I got email from the shop that asked me to call their sales dept to verify and further process the order.

I called. I was asked if I want English version of the camera. Their website did not indicate any other language. Since their address is NY, camera is assumed to be in English. I told them that I expect camera to be in English version. Website and order form is in English and language entry is not there. They also told me that the battery is short life which lasts for 20 minutes. I told them that battery is standard part of the camera as per camera manufacture and it lasts approx. 370 shots. They told me that the battery they have it in the camera will last 5 shots. It was not indicated on the description on the website. I told them that I expect to get original battery in the camera that comes with the camera from the manufacturer as an integral part.
I got the camera after 7 days.

The shop charged me $244.98. On the web I authorized to charge only $214.99. I got the confirmation. But later on shop added without my authorization. According to them for English they charged $14.99 and for not removing the original battery $15.00.

NY state needs to take action against this shady outfit. Buyers be aware of the unauthorized charges this outfit adds.

Blatant Bait & Switch
By -

I was thrilled to find the camera I wanted - an Olympus SP-550 UZ for $100 less than anywhere else. I ordered the camera on-line, and after 4 days with no confirmation - I checked with customer service.

I too went through the high-pressure bull____ sales pitch of batteries that last only 20 minutes, and memory cards that only hold 7 photos. After refusing the extended warranty, I was asked "Is there any reason you ordered the Japanese version?" I responded that I didn't know I had ordered that version. I was asked if I wanted the English version. When I said yes - I found out it was $85 more. With shipping added, I could have purchased it at WalMart for less.

I assumed I had made a mistake on the web site, but when I went back to check - not only did I find that THERE WAS NO ENGLISH VERSION OF THE CAMERA LISTED - but also the only indication that this was the Japanese version was two words at the bottom of a fourth tab marked "Included Accessories" that said "import version."

This is shameful marketing practices. When I pointed this out to a customer service rep - he simply said "you can always cancel your order," which I did.


False Advertisement
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I shopped around for a couple of months for the right camera. After picking the camera I went in search of a vendor. Armed with the fact sheets from several info services and the manufactures own info, I thought I was ready. I was not! Prices varied by more than $800 dollars. I stayed away from both ends. Broadway photo had a nice site and was rated well by "other" retailers. So I ordered from them. What I got was a camera in Japanese.

When I called to complain they offered to fix it for $200 dollars more. They were mad at me for being unhappy with a Japanese model.

Horrible, Deceptive Deallings With Customer
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I order a camera on line. The next evening I received an email telling me I needed to call to confirm the order. Since I had paid for 2 day shipping I'm thinking the order should be on its way. The fast-talking salesman has me ordering $599 worth of stuff for a $279 order. Within 30 minutes of this call, I cancelled the order via internet. I have since been told that that was too late the order had been processed. I would have called to cancel the order but the order lines closed at 9pm and I was not off the phone with this guy until after 9pm. I realize that I did place the order and allowed my self to be strong armed into thinking I needed more than what I ordered.

Now I have to pay a $100 restocking fee. The "extras" I ordered turn out to not be necessary at all for the operation of the camera.

Beware of Seller
By -

I called to purchase a camera for $549, then was encouraged to buy more memory, batteries, and an extended warranty. This "package" came to $968.42 but included "free overnight shipping." When it didn't arrive the next day I attempted to get shipping/tracking information via e-mail (didn't work), via automated phone method (didn't work), and via multiple individuals who transferred me back and forth without providing ANY info on the shipping. I sent an e-mail to three company addresses, but despite their claim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, there was never a response. When the camera arrived four days later I returned it unopened, and found via my bank they charged me $1,009.98. I never got an itemized list of charges. In disputing the transaction with my bank, they got me a credit from Broadway for $929.99; the difference of $79.99 was for "non-refundable shipping/handling." I have just filed a complaint with the BBB, probably my last option at getting the rest of my money back.

What a headache this has been, it amazes me they have gotten away with charging me $80 for nothing.

Fraudulent Sales Pitch
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I was looking for a digital camera and was directed through google to this company's website, following a very attractive price of $227 quoted. At the website I first noticed the minimum shipping cost of $15. I tried to order the camera on the website but was first asked to register and then to log in, before being able to get to the checkout page. The website did not accept my log-in data which I had just established and I was obliged to phone. The salesman accepted my order for the camera and then asked,"do you want a battery that lasts 3 hours, because the original battery only works for 20 minutes(an obvious lie). after insisting on the original battery he advised me to take out an additional warranty, because the factory 1-year warranty only covered parts and not labor (another lie), but I accepted a 3-year warranty for a quoted price of $39. I also agreed to buy a camera case for $10.The dollar amounts quoted to me,$227,$15,$39 and $10 add up to $291.

He then said he had to add sales tax, which,at 8.25% is $24,for a total of $315. When I went to check my Visa account I found a charge of $329.11, an overcharge of $14.11.

I do not know if the camera was actually shipped or will be shipped, since I did not receive the promised e-mail confirmation and the shop is closed on Saturday.

Terrible Customer Service
By -

It took them four days to get an "overnight" order to me that they guaranteed for next day delivery. They ignored my emails. When you call for customer service, it takes 20 minutes, and often they hang up on you after you've been on hold.

This place is awful. I will never order anything from them again.

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