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Bait and Switch Lies
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I called today to check on an advertised van. I asked if the van was actually there since I would be driving close to an hour, one-way with an infant. I was assured the van would be waiting out front along with a female sales representative. When I arrived the sales representative was not there and neither was the van although I saw the rep's name on the board. I asked to see the van but was told by a male sales representative the vehicle was in the shop and it was decided it would not be sold but taken to auction. Interestingly, as we walked past the shop, there was no van. Broadway Toyota is the quintessential sleazy, lying used car sales company.

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I walked in to this dealership, 10:40 am, unsolicited and agreed to purchase 2 brand new cars. 1 car was at their lot and the other according to three personnel at the dealer was at another location and had just been shipped in. From around 11:30 I was continuously told that it would arrive any moment... someone was on the way with it. I sat around kept waiting till while being repeatedly asked to sign the paperwork, I refused and finally a sales associate left to get the car. 2 hours later I was told he was driving back from another local dealer in peak hour traffic. I understand the dealer transfers, I was waiting.

Finally it arrived at 6:00 pm and since we had passed all time limits and options I had in taking both cars with me, I pressured them to have someone deliver them. They did. 2 days later the financial manager called and asked for extra information about my business, under which the cars were to be registered. I provided him the information and was told that he will be calling me first thing in the morning. Next day when he did not call I called back around him several times and finally got him on his cell phone. He was not at work. Being Friday he said he will call me first thing Monday morning.

Again Monday after several calls I got him on his cell phone only to be told that the people he had to talk to were on east coast and gone home already. This kept happening for several days... I have called Broadway Toyota 17 times over this issue...spoke to 3 different people ( I have cell phone records to prove it). I received 2 calls from them by 2 different people promising the same “will call you first thing in the morning". This matter got resolved.

After 2 weeks the temporary permit expired, my wife got pulled over by a Washington State trooper... He could not find any record of the vehicle being licensed or under process. We went to the local licensing office... they could not find any records as well. It costs $29.00 for a 3 day trip permit. I was out of town and called Toyota first at 4:18 pm Monday. I called several times (7) no one could tell me what was going on. All of a sudden everyone was in a meeting... Finally I got someone at 5:09 pm. She told me the licensing lady had gone home at 5:00 pm and she will call me tomorrow.

Again no one called so I called and was told at 10:40 am that they are working on it and someone will personally take it to the DVM. They did finally at 4:00 pm. They also got the tax calculation off by $222.00 and I was charged $20 trip permit for each vehicle and $50 license documentation per vehicle. I still had to pay $178.00 at the licensing office to register the vehicles. What I don't understand is why was the title paperwork not sent for processing since I bought the vehicles on June 3rd and it is June 24th today. This problem, from the start has put a huge strain on the relation between me and my wife. Since yesterday she has refused to speak to me.

I am away out of state on a business trip and she is stuck there with an unlicensed and with expired tags. She tried calling Broadway Toyota and no one there seemed to have an answer. She works at the hospital and her shift starts at 4:30 in the morning... She had to beg a friend to take her to work and had my son pick her up in another friend's car. All the personal stress and pain that I have put up with is an unreasonable show of gratitude from this dealership that boasts itself to be hassle free car buying experience.

I have so far not received any form of explanation or reason for this lunatic business practice. I have even gone to the extent of asking them via e mail to call me collect so it would save them money if that was the issue. I have all cell phone records of calls to them and calls I received from them. I would be very happy to provide them to back these claims. I am sure I am not the only person having this bad experience with this dealership I will try and contact the Oregon State attorney general's office to file a bad business practice complain and see what options I have to sue them for breach of contract and causing personal stress and suffering.

Treated Poorly
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I went into Broadway Toyota to finance a Camry. I found the car on Craigslist so I knew what I wanted when I got there. The sales guy that helped me was nice but other than that, I will never refer anyone there. I told them from the beginning I have bad credit but I can get a cosigner if needed... and I had 6600$ for a down payment... for a 15,000$ car. I explained several times that I was taking out a personal loan so the down payment would be coming from a check or credit card from my mom. They said NO PROBLEM. And I want to express that this was talked about at least 8-10 with about four different people - no problem, no problem, no problem.

End of the day I got approved without a cosigner, 6600$ down and a APR of 25.9%. I told them I'd have the payment that night or next day. I told them I wasn't sure if she's using her card or writing a check... so the paperwork is done. Yeah I get the car I truly want (out of all the cars I looked at in the last three weeks). They didn't let me take the car home that night.

Next day I was supposed to take payment in around 1pm. I called to tell them I couldn't make it til around 5pm... no problem. Then I said.. "I just want to double check. She makes the check out to Broadway Toyota right??" They then told me they don't accept third party checks. I said "it's not a third party, she's making out straight to you guys." They said no way... can't do it. I said to them I explained this multiple times that the check was coming from someone else... that told me she would have to write the check to me and I would have to cash it myself, which we be fine if I had a bank account.

Another thing I told them up front, that I don't have a bank account. They told me to take it to a check cashing place. LOL. They wanted me to cash a almost 7000$ check at a check cashing place. I called back a couple times (I was at work trying to take care of all this) - they were putting sales guys on the phone that I had never even met.... and when I asked to speak to the guy who actually was my salesman, he said "well I guess, hold on!" (The way he said it though was very unprofessional and rude)

No one would even try to see if there was something they could do. I told them but the paperwork is done and I have a check ready for you... and it's not a third party, it's from her to Broadway. They were rude and treated me like I was jobless with no money trying to buy a car. So I told them never mind and went to GLADSTONE MITSUBISHI that same day - the people are all so friendly and nice. They put me in a car the same price (almost) for 2000$ less down payment, three years newer, half the millage, a warranty, same monthly payment, and the best part, my interest rate went from 25 down to 17% and they let me drive away that day and bring back a check from my mom two days later. Very happy girl.

And not only was that a bad experience for me.... before I went to Broadway I went to Gladstone Toyota and they were trying to force me to test drive Scions when I said I want a Camry. I'm always up front about my credit cause I don't want to waste my time or anyone else's. The guy told me I should think about leasing a car... so after he sat me at a table to explain leasing to me, he left and 15 minutes later a different guy came over and Troy ** to take all my info.

I told him "I'm not buying a car today, the other guy is just supposed to teach me the difference between leasing and financing." He tells me "well for leasing, first off you have to have really good credit." "OK well I told him a few times my credit score is a low 500 so I don't know why he sat me here then." That's when he started showing me cars that I didn't want. He asked me if I wanted to test drive one... I said no, I want a Camry... so he puts me back at the table while he gets some paper for me to read (not sure what for).

But about ten minutes later I'm still sitting there, alone... so I get up to tell them I'm leaving and the (2nd) guy tells me "oh just a minute ma'am. He's pulling the car around for you right now so you can test drive it." Wow! Really? I told him I did not want to drive it. If anyone one wants a very nice, newer car I strongly suggest GLADSTONE MITSUBISHI. I bought it as is (it still has its bonds warranty) but found a couple cosmetic issues and they nicely, gladly took care of it.

Defective Toyota and Poor Service

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I recently went to Broadway Toyota in Portland, Oregon after making extensive research on different types of vehicles. I was convinced it was a Toyota Corolla 2004 that I wanted to buy. I went to see 2004 cars and a sales representative named John came rushing to assist me. I told him I wanted a Toyota Corolla without a spoiler and a 5 speed standard vehicle. He said "we do not make them". I left after searching the sales lot completely. I left thinking I would drive to the next town in (Beaverton, Oregon) and see if Toyota dealership there had what I was looking for specifically...

I made a decision to go back to the same Broadway Toyota and again spoke with the sales representative John requesting a car be produced and that I would buy it if he could find me a Corolla 5 speed without a spoiler. I did not have the time or energy to go searching for it all over Oregon at Toyota dealerships... Toyota has ways to find out what they have available instead of a customer driving great distances searching for it.

John then took me a few blocks away in a new Corolla Sport to see what was available and we found two cars exactly as I was requesting. We went back to the dealership and signed papers without any problems. I was very happy and my family was happy too but only for about 14 days...

The first rain hit Portland, Oregon and a water leak came through the roof of the vehicle, and the interior got all wet. I took the vehicle to Broadway Toyota and a chain of events unfolded that became the biggest nightmare at Broadway Toyota service center.

My car was taken to an auto body shop to fix and was torn apart (took the windshield off to repair). I was provided with a rental to get around and pick up my daughter from school. I was told the car would be ready the same day at 5PM. I did not hear from Toyota representatives and then suddenly the second day was called to pick up my vehicle at the end of the work day. I was concerned being called late in the work day and needed to pick my daughter from school.

The service representative Emily threatened me to return the rental and pick up my car. I asked if the car engine starting problem was checked out and was told it was checked and that everything is fine with the car. I was also told the car came back from the auto body an hour ago from being repaired of the leak. I could not understand why Emily had to make rude threatening comments or lie about the car starting problem being OK. I was told that if I did not pick up my car at 6PM I would be responsible for financial costs for the rental car.

I took time off work to pick up my car and returned the rental just before 6PM and be able to pick my daughter up from school. When I got my car I noticed a penetrating cement glue smell inside my new car that later gave me a headache. I also discovered the car had scratches on the dashboard that were not there before and the moulding was coming out from the bottom of the windshield on the driver side of the car. I also noticed the liner outside the windshield was not done correctly which could cause condensation to go in the metal frame of the vehicle which results in rusting of the metal. The car was returned dirty from the people that worked on my vehicle.

I could not understand why I received such poor treatment and threats at the service center. I can only think that people that work at Broadway Toyota do not like brown skin color people of Mexican decent. I never raised my voice and was very respectful even when raising my concerns to express my needs about what I would like repaired. I would like Toyota to help me understand why threats were needed to have me pick up my car or why I was not listened to when bringing my concerns to them regarding my vehicle.

I purchased this car because of the reliability, safety, and well built reputation but all of the above has not been the case here. I find this very disturbing and not acceptable. I thought it was reliable but after 14 days of buying this car I was found without my car and assertively requesting Toyota provide alternate transportation to address my work and family responsibilities. I thought this car was well built but had water leaking inside.

My family's safety was threatened having to breathe toxic fumes from the cement glue smell inside my vehicle. My 2 year old daughter is allergic and has health issues that make it impossible to transport her in our new vehicle to avoid harming her health. I am very disappointed with these events how they unfolded and mostly disappointed that Toyota has not been able to treat people with respect and dignity no matter what culture or background a consumer is originally. I am still waiting for a response from Broadway Toyota representatives...

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