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Vista Patch & Broderbund Print Master 22
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LENEXA, KANSAS -- Regarding Broderbund Print Master 22 and the Vista Patch......I have just spent 3 hours creating a very nice calendar. However it's doing some odd things, and I very carefully saved the document....but now am unable to open the document....Print Master 22 does not recognize the file! HA! Why Not? Broderbund Customer Service is very difficult to get hold of (kind of a joke) M-F 9-4P. HA! Plus you need to be at home on your computer when you call. I dislike Broderbund very much...but who else makes a calendar program?

If I knew of someone else, I would try it.... and Broderbund would be history.
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Mario The Great on 02/03/2008:
For the ease of use and what you can do with it, there is nothing better on the market than Print Shop. My 5 year old can use it. Having said that, there are better options out there for a heck of a lot more money. My personal favorite is Microsoft Publisher and 2nd favorite is Adobe Photoshop. Granted, it's overkill on what you need it for, but even using VISTA ULTIMATE, I've never had problems with either. Hope this helps.
Trailtrotter on 02/07/2008:
Mario, for the record....Broderbund did forward me to Encore for tech help, and after leaving a message they did respond back. I am now able to open the file, but still trying to resolve another issue with the program (probably something I am not understanding). I wanted to express my appreciation for your suggestions. I have worked with an earlier ver. of Publisher for flyers, etc., (and liked it)...I will look into their latest ver. Also, I have Adobe Photoshop, and must confess....I must find the time to learn it (I know just a little - but fun). Thanks again, I will keep moving forward! Trailtrotter
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Problems with PDF Converter in Calendar Creator 12
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I recently upgraded from Calendar Creator 8 to Calendar Creator 12 specifically for the ability to save my calendars as PDF files. I purchased directly from Broderbund and learned about their new "smartdownload" technology which allows you to use the program while it is downloading. The program is over 1.2GB, so it takes awhile to download. While using the program, I tried to save, print and email as a PDF and kept getting the message the PDF Converter was not installed. After researching the Broderbund website for 45 minutes, I called the company. I spoke to Brenda who told me that she was in Customer Service and could not answer my technical question but she directed me to a page on their website where I could find a phone number for tech support.

I hung up and called the tech support number and guess what? Brenda answered and said that she was also the Tech Support and that since I called on the Tech Support line, she could now answer my question. What a joke!! After another 45 minutes of uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, etc. we could still not get it to work. She had to go, so she gave me some instructions and hung up. I let me computer run all night long to download the entire program and 13 hours later, it finished downloading. Now, the PDF Converter still won't work. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it, to no avail.

The company is closed for the weekend and there are no other options on their website. I have never encountered a company as incompetent as Broderbund in serving the Tech Support needs of their customers. Not only am I going to get my money back, but I will never purchase another Broderbund product.
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MRM on 09/01/2007:
Download this PDF program:

This program will save any document in PDF file.
Anonymous on 09/01/2007:
If you are looking for a shareware product with good support, you can try Win2PDF.

It allows you to print anything to a PDF file.

It supports Windows 2000 to Windows Vista.

I use this product for home and work. Never had a problem with this software.
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Customer"Service?" Surely You Jest
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I recently purchased Print Shop Pro Photo at Office Max. When I tried to install it, I got as far as "enter license code." I laboriously typed in the many-digit-and-letter alphabet soup they gave me and received the message that the code was invalid. Thinking I might have made a mistake, I retyped it, with the same result. I have done this over and over and over, with the exact same result. I consulted the so-called FAQs, finding nothing that applied. I also tried the link for customer service. I received a very curt e-mail directing me to encore, where I also got no satisfaction. On one of these sites, there is a link for people who have product code problems, but it also yielded no result. Obviously, this composite company only wants to sell stuff; they have NO interest in actually helping anyone who has a problem with their products. THEY provided the erroneous code, for crying out loud!!!!! Don't they have some obligation to give me one that actually works? I have been all over the net looking for a customer service telephone number or any working telephone number for any component of this conglomerate. Whatever I find, whether toll-free or at a cost, is conveniently "not in service." You can bet I will try returning the software to Office Max on Monday before I do anything else, but I really don't think they have any obligation, since it has been "used," at least to the point of entering the faulty code. :-) Broderbund does claim that they guarante complete satisfaction and will reimburse in full if I mail the product back to them. They also say there will be a minimum wait of four weeks. Given their lovely business practices so far, I have little faith in that. Whatever the conclusion of this mess may be, I will NEVER buy anything else labeled Print Shop, Riverdeep, or Encore Software ever again. It was also interesting to read other comments about what they do with mailing lists, etc. Fortunately, I paid cash for this piece of crap.

O.K., enough venting. Is there anything I can actually DO to hurt these creeps? Does anyone have a website, contact name, or telephone number that actually works? (If it does exist, I'm pretty sure it rings in India, where some poor guy who is working for fifty cents a day or so and doesn't speak English very well will answer and fail to give me any satisfaction. Nothing makes me angrier than that sort of treatment.) How about the Better Business Bureau? No one should get away with this stuff. Please at least send this complaint to the only e-mail contact I have: Thanks!
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Anonymous on 03/04/2007:
This may help:

Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited
100 Pine Street
Suite 1900
San Francisco, CA 94111
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