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Who ARE These People?!!
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MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OHIO -- ELDERLY AND THEIR CAREGIVERS, BEWARE!!! You hear a LOT of these complaints, but this building takes the cake. From the 93% staff turnover (no joke) to the unqualified "wine bar manager" Executive Director who had NO previous experience with elderly or a large group of staff prior to this, to the worn out carpeting, lack of maintenance, and rude staff...

THIS IS NOT SOMEWHERE YOU WANT YOUR MOTHER OR FATHER. The good, sweet staff that these people get are quickly scurried out of the facility because of the upper management. In the 4 years Mom has been there, I have seen 3 Executive Directors, 4 head nurses, 8 housekeepers, 3 maintenance men, 3 secretaries, and DOZENS of caregivers come and go.

The building has much potential, but it seems that the corporate office won't allow it. It's more of a soap opera than an elderly care center. They don't plow their driveway in the winter, and countless other inside things I could say but choose not to... How they are still in operation, I'm unsure. So don't get on their rotted out bus that frequently breaks down to head to Brookside Estates because you'll be in for a rude awakening.

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